Dubai Creek Overview

Dubai Creek is one the emirate's most beautiful areas that especially stand out for its conventional atmosphere and appeal. Regardless of the record-breaking points of interest involving tall structures and exciting settings that dab over the city, this serene area still exhibits the brilliant past architecture and vibe.

Nestling in the heart of Dubai is a saltwater creek called Dubai Creek. Being one of the best places to visit in Dubai it greets thousands of onlookers daily. Those who have marked their presence here were successful in discovering both the traditional and modern culture of Dubai.

Today, the Dubai Creek is under a massive expansion project which will loop its water to flow through the city and make its way to the Gulf in Jumeirah. The main Dubai Creek’s site and all its subordinate attractions are still preserved in their natural state.

This mighty creek divides the iconic city of Dubai into two halves – Bur Dubai which lies to the southwest portion is a traditional hub of the town. Middle-eastern style of architecture embraces the conventional look of this place. Although simple in its appearance, you can witness the charm of Dubai’s ancient cultural ethics.

As you head towards the north-east direction from Dubai Creek, you will see Deira Dubai. This region is recognized to be highly sophisticated with all the modern flavours. A glittering skyline adds-on more spark to the luxuriousness of this city. Many things to do in Dubai at night are present in this region.

Back to the history of this Dubai Creek, it played an essential role in establishing pride of Dubai. Dubai Creek was mean to trade with both India and Africa. Nowadays, exploring Dubai creek is facilitated either through the means of abra or a water taxi. Both these ways are cost-efficient to sail from one end of the creek to the other. For this purpose, you can witness many small motorized boats run by locals sprawling all around.

To reap the best from your visit to the Dubai Creek, book for a seat on the traditional dhow which provides day and night cruise service. As you slowly glide down the waterway, you can capture some glittering views of the magnificent skyline that stretches apart. When it's daytime, the skyline seems to reflect all the sun’s rays.

On the other hand, during the night, you could see it illuminating in the sparkling night lights. To make your cruising experience more endearing one, try on the meal served on board. If you feel that’s enough, then you are probably missing on the paved walkways running alongside the Dubai Creek.

All the abras, yachts and dhows criss-cross the glittering waterlines of Dubai Creek. When it darkens out there, do not forget to capture the well-lit Promenade which soothes you as you enjoy your evening stroll.

Ras al Khor bird Sanctuary is the endpoint of this mighty Dubai Creek which stretches across a land cover of 620 hectares. There are wetlands, pools, mud flats, and lagoons to capture and collate in your Dubai Creek diaries.

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• Nestled in the heart of the city, the Dubai Creek is a saltwater creek, in addition to being the epicentre of traditional and modern cultures of the city.
• Spanning across 3.2 kilometres, the creek cuts through the scenic Sheikh Zayed Road and Safa Park into the Jumeirah district, before making its way into the Arabian Gulf.
• The creek divides Dubai into Bur Dubai, which is the traditional hub of the region, and the Deira Dubai, the modern district.
• You can also explore the creek by indulging in different sunset or night cruises on the traditional dhow, or availing the abra or water taxi.
• The creek also offers stunning views of the towering Dubai skyline, in addition to major attractions like the Burj Khalifa, the Fountain and others.
• The creek ends at the Ras al Khor Bird Sanctuary, which expands across 620 hectares and is a treasure trove of lagoons, pools, wetlands and other attractions, in addition to hundreds of bird species.

How To Reach

You won't be finding any direct connection between Dubai Creek and Airport. To travel to Dubai Creek, you should ride a Metro from the Airport, which will take you to the Deira City Centre. Once you reach Deira City Centre, walk towards City Centre Metro Bus Stop A. From here, ride a Line 53 bus to drop you at Maktoum Road. Dubai Creek is at a walkable distance from Maktoum Road. Alternatively, you can hire a taxi or Uber Dubai to drop you at Dubai Creek. 

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Best Time To Visit

Although you can schedule your Dubai Creek visit at any point of time throughout the 365 days in the year, it is good to be here in winters. Winters in Dubai are pleasant and enjoyable, making it the best season for enjoying all water activities. Plan your Dubai Creek trip anywhere in between November to March. To make the most of it, make sure that you visit here during early in the morning or around the evening hours.

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Other Essential Information

Dhow Dinner Cruise Experience at Dubai Creek

To enjoy riding in Dhow Cruises, you either need to head towards Dubai Marina or Dubai Creek. Your Dhow Dinner Cruise tour at the Dubai Creek shall begin at one of its piers where you shall be welcomed with coffee, snacks, and dates.

Some cruise operators do have assistance for both pick-up and drop facilities for the ease of their visitors. All your Dhows are fully air-conditioned and are enveloped by glass walls.

As you seat on the dinner table to enjoy your dinner, you can simply peep out through the glass panes to enjoy the beauty of this iconic city. The moment you feel boredom, climb up the staircase which directs you to an open deck where you can breathe in some quality air.

There are myriads of sightseeing opportunities as your cruise begins to sail over the waters of Dubai Creek. Traditional Spice and Gold Souks, Sheraton Dubai Creek, Old Boat Fort, Heritage Village, National Bank of Dubai, Grand Mosque and Rolex Twin Towers are some of them.

Dinners stand exceptional when you ride a Dubai Creek as the staff on the Cruise organizes for a multi-cuisine international buffet style dinner. You are simply going to lose yourself in the dinner being served onboard as it’s the best global 3-course buffet complying 5-star standards.

A few hours spent on Dubai Creek will be memorable. To keep the momentum on for you, there will be live performances from the best local artists throughout your dinner time. Belly dance, magic shows, puppet shows, and Tanoura are some of them.

Dhow Cruise is a sure one of the best romantic things to do in Dubai. Occasionally you can avail a couple of discounts or offers to make your trip a cost affordable one.

Dhow cruises at Dubai Creek depart after every one hour from 10:30 am to 05:30 pm. Your ticket shall be inclusive of sightseeing activities, mineral water, soft drinks, audio commentaries, and hotel transfers (subject to change as per service provider). 

Places to visit near Dubai Creek

Al Fahidi Fort: If history is something that engages you for great and pleasing entertainment, do not miss on including AL Fahidi Fort in your Dubai Creek itinerary. There’s a 1787- built-in museum – Dubai Museum, Al Bastakiya District and the Heritage Village to call for your immediate attention. The uniqueness of this place is that it is one of the oldest buildings in the city.

Dubai Dolphinarium: There’s an aquarium besides Dubai Creek which is wholly dedicated to bottlenose dolphins called Dubai Dolphinarium. In case you get a chance to visit here, do not miss this exciting opportunity to click uncountable selfies with them. Even marine animals do feel for you!

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Tips for Visiting Dubai Creek

- You can enjoy a dinner cruise, skydiving activity, golf games, and souk shopping all at the 14km long Dubai Creek. 

- Fishing is one of the best sports which entertains locals of this region. 

- There are water taxis or abras to transfer you back and forth between various points. 

- You are allowed to take selfies with dolphins at the Dubai Dolphinarium. 

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Point of Interest for Dubai Creek
Strolling along the lanes

Strolling along the lanes

If nothing works well for you, you always have the chance to walk down the lane. Whether you are aware or not, but the Dhow Wharfage region of Dubai Creek stands as one of the most enjoyable walking zones for thousands of visitors. Many popular markets in Dubai are present here.

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Dinner Cruising

Dinner Cruising

If the slow rippling sound of Dubai Creek is the one to soothe you at its best, aboard a cruise to sail through its tides. In case you have some more time to spare, do go for a ride through a water taxi or a wooden dhow; you’ll feel better. These cruises come with world class buffet options and meal plans to satiate your taste buds.

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Dubai Creek FAQs

What is unique about Dubai Creek?

Enjoying your dinner on Dhow Dinner Cruise while the cruise sails through the glittering waters of Dubai Creek is the uniqueness of this Creek. There are a plethora of sightseeing and entertainment activities scheduled for you while you are onboard. It presents the best view of this iconic city of Dubai.

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What is the best time of the day to visit Dubai Creek?

The best time of the day to visit the Dubai Creek is in the early hours of the day, between 05:00 a.m. to 09:00 a.m., and then after the sunset till midnight. While you can enjoy sheer tranquillity, peace and serenity in the morning, with less crowds and the stunning vistas, you can indulge in sunset cruises or enjoy the twinkling walkways of the creek at night.

There are many night cruises at the Dubai Creek as well, where you can experience candle-light dinners with your loved ones, as the surrounding towers and structures are all lit up, adding to the calm ambience.

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What are the operating days and timings of Dubai Creek?

There are no time restrictions for visiting Dubai Creek. Also, you can enjoy your motorized abras ride for 24 hours from Sabkha Abra Station. If your boarding point is Deira Old Souk Abra Station, you have been there between 05:00 am in the morning till midnight.

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How long does it take to go around Dubai Creek?

A complete tour to Dubai Creek would require around 2 to 3 hours of duration.

Is Dubai Creek man-made?

The Dubai Creek is a man-made waterway separating Bur-Dubai from Deira Dubai for the facilitation of trading purposes.

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Can I get a boat from Dubai Marina to the Dubai creek one way?

Yes, you can get a boat from Dubai Marina to the Dubai Creek. One way trips operate at 11:00 am, 01:00 pm and 06:30 pm respectively. These ferry services shall be dropping you at Al Ghubaiba ferry station at the Dubai Water Canal. All the three ferry services are functional on all seven days of the week.

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Which area in Dubai creek is the best starting point?

Deira Dubai is the best starting point to enjoy your Dubai Creek tour as it has abra boarding points which will sail you through the waters of Dubai Creek.

Can I able to take a boat on the Creek during the day (I do not want to take a dinner cruise)?

There are many Abras on the side of Jetty which is functional till night. You can rent an Abra for a personal trip. There are two Abra stations at Dubai Creek – Sabkha Abra Station and Deira Old Souk Abra Station. Sabkha Abra Station is functional for all 24 hours whereas Deira Old Souk Abra Station functions from morning 05:00 am till midnight.

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Is there any advance booking before going there?

Although there is no online pre-booking facility available for Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek; you can pre-book through various tour organizers. Also, there is no need to pre-book for an Abra safari.

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Can you tell me from where I can get the boats to cross the Dubai Creek?

Motorized water taxis or Abras are one of the most convenient travelling ways to transfer between Deira Dubai and Bur Dubai. There are four Abra boarding points at Dubai Creek – two of them are present on the side of Deira Dubai while the remaining two are present on Bur Dubai side. Sabkha Abra Station (24 hours) and Deira Old Souk Abra Station (05 am to midnight) are on the Deira Dubai side.

Bur Dubai Abra Station (05:00 am till midnight) and Dubai Old Soul Abra Station (24 hours) are on the Bur Dubai side. For an abra ride, you need to pay a sum of 1 Dirham to sail you across the Dubai Creek.

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Why go for a Cruise in Dubai Creek?

When visiting the Dubai Creek, enjoying a cruise is a must. You can board a modern cruise, a traditional dhow or even a water taxi which will slowly glide through the waters of the creek, offering you an experience like no other. Whether it is a sunrise or sunset cruise, or a unique Dhow Dinner Cruise, the ride is unlike any other.

 The dinner cruises are especially an attraction, since they offer guests a chance to indulge into local delicacies, snacks as well as lip-smacking dinners, all the while sitting inside a fully air-conditioned glass boat. A cruise in Dubai Creek also lets you see attractions like the Traditional Spice and Gold Souks, Old Boat Fort, Heritage Village, Grand Mosque and other places.

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Dubai Creek Reviews

Sreoshi Bakshi
Reviewed: 28 Nov 2023
It was a good experience
Kumar Kunal
Reviewed: 28 Sep 2022
Booking confirmation process was horrible by agent Vikrant as details were shared 30 minutes before the departure and response was horrible. But the dhow cruise experience was great.
kumar kunal
kumar kunal
Soumik Sen
Reviewed: 22 Jun 2023
The cruise dinner was awesome. As well as the Tanura show. Food counter was open as soon as the cruise started and welcome drinks were served pretty much unlimited. Pickup drop was on-time. Clean cruise with music and we enjoyed the time throughout.
Reviewed: 06 Sep 2022
Nice cheap trip but tine should be less one hour is enough 
Борис Золотовицкий
Reviewed: 02 Feb 2023
That was a really great trip! We had fun as well as it was so delightful and peaceful at the same time. We found the boarding point easily, took very nice seats. The dinner was very delicious, a big variety of dishes. Then we had fun with animation guys who did a really great show for us, which was ... Read More
Ravi Teja
Reviewed: 05 Nov 2022
Dhow cruise was awesome experience at Dubai creek. We have faced little trouble recognizing the exact cruise, though we got down exactly in front of British embassy as said in voucher. I suggest thrillophia to provide atleast the phone number/wassup contact of organisers and suggest the users to be ... Read More

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