Horse Riding in Dubai

Horse riding in Dubai is a dream experience atop beautiful Arab horses in rugged, rustic locales. Probably the best way to experience the traditional feel of the country is by mounting a horse touring the deserts of Dubai, like they would have done in the olden days here.

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The city provides ample opportunities to not only savor the experience of a true Emirati, but also for various other equine pleasures like polo and mountain range. If you are a beginner and are not sure about your skills on a horseback, there is no need to worry. You can choose from a host of riding clubs, centres and stables across Dubai that offer lessons by trained and qualified professionals to both amateurs and advanced level riders looking at sharpening their skills.

Dubai horse riding can truly be an experience to cherish for a lifetime. Go for a quiet ride in the desert at Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club or sign up for a European flair in your riding experience at European Equestrian Centre. Rendezvous with some top class Arab horses at Mushrif Park or soak in the luxury at Al Habtoor Polo resort.

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Dubai Horse Riding FAQs

Which are the best places for Horse Riding in Dubai?

1. Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club: Horse riding in Dubai can be an exclusive all-round experience whether you are looking for an entire day of relaxation outdoors just riding across the desert or playing polo. The Dubai Polo Club, with their entire entourage of over three hundred horses and expert hands to guide you along, you can be assured of a wholesome experience here. 
From show-jumping to stable tours accompanied with splendid dining options at the club’s refreshments facilities- the Pool Bar, Sella and Dubai Polo Bar, this place is highly recommended for good quality time. There are also gym facilities and a spa here, all set in a beautiful calming location.

Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, opposite Arabian Ranches Al Qudra Rd, next to Dubai Studio City

Price: You can avail packages that start at AED 1,800

2. European Equestrian Centre Dubai: 
Whether you are longing to experience a desert tour, the rugged way, on a horseback or looking for horse-riding lessons, Dubai horse riding at European Equestrian Centre is your answer. Either you are at a beginner’s level or getting ready for the competitions, at the age of 5 or 50, want to learn dressage or show-jumping, you will find trained state diploma holding instructors to guide you along. 
The centre is owned by a French couple who have left no stone unturned to maintain top-class professional European standard. For special occasions like birthday parties, etc., they even organise pony camps.

Al Ruwayyah, Al Ali Stable

Registration fee for adults 350 AED and 250 AED for children

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3. Al Jiyad Stables:
Located in a picturesque setting at Saih Al Salam, Al Jiyad is home to more than 120 Arab and part Arab horses. From beautiful desert hacks to riding lessons for all levels, they believe in upholding the Arabian culture of which horses and horse riding are a rich part. Since they operate in the Al Marmoum conservation area, guests get an opportunity to see UAE’s native wildlife and nature. This Dubai horse riding facility also houses the Endurance café and Al Jiyad Tack shop which are quite popular among visitors and have them revisit.

Al Qudra Road, near Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & SPA

On weekdays a 1 hour Horseback - 150 AED
           On Holidays a 1 hour Horseback -200AED

4. Winners Equestrian Club:
Founded in 2001, this club is one of UAE’s oldest and finest equestrian centres. They organize horseback rides and other equine activities amid the serenity of nature. They offer rides and lessons to beginner lever riders and weekend fun seekers to the more serious and seasoned competitors. Their team of skilful trainers will hone your riding skills whether you are a novice or an experienced rider. Located in a park, riding lessons start with children of all ages in a fun and safe ambience. You can opt for private lessons or sessions in groups.

Mushrif Park, off- Al Khawaneej St

Price: 220 AED

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5. Al Ali Stables:
Are you looking for a true desert experience atop a horseback against a stunning sunrise or sunset? Al Ali Stables, with their range of services offers varied riding experiences for both amateur and professional level riders. From horse riding indoors, inside an indoor arena to horse riding in the desert as well as private riding sessions with a trainer, there is much to choose from. They also have a huge playground that is kept reserved for birthday parties and other special occasions.

Al Ain road E66, Al Ruwayyah

Price: AED 120 for 1 hour riding session inside the stables
           AED 250 per person for private horse riding with trainer

6. Al Habtoor Polo Resort and Club:
Set on a sprawling six million sq ft land this state of the art polo and equestrian community is committed to equine sports. With its timeless sophistication and tireless devotion to excellence, the club promises undeterred luxury and seamless service. Al Habtoor comprises 122 villas that are leased out, luxurious homes along with four top-class polo fields, a polo academy, two international level arenas, a riding school as well as 520 modern stables. Riding lessons are given from an early age and include all disciplines like show-jumping, dressage and polo.

Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club, Dubai

Price: Total: 47,250 AED (36,750 AED, Joining fee: 10,500 AED)

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7. Dubai City Stable:
Have you been wondering how a quintessential Dubai horse riding on a mountainous region in the desert feels like? Let loose the adventurous side of you and partake of one of the several thrilling experiences that Dubai City Stables offer their guests. Operating from two different locations in the city- Al Safa 2 and Dubai Bypass Road, Dubai City Stables offer horseback riding for 180 minutes, a horse and camel ride for an hour or 90 minutes in the desert and overnight mountain horse riding journeys. They even boast of modern state of the art facilities for riding lessons and it can be quite a pleasurable experience for children and adults alike.

29B Street, near Umm Suqeim Girls School , Al Safa 2

Price: AED 325 to AED 4100

8. Al Dhabi Horse Riding: Located near the Al Aweer district in the Dubai Desert farming community, Al Dhabi is a farm and stable base for all exciting desert adventures. Their perfect location at the Dubai-Sharjah border with its rustic look, makes for an ideal spot for trekking on a horse back in unique instagrammable settings. They offer rides that range from one to three hour durations along with trained and experienced guides. The horses you are assigned are also carefully picked based on the age and experience of the rider. Al Dhabi also employs several international trainers for beginner level training as well as helping those who wish to hone their skills in riding and stable management, in special training arenas with schooling horses.

Al Dhabi Stables and Farm- 611 Emirates road

Price: All rides start at AED 179

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9. Mushrif Park Horse Riding Dubai:
This is a family oriented park spread across an area of 5.25 square kilometres. The location is particularly convenient as it is not very far from the centre of the city. You can drive down to Mushrif Park from central Dubai in just 15 minutes and spend an entire day away from the hustle and bustle, yet not having to travel miles outside the city gates. The park was set up in the early 1980s and has been refurbished and worked upon over the years. The park offers an expert team of horse trainers who make riding a breeze here amid verdant settings and top notch facilities.

Location: Mushrif Park, off- Al Khawaneej St

Price: AED 250 to AED 1600

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What other things can we do in Dubai other than horse riding?

1. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride: From private couple hot air balloon rides to group hot air balloon rides, go floating over the Dubai desert at 4,000 feet. There are several such rides on offer, each with their own unique offerings- from sunrise balloon ride to gourmet breakfast and falcon show to sightseeing tours and overnight safaris.

2. Enjoy Skydiving:
Make your Dubai experience unforgettable with this extreme sport. For all the adrenaline junkies, here is your big chance to get your emotions run wild as you go on an adventure of a lifetime flying over the city’s skyline. There are several skydive packages you can book in Dubai for this amazing experience.

3. Watch a Dolphin Show:
This fascinating and one of a kind show in an indoor setting is bound to give you an experience of a lifetime. Head to Dubai Dolphinarium for an adventure you can enjoy with family and friends. The cute button nosed creatures put up a variety of captivating shows that make it one of the best attractions of the city.

4. Go for Scuba Diving:
Go for yet another distinct experience that the wondrous city of Dubai has to offer- scuba diving. Whether you are a professional diver or someone trying it for the first time, there are several outlets across the city that have experienced Padi divers to help you along.

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How much does it cost to ride a horse in Dubai?

Horse riding in Dubai usually costs about AED 120 if you opt for group riding sessions with 3 to 10 riders for a duration of 45 minutes. For beginner sessions with 2 riders it is usually about AED 200 and for private sessions with club horses it is about AED 250 for 45 minutes. 

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Is there any age limit for horse riding in Dubai?

Yes, certain clubs offering horse riding in Dubai have an age restriction, anyone below the age of 10 is not allowed to ride. Moreover, there is also a weight restriction in place. Anyone over the weight of 90 kgs or 200 lbs will not be allowed to ride in Dubai.

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What things should I keep in mind while going horse riding in Dubai?

1.If you are a beginner, look for a certified riding instructor with a Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) certification.
2.Dress appropriately with long pants to prevent chafing against the saddle and closed toed shoes with a small heel. Avoid loose clothing including scarves and long shirts.
3.Check for helmet availability at the club beforehand
4.Carry a water bottle and stay hydrated
5.When you first meet your horse, try to stay towards his front and on the left side. Horses are trained to anticipate human activity from the left side. 
6.Make sure all equipment is placed properly and is well secured.
7.Sit tall, shoulder squared on the horse and to dismount, first come to a complete halt.

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Is there any dress code for horse riding in Dubai?

Yes, there is a dress code in place for horse riding in Dubai. As a rider, you need to wear long trousers, leggings or yoga pants, as per your level of comfort. Besides that, you will be required to wear either a complete horse riding attire,  hard sole sneakers or tennis shoes. 

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