Camel Safari in Dubai

Camel safari in Dubai is world famous for being an incredible sport in the brown-barren desert of Dubai. It is a common saying that Dubai has something for everyone and it is true in every aspect. From glittering skyline to clean beaches, from dinner cruises to luxury hotels and resorts, from soul-thrilling rides in the various amusement parks to ultra-modern architectural wonders like Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab etc. But the man-made concrete marvels can always be traded for something authentic and natural just like the desert in Dubai. The grandiose facade of miles long malls and the assorted collection of some of the global and coveted brands. It is heaven for shopaholics, adventure junkies, party animals, luxury admirer, water sports and theme park enthusiasts and someone who longs to roam around the undulating dunes of the desert.

A bumpy drive on a 4X4 is a way to feel the adrenaline rush but bobbing on the back of a Camel is traditional and goes with the desert safari in Dubai. When you traverse through the lonesome desert, the monotony of this wilderness is so harmonious that you might end up clicking pictures in abundance of your friends, family or of you against a golden background. Witness a splendid sunset in the middle of the desert, just when the sun is soaking the land with its dim brightness. The camps in the desert are inspired Bedouin-style camps where you are mostly served an Emirati dinner at night. Most of the campsites welcomes you in an AC vehicle, serve you a four or five course meal at dinner and then will take you for an evening on a Camel safari in Dubai where you are sure to fall in love with streaks of orange and gold painting the infinite canvas of the golden sky in Dubai and the landscape is nothing less than a mix of dramatic sky and endless desert, as long as you cans see.

The Falcon display will also make a way on this safari where you also can host the Falcon on your arms and get the fun picture like most of the tourists. You can later relax in your camp or get a henna tattoo in the desert while riding your safari. You can even opt for a Dubai camel safari which can take you for a day out excursion and leaves you back at your hotel in Dubai if camping in the desert does not sound a good idea. You can learn many stories and secrets of the desert on 45 minutes to an hour long ride on the back of a Camel with your Camel convoy. Many Camel safari tours in Dubai plan your day around things like a learning session of Arabian-bread making where the stepwise process is demonstrated, and also coffee-making where you get to sip on the most authentic and aromatic coffee in the Arab.

On reaching the campsite, you will ease out at a low Bedouin table where you can enjoy smoking Shisha while enjoying the traditional dancing and music. Devour the best of Arab in food as you feast on some Emirati dishes like Chicken kebabs, Ouzi which is basically lamb served with nuts and rice, Ouzi rice and vegetables etc. There is an ample opportunity for photographers and people who like to get clicked to pose during the Safri or while riding in the Camel train. You can get the best of the desert in camera and in your memories. If you are keen on exploring the desert on a morning camel safari then it is another way of appreciating the desert. The morning hues and the surreal beauty of the desert are unmatchable. The safari is teamed up with the exciting sand surfing and quad biking. While you ride on the back of a Camel chasing the glittering sunset in a desert, do not forget to play with your camera settings to get some perfect pictures. Dubai has an iconic skyline dotted with sky jutted buildings and towers dotted with endless beaches and ceaseless desert.

The combination of both lures people from across the globe to witness both in one trip. Camel safari is an ultimate activity which is loved and admired by all who travel to Dubai. It is the rawest and the ancient way of transport and travel. In order to get a hassle-free deal you can always contact the hotel or the campsite you are staying in Dubai at, most of the hotels and other operators arrange for morning or evening Camel Safaris. There are camel rides conducted in the Dubai Desert conservation where you can learn about dromedary camel and desert wildlife, and if got lucky you might spot the Arabian Oryx and other major desert animals. Camel trekking is one of the famous activities in Dubai and if you take a morning package or a sunset package and get treated with refreshments like strawberries, scrumptious breakfast during morning trekking and a glass of bubbles by the bank of a lake which is basically Date juice. Camel Safari in Dubai beats all the other safaris in Dubai for it is the most refined way of exploring the desert and witness the magnificent sunset. Off all the beautiful places to visit in Dubai, the desert is unadulterated and the only natural wonder after the vast blue sea.

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Dubai Camel Safari FAQs

What is the best time for Camel Safari in Dubai?

November to March are the best months to go for a camel safari in Dubai since the weather during this time is cool and pleasant. These safari rides are available throughout the other months too, but Dubai is very hot during the summers which could be inconvenient to some, and rains may not be that enjoyable either.

During a camel safari, sunset is one of the best sights to witness. Therefore the best time to take this safari ride would be in the second half of your day, post 03.00 p.m. so that you can watch the dusk and its surrounding beauty.

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How many types of camel safari are there?

There are three types of camel safari in Dubai which are all equally delightful and amusing. They are:

Morning Camel Safari -  A morning camel ride in Dubai is conducted right in the middle of the golden sand where you can bask in the first rays of the sun.

Other Activities: This ride is a guided tour which also includes pick up and drop from and to your hotel. The trained guides make balancing on the camel easy with their helpful tips. You can also learn many details about why a camel is the most preferred animal for the deserts, and about the environment, flora and fauna of the area.
Duration: One Hour tour; total duration four hours
Pricing: AED 150

Evening Camel Safari - Sunset is one of the best times of the day to undertake a camel safari ride. These hours of the day open the desert out with a lot many other recreational activities that one can enjoy only on these dunes in Dubai.

Other Activities: The evening camel safari is accompanied with a visit to the Bedouin camp, watch a Tanoura dance or Belly dance, get a henna painting on your hand and smoke some shisha. If you want to partake in an adventure activity, then you can also go sand boarding.
Duration: One-hour tour; a total of six hours
Pricing: Starting from AED 429

Overnight Camel Safari - Enjoy an overnight stay at the charming Bedouin campsite in the middle of the desert from where the mighty camels pick you up early next day to witness the sunrise.

Other Activities: Apart from a tent stay, you can participate in activities like sand boarding, dune bashing, be welcomed with exquisite dates, have a barbeque dinner and an Arabic breakfast, photography during sunset, get a henna painting, watch a belly dance and Tanoura show, night desert guide and get a shisha pipe.
Duration: 17 hours
Pricing: Starting from AED 423.3

What kind of clothes should I wear during the camel safari?

It is highly recommended to wear extremely comfortable and lightweight clothes when you opt for any of the above camel safari tours in Dubai. Men can stick to three-fourths or knee-length shorts along with comfortable cotton t-shirts.

Females can wear convenient Indian clothes like leggings or a kurta, salwar kameez, or something like pants and cotton t-shirts. Avoid wearing shoes as the sand enters the shoes; wear open sandals so that you can walk comfortably on the sand when you watch the sunrise/sunset.

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How can I control the camel in camel safari?

A guide will accompany you during any of the camel rides in Dubai that you wish to pursue who knows how to control the animal. He will control the camel for you, while you can focus on capturing the mesmeric views of the desert and the horizon that form a mirage.

These camels take several rides on a daily basis and are trained enough to walk their path and bring you back safely. You can ask your guide about how they control the camel, and try your hand at it if you wish to learn.

What is the weight limit for riding on a camel?

The camel cannot carry more than a combined weight of 170kg for two people at once. If your family or your couples weigh more than this, then you will have to sit on two separate camels. A single person taking one of these camel safari tours in Dubai has to weight less than 100kg to be able to sit on the animal. 

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How much does it cost for Dubai camel safari?

Although it can cost you as high as 20,000 INR but Thrillophilia brings you some amazing offers to be easy on your pocket. On the website the price range for Dubai Camel Safari starts from 3335 INR which will surely turn out to be a memorable experience.

How long does desert safari take?

It takes around 3 hours to complete a desert safari but in case you include meals or any other recreational activities then it can increase accordingly. So, it is highly advised that you check this with your service provider so you can know the exact timing.

Is camel safari safe?

Yes, camel safari is extremely safe as you will be accompanied by experienced camel caretakers who know exactly how to guide a camel and give you the world's finest experience.

Are kids allowed for a camel safari in Dubai?

Yes, children are allowed to take a camel safari in Dubai. Children who are less than four years can share the seat with their parents by sitting on their laps. Kids up to the age of 15 can take a children’s seat, and should not weight more than 60kg to be able to take a child ticket. These camel rides are one of the best things to experience with your entire family and are safe.

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Can we see any form of wildlife during the Safari?

Apart from riding on the camel, there could be some more desert animals that you can sport during your camel safari in Dubai. One major animal that many have claimed to spot freely roaming on the dunes are the Arabian Oryx, a desert antelope. If you are lucky, you may also be able to see an Arabian Spiny Mouse or a Desert Hedgehog. If you really try and venture into the dunes a little more, you could spot the desert cat otherwise called Caracal. A unique species that many have claimed to see here are the Cape Hares. 

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What are the other activities one can do along with Camel safari?

There are a number of other desert activities that you can include along with your camel safari tours in Dubai. Some of the famous ones are: 

1.Overnight Desert Safari: During an overnight desert safari allows you to get experiences of the desert underneath the night skies. It includes several adventure activities, an overnight ten stay, refreshments, food, and entertainment shows. 
Duration- 16-17 hours
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2.Hot air Ballooning: Early mornings are the best time to experience a hot air balloon ride which takes one about 4,000 feet above the ground form the middle of the desert. This allows one to get a bird-eye view of the sand dunes, the golden sand and gives a view of some of the tall buildings around. 
Duration- One hour ride
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3.Desert Safari with Barbeque Dinner: A desert safari with Barbeque Dinner is a marvelous combination along with a camel ride safari in Dubai. It is a mix of entertainment with live shows, includes a lavish spread of vegetarian and non-vegetarian barbeque dinner along with adventure activities like dune bashing and sand boarding. This dinner is set up in the extravagant Bedouin campsite which lights up the desert in the dark hours. 
Duration- Six hours
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4.Private Night Safari with Star Gazing: Just as the name sounds, this activity can be an amazing addition to your camel safari tour in Dubai. It comprises of welcoming people with exquisite dates and Arabic coffee and letting people explore the dunes at night to spot some nocturnal animals. A telescope is set up so that people can stare at the stars along with a professional who gives you a full-fledged astronomy session. 
Duration- Five hours

5.4x4 Desert Safari: This four-wheel car takes you on an exhilarating ride on the uneven dunes of the desert which makes it quite an adventure. People with injuries should avoid this ride. 
Duration- Thirty-minute-ride

6.Sand Boarding: This activity is similar to sliding down the snow on a board, just that here one has to do so on the sand dunes. The boards come with straps that you can use to get hooked onto the board, and then try your skills at sliding down from a height that you seem fit for yourself.

7.Dune Bashing: The dunes do not have an even desert land and that is why dune bashing was introduced for the thrill seekers to get some adventure. This activity involves riding on the sand dunes at increasing and decreasing speed in a convenient car like a jeep. 
Duration- Forty-five minutes to one hour
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8.Falcon Show: It is one of the most majestic things you can see on the Dubai desert with an amazing show where they demonstrate how falcons hunt. People who are in the sport of Falconry, participate in the yearly races conducted for this national bird.

9.Dancing Shows: Tanoura show and Belly Dance shows are delightful performances to watch during a Dubai desert safari. Dubai is known for its belly dancing performances, and one can enjoy this or a radiant Tanoura show along with a delicious meal. 
Duration- Three hours (including dinner)

10.Smoking Shisha: Shisha is a glass jar where they fill in different flavors that one can smoke using a pipe. This is one of the most enjoyed activities by the adults who visit Dubai. 

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Is an expert available with the riders during the safari?

Yes, an expert is always available with you on these camel safari tours in Dubai. They walk along with the camel, control and guide the path of this animal while you enjoy this ride on its back. These experts will also share a lot of details about the desert, about the camel and about the other activities available there.

Are pregnant women allowed for Camel Safari?

No, pregnant women should avoid going on any of the camel safari tours in Dubai as it could be risky. The ride is a bumpy one, and camels are tall animals, so to avoid mishaps while climbing onto the camel or when getting off, it is best that one doesn’t opt for this activity during pregnancy. 

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