Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari Packages

Duration Price
Dubai Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner5 hours
INR 120
Evening Desert Safari Tour with Quad Biking6 hours
INR 200
Morning Desert Safari Abu Dhabi3 hours
INR 3,798

An opportunity to let your senses wander in the dimension of Dubai city that teems with golden sands and unbreakable tranquility – desert safari tours in Dubai are truly mesmerizing. Devoid of soaring buildings and touristy clamour, the desert of Dubai is a virtually endless realm built upon nothing but sand, gleaming under a spotless sky. While your eyes soak up the grand vistas created by the contrast of the sands and the sky, your soul will rejoice to be here. All you have to do is board a 4x4 vehicle, and embark on a journey to discover the immortal glory of Dubai that is hidden away in its vast desert.

This is one of the must try activities in Dubai that will make your vacation an exciting affair,
desert safari in Dubai weaves solace and thrill together. While the undulating and ever-changing dunes make the ride bumpy and charges it with adrenaline, the glorious vistas will bring joy to your heart. Besides, you also have the choice to opt for a camel instead to give a more traditional approach to the desert safari in Dubai. After spending your time participating in this soulful experience in the desert, you are sure to feel the emotion of pure contentment.

desert safari tours in Dubai pair the ride with other cultural delights such as BBQ dinner, Tanoura show, and desert camping, letting one have an all-embracing experience. Additionally, you can also participate in thrilling activities in Dubai like stargazing, quad biking, and sand skiing. Bringing together various cultural shades of Dubai and keeping its interesting traditions alive for the world to experience, this is an enriching package in itself. Thus, as far as cultural exploration is concerned, Desert safari experience in Dubai stands unrivaled.

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Dubai Desert Safari FAQs

What is the best time to visit Dubai for holidays?

Except the summer days, every other time is the best time to visit Dubai city. During summer season that comes during the month of April, May, June and July, the temperature would rise up to an unimaginable level. In December, January and February, the climate will be comparatively better and this is the time the famous Dubai shopping festival happens.

How many types of Desert safaris are available in Dubai?

The following three types of desert safaris are available in Dubai:

Evening Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner:
The most sought after desert safari experience in Dubai, Evening Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner is a delightful package that offers a variety of delicious BBQ treats along with an insight into the culture and heritage of the region.

In addition to stimulating activities like dune bashing in an air-conditioned 4x4 vehicle, quad biking, and horse riding, you also get to enjoy cultural indulgences such as Tanura show, belly dance show, and fire show. The vast stretch of desert becomes all the more scenic with the colourful light of the setting sun, creating plenty of opportunities to capture some breathtaking shots.

Timings: 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Book Now: Dubai Desert Safari With Bbq Dinner at Flat 40% Off

Morning Desert Safari:
Start your day on a positive note, go for a morning desert safari in Dubai. Giving you a chance to fill your day with uninterrupted fun, this experience lets you indulge in thrilling adventures like camel riding, sand boarding, and quad biking in addition to dune bashing in an air-conditioned 4x4 vehicle.

There will be plenty of space, opportunities, and time for you to enjoy each activity to your heart’s content. If you are an adventure junkie planning to visit Dubai, with so many unique things to try, this package will turn out to be a rollercoaster ride for you.

Timings: 8 am to 12 Noon
Book Now: Morning Desert Safari In Dubai at Flat 20% Off

Overnight Desert Safari: Under a starry sky, over the smooth sands – imagine spending a night in Dubai in the most natural atmosphere. The most rewarding of all the desert safari tours in Dubai, overnight desert safari is a great way to discover another aspect of Dubai, away from all the bustle and racket. Thrill yourself by indulging in dune bashing, try camel riding, sleep in a lavish tent, and get henna tattoos on your hands.

And, of course, pamper your taste buds by trying a wide selection of mouthwatering vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in the BBQ dinner and breakfast buffet. Furthermore, an exciting range of 6 live entertainment shows will keep the festivity going with full enthusiasm.

Timings: 3 pm to 8 am
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Overnight Desert Safari In Dubai at Flat 35% Off

What are the essential things to carry while going for desert safari in Dubai?

In addition to wearing comfortable clothes and sandals, there are a few things that you should pack for desert safari tours in Dubai. They are:

- Camera
- Sunglasses
- ID proof
- Sunscreen lotion
- Shawl (night safari)
- Cash
- Hat/Cap

Is it worth visiting Dubai for desert safari?

Yes, it is totally worth visiting Dubai for desert safari because it is definitely one of the most iconic experiences it can offer. The desert of Dubai is a treasure trove of varied pleasures which include both traditional experiences and thrilling adventure sports. Apart from that, the picturesqueness of this sandy paradise is worth witnessing at least once in life. So if you have never tried it before, visit Dubai and get on with this life-altering experience.

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What all is included in the Desert Safari?

On booking a tour for Desert Safari in Dubai, you will get services like

  • Desert Safari experience fees
  • Hotel Pickup and drop
  • Cultural Shows (Depending on Variant)
  • BBQ dinner (Depending on Variant)
  • Entertainment shows (Depending on Variant)

Where can someone enjoy desert safari in Dubai?

The vast desert fields in Dubai are quite famous for offering multiple adventure activities like desert safari, dune bashing, camel safari, BBQ dinner, camping, sunrise and sunset watching, quad biking, buggy ride, sand boarding, sand skiing etc. The Arabian Desert that is located near to the city is where you can indulge in n number of adventure activities. Happy Desert Safari, Dubai Evening Safari, Hummer Desert Safari, Haryad Dubai Tours, Arabian Desert Safari, Dubai Desert Safari Rides, etc are some of the leading desert safari providers in Dubai.

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In which area we will go for Safari drive, and where the camps are situated in the desert?

The two most famous location in Dubai for enjoying the best of desert Safari are Al Awir and Lahbab Desert (red sand desert).

What is unique about desert safari in Dubai?

Desert safari tours in Dubai are packed with a wide spectrum of varied experiences. The kind of sand-based activities you can try in Dubai are hard to find anywhere else. It is purely exhilarating to participate in dune bashing in an air-conditioned 4x4 vehicle. Other activities you can usually try as part of the package are sand boarding, quad biking, and horse riding.

Or you can also enjoy the pristine essence of the older version of Dubai by trying your hands on camel riding. Apart from being a thrill-filled affair, it is also a luxury experience laced with comfortable transfers and scrumptious meals. Furthermore, traditional experiences like henna tattoo painting and Tanura show also set desert safari in Dubai apart.

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What are the maximum number of people that can go to a Desert Safari?

There is no upper limit to how many people can go for a desert Safari at a time. However, in the cases of vehicles, especially for a 4x4, the maximum number of people that can fit in a car are 6.

Is it safe to do desert safari in Dubai?

Yes. 100 percent safety is guaranteed by the multiple tour providers in Dubai. They provide only specially designed vehicles to do dune bashing or similar activities. Properly trained guides will accompany each team and person to make sure that you are getting the right kind of adventure. But desert safaris in Dubai are not recommended for infants and pregnant ladies as the dunes are really bumpy and tricky.

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Is there any special dress code I should follow for a Desert Safari?

This is an adventurous journey that you will be taking, so it is important that you wear clothes that are as comfortable as possible. Men can wear shorts or cotton pants teamed with a comfortable t shirt, while women can wear Salwar Kamiz or pants with t shirts. Also sandals are a better option as compared to shoes. Sunglasses will be a good addition if you are going for desert safari in Dubai in the morning or late afternoon hours. Jewelry must be avoided as there is no guarantee for their safety during the bumpy ride.

What is camel ride & how long It will be?

Camels are called the ship of the desert, and a ride on a camel back through the desert will be the most amazing way of enjoying a desert safari. A camel safari would last for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Can we do desert safari on our own from a rented vehicle? Are the vehicles reliable?

Yes you can do. There are many companies which give rental vehicles but the insurance will not be covered for off-road rides. So you have to take this option at your own risk but if you are thorough with desert driving, then you can do it. Mostly, the vehicles used for desert safaris are of high qualities like SUV or luxury model 4x4 vehicles, fat bikes, off-road motorbikes etc. Since the bumpy sand dunes are really challenging, the tour providers will not give any other vehicle rather than the good conditioned ones. But you can inquire about the condition and reliability of the vehicle before you start the activity.

What is the pickup and drop off time for desert safari ?

For morning desert safari, the pickup time will be at 8:30 AM and the drop-off timings would be at 1 PM, while for evening desert safari in Dubai, the pickup will be at 3 PM and drop off will be at 8:30 PM.

Can I do desert safari in a Hummer?

Yes. You can do desert safari in Hummer. Perhaps there are companies which exclusively support desert safari in Hummer. The strength and the tough tyres of Hummer will take you easily through the stiff sand dunes and many people have pointed out that the experience you will get by a Hummer safari is different.

What is the minimum number of passengers for safari?

There is no specific lower limit on the number of passengers to book a desert safari. Even a solo person can book the experience for themselves.

Do I need to have any experience to do desert safari?

It is suggested to have off-road driving experience to tackle the rough and bumpy dunes in the desert. But at least you know driving, then dune bashing can be done. Apart from that, you don’t need any prior experience to do desert safari. If you are booking through some desert safari providers, then you don’t need to worry.

Which vehicles are used for Desert Safaris?

The most prefered vehicles for a desert safari in dubai are-

  • Hummer
  • Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Prado
  • Series 1 Land Rover

What precautions should be taken care of before going to desert safari in Dubai?

It is always better to take the sunset safari to escape from the scorching sun. Have light food or drink less water before the safari or dune bashing since the bumpy rides will make you nauseated if you eat heavily. Carry sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, hats etc and also wear comfortable dress. Open shoes or flip flops are preferred to shoes and sneakers as you have to get out of the vehicle and board on the other frequently and sand will be stuck in your shoes and socks. There is no need to carry water as there are refreshment zones where you can get water or snacks.

If you want to do camel safari, then check for the availability as early as possible after you reach the sand dunes so that you will not be left alone afterwards. The sand dunes are located very close to the city around 45 minutes journey. Hence plan the travel accordingly.

How do I make a reservation for dubai desert safari?

You can choose any of the packages that most suit your requirement and the kind of adventure that you are looking for. Proceed to the page and choose the date, number of people and proceed. You will then confirm the details and choose the variant that best suit your expectation of the adventure. You will then come to a page where you will fill in the details of the travelers and proceed for the payment of the tour.

I am pregnant. Can I do desert safari?

No. Pregnant women are not recommended to do desert safari in Dubai as the bumpy sand dunes will make the vehicle to go through different levels of challenge which can make your body shake completely. So it is not advised for pregnant women.

Can small kids do desert safari as well?

Kids below the age of 3 or 4 are not allowed to take the desert safaris as the drives will be very challenging and the paths are trickier. So it is not safe for small kids as well as pregnant women. The bumpy sand dunes make the drives so challenging.

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Are medical patients or people under treatment allowed to go for desert safari in Dubai?

People with certain medical conditions, especially the one related to back, bone, heart or lungs are advised to not take up on this activity. And if you wish to, you must first consult a doctor and bring in the medical certificate deeming you to be fit and with proper authorization.

Can I have a meal before doing a desert safari?

You can have light meals and avoid eating heavy meals before the activity. Eating too much and drinking too much water will make you nauseated during the challenging bumpy drives. So it is advised to have something very light before you head out to do desert safari.

Are there any additional charges for Transfers from the hotel?

Yes, you can avail the offer for desert safari in Dubai with or without the option of transfers, in which case, the transfers from the hotel will cost you extra.

Do I need to make an advance booking for a desert safari? What if I don’t want to make an advance booking for a desert safari?

If you want to do it on a specific day, then it is good to book in advance a desert safari through any company that provides it. But most of them have desks at the sand dunes and you can directly go in and check with it. But to avoid losing time or to make the seat assured, you can try out booking in advance. Some tours for Dubai involve desert safari along with other activities.

If you don’t want to make an advance booking for a desert safari, you can go directly to the sand dunes and you can see multiple travel companies’ desks there. You can take your slots after registering there. Usually, there would be enough vehicles and space to do desert safari.

What is the difference between a Desert Safari and Red Dune safari?

The main difference between these two is the location. Where the normal Desert Safari is organised at Al Awir with normal sand, the Red Dune Safari is organised at Lahbab desert where the sand has a certain red hue to it. Also, the latter is a rather VIP variant of Desert Safari

Can I do a desert safari on my own or do I need a group?

You can join a group of tourists if you are booking the tour alone. It is not necessary that you need a group to do desert safari since almost all the desert safari providers have the option for single booking also.

How long is a desert safari?

The number of activities you choose will decide the duration of the desert safari. In most of the cases, the normal desert safaris take 6 to 7 hours including pick up and drop off at your hotel. The safari alone will take around 3 hours. If you choose to have dinner, camel safari, camping etc, then the duration will be increased.

Can I do desert safari during the night time?

Yes, you can do desert safari in Dubai at night. In fact, it is the most mesmerizing desert safari experience in Dubai as it covers a wide array of activities and experiences. If you opt for a night safari, you will be treated with desert camping experience along with some engaging traditional live performances. And an ultimate culinary adventure in the form of BBQ dinner is the greatest pleasure.

Whether you are interested in night photography, getting familiar with the local culture and traditions, trying bumpy night ride, or you want to calm your senses in the most effective manner, an overnight desert safari is the perfect opportunity you have.

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Will I be picked up from my hotel for the desert safari?

If you are booking the activity through any company providing the desert safari, you may get a pick up from your hotel. The distance between the location and your residence will be considered for that. If you are going on your own, then you have to reach the spot where the activity can be done. From company to company, the option for pick up will change.

Do I need to tip my safari guide?

It is not mandatory to tip your safari guide. It is completely up to you whether you liked the ride, you can give him a small appreciation as you wish to. Other than that, there is no strict rule to give them anything.

Can I have alcohol/smoke during a safari?

Drinking and smoking are allowed only during the time of dinner. During the adventure activities, you are not allowed to smoke or drink. But alcohol will be served during the time of dinner but normally an additional charge will be there. Some companies give liquor freely.

What happens in case of a medical emergency?

Usually, there will be emergency medical kit and aids available at the location and in the vehicles also. But if the condition is worse, then you will be taken to the nearest hospital.

Are proper first aid kits available in the vehicles?

Yes. All the vehicles used for desert safari will have the proper set of first aid kits. But it is better to check with your tour provider what all items are there. Usually, the desert safaris in Dubai are renowned for the safety measures.

What if I have allergy to dust?

If you have allergy to dust, then it is better to avoid doing desert safari especially during summer days as the air will be mixed with so much of dust. During winter times, the amount of dust in the air will be comparatively lower and you can try doing that time by covering your nose with a mask or scarf.

Can I do dune bashing? Is it safe to do it?

Yes, you will get dune bashing with desert safari. It is completely safe to do dune bashing. Dune bashing is done usually by using 4x4 vehicles. It is the most thrilling part of desert safaris in Dubai which will give you utmost challenges during the activity.

How long is the Dune Bashing?

Dune Bashing can be done for 3 to 4 hours to cover the best part of the desert which has uneven curves and bumps. A complete roller coaster style ride is promised by this most adventurous activity one can avail in Dubai.

What all things I should keep in mind before Dune bashing?

Dune bashing is an adventure activity that goes through a lot of bumps and curvy sand dunes. If you don’t want do anything adventure in the desert, you should not go for dune bashing. It is not a smooth drive along the tarred road but a completely thrilled drive against the wind and moving sand so that you will feel like you are sitting in a roller coaster. There will be multiple vehicles on the track at the same time and they move close to each other in order to maintain the thrill and adventure.

Wear comfortable clothes that would let you enjoy the activity completely and easily. There are a lot of chances for sand to get into your shoes and clothes and even eyes. So wear sandals or flip flops, cover your hair with hat or scarfs, and try to wear shades instead of contact lenses.

Can I do a camel ride as well? How much time can I do it?

Yes. You can do a camel ride as well during the desert safari. Usually, the camel rides will take around 45 minutes to 1 hour along the red sand dunes of Dubai. It is better to do it before sunset as you can enjoy the stunning views while you trek along the vast ocean of sand on the slow moving, ship of the desert.

Is dune buggy available too?

Yes. Dune Buggy can also be done. Most of the desert safari tour providers will have the option to choose dune buggy ride as well. Dune buggies are 750 CC vehicle that is customized for competing with the uneven dunes found in the desert of Dubai. A complete roll cage, bucket seats and safety harness are fixed in the vehicle in order to make your ride so thrilled and adventurous.

Can I do sandboarding? How much time can I do it?

Yet another adventurous and thrilling activity that is available in the deserts of Dubai is sand-boarding. It is also known as sand surfing. Similar to snow-boarding is sand boarding but it takes places on sand dunes. You will be sliding down or cross the sand dunes by standing on both the feet strapped to a flat board with the tails curved similar to snow-boards. There are 200-300 meter tall sand dunes in the desert of Dubai so that you can choose the duration of the activity until you find yourself tired.

Most probably, people take 30 to 45 minutes on an average to do sand boarding.

Can I do dirt bike ride?

Yes. There are options to do dirt bike ride also in the deserts of Dubai. Since the dirt bikes are meant for off road rides, it would support you against the harsh dunes which are taller and challenging more than expected.

Can I do camping in the desert?

Yes. Camping is also available in the deserts of Dubai. But it would be given as a separate package by most of the desert safari operators in the city. The stay will be in comfortable tents and dinner will also be served. You can choose for night desert safari, belly dancing, henna painting, falconry etc during the camping.

Is it safe to do desert camping?

Yes. It is always safe to do camping in the desert in Dubai which will let you retreat to the old ages of calmness and quietness. The desert is away from the rambunctious noises of the city and thus you will feel completely relaxed. There are a lot of tents arranged in a line so that you would not be alone most of the times.

Are there any dangerous animals (snakes, scorpions) at the desert camp?

There were incidents of scorpion bites and spotting some animals in the desert. But if you take the right precautions before you get out of the tents, you can avoid getting hurt by the scorpions which are frequently found in the deserts of Dubai. You can wear boots or cover your feet properly and use torchlight or carry something similar while you get out of the tents.

Will we have proper meals during camping?

Yes. There will be proper meals available during camping. Most of the desert camp options come with BBQ dinner or a scrumptious meal plan. The menu will be varying from company to company which gives desert camping. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters, main course both veg and non- veg and desserts will be served for dinner. Drinks and beverages can be availed at an additional charge in most cases. Normal English breakfast will also be served in the morning.

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Will we see belly dancing during the camping?

There are many desert camping packages that includes belly dancing, henna painting, falconry etc with the adventure activities. If you choose the right package with belly dancing, you will be able to enjoy it with camping.

Is vegetarian food available as well? Can we bring our own food?

Yes. During any meal, there would be options of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food items. Since there are a lot of vegetarians come to visit the city, offering both the options are somewhat mandatory. Most of the overnight camping packages come with meals included. It’s better to avoid heavy bags with you while coming for camping. Also you will get water and refreshment items at the various stalls near the camping location so that you can buy food items there as well.

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What kind of toilet facilities will be available?

There will be separate toilet facilities for men and women. Usually toilet tents are being set up which are clean and tidy. But the problem comes when the number of bathroom and toilets is not adequate with the number of guests.

Dubai Desert Safari Reviews

Shashi Chourasia
Reviewed: 26 Mar 2024
Nice experience 
Hadi Yaseen
Reviewed: 06 May 2023
Quad riding, food, and the shaw was awsome!
Kamala Patel
Reviewed: 22 Feb 2020
We managed to get a cracker of a deal through Thrillophilia and had no issues in booking our trip. Almost felt it was a bit of a steal considering the prices. Cannot recommend our trip without special mention to our guide during the desert safari who made the experience memorable. Great trip for fam... Read More
Kanaka Kapoor
Reviewed: 22 Feb 2020
This was my first ever solo adventure with Thrillophilia, and I decided to opt for their latest package for morning desert safari in Abu Dhabi. And from the bottom of my heart, I feel gratified to thank the entire team for arranging such a well-mannered and co-operated tour on the go. Our team was q... Read More
Deeptimayee Gupta
Reviewed: 22 Feb 2020
This is a best opportunity to explore the activities that embrace the beauty of Abu Dhabs desert adventure. Although this was my solo tour, I literally enjoyed a lot with my fellow tour mates with activities such as dune bashing, camel riding, and sandboarding. For anyone who is in Dubai and has a d... Read More
Vidur Banerjee
Reviewed: 22 Feb 2020
Delicious food! This was an evening to remember and totally made the trip seem worth it. We did not face any delays in transfers or stay thanks to Thrillophilia and its dedicated team which made our Dubai trip a ‘happy’ one. As an adventure freak, I especially enjoyed the quad biking along with my f... Read More

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