World Island Dubai, Dubai: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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World Island Dubai Tours & Activities

About World Island Dubai

The man-made paradise on Earth, The World Islands Dubai is a group of islands made to resemble the world map. Initially touted as real hot property, it turned out into a great opportunity and now a popular tourist attraction. The concept is innovative and completely unheard of and that is what gives this amazing location an edge. The World Island has many top Hotels and restaurants on its premises. It encompasses all the 7 continents in one sight that makes it remarkably must to visit while you are here.

The artificial archipelago has 300 mini islands and is located only 3 miles off the coast of Dubai. The World Island seemed a distant dream but was turned into reality after 10 years of hard struggles and roadblocks. This set of 300 floating islands was first announced in the year 2003 and after much stumbling, it successfully got completed. You can spend your time frolicking at the beach or enjoy indoor and outdoor dining, engage in water sports activities and also laze in the pool the entire day.

The World Island is the definition of modern and new Dubai which beliefs in innovation, best use of technology and venturing towards making Dubai a destination full of dreams and fun. The architectural marvel can be envisioned on a beautiful seaplane which clearly shows the shape of the continents by its unique Ariel tour. Take the 40 minutes ride and get water landed to experience the islands of the creek.

This grandiose Dubai attraction also has a floating replica of the beautiful Italian city of Venice. The World Island also offers villas amongst which a few also offer underwater rooms where you can sleep amidst sea animals. Initially, it seemed that it was immersed under water according to the images released by NASA but now with the island ready, it is a full-fledged tourist location which has a great number of people visiting here every year.

The island is everything you ever asked for in terms of luxury and underwater experiences. The location also has stunning beaches with modern and chic hotels which will make your dream come true of a perfect holiday. Every island has a different story to say and represents the best of the culture there. The World Island surely is a great man-made ambitious project which has paid off for the desert island.

Best Time to Visit World Island Dubai

To avoid scorching heat and unbearable humidity, it is best to visit the World island in the months between October and February. The temperature around this year is cool and there are no rains. During this time plane rides as well as boat tours can be enjoyed to the core. These months are the busiest in Dubai in terms of the tourist boom.

What Not to Miss at World Island Dubai

Dubai is an exceptional beauty and apart from exploring the World Island Dubai, there are many attractions within a range of 10 km that can be explored in a day.

1. Jumeirah Mosque: One of the most beautiful of all mosques located in Dubai, The Jumeirah Mosque is an exquisite example of fine Islamic architecture. The mosque presents a perfect and an attractive sight especially in the evenings when the floodlights are lit. This beautiful stone structure is built in the Medieval Fatimid tradition with subtle details on them.

2. The Burj Al Arab: The Burj Al Arab is a skyscraper Hotel which stands tall at 321 meters high on its island off the coastline. The building resembles a sail and also has some wonderful display of colourful lights in the night. The Hotel is also considered the most expensive hotels in the world but the architecture and the luxury element is to die for. If you love opulent dinners then you should visit the in house restaurant here. The restaurant offers sea-facing views which completes your experience.

3. Jumeirah Beach: One of the most popular public beaches in Dubai, Jumeirah beach has an attached park which makes it a must-visit destination near the World Islands. The beach also has a lot of water sporting activities apart from playing the usual beach games like badminton and volleyball.

4. Kite Beach: To the south of the Jumeirah beach is the Kite beach that is the perfect definition of spending a lazy evening. The Kite Beach is Dubai's premier destination of kite surfers and other water sports activities.

5. Wild Wadi Water Park: This famous outdoor water park is the stop where you can satisfy your hunger for water sports. A great place to spend your time here especially when you have kids with you.

Things to Do in World Island Dubai

Out of the most innovative man-made wonders in Dubai, the World Island stands tall. Its beauty is in the originality of its idea and the tones of technology that has gone into the shaping up of the artificial archipelago. Many things can be done here and we have listed a few best ones.

1. Enjoy your time at the Beach: you can visit one of two beaches that are open to the public if you are not interested in going to Jumeirah Beach. You can sunbathe here while you sip on some refreshing drinks and lip-smacking snacks.

2. Swim by the Pool: Explore the Lebanon Island and access its beautiful swimming pool to unwind and refresh. Children will surely enjoy the pool.

3. Play Volleyball: Lebanon island also hosts and entertains Volleyball games which can be enjoyed with friends and family.

4. Enjoy Water Sports: You will just love the display of water sports activities in Lebanon Island. Boat tours are available here if you love to delve into deep waters.

5. Toro Blanco Dinner Date: Romance is in the air and what better than organizing a romantic candle-lit dinner for your partner at Toro Blanco on the Lebanon island.

6. Dance your Way: Some great music, happening moves and the island vibe, all total up to some great party time which can be enjoyed here. Even if the islands are not completely ready you can still party your night away.

7. Have Luxurious Stays: Discover luxury and comfort in your stay here. Whether you get a relaxing spa done or chill out at the swimming pool, the hotel promises to enrich your experience with their service and great ambience.

8. All-day or Evening Access: Get ready to be thrilled with the whole day visit planned and organized for you. With seaplane rides, you can soak up to the mesmerizing sites of Dubai skyline and at the same time marvel at this gigantic creation.

9. Rent Cabanas and Kayaks: If you enjoy the water and plenty of it, then you will surely enjoy Venetian rides on Cabanas and Kayaks to give you the feel of the Italian city. This also can total up to as a romantic ride while you enjoy the views of the sea.

10. Take several Pictures: Take your professional camera because photography here is a great thing to do. You can take several photographs of the views offered that will prove great memorabilia.

Other Essential Information About World Island Dubai

The World Island located off the coast of Dubai is operable 24 hours but the entire trip to the Islands will take about 3 hours to complete. The group tour offers sight-seeing options with both boat and Ariel experiences and will cost about 10,000 per adult for the same. The tour starts at 11 am and goes on till 6 pm depending on the slot you book for the same.

Tips for Visiting World Island Dubai

We recommend you to quickly make plans to visit here because rumours are rife that the islands are sinking! But there are certain things you need to understand before embarking on this joyous ride.

- The daily access boat if you are looking at day time visit ranges from 10 AM to 6 PM.

- The evening boat access from 6 PM to 11 PM is for adults only so it is not a good idea to go for it if you are with your family.

- You ensure that you spend at least 8 full hours on the island to enjoy it thoroughly.

- Don’t make plans to visit any other place because you will be tired.

- Make sure you access everything that is mentioned in the package.
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People Also Ask About World Island Dubai

  1. What is unique about World Island Dubai?

    This man-made island is unique in the sense that it is made on the idea to create a world map which could be seen at one glance from the top. Built by using millions and millions of tonnes of sand, the 300 island archipelago is the definition of innovation and best use of technology.

    This island is located off the coast of Dubai and took more than 10 years into making. The world island Dubai is a dream project which will eventually consist of private homes, estates, resorts and Community Island. No other country has attempted anything like that and that’s what makes this extremely unique.
  2. Is World Island man-made?

    Yes, the World Island is a complete man-made wonder. The project was helmed by Nakheel projects and was a dream of the then ruler of Dubai. The Islands are accessible both by the sea on boats or by a seaplane that gives you an aerial view. The construction of these islands began in 2003 but in 2008 it was kept on hold due to some financial issues.
  3. What is the history of World Island Dubai?

    The ruler of Dubai, the popular Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, conceived the idea of the entire world in Dubai. This idea was taken further and given shape by Nakheel Projects when in 2003 it started building the project.

    A total of 10 years went into the making of the island with 300 islands out meeting many stumble blocks on the way. As of date only 2-3 islands are functional and can be used for commercial use but it is also coming to the knowledge that due to improper foundation the island is slowly sinking back.
  4. How did Dubai make artificial islands?

    Before making World Island, Dubai had already begun constructing the Palm islands back in 2001. A host of professional diver analysts were recruited to survey the sea bed after which the crescent-shaped breakwater was constructed from a blasted rock.

    The Palm Island stands at 13 feet above the low tide level and also is stationed in 34 feet of water. The breakwater’s lowest level is covered by an erosion preventing water-permeable geo-textile so that it doesn’t wash out. The world islands were constructed with the use of 321,000,000 cubic meters of sand and 386 million tonnes of rock to facilitate its strength. Roughly about 242 km of the shore was created to give this the complete look.
  5. What are the other man-made islands in Dubai?

    Dubai has set the stage for some of the most inventive and groundbreaking ideas. It has many firsts and the primary first among it is having the tallest building in the world named Burj Khalifa. But recently Dubai has added another feather in its cap by constructing artificial islands off the coast of the sea which has proven to be great spots for tourists to visit. The artificial islands man-made by Dubai are Palm Jumeirah, Deira Island, Palm Jebel Ali and the World Islands.

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