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Dubai Butterfly Garden, Dubai

  • Dubai has many places worth visiting and a visit to this city would be incomplete without visiting the Dubai Butterfly Garden which is a part of Dubai Miracle Garden and was added in the year 2015. The Dubai Butterfly Garden is also credited for being the “World’s largest covered butterfly garden”. The garden is located in an area spreading over 2600 square meters.

    The Butterfly Garden is unique for the fact that it has 15,000 butterflies which belong to 50 different species. This indoor garden has ten domes which add a unique dimension to the architectural richness of this place. These domes are also climate-controlled which allows the garden to be operational throughout the year.

    The garden also has a butterfly museum that has handcrafted designs made out of thousands of butterflies. These have been collected from different parts of the world and offer a unique opportunity to see and explore the creativity of artists who have inscribed these aesthetically.

    The butterfly garden also has an educational area where visitors learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly as they undergo metamorphosis in different stages of their life. Visitors can also enjoy watching educational movies and learn about the life stages of butterflies in the cinema area of the butterfly garden. The staff at the Butterfly Garden is professionally trained and possess in-depth knowledge about different butterflies. They are thus in a position to explain any details about the butterflies which the visitors might seek.    The Butterfly Garden has created a niche place for itself all over the world.

    Interestingly, different kinds of nectar plants have also been planted in the Dubai butterfly garden. This not only adds to the beauty of the garden but also ensures that the butterflies remain in the best of their health as they feed upon the nectar.

    Essential Information

    Al Barsha South 3, Dubailand Area, Beside Dubai Miracle Garden-Dubai

    The garden is open on weekdays and weekends from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. It is also open year-round on all public holidays also

    Adults and children above the age of 3 are charged 55 AED while disabled people and children below the age of 2 can visit the garden for free. These tickets are only available at the Dubai butterfly garden ticket counter only. Tickets bought from any other location are not valid for entry.

    Places to visit near Dubai Butterfly Garden

    There are numerous places near Dubai butterfly garden which you should ideally visit:

    1. Al Qabaiel Centre 2: 
    Al Qabaiel Centre is a shopping hub at a distance of 0.2 km from the butterfly garden. It is an ideal place for shopping and spending some precious moments with the family after a visit to the garden.  You can shop for jewellery, men and women's clothes, shoes and electronics in the Al Qabaiel Centre 2. It could also be a perfect place for shopping, in case you are thinking of carrying some goodies for family and friends back home.

    2. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization: 
    Located at a distance of 0.3 Km from the Dubai butterfly garden, the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization offers an insightful look into the essence of Islam. The holy Kabba Hall with its gold plated Kuran copies is indeed a treat for someone who wants to explore Islam.

    3. Sarah Shopping Centre: 
    Women looking for exclusive Arabic dresses must plan a visit to Sarah Shopping centre located at a distance of 0.5 Km from Dubai butterfly garden. The fabric shops here also offer great discounts, which makes shopping a treat for all.

    4. Al Montazah Park: 
    The children would definitely want to have some thrill after a learning experience at the Dubai butterfly garden. This makes it a perfect opportunity for all to head to the Al Montazah Park which is located 2.3 km away from Dubai butterfly garden. The park has some exciting rides for children and you will definitely cherish bringing kids here.

    5. Al Ittihad Square Park: 
    The park located at a distance of 1.3 km from Dubai butterfly garden gives another opportunity for the nature lovers to be among nature. The 2.5 km stretch of the park is lined by eateries, children play area and fountains, thus adding a unique ambience to the place. The park also has a monorail station which connects to Dubai Metro.

    Things to do in Dubai Butterfly Garden

    1. Watch Educational Movies: 
    The Dubai butterfly garden has a cinema where children can watch educational movies related to butterflies. A visit to the cinema after watching butterflies in the domes will enhance their knowledge substantially.

    2. Click Pictures with Butterflies: 
    Nowhere in the world will you find a unique opportunity of clicking photos of butterflies that belong to 50 different varieties. Considering the fact that the butterfly garden is home to 15,000 butterflies, a picture with them can be a virtual treat for you and everyone who watches it.

    3. Increase your Knowledge: 
    If you come to the butterfly garden with the objective of knowing about different butterflies, a visit to this place can lend you the unique opportunity of increasing your knowledge about different kinds of butterflies and their feeding habits.

    4. Experiencing Nature in its True Divinity: 
    The Dubai butterfly garden is spread over an area of 6673 square meters. The domes in the garden are climate controlled allowing them to remain open throughout the year. With each of these domes having thousands of butterflies, nature unleashes its true divinity when you come across this unique sight. Adding to the beauty of the Dubai butterfly garden is the lush green garden which has a variety of plants, flowers, fish and bird ponds which makes this butterfly garden a unique place to experience and explore.

    Attractions in Dubai Butterfly Garden

    1. Visit the Butterfly Museum: 
    This is indeed an awe-inspiring museum that can leave you spellbound. The different artefacts in the museum have been made from butterflies. These have been collected from different parts of the world. At first glance, the pictures in the butterfly museum will seem like hand-drawn paintings but on close inspection, you will find that dead and preserved butterflies have been used in creating these designs.

    2. Get an insight into the life cycle of butterflies (Educational Area): 
    The lovely and awe-inspiring butterflies that you would come across in the Dubai butterfly garden have undergone a metamorphosis from different stages to attain this unique look. The educational area of the park offers a worthy glimpse of the same, something which you should not miss.

    3. Visit Koi Pond: 
    Beautiful koi fish swimming in the serene waters of the pond located in the dome 2 of the Dubai butterfly garden is also a treat to watch. The running water of the pond also adds to the ambience of the place and the calming atmosphere will definitely leave the visitors spellbound.

    Places to Dine at Dubai Butterfly Garden

    There are a lot of places to dine near the Dubai Miracle Garden which houses the Dubai butterfly garden.

    1. Coffee Shops: 
    City Corner Restaurant and Cafeteria located at a distance of 0.3 km from Dubai Butterfly Garden can be your perfect retreat for a refreshing cup of coffee. Sip your favorite coffee, relax and enjoy the moment. Arab Udupi restaurant located 0.3 km from the Butterfly Garden is another worthy restaurant to try if you are looking for the Indian filter coffee.

    2. Candy Shop: 
    On the outskirts of the Butterfly Garden, you will come across some shops that offer sweets for people who love trying the candies. Gelato house is one such eatery located in the outdoors that offers a range of ice creams. With ample open space to sit and relax around, eating your favorite ice cream here would be an experience in itself. You can also try a range of candies and ice creams at DMG Cafe which is also located on the outdoors of the Butterfly Garden. You will always find the small place surrounded by sweets lovers and can either grab a table inside the small eatery or enjoy your ice cream sitting on the benches which the garden authorities have placed for the convenience of the visitors.

    3. Food Kiosk
    Saj 2 Go Lebanese Bakery can be a great place for munching some of your desired delicacies as the eatery is located in the Dubai Miracle Garden, just next to the Butterfly Garden. Try some fresh baked Saj bread, Manakeesh, Kak and Pizzas here. You can also head to Zest Restaurant which is located below the Dubai Miracle Garden. The staff is courteous and you can enjoy, Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes in the eatery after a hectic visit to the Dubai Butterfly Garden.

    Best Time to Visit Dubai Butterfly Garden

    Dubai Butterfly Garden is open the year-round. However, given the fact that the temperatures remain high during summers, November to March are the best time to visit Dubai in general and Dubai Butterfly Garden in particular.

    Tips for Visiting Dubai Butterfly Garden

    - Plan What to Carry: No eatables are allowed inside the garden as it can prove harmful for the butterflies since stale food attracts insects. In case you feel the urge, the garden has a lot of eateries in the vicinity. 

    - Keep a Watch on Children: Children should be attended to properly as the butterflies have the habit of resting on leaves and the park pathway.

    - Follow the Rules: There are some restricted areas in the park and any passage through the same should be avoided. The park has climate-controlled domes and all instructions given by the park management should be followed while visiting the place.

    - Be Sensitive towards Nature:
    Avoid touching the butterflies and in case you wish to capture these in your lens, ask the garden staff for any assistance.

    How to reach Dubai Butterfly Garden from Airport?

    Dubai airport is located at a distance of 34.6 km from Dubai butterfly garden. You can ideally take a taxi from the airport which will cover the distance in half an hour. You can also take a train from Airport Terminal 3 to First Gulf Bank. Thereafter, a taxi can be taken from First Gulf Bank to the Dubai butterfly garden.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the best time of the day to visit Dubai Butterfly Garden?
    Most of the butterflies are active during the sunniest and warmest time of the day. This duration spans from late morning to afternoon. Butterflies do come out in large numbers during the sunny period, hence it is considered the best time for visiting the Dubai butterfly garden. The garden has a collection of over 50 different species and a sunny day would offer visitors, the best ever experience they can have on exploring nature from close quarters. The butterfly garden is a special attraction for children.

    2. What are the operating days and timings of Dubai Butterfly Garden?
    The Dubai butterfly garden is open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. It is open all year round and on public holidays too. The garden witnesses a great rush of visitors on public holidays. It is, therefore, better to plan your visit accordingly.

    3. What is unique about Dubai Butterfly Garden?
    The Dubai butterfly garden is unique in the aspect that it has a collection of over 15,000 butterflies that belong to 50 different varieties. Moreover, it also has a climate-controlled dome which makes it possible for the garden to be accessible to the public, all the year round as butterflies are made to live in their natural habitat. The garden is also home to a butterfly museum which has handcrafted designs that have been made out of butterflies from all corners of the world.

    4. How long does it take to go around Dubai Butterfly Garden?
    As the garden has butterflies from 50 different varieties, it would often depend upon the interest of the visitors on the time they wish to spend in the garden. Ideally, a time span of 2-3 hours is sufficient to go around the garden, if you are accompanied by children and wish to show them all the amenities available in the butterfly garden.

    5. Is Dubai Butterfly garden indoors?
    Yes, the butterfly garden is indoors and is the world’s largest covered butterfly garden. It has ten domes which are climate controlled and butterflies can be observed in their natural habitat in this garden. Evolution of different stages of butterflies can be seen in the garden.

    6. Can I take pictures inside Dubai butterfly garden?
    Taking pictures inside the Dubai butterfly garden is allowed. However, visitors need to ensure that no butterflies are harmed or disturbed in this process. Assistants from the park also help visitors in taking pictures and can guide on appropriate places and ways in which these pictures are to be clicked.

    7. How many different species of butterfly are there in Dubai Butterfly Garden?
    There are over 50 varieties of butterflies in the Dubai butterfly garden. In total, the number of butterflies is 15,000. With such a wide diversity of butterflies present in the garden, a visit to the same gives the visitors a unique opportunity to see and understand different stages through which butterflies evolve. With such a large collection of butterflies available in the garden, the place is a perfect retreat for anyone who has an interest in exploring butterflies.

    8. Can I carry outside food inside the Garden?
    Bringing outside food in the garden is strictly prohibited. Ants, spiders and other insects can be attracted by the same and can prove dangerous for the butterflies. Thus, food and water from outside the butterfly garden are not allowed. There are eateries outside the covered park area and visitors can relax and enjoy their snacks after the visit to the garden.

    9. Is there any Prayer Room inside Dubai butterfly Garden?
    No, the Dubai Butterfly Garden does not have any Prayer Room in particular. The Dubai Miracle Garden of which the Dubai Butterfly Garden is a part however has a Prayer Room. Visitors can sit, relax and offer their prayers in solace in this room.

    10. Are visitors allowed to touch the butterflies in the Garden?
    Touching the butterflies is not allowed, though it does happen that a butterfly might fly over you or sit on your arm too. However, ideally disturbing butterflies is not allowed as it can cause damage to their wings or can give rise to any further infection from human touch.

    11. Is wheelchair facility available in Dubai Butterfly Garden?
    For the disabled people, the Dubai butterfly garden authorities have made special provisions. In addition to allowing such people to visit the park for free, the garden administration has made provision of wheelchair facility. In addition, the park authorities also provide them with a guide or a helper, if the services of the same are required.

    12. Are there any souvenir shops available inside the garden?
    Yes, the Dubai butterfly garden also has souvenir shops where you will be able to buy some unique remembrances of the butterfly garden. These include butterfly posters, T-Shirts, mugs, and other such souvenirs.



Dubai Butterfly Garden

Who doesn't love butterflies? These colourful creatures can make you forget all your worries while you chase them through your garden. Now imagine a whole garden with these butterflies with their different kind of species. Amazing right? Dubai Butterfly Garden is just that heaven which is beckoning travelers from far and wide

A huge number of brilliant, rippling butterflies are drawing in voyagers and local people at Dubai Miracle Garden. The primary butterfly stop (cultivate) in the locale has opened at the green asylum, simply off Sheik Mohammed receptacle Zayed Road. As you enter the garden compound, there is a gallery to examine.

Protected types of 30-40 types of printed butterflies are in plain view in different shapes and sizes; an Apias Nero here, a Papilo Demoleus there, sprinkled with casings of evidently rousing citations: "Bloom like a butterfly," "try to avoid panicking and cherish nature". There are likewise expansive pictures of the illustrious family embellished with genuine butterflies.

The alluring complex fills in as a desert spring for both people and creepy crawlies. Abdel Naser Rahhal, overseeing executive of Dubai Butterfly Garden said that the world-class butterfly haven will draw in visitors from around the globe.

Dubai Butterfly Garden is located at Al Barsha South 3, Dubailand Area, Beside Dubai Miracle Garden - Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

Opens from 9:00 AM- 6:00 PM.

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