Desert Conservation Reserve, Dubai: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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About Desert Conservation Reserve

Dubai has proven its abilities not only in buildings, art, and culture but also in preserving the precious environment. It has started a single project under the name of Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve on January 2002, comprising of nearly 5% of Dubai's total landmass. The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, DDCR, is nothing but a natural reserve in the emirate of Dubai.

Here, the desert is considered as one of the driest areas in the world, where it has its own set of flora and fauna, which faces catastrophes due to climate change and excessive human intervention. Hence, to prevent the depletion of resources, and maintain the very flora and fauna, the UAE has initiated this environment-related project.

Curiously, the DDCR is the UAE’s first national park that conducts a detailed study on conservation and sustainability of exotic plant and animal species. However, the organization offers various adventurous and insightful activities for the visitors, other than research. Tourists from regional and abroad countries can indulge in fascinating things like camel trekking, horse riding, archery, dune driving, sand boarding, camping, and so on.

At sunset, one can enjoy a traditional dune dinner, served with grilled meats, salads, and famous Arabic desserts. If time permits, they can also get their hands painted with intricate henna designs, along with the traditional entertainment shows.

This unique reserve was established to protect those endangered species and also its niche from external and internal danger. This eventually produces positive results by the rise in the number of plants and insects throughout the area and ensuring them a sustainable environment. Thus, one can explore the splendid nature of Dubai through participating in night safari, trekking, horse riding, or dune driving without causing any harm to the mere landscape. So, don’t afford to miss this amazing lifetime opportunity that can’t be easily replaced anywhere in the world.

How to Reach Desert Conservation Reserve

The place is located approximately 60 km away from the Dubai International Airport and can be reached by road within an hour’s drive. Since Dubai is well connected with the best quality roads, there are buses, cabs, and mini-vans running at regular intervals. However, the easiest way is hiring a cab from the Dubai International Airport and reaching the spot on time. Apart from that, the tour operator also provides transfer facility upon request. Once you arrive at the location, you will be received by the staffs and ensure your stay is safe and comfortable.

Best Time to Visit Desert Conservation Reserve

The best time to visit Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is between October and March. The climate is relatively cool and gives a soothing experience to all visitors. One can enjoy the night safari or camping activity or a dune dinner and get a wonderful respite out of it. But, don’t forget to carry a coat to keep yourself warm in the night.

What Not to Miss at Desert Conservation Reserve

1. Inflight Dubai Indoor Skydiving: Can you imagine flying freely without a parachute and survive? Well, it’s possible in the Inflight Dubai Indoor Skydiving. Apart from skydiving, they also offer other activities using tunnels that give a surreal feeling to the riders. It’s the world’s largest and tallest wind tunnel that makes anyone fly like a bird. Get ready to learn some flying movements and seize the real adventure in it.

2. Platinum Heritage: Being the only ecotourism Desert Safari in Dubai, they provide three different types of desert safaris, namely, The Bedouin Collection, The Heritage Collection, and The Platinum Collection. Each safari takes you to a whole new experience, comprising of different time periods, such as the pre-1920s, the 1950s, and the contemporary world.

3. Royal Shaheen Events: It is one of the sought-after the events in Dubai desert. One can enjoy the ancient Arabian Falconry experience and get some close encounters with the birds. This vibrant and innovative activity, allows one to interact with falcons and create a special bonding with them. It looks stunning when flying above the sky and reaching you immediately in a few minutes.

4. SkyHub Paramotors: This enthralling ride allows one to have this incredible feeling like never before. SkyHub Paramotors is a paramotor and Xcitor trike flight school, having first-rate pilots and offers the most amazing flying experience. Here, tandem flights are 750 AED for 20 minutes in the desert surface, and 1000 AED for 20 minutes in Dubai Marina.

5. Comicave: It’s a place where you can find the world-famous action stars and comic characters like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, Sherk, etc. This place is sure to attract young adults who love the Avengers series and other comics. All statues are displayed elegantly and make one to take a snap with them.

Things to do at Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

1. Camel Treks: Traversing the vast landscape on top of a camel is totally an unimaginable experience, where you will be carried out through the dunes on a traditional ‘ship of the desert’. This unique experience elevates one’s mood from normal to exciting, so try this amazing ride at least once.

2. Falconry: Have you ever met a falcon in life before? Here comes an opportunity, where you can literally meet a falcon that could travel miles away in a few minutes and kill real prey. Unlike other tourist attractions, where you can meet the birds, and have breakfast or dinner with them, however, in this desert, you can feed them and embrace their exceptional skills.

3. Horse Riding: Put your horse through its pace, gently trot, or canter through the desert. Doing horse riding in the driest area like the desert seems to be amusing. One can create a special bonding with the beast and move along with them smoothly. You will be accompanied by an instructor, who will make sure you’re moving in the right direction.

4. Archery: Stand firm, focus on the target and hit the bull’s eye. A deadly war weapon turned into an adventurous sport, archery, is one of the most famous sports in Dubai desert, where hundreds and thousands of tourists try aiming the middle point and get the perfect shot.

5. Wildlife Drives: Are you ready for a gentle drive through the terrains of the desert? To travel deep into the desert, one must get boarded on the vehicle. You can freely roam the vast landmass and spot some of the exotic species at your convenience. The guide will explain the desert ecology and take you to the right place at the right time.

6. Dune Driving: This four-wheel vehicle will take you to the spectacular dunes and terrains and make your visit a memorable one. Their predetermined routes ensure you are surrounded by pristine desert while making your way to a Bedouin camp for other activities.

7. Dune Dinner: After indulging in a lot of travelling, adrenaline rush moments, etc. you can enjoy a delicious supper, served with grilled meats, fresh salads, desserts and beverages. At the backdrop, you can enjoy the famous belly dance performance with Arabian music.

8. Sand Boarding: Get ready to slide in some of the unique landscapes in the world. Head towards the dunes, strap on your sandboard and take a thrilling ride on the valley floor. Suddenly, one can feel like sliding on a sea wave, rather than on the sand.

9. Private Desert Dinner: A secluded slot, arranged with colourful rugs and cushions and lit by traditional lights awaits you. One can fall in love with the refreshing environment and enjoy the company of a loved one and savour a personalised menu.

10. Camping: Experience the mysterious desert nights with your dear ones by camping out for a full night. During the session, there will be guides with their vehicles to your encampment. An Arabian dinner and a magical night in a tent are sure to give you an unforgettable experience.

11. Hot Air Ballooning: Enjoy a magical ride on the endless ocean of sand dunes and emerald green oasis. Here, one can spot native Arabian animals like oryx, gazelles and camels in their homeland. Also, one can witness the world’s first falcon show at a height of 3,000 feet above the sea level.

Other Essential Information About Desert Conservation Reserve

Location: It’s an area of 225 square kilometres, located north-east of the emirate of Dubai, UAE

Timings: It generally operates every day between 7.00 am and 5.00 pm

Price: Based on the tour package and the number of activities, the price varies accordingly. However, the lowest price starts at 168.66 AED

Tips for visiting Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

- Firstly, tourists need to carry valid ID proof while coming to this exhilarating place. Due to security reasons, the management has made in compulsory.

- Secondly, they need to carry a sweatshirt, coat, or fur during the winter season. Similarly, they can carry sunglasses, a hat, a camera, and sunblock.

- Thirdly, tourists are advised to carry a water bottle with them, filled with water.

- Fourthly, they can wear loose and comfortable clothes rather than a casual dress.

- Fifthly and finally, tourists are advised to follow the instructions carefully while indulging in trekking or horse riding activity.
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People Also Ask About Desert Conservation Reserve

  1. What is unique about the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve?

    The most unique feature of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is that the organization does research and conservation activities and at the same time allow tourists to enjoy the charming beauty of desert sand dunes and its rich culture. During the visit, one can spot the famous Arabian Oryx, wild cats, foxes, wandering camels, and other animals here and there. In this distinguished landscape, one may wonder with the variety of activities that make one be engaged throughout the journey.

    The best part of the place is watching the sunset over the dunes. Whether you want to see it from the top of a dune or amidst the glaring Bedouin village, don’t leave this exquisite national park at its most stunning.
  2. What is the vision and values of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve?

    There are four important points come under the vision and values of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. They’re as follows:

    1. The first statement reveals that the management wants to create a permanent natural habitat that is based on ecological principles. Moreover, it aims to preserve natural resources as it is and try to maintain the original desert landscape.

    2. The second statement states that the local community and tourists can gain access to the Reserve and indulge in tourist activities, however, they have to make sure it would not affect the primary role of habitat conservation.

    3. The third statement is to protect the heritage and traditional practices that have been integrated as a part of the region’s history and culture. Thus, it helps in maintaining the identity of Dubai’s tribal history.

    4. The fourth and final statement is predominantly about gaining recognition from the international community under the United Nations’ Protected Areas Management principles, amongst others and make sure that the Reserve is preserved under the prescribed law.
  3. What is the history of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve?

    When you look into the history, it contains many untold success stories. For instance, in 1999, there were 70 Arabian oryx re-introduced, 6000 trees and shrubs were planted. In 2005, seven camera traps were deployed to gain baseline data on nocturnal and cryptic species within the DDCR. In 2009, comprehensive vegetation was carried out as part of the DDCR Biodiversity monitoring program. In 2014, a young Sand Fox was caught during a Biosphere expedition, proving that this elusive species is breeding in the area.

    Thus, with many more events, the DDCR has given anticipated results and continues its good work to give a better living environment for all species.
  4. Which are the current Research of Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve?

    The current research programs undertaken by DDCR are:

    - A quantitative study of the hyper-arid vegetation that is altering gradually due to grazing in DDCR.

    - A study on changes in functional diversity that falls under the pressure of grazing in hyper-arid shrubland ecosystem.

    - An extensive study on Camera Trap and its Survey of the DDCR.

    - An assessment of Forage Productivity and Carrying Capacity, and many more.

    Each research is conducted full-time with the qualified research personnel, followed by the findings and reports are submitted to the management consistently. After a thorough study, the mentors will guide the researchers as and when required.
  5. How many types of mammals & reptiles are there in the Reserve?

    In the mammals’ category, there are totally seven species available, including dogs, cats, antelopes, rabbits and hares, hedgehogs and shrews, rodents, and bats. Similarly, in the reptiles’ category, they have found five different species so far. They are snakes, lizards, geckos, skinks, and worm lizards. Each species is unique and has special characteristics when compared to its family.
  6. What are the different types of Insects and Spiders in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve?

    When it comes to Insects and Spiders in DDCR, they are divided into four sub-categories, namely, Spiders & Scorpions, Woodlice, Centipedes, and Insects. Among these amazing creatures, there are nearly 13 variety of insects found, in which the Beatles, Silverfish and Firebrats seem to be rarest ones. You must consider yourself lucky if you spot any one of them while travelling.
  7. Are there any hotels nearby?

    Yes, of course. There are plenty of hotels and desert resorts available near the DDCR. With chic interior and world-class amenities, one can experience the best hotels at ease. Each hotel’s price is unique, and you can go with the most suitable one. Some of the notable hotels are Arabian Ranches Golf Club Hotel, Al Habtoor Polo Resort, Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa, Radisson Blu Hotel Apartment Dubai Silicon Oasis, and so on.

    Each hotel has a good reputation for their incredible activities and hospitality. Thus, tourists can delve into any one of them according to their budget.

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