Love Lake Dubai Overview

Since its inauguration in November 2018, Love Lake Dubai has become a hot spot for families, singles, as well as couples to spend some quality time while in Dubai. Situated in Al Qudra, surrounded by beautiful desert, Love Lake Dubai actually comprises 2 intertwined lakes, carved in the shape of hearts, surrounded by picturesque sand dunes and beautiful fauna.

The place actually shouts out love, not only with its humongous heart-shaped lakes but with motifs and signs around the lake, in the shape of hearts. Also, due to the central location of the lake, it has become one of the most visited attractions in Dubai

This man-made desert oasis has actually transformed the landscape of Dubai and has become a hub for locals as well as tourists from around the world to explore something unique and spend some time in solace. You can not just hang out around the lake but also plan a picnic or a barbeque to add to the fun of exploring a beautiful oasis in the heart of a desert. 

Also, needless to say, due to its unique shape and the tranquil location and ambiance, the destination has also grown out to be one of the most romantic places to visit in Dubai. Apart from being a beautiful attraction, the lake has also emerged as a perfect destination for nature lovers, joggers, outdoor enthusiasts, artists, as well as bike riders. 

There is a rubber track around the lake which allows you to take the tour all around the beautiful lake and soak in the beauty of its surroundings from all angles. The lake area also comprises beautifully carved out seating spaces in cool regions of the lake, all made in eco-friendly material, for the guests to enjoy some leisure time and take a break from exploring the humongous and enchanting lake.

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• Love Lake Dubai is one of the most favorite locations for family outings as well as romantic getaways.
• The Lake Area is perfect for barbeque evenings and also features fire pits.
• The Lake also acts like a magnet in the middle of the deserts and is a perfect location for bird watchers to capture some of the most beautiful photographs.
• Most of the materials used at the lake and its surroundings are eco-friendly and promote a healthy and litter-free environment.
• The hearts of the Lakes are so big that the entire shape is visible only from the sky.
• There are various resting spaces around the lake with seating situated in shaded areas where tourists can rest for a while and soak in their beautiful surroundings while exploring the lake.

How To Reach

The one and the only way to reach Love Lake Dubai is through your very own rented car or a cab. The lake is situated in an isolated desert location and does not have an effective public transport connectivity. Moreover, it is highly recommended to get your hands on a powerful 4x4 to easily make your way to the Lake through the rugged terrain that leads to this beautiful oasis.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Love Lake Dubai is just before the sunset. It does not only allow you to witness the mind-blowing sunset but also provides you with pleasant weather with birds chirping in the surroundings, making your visit even more enjoyable. Moreover, if you are planning to camp or barbeque around the Lake, reaching during the evening would allow you ample time to set up your equipment for a beautiful starry night.

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Other Essential Information

Places to eat near Love Lake Dubai

  • Nara Desert Escape: Nara Desert Escape provides you with much more than just a dining experience. Apart from allowing you to witness a lovely sunset while dining, the restaurant also organizes cabarets and offers a stage for the guests to take over for a lovely evening of dancing under the glittering desert sky. The restaurant offers Lebanese, Mediterranean, European, as well as Mexican preparations.
  • Last Exit Al Qudra: If you love trying out unique food preparations from food trucks, this food truck park is definitely going to take you on a delicious culinary ride. Apart from featuring endless small eateries and food trucks, the place also facilitates a petrol station, convenience store, and bike rentals.
  • Zad Food Stores: Zad Food Store is actually a humongous convenience store but has much more to offer than a regular one. Apart from offering food and beverages to its visitors, the store also allows you to equip yourself with all the gear and needs that you may need for your outdoor adventure at Love Lake Dubai.
  • Starbucks: If you need your coffee in the middle of the desert, a visit to Starbucks would surely not disappoint you. If you are craving that kick of caffeine to get your day started before visiting the beautiful lake, you certainly need to be headed towards Stackbucks in Al Qudra to grab your mug of coffee and a quick bite to get your day started. Don't forget to read about Indian restaurants in Dubai mall

Insider Tips

  • The best way to capture the beautiful shape of Love Lake Dubai is from the sky. You can definitely carry a drone to capture the same; however, ensure that you have all the paperwork required to fly a drone in Dubai to prevent any kind of trouble.
  • Feeding Birds, as well as Fish within the lake premises, is strictly prohibited; therefore, refrain from the same.
  • Setting up Barbeque and Camps is permitted only in designated areas of the lake and not otherwise.
  • Do not forget to pack a lot of warm clothing and blankets if you are planning to camp through the night, especially during the winters.
  • The destination does not have any drinking, dining, or washroom facility, so come prepared!
  • To easily conquer the rugged terrain leading to Love Lake Dubai, it is recommended to come on a 4x4 for easy access.

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Point of Interest for Love Lake Dubai
Take instagrammable selfies

Take instagrammable selfies

The unique landscape and location of Love Lake Dubai allow the visitors to capture themselves with unique and splendid backdrops. Moreover, there are various beautiful elements at the lake that allow you to capture beautiful stories and posts to flood your Instagram with.

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Enjoy a walk across the shallow waterways

Enjoy a walk across the shallow waterways

One of the most romantic and enjoyable things to do at the lake is to walk through its shallow waterways and experience its surroundings in a completely unique way.

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Spot over 150 species of birds

Spot over 150 species of birds

Being a huge source of water within the deserted region, Love Lake Dubai attracts over 150 different species of birds throughout the year. Some of the birds that you can easily spot in and around the beautiful lake include ducks, falcons, eagles, swans, and many others. Undoubtedly, the lake is a paradise for bird watchers and lovers.

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See a wide variety of plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs

See a wide variety of plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs

Even though Love Lake Dubai is situated well within the heart of a dessert but being a man-made oasis, it houses thousands of plants and flowering shrubs along with over 1600 lush green trees, majorly comprising of olive and distinct desert trees. 

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Look at colorful fish species

Look at colorful fish species

There is a dedicated part of the lake which is home to various beautiful species of fish. If you love watching beautiful fish frolicking in shallow waters, it could be one of the most breath-taking views for you to capture at the lake. 

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Capture fantastic sunset and sunrise views

Capture fantastic sunset and sunrise views

Needless to say, situated in the middle of nowhere, the lake provides its visitors with some of the most splendid and beautiful sunset views one can ever imagine with the backdrop of an endless desert, decorated with charming and lush surroundings of this humongous and beautiful lake.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Love Lake Dubai FAQs

How do I get to Love Lake Dubai?

The only way to reach Love Lake Dubai is by road. There is no public transport that can take you to this beautiful location situated in the middle of a desert. Therefore, either you need to drive yourself all the way to the lake or book a cab to take you to and from the city.

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Is it worth visiting Love Lake Dubai?

Yes, Love Lake Dubai is one of the most beautiful and unique attractions that you will get to witness within the deserted beauty of Dubai. Moreover, apart from being titled one of the most romantic attractions in the whole of Dubai, it has become one of the most visited tourist destinations in the UAE.

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Why is Love Lake Dubai so famous?

Love Lake Dubai draws the attention of each and every visitor to Dubai due to its unique intertwined heart shape, which is visible only from the sky. Apart from that, it is a lush green man-made paradise situated within the sand dunes of Dubai, which makes it quite unique and worth visiting in itself.

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How far is Love Lake Dubai from Burj Khalifa?

Love Lake Dubai is approximately 59 kilometers away from the towering beauty of Burj Khalifa. It would take you approximately an hour from your car to reach the lake from Burj Khalifa.

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