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Adventure Sports in Dubai

Buckle up your belts and fly to the dramatic landscapes of Dubai. Every day on your tour will be an adventure in Dubai and every adventure is worthwhile. The very famous and adrenaline-pumping activity is a Hummer drive in the Desert. You will be swept away in a 4x4 vehicle bashing the dunes on a stomach-churning ride and grip tight as you skid down the steep sand. The golden horizon and the sunset cruise is a match made in heaven perked up with Tanoura dancing show and a barbeque dinner. The hellish speed with which you fall in a Bungee Jump or a skydiving experience is sure to scare the bejesus out of you. Ine can take off from Dubai Marina and take a plunge into a free fall above the grand Palm Jumeirah. Adventure tours in Dubai are very famous among the tourists for the year-long opportunity to indulge in most of the sports.

Beyond the city limits, you can also explore the trails of Hajar Mountains and peddle towards the east on the Ras al-Khaimah emirate and Oman track. Mountain biking is a lesser-known adventure in Dubai and can be excellent for the once who like to explore the outskirts. Dubai proves to be a magnet for water sports enthusiasts, especially between the months of October and March, Dubai welcomes hordes of tourists to its sunny yet tropical environs. The action on land and sea is equally fascinating but there is an adventure in just camping on the deserted terrain and watching the star-rich sky at night. The beaches of Dubai can be a warm host to many underwater sports but the sea stretches of the Arabian Peninsula is well suited for kayaking. Launch your Kayak far into the infinite sun and witness the fiery sunset and is a sure way to satisfy adrenaline junkies.

Kiteboarding is another sport that requires ample skills to control and understand the wind physics and an amateur has to undergo training for around 8 hours to at least learn the basics. If you are an expert in Kiteboarding you are free to perform your stunts. There is a cycle track stretched for more than 100 KM in Dubai for you to peddle through the lanes. It is always fun to book a morning or an evening yacht to try your luck in deep sea fishing in the middle of the ocean. The ultimate thrill of jumping with a tandem from a height of around 13000 feet over the magnanimous Palm Jumeirah is unmatchable. The Dubai mall takes shopping to a completely next level and the grand indoor Dubai Aquarium calls for one exhilarating ride with Sharks, and thousands of other Marine animals.

Get blasted into the water and launched in the air with the help of strong and heavy jet sprays while your feet are strapped to boards. This sport is known as Flyboarding which can move you up to a speed of 40 kmph and can get you chills in your body out of the high-octane rush. As said, malls in Dubai are redefining the sole purpose of shopping to multi-optional space where if you enter the Mall of the Emirates or the Dubai Mall then you also have a choice of going to the Indoor Ski slope or diving with the marine animals in a huge aquarium and not just shopping or eating but activities like zorbing, snowboarding, swimming, scuba diving and skiing etc.

The ocean always calls and you need to dive, there can be no excuses to not do scuba or snorkeling when you are in Dubai. The ocean is brimming with infinite water and endless sea creature and scuba diving or snorkeling is your chance to witness the world on the other side. These incredible water dives can be your chance to watch the barracuda, rays, dolphins, sharks, queenfish, whale sharks, seahorses, and even endangered hammour and turtles etc. The UAE’s longest and highest zip lining in Dubai is found at Ras Al Khaimah and even the shorter ones like 50 m and 60 m seems daunting, you can easily imagine the longest will bring your heart into your mouth. If you are planning your vacation around the summer season then there is no excuse to skip freediving where you will learn to swim across the ocean without using the the diving equipments, it is one of the best ways to listen to the silence of the deep.

Go on a guided rock climbing tour of the Dibba, Hatta or Jebel Hafeet hills where the beginners can enjoy learning the rocks and the fixing points and other skills. These tracks are not treacherous and can be done with proper training however, if you are an expert and seeking for some challenging opportunity to climb the Stairway to Heaven in Ras Al Khaimah will satisfy your thirst and you will long for more such adventures. There is no adventure bigger than going to the unknown lands and if Dubai is your first foreign trip or you are visiting it for the first time then you are in for a treat and a lot of exploration.

The night-life is brilliant in Dubai, the adventure sports are of high standards and in abundance, the coastline of this city is more than 50 KM long which rewards the tourists with a number of gorgeous beaches to just stroll or try the nerve-wrecking water and recreational sports and the magical landscapes of sea and desert can be best witnessed in Dubai. If your longing for adventure in Dubai is really strong then you will be splurging, screaming in euphoria and exploring Dubai in all possible ways. Dubai can cast a spell on you with the never-ending list of adventure and water sports and you are sure to take a detour once you have tasted the sky. Dubai is a benchmark in the entire world for adventure sports, make sure it is your next go-to destination.

Here are some of the Best Adventure Sports in Dubai:

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"it was a great experience. I was bit apprehensive, when I booked through thrillophilia. but, they really organized it well. I booked a VIP package (costing 3800 per person). they arranged for private pick up in Nissan Petrol. They took us to camp, which is little far but better than Al Avir. \n\nLocal operator Mr. Danyal is a nice person. He took a great care of us. \n\nwe were provided land cruiser for dune bashing. then quad bike for 20-25 mins. after that, we did horse ride and camel ride. although camel ride and horse ride were namesake only. they would allow for 2 mins only and if you want to take a longer ride, you need to pay extra. so I skipped it. \n\nCamp had good performances like belly dance, Tanura show, Fire show and Jumba. Food was served on the table. Food quality was average.\n\nalthough, In the camp, they would try to get you money through multiple activities like sand art, Premium fruit salad, premium desserts, handbags, photo printouts, photo with eagle etc. And one needs to hard bargain. like I paid 20 dhiram for photos, they started with 150 dhiram."
"both the tours were really amazing.\nDubai city tour was nice, learned a lot about their history.\ndesert Safari was awesome but the food was ok ok .\nthe shows were awesome only if the food and drinks were organized well it would have been more fun"
25 September 2018
Bus pick up was delayed. But as a whole, liked the activities since all of them were really fun filled. For this cost, the package is worth. Camel rides, falcon, biking, jeep safari, dune bashing, belly dance, tanaura dance, fire item, dress material, hooka , biking and henna designing are great things that should not be missed. Great people and great food. Thrillophillia gives this at a cheaper price than the actual vendor. Will come here once again. Will recommend this trip to anyone. Thanks Bhavesh, thanks Thrillophilia.
Just loved the experience. Me and my friends planned to cover all the activities in Dubai, and this was on our bucket list. The moment we reached the campsite, we knew this was gonna be awesome, as the campsite was so lavish with amazing setup giving it a total royal feel of Dubai, just as i had pictured Dubai since my childhood. As soon as the desert safari started, it was just a thrilling experience, with adrenaline rush, filled with bumpy dunes and with desert all around till your eyes go. Amazing !! Just Amazing !! Thank you Thrillophilia for making this possible.
27 September 2019
It's a fantastic experience. Everybody has to try it before 35years of age. Training is good even non swimmers can do it with confidence. Thank you team for your support.
Amazing journey with fast service and great host
04 February 2021
Just loved the experience. the dune bashing was amazing and we were well informed in time about everything.
01 February 2021
It was a marvellous experience for us. Unlike other travel agencies, we were properly informed and picked up from our hotel. Team thrillophilia helped alot. Specially Aditya. Looking forward to book many more activities for my future travels. Gonna recommend this to all
04 January 2021
Very Good
I have completed this activity yesterday on 3rd Jan. My experience with thrillophila was good as Aditya who is coordinating the booking was very quick on this booking (although for one activity it was not, but as it on last minute and as per policy they will process in 8 hour so from that point of view, he was very quick). I degraded the rating only for one reason, the driver who picked us was very rude in his behavior and his driving was very rash. Was always looking to fetch money from us through any means either it be any ride booking or buying Shesha. He was misbehaving with us when we were with our family. @thrillophilia should connect with supplier to take stringent action against such individual. Overall, the supplier's activity was very good. We enjoyed all the activities including desert drive, dance show, food was decent. We will recommend this activity is a must when you visit Dubai. Beware of such individual.
27 November 2020
Excellent experience and would highly recommend this to anyone. I was sceptical when I made the booking as the booking price was too good to be true. But I was surprised at the quality of the tour. The shows were amazing, sand dunning was good but a bit short. But that is because one couple who was always late to come back from different stops which made us lose close to 90 mins. This made us miss the sunset at Dessert too. If not for that this was a very good experience and I would highly recommend this to all.

People Also Ask About Adventure in Dubai

  1. What are the best Adventure Sports in Dubai?

    1. Dune Bashing: With the minimum age limit as low as 3 years, Dune Bashing is one of the most fun things to do with family and have a memorable experience in one of the latest SUVs in the world.
    Skydiving: Give yourself that adrenaline rush by jumping off a plane from 13000 feet at 200 km/hr and see the breathtaking view of the city's landscape and sea. Check off one of the most thrilling adventure sports from your bucket list.

    2. Shark Diving:
    The Dubai Mall is one of the most talked about places in the town for featuring a huge aquarium with diving facilities. This place has over 33,000 aquatic species and you can swim with sharks and others provided you are at least 10 years old.

    3. Jetovator Ride:
    If you are an adventure junkie then this unique adventure sport is a must to try. You get to ride a water sport device on the beach and remember the experience for a lifetime.

    4. Microlighting:
    A super fun air adventure activity for the teen in you. If you are 14 years and above you can enjoy this mini aircraft ride for 15minutes.
  2. What are the best Adventure theme parks in Dubai?

    1. IMG Worlds of Adventure: IMG Worlds of Adventure is a one stop destination for kids and Marvel fans. Divided into 4 zones: Marvel Universe, Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard and Lost Valley, this park has to offer a wide variety of rides and attractions. The Velociraptor, The Haunted hotel, Lazy Town are some of the must-see places to visit.

    2. Legoland Dubai: 
    Located in Dubai Parks and Resorts, LegoLand offers over 40 rides and innovative family friendly attractions. The entire park is made out of giant Lego building blocks and is a fun experience for kids.

    3. Bollywood Park: 
    One of its kinds in the world, this park showcases the Indian Film Industry and takes you through the retro times and what not all under one roof. Equipped with multi-sensory 4-D theater, colorful streets of Mumbai and a thrilling 3D tunnel ride this place gives you a glimpse of all that Bollywood is and a dream come true for film lovers.  

    4. Ferrari World Park: 
    Apart from being one of the largest theme parks in Dubai, this park has thrilling rides along with Ferrari factory, Go-Karting tracks, Formula Rosa Coaster and other adventure sports as well.