The Lost Chamber Aquarium, Dubai: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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About The Lost Chamber Aquarium

Explore the exquisite marine life and myriads of sea creatures at The Lost Chambers Aquarium in this beautiful city of UAEWhile you keep on discovering the richness of aquatic flora and fauna here, you shall be making your way through jaw-dropping glass tunnels which is unique to the underwater paradise. This aquarium of Atlantis The Palm, gives you a fair chance to go face-to-fin with sharks, lobsters, stingrays, sea horses and other underwater creatures. With its one-of-its-kind entertainment attitude, The Lost Chambers Aquarium makes it to the list of most coveted buildings of Dubai city.

As you keep on moving through the 10 chambers, you will be stunned to witness around 65,000 sea creatures spread across 20 marine life exhibits. These chambers are all over surrounded by shipwrecks and ruins dating back to an old civilization.

To elaborate you about the facts of the underwater world, the interactive aqua theatre shows are scheduled daily. You can be a part of those shows to explore the Lost Chambers Aquarium in more details. Entertainment at The Lost Chambers Aquarium doesn’t end here itself. What more you can do is you can either grab a starfish or if that’s not your cup of tea, you can simply caress a sea cucumber there. However, for this, you need to be a part of their guided tour, which is quite an interesting one for those who wish to enjoy learning about the underwater world.

What you can do here is either go for a snorkelling or scuba diving. If that’s not what you are here for, The Lost Chambers Aquarium schedules haunted parties throughout the year. Hath Yoga, Fish Tales Tour and Aquarium Dives are some more add-ons of The Lost Chambers Aquarium!

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How to Reach The Lost Chamber Aquarium

Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai operates a welcome kiosk from Terminal 1, Terminal 2, and Terminal 3 of the Dubai International Airport. The Lost Chambers Aquarium is a part of Atlantis, The Palm.

For others who are trying to reach here by public transportation, can follow either of the following - 

Route 1: Start walking from the Dubai International Airport to Dafza – 01, which is at a distance of around 5.4 km or 68 minutes. From there, you can ride a C26 from Wasl Park Terminus and get down at Adcb Metro Bus – stop Landslide – 01. Once you reach here, wait for your M1 at the Jebel Ali Metro Station. Once you board M1, get down at Damac Metro Station and take an exit at Al Marsa St. Walk towards the Dubai Marina Tram Station to board a T1 tram and get down at Palm Jumeirah Tram Station. From here, you need to walk in the direction of Atlantis Monorail Station and wait for Dubai Monorail. Your final destination is just at a distance of 1 metro stop from here.

Route 2: 
Start walking from the Dubai International Airport till you reach Dafza – 01. To ride a C26, you need to move in the direction of Wasl Park Terminus. From Wasl Park Terminus, ride a C26 to get down at Adcb Metro Bus Stop Landslide 01. Wait for your M1 metro at the Jebel Ali Metro Station and get down at Dubai Internet City Metro Station. Walk in the direction of Dubai Internet City Seaside Metro Bus Stop – 01. Either board a 88 or X28 to get down at Dubai Knowledge Village Conference Centre – 02 and walk towards Gateway Station. Wait for your Dubai Monorail at Atlantis Monorail Station and get down at Palm Atlantis Monorail Station.

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Best Time to Visit The Lost Chamber Aquarium

You can plan your visit to the Lost Chambers Aquarium at any point of time in 365 days of the year. People usually love to spend around 2 to 3 hours of their visit to The Lost Chambers Aquarium.

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What Not to Miss at The Lost Chamber Aquarium

If you have some more to time spend, do visit some of these adorable places around The Lost Chambers Aquarium - 

1. Atlantis Dive Centre: Atlantis Dive Centre allows you to discover the magnificence of the underwater ocean. This centre has PADI accreditation and is claimed to be equipped with top-class saltwater pools, diving equipment, boat rentals, and classrooms. If you are good at scuba diving, Atlantis Aquarium Dive is what you should be aiming at.

2. Aquaventure Waterpark: There are around 17 fun-filled water zones filled with rides and slides within this vastly stretched Aquaventure Waterpark. Book your tour to Aquaventure Waterpark

3. Dolphin Bay: Roam around anywhere on this planet, there’s no other sophisticated dolphin habitat than what you find at the Dolphin Bay. Besides learning more about them, you could simply interact and dance with them. If you know how to swim, you can also try swimming with them. It’s an excellent way to relax from all your personal life complications and communicate with these beautiful sea creatures.

4. Sea Lion Point: Have you ever wondered how adorable it is to cuddle a sea lion? If not, this is the moment to witness it closely. At Sea Lion Point, you can easily feed your brain with knowledge about their unique behaviours. Once you are done enjoying here, do not forget to be a part of Sea Lion Photo Fun. You can have some awesome memories to carry back with you.

5. ShuiQi Spa: ShuiQi Spa is well-known for all its exquisite services for offering some unparalleled relaxation. Improve the strength, balance, and overall flexibility of your body through Hath Yoga Classes of The Lost Chambers Aquarium and you can also explore many other spas in Dubai

6. Dubai Beaches and Pools: For all beach strollers and lovers, there are numerous beaches in Dubai. Royal Beach, Royal Pool, Aquaventure Beach, Zero Entry Pool are a complete entertainment source for all your family members.

Things to Do in Lost Chambers Aquarium

Well, as The Lost Chambers Aquarium is adored by people belonging to all age groups, here’s all that you can enjoy here - 

1. Experience snorkelling: The Lost Chambers Aquarium offers an exciting opportunity to experience what snorkelling is all about. To witness this exciting sport, all you need to do is to head towards Ambassador Lagoon. The only mandatory requirement here is that you should know how to swim. People visiting The Lost Chambers Aquarium have praised snorkelling amidst numerous sea creatures as Dubai’s ultimate family-bonding experience.

2. Be a part of Fish Tales Tour: If you are really interested in knowing more about the aquatic world, this is something you shouldn’t miss. Fish Tales Tour is a guided tour conducted in the English language and is seriously meant for all the curious intellects. With around 65,000 marine animals, you have a lot to discover about each of them in details. This informative and educational tour drives you through the in-house fish hospital and nursery to brief you everything about how to care for these sea creatures. This doesn’t end here. Behind-the-Scene tour of The Lost Chambers Aquarium gives you an insight into the professional struggles of marine life expert working deep under the water.

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3. Aquarium Dives: Those who love to dive, The Lost Chambers Aquarium has different diving options to try. For beginners, they have something called Atlantis Dive Discovery. Whether you are just starting with your diving process or want to brush up your diving skills, this program is meant for you. Certified divers can experience the single tank dive amidst the underwater ruins. Predator Dive or the last and scariest dive is specifically engineered for all those brave hearts who want to experience what it takes to feed the gigantic fourteen sharks that thrive deep down at the Ambassador Lagoon.

4. Have you ever tried any haunted underwater parties?: The Lost Chambers Aquarium gives you complete liberty to celebrate all the precious events and festivals scheduled around 365 days of the year. Halloween is one of them. You need to be a part of the Haunted Chambers to mark your presence at the Halloween Parties of Atlantis. Wearing spooky costumes, you can enjoy all the night shows that are lined up at the aquarium for your engagement and entertainment.

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5. Indulge in the essence of Hath Yoga: The best and the easiest way to relax is through Hath Yoga. The Lost Chambers schedules your Yoga classes under a unique setting which is encircled all over by colourful marine life. You will be provided with mats for your Yoga training and water bottles.

Attractions in The Lost Chambers Aquarium

The Lost Chamber Aquariums of the Atlantis is definitely going to mesmerize you with all its adoring interiors and the large marine species. Here’s all that you can experience at The Lost Chambers Aquarium -

1. Touch Tank: Touch tank is another unique cum exciting feature of The Lost Chambers Aquarium. It gives you an exciting opportunity to touch and feel the broad category of exotic marine invertebrates. Do not worry, if you’ll be doing it for the first time. There are expert Marine Educators to guide you throughout your visit.

2. Interactive Aquatheater Shows: Interactive Aquatheatre Shows allows you to interact, educate, and entertain yourself with the marine species of The Lost Chambers Aquarium. Also, it will enable you to get acquainted with the necessary skills of scuba diving process from expert scuba divers. Underfeeding shows, you will be witnessing how do the authorities of The Lost Chambers Aquarium feed their marine species.

3. Fish Hospital and Nursery: The Lost Chambers Aquarium is a gigantic one with a collection of 65,000 marine species. In such a scenario, injuries are bound to happen. Now, there’s absolutely no need to worry as The Lost Chambers expert management team have taken sufficient care to come up with a fish care hospital to avoid all such problems. Do not miss this opportunity to learn about fish health and safety tips from the experts themselves.

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Other Essential Information About The Lost Chamber Aquarium

 Atlantis, The Palm - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

 The Lost Chambers Aquarium opens sharp at 10:00 am in the morning and closes down by 10:00 pm at night.
                However, their operational times are subjective to change in accordance with their shows schedule.

 An adult entry ticket at The Lost Chambers Aquarium might cost you anywhere in between 110 to 135 AED.

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Tips for Visiting the Lost Chambers Aquarium

- It is essential for you to note that The Lost Chambers Aquarium entry tickets are 100 per cent non-refundable. Also, you are not allowed to resell your ticket to someone else.

- To enjoy Ray Feeding and Shark Safari activities, you should possess an Aquaventure Waterpark entry ticket.

- You should possess a valid diver certification to be presented while entering Ultimate Dive or Atlantis Dive Explorer.

- The Lost Chambers Aquarium schedules Hatha Yoga every Tuesday and Friday morning. As there are limited spaces available, it is always better to pre-book your spot to avoid last moment disappointment.

- The Lost Chamber Aquarium features a touch tank.

- By visiting here, you can learn more about the working culture of a fish hospital, filtering system, and other sea animal care tips.

- The authorities of The Lost Chambers Aquarium supply both yoga mats and bottled water.

- Once you enter here, there’s a waiver form to be filled by you. Hence, it is always better to arrive 15 minutes early than your scheduled visit.

- You can claim for a full refund if you can raise a cancellation request before 12 hours of your scheduled event.

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People Also Ask About The Lost Chamber Aquarium

  1. What is the best time of day to visit the Lost Chambers Aquarium?

    There is no such best time of the day to visit The Lost Chambers Aquarium. You can plan on your visit at any point of time. Before you reach, make sure that you cross-check your visiting time with your favourite show timings.
  2. What are the operating days and timings of Lost Chambers Aquarium?

    You can visit The Lost Chambers Aquarium anytime from 10:00 am in the morning to 10:00 pm in the evening.

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  3. What is unique about Lost Chambers Aquarium?

    The Hatha Yoga setting surrounded all over by colourful underwater life from Ambassador Lagoon is the uniqueness of The Lost Chambers Aquarium. What makes it more unique is its 20 different aquatic exhibits featuring around 65,000 marine species.
  4. How long does it take to go around the Lost Chambers Aquarium?

    Visitors usually spend around 2 to 3 hour time here at the Lost Chambers Aquarium.

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  5. Do we have to book tickets in advance for The Lost Chambers Aquarium?

    Although it is not mandatory to book you’re the Lost Chambers Aquarium entry tickets in advance, it might help you in saving some amount. Also, by pre-booking your tickets online, you can simply avoid waiting long hours in line at the office of The Lost Chambers Aquarium. It also facilitates you with secure payment option, as you do not need to worry about exchanging your dollars with dirhams.
  6. What is Dive Discovery at The Lost Chambers Aquarium?

    This Dive Discovery at The Lost Chambers Aquarium is specially designed for all those non-certified divers. Under this initiative, new divers develop necessary skills under the 20-minutes dive session training.

    Here, you will be acquainted with an essential diving skill to meet all the fantastic underwater sea creatures. Some of them are sharks, colourful angelfishes, Napoleon wrasse, and butterfly species. Once you accomplish all your diving training precisely, you will be receiving your PADI diving certification.

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  7. Can I take outside food inside Lost Chambers Aquarium?

    You are not allowed to carry any outside food or beverage inside The Lost Chambers Aquarium.
  8. What is shark safari at The Lost Chambers Aquarium?

    Without being a scuba diver, Shark Safari at The Lost Chambers Aquarium allows you to safely explore the mightiness of the underwater Shark Lagoon. You need to have an entry ticket to Aquaventure Waterpark to be a part of this event.

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  9. What is aqua trek at The Lost Chambers Aquarium?

    Aquatrek at The Lost Chambers Aquarium allows you to go deep up to 3 meters into the Ambassador Lagoon. This is a unique and breath-taking underwater walking experience. To ease your breathing underwater, you are supported with a particular type of helmet. At such a depth, you are free to move through the underwater world of fishes, sharks, and stingrays. This Aquatrek is available for children above 8 years of age.
  10. How many Marine animals are in The Lost Chambers Aquarium?

    UAE’s largest aquarium – The Lost Chambers Aquarium homes to around 65,000 marine animals.

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