Luxury Glamping at Hatta Dome Park Overview

 A prime camping destination in the city, the Hatta Dome Park nestles by the Hatta mountain range. The Dome Park features 15 fully furnished dome-shaped glamping tents, offering a luxury stay experience in the wild. The park is well known as an adventure destination as well, and offers a variety of outdoor adventure sports.

A refuge in nature, the Hatta Dome Park offers one of the most offbeat camping experiences anywhere in the Middle East. Settled by the Hatta mountain range, these luxury glamping tents let you settle in the wild outdoors without foregoing the comfort of a warm room and bed. 

Although most sought after by adventure tourists, the Hatta Camp offers the perfect stay for families and romantic vacationers alike. There are 15 tents here, each with panoramic windows, an own outdoor patio, and all of the facilities you'd expect from a hotel, such as a smart bathroom, sleek TVs, and even a mini-fridge. Each tent features living space and a king-sized bed, with baby cots offered on request.

The Hatta Dome Park is the heart of outdoor adventures near Dubai. A few minutes’ walks from the tents lead one to the Hatta Wadi where one can try their hand in a number of extreme adventure sports, including but not limited to ziplining, mountain karting, or paragliding. If you want to slow the pace down a bit, just start a bonfire in the campsite area and enjoy a traditional roasted meal under the open sky.

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• Spend a night camping under the open stars at the Hatta Dome Park glamping tents
• Try your hand at the various adventure sports offered around the park, such as ziplining or karting
• Take a trek around the trekking routes that snake their way across the Hatta Ranges
• Have a hearty bonfire with your fellow campers at the Hatta Dome campsite
• Explore the food trucks that can be found settled close to the Dome Park

How To Reach

By Bus: Hatta Dome Park can be reached via bus routes from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It takes about three hours to reach the park from Dubai by bus. 

By Road: Hatta is directly connected to Dubai by road. Although taxi services do not run across long distances, one can either rent a car or use a private vehicle to commute to the camp.

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Best Time To Visit

Dubai has a predominantly warm climate, the best time for camping at Hatta would be during the winter months, ideally between November and January. The pleasant weather during the closing months also makes it the best time to partake in the adventure sports offered at and around the park.

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Other Essential Information

Facilities at Hatta Dome Park 

  • Fully equipped glamping tents furnished with luxury amenities 
  • Barbecue essentials and fire pits; visitors are required to carry lighting and cooking equipment
  • Basic Wifi provisions throughout the campsite
  • 24-hour security services 
  • Wheelchair access throughout the Park

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Places to Eat near Hatta Dome Park 

1. Al Yamm Cafe

Nestled by Wadi Park, this airy cafe offers a meal with lush green views. The vibe here is casual, and the cafe features outdoor as well as indoor seating. Al Yamm Cafe is best known for its Arab breakfast, although its range of beverages have fared well with diners as well. 

2. Hatta Wild Cafe

This casual cafe has all the charm of a rustic, roadside eatery. Airy and bright, the cafe serves a traditional list of fares that include a host of beverages, along with sandwiches, burgers, and more. The cafe tends to remain crowded, although the staff here is extremely friendly and used to handling big numbers. 

3. Tanoor Restaurant

Tanoor offers the best of Emirati cuisine within Hatta. The restaurant is best known for its savory meals, and offers a selection of meat-based traditional delicacies. Large groups can also order a whole sheep, which is a special local delight.

4. Al Hajarain

The local Emirati restaurant Al Hajarain, located in Hatta's Heritage village, offers a tranquil atmosphere amid the old Sharia's foregrounds. The meals served here are crafted using the freshest Hatta ingredients, bringing out the finest of local Arabic cuisine.

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Things to Do near Hatta Dome Park:

1. Kayaking

Kayaking on the little lake by the Hatta Dam might just be one of the most rejuvenating experiences offered around the Park. The sport itself is fairly easy and can be tried by anyone without any prior experience. The water here is calm and easy to navigate, and kayaking through might be one of the best ways to explore the natural beauty of the place. The Hatta Wadi offers single as well as double kayaks on rent, depending on the riders’ choices.

2. Mountain Biking

Tracing their ways across the rugged Hatta ranges, the biking trails around Dome Park offer the perfect mix of adventure and excitement. The mountains feature multiple cycling trails across all grades and levels, making it an ideal place for beginners and experts alike to try their hand at the sport. The trails remain free to use throughout the year. The Dome Park also offers cycles on rent, which are leased out to any interested party above the age of 10.

3. Ziplining:

Gliding down a zipline, one has the sensation of falling through space. The adventure is extreme, but the thrill that comes with it makes it worth the leap of faith. At Hatta, the twin zipline takes one right from the top of the mountain to the center of the adventure park. The 350 meters, although seeming long, barely lasts a few seconds. The Hatta zipline is unique in its ‘twin nature’; that is, two riders can take the zipline simultaneously, which means you can zipline with a friend as well.

4. Paragliding

Paragliding above the Hatta Mountains is one of the most otherworldly experiences that one could opt for while near Dubai. An extreme adventure, paragliding would require one to leap into flight off the mountain edge while harnessed to a parachute. The activity is completely guided at the Hatta Wadi, which means one does not need any previous experience to try the sport. The experience, however, is only open to visitors above the age of 18. Minors should be accompanied by an adult.

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Point of Interest for Luxury Glamping at Hatta Dome Park
Dome Suites

Dome Suites

Offering one of the most offbeat stay experiences near Dubai, the Dome suites are the biggest attraction at the Hatta Dome Park. The dome-shaped tents are equipped with some of the best luxury facilities and can house up to five members in total.

The fantastic floor-to-ceiling windows that surround the suites on all sides offer uninterrupted views of the mountains outside, fringed by the rustic outdoor scenery. The dome suites feature a king-sized bed, although added beds can be ordered at an extra cost. All dome tents are flanked by empty patio space with seating arrangements. Each tent also comes with its own barbecue system and fire pits.

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