Dubai Dolphinarium, Dubai: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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Dubai Dolphinarium Tours & Activities

About Dubai Dolphinarium

Located in the Creek Park, Dubai Dolphinarium gives you complete liberty to spend some rejuvenating time with the marvelous dolphins and seals. From a unique family entertainment zone to now being one of the most adored places to visit in Dubai, this Dolphinarium offers you an incredible adventure with these water mammals.

These beautiful creatures are professionally trained to exhibit the brilliance of their skills and water stunts. So, don’t be amazed if you witness a dolphin dancing to the tunes or seal playing with balls. They are all here to entertain you to their best efforts. Seek a delightful holiday from your routine stress and indulge yourself in the live stunts and performances of these creatures.

Dubai Dolphinarium schedules exclusive shows for exhibiting the live performances of their talented sea creatures. So, when you plan your visit here at Dubai Dolphinarium, just make sure that you schedule it in accordance with these shows. To add-on to your excitement, Dubai Dolphinarium tour offers you a chance to swim with these notorious dolphins under special observation.

Well, that’s not all that Dubai Dolphinarium has got to offer you. There are a plethora of exotic bird species waiting for their turn to present their skills and tricks before you. The bird show organized here will truly indulge you in the bird’s world where you can interact with these aerial species so closely like you might have never experienced before.

Mirror Maze, 5D /7D cinematic experience, trampoline, and virtual reality shows organized here are worthy of being a part of. While some of them are meant to challenge your thinking ability, others are meant for complete entertainment.

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How to Reach Dubai Dolphinarium

You have two options to reach Dubai Dolphinarium from Dubai Airport –

- By Metro:
To board a metro station, you need to reach Airport Terminal 3. From there, you need to board a Redline which runs after every 10 minutes. Once you are on board, get down at Burjuman. It will hardly take 9 minutes for you to reach Burjuman. 
From here, you need to board a Green train to drop you at Dubai Health Care City. It will take around 6 minutes. From Dubai Health Care City, walk towards your final destination for approximately 14 min. Your entire journey by Metro shall cost you somewhere between 115 to 161 INR.

- By Taxi:
If you are in a group of three to four persons, it is always better to hire a taxi to drop you at your final destination. You can also book private Dubai international airport pickup which will drop you at Dubai Dolphinarium within 10 minutes. Your one-way journey shall cost you around 600 to 750 INR.

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Best Time to Visit Dubai Dolphinarium

The period from November to March is always the best season Dubai to plan your visit here at Dubai Dolphinarium. 

Also, it is always good to plan your visit to Dubai Dolphinarium in accordance to their show timings to enjoy to the fullest. Here are their show timings – 

- Dolphin & Seal Show: Monday to Saturday at 11:00 am, 02:00 pm, and 06:00 pm. The discounted show is available on Monday, Friday, and Saturday sharp at 11:00 am.

- Creek Park Bird Show: This show is scheduled on all weekdays from Monday to Saturday at 12:15 pm, 03:15 pm, and 07:15 pm. 

- Dolphin Planet: Majestic Dolphin Swim show is scheduled on all weekdays from Monday to Saturday at 12:00 pm, 03:00 pm, 04:00 pm. 

Your best time to visit Dubai Dolphinarium should be the one in accordance with your preferred show timings.

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What Not to Miss at Dubai Dolphinarium

Here is the list of best places to visit near Dubai Dolphinarium:

1. Children’s City
: Renowned as the first educational city based in Dubai, Children’s City is a place where your child can explore, play, and discover different things. You can call it a repository of knowledge which gives your child a perfect entertaining education format to feed his brain. From applied sciences to information related to the human body to space exploration, you will find everything here. 

2. Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club: This a top-rated resort incorporating a champion golf course, six restaurants, tropical swimming pool, 92 residential executive villas, and much more. This unique charm is just a drive away from the stressful world. Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club have got a different aura which makes your visit an endearing one for you and your companions. You can book Dubai luxury yacht tour to make your vacation memorable.

3. Witness the magical spa of United Arab Emirates: Escenza Spa is known for providing a world-class spa experience in UAE at affordable prices. So, after you are done with your enjoyment, you can simply spend an hour or so at this point for complete relaxation.

4. WAFI MallFor those who love to shop for their family, Dubai’s got very famous shoppers stop – WAFI Mall is one of the famous malls in Dubai. Offering a unique blend of retail, dining, leisure, and entertainment, WAFI Mall is the best place to stroll in free time.

5. Wonderland Theme and Water Park: 
Wonderland Theme and Water Park in Dubai has exciting rides for every age group to enjoy. You can simply choose to relax and enjoy the high waves that rise in the Flood River or watch your child enjoying with water guns and racing slides. It is an amazing theme park in Dubai for enthusiastic sports individuals as there’s a sports pool featuring a spring coaster to add-on thrill to their excitement.

6. Taste the local delicacies of Dubai with the Frying Pan Food Adventures: Nothing sounds more impressive than immersing yourself entirely in the authentic flavors of Dubai. Do try their Indian platters as it is worthy of investing who loves the flavors and aroma of India soil.

7. St. Mary's Catholic Church: St. Mary’s Catholic Church is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai. It offers a serene environment to seek the divine blessings of Mother Mary to cure you of all your illnesses. 
Praying here wholeheartedly will surely bring all your dreams to life. Nearby locations of this Church are the Ismaili center, Deira city center shopping mall, Dubai desert safari, and much more.

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Thing to Do in Dubai Dolphinarium 

1. Dolphin and Seal Show: 
Have you ever witnessed the charm of both dolphins and seal together? If not, Dubai Dolphinarium gives you the liberty to watch these beautiful underwater creatures perform at their best. These mighty sea creatures will surely leave you spellbound with their adorable skills and stunts. 
They are trained to sing, play balls, and juggle. Don’t be speechless, if you witness them jumping through the hoops; they are well-trained and well experienced to do that! Your show shall last for 45 minutes where these creatures will be presenting their masterpieces.

2. Creek Park Exotic Bird Show: 
Creek Park Exotic Bird Show of Dubai Dolphinarium is by far the best and only exotic bird shows in the Middle East. Be thorough with your bird spotting skills as they might help you here. This show features myriads of distinct bird species which probably you might not even be aware of.
And guess what? They are tricky. Right from Amazon parrots to green-winged macaws, Creek Park Exotic Bird Show exhibits it all. Have you ever met Sea Eagle in person? If not, Steller's Sea Eagle is eager to meet you at the Creek Park Exotic Show. 
You can even ask the in-house professional photographers to capture some beautiful and joyous moments with this mighty bird. Once you are done with this section, you can move on to feed some birds under ‘Feed the Birds’ program. This opportunity is available for only 25 AED. It is one of the best things to do in Dubai with kids and you should definitely try something different than your usual routine when you visit this Dubai Dolphinarium. It will surely give you a soothing pleasure!

3. Dolphin Planet: Experience a majestic swim with a dolphin! Yes, Dolphin Planet gives you complete liberty to hug, kiss, or dance with these magnificent sea creatures. At every step, there will be expert trainers to guide you with everything about the dolphins. Just make sure that you know how to swim. For deep swimming, you will have to pay around 630 AED only.

4. Mirror Maze - Labyrinth @ Dolphinarium: This is a perfect twister for your brain to find your way through the confusing mirror-maze. Challenge your brain’s ability to figure out the right direction for you. It's tricky! Do try it once! If you nail it, give a big pat on your back.

5. 5D/7D Cinematic Experience: 5D/7D Cinematic Experience promises to take you to the next level of entertainment, which will surely thrill you with its 3D cinematic footage. It is one of the most amazing places to visit in dubai with family as there’s a wide variety of interactive movies to opt amongst for complete family entertainment. 

6. Trampoline: Go back to your childhood by jumping and bouncing in this trampoline at Dubai Dolphinarium. This indoor trampoline is well-suited for all age groups. If not you, your muscles are surely going to have a lot of fun here.

7. Virtual Reality Experience: By making the best use of technology, Virtual Reality Experience creates the best of all artificial environment. Instead of watching them over the screen, this place indulges you in the real beauty of the magical 3D world. All you need is a perfect sight and sound to witness what the 3D world wants to convey to you. You can literally call it a magical world beyond the reality of our world.  

8. Gift Shop: There’s a lot of things to carry in your backpack when you step out from Dubai Dolphinarium. Souvenirs, customized t-shirts, toys, and many more  make perfect memorabilia for you to gift those to a special person in your life. From kids to adults, there’s a takeaway souvenir for every age group here. So, hurry and visit the best places for shopping in Dubai before it runs short of your favorite souvenir. 

9. PhotoShop: Photographs are the best things that happened to mankind. You can collage a lot of special moments with these photographs and embrace your visit to Dubai Dolphinarium as and when you are stressed. It will surely bring in some unbelievable miracles to relieve all your stress within a fraction of seconds.  
There is an unending list of fun things to do in Dubai as Dubai Dolphinarium has a professional photography team to capture some beautiful moments of you with your favourite sea creatures. You can either reserve them for your photo shoot before or after your show timings. The choice is yours!

10. Restaurant: 
No visit is complete without a decent restaurant in Dubai to sit and dine at. Happy Valley of Dubai Dolphinarium caters some of the supreme quality food. Right from great snacks to hot and cold beverages, they’ve got everything to satiate your hunger for a perfect Asian meal. 

Besides being an ideal place for your family food, Happy Valley staff is also good at organizing large group meal. If you are planning to visit Dubai Dolfavouritem on your birthday, it makes a great day to treat your beloved ones here! Do try their mouth-watering food once!

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Other Essential Information About Dubai Dolphinarium

Location: Riyadh Street, Inside the Creek Park Gate 1 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Timings: Dubai Dolphinarium opens sharp at 10:00 am in the morning and closes down by 07:30 pm. It operates on all working days. Sunday is an official off for entire Dubai Dolphinarium. 

Price: Prices for Dubai Dolphinarium are as follows:

- Dolphin & Seal Show:
Regular – 75 AED (Adults) and 45 AED (child)
VIP – 125 AED (Adults) and 85 AED (child)

- Creek Park Bird Show:

Regular – 50 AED (Adults) and 30 AED (child

- Dolphin Planet:
Deep Swimming – 630 AED (Mixed group) and 2500 AED (Private Group)

Tips for Visiting Dubai Dolphinarium 

Here are some bits and pieces of essential tips to observe while visiting Dubai Dolphinarium:

- It is always good to carry an additional piece of clothing with you if you are planning to swim at Dolphin Planet. 

- There are instructions to be followed for every section at Dubai Dolphinarium. Kindly go through all those instructions before stepping in. You may find these instructions on the official website of Dubai Dolphinarium too. 

- Those who fear water, it is advisable to avoid swimming. 

-Children must always be accompanied by a responsible adult.

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People Also Ask About Dubai Dolphinarium

  1. What is the best time of the day to visit Dubai Dolphinarium?

    It is always good to plan your visit to Dubai Dolphinarium in accordance to their show timings to enjoy to the fullest. Here are their show timings -

    - Dolphin & Seal Show: Monday to Saturday at 11:00 am, 02:00 pm, and 06:00 pm. The discounted show is available on Monday, Friday, and Saturday sharp at 11:00 am.

    - Creek Park Bird Show: This show is scheduled on all weekdays from Monday to Saturday at 12:15 pm, 03:15 pm, and 07:15 pm. 

    - Dolphin Planet: Majestic Dolphin Swim show is scheduled on all weekdays from Monday to Saturday at 12:00 pm, 03:00 pm, 04:00 pm.

    Your best time to visit Dubai Dolphinarium should be the one in accordance with your preferred show timings.

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  2. What are the operating days and timings of Dubai Dolphinarium?

    A Dubai Dolphinarium is functional on all weekdays from 10 am to 07:30 pm. Sunday is an official holiday here.
  3. What is unique about Dubai Dolphinarium?

    A Dubai Dolphinarium in itself is a unique air-conditioned dolphinarium that gives you the liberty to watch and interact with underwater creatures. You can simply watch them or interact with them through different shows and photography sessions – the choice is yours!

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  4. How long does it take to go around Dubai Dolphinarium?

    A Show at Dubai Dolphinarium lasts for around 45 minutes. Visitors usually spend about 2 to 3 hours.  
  5. What is shallow water dolphin experience?

    A Shallow water dolphin experience is the central focus of Dubai Dolphinarium. Throughout 45 minutes, these dolphins entertain you through their incredible skills and astounding stunts. Don’t be amazed as these dolphins jump through the hoops or juggle or even play with a ball. If you are fortunate enough, you might also witness them dancing to the tunes.

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  6. Are the seats first come first serve?

    Seats shall be reserved on a first come, first serve basis. You have to occupy your seat in accordance with its allocation. 
  7. Are there any restrictions on taking photos at Dolphinarium?

    You are not allowed to click photographs inside the Dubai Dolphinarium. However, the Dolphinarium homes to some top-notch professional photographers to capture some beautiful moments for you. You can enjoy your pictures clicked with dolphins, exotic birds, and seals.

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  8. Can I take food inside Dolphinarium?

    You are not supposed to carry any outside food inside the Dubai Dolphinarium. There’s a restaurant which serves Asian style food, snacks and drinks. You can surely grab a hand on it. 
  9. Is it mandatory to know swimming if one wants to see the Dubai Dolphinarium Show?

    There are no mandatory requirements to know swimming if you want to witness the magic of Dubai Dolphinarium Show.

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  10. What is the age criteria for a child ticket?

    Child tickets are applicable for the age group of 2 to 11 years old. There is no entry ticket for children below two years of age.
  11. Which metro station is nearest to Dubai Dolphinarium?

    Creek Park Main Gate - 01 is the nearest metro station to Dubai Dolphinarium. It is located at a distance of around 181 meters, which you can easily cover in 3 to 5 minutes.

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  12. Is there any cinema nearby?

    Yes, there are 5D, and 7D cinema near Dubai Dolphinarium where you can enjoy the magical 3D footage to take you to the next level of cinematic experience.

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