Safa Park Overview

An important spot in the history of Dubai and the people over there, Safa Park has been going through many redevelopments from years. It is a 64-hectare huge park which was an erstwhile accommodation center for illegal migrants from South Asia mostly. The park came into establishment during 1975 after the inhabitants were removed from there.

Safa Park in Dubai is a large municipal park located in Al Wasl and is one of the most popular public outdoor spaces in the city. The beautifully landscaped park is ideal for family get-together and provides a perfect spot to conduct picnics and barbecues and there are several other picnic spots in Dubai where you can spend your leisure time or enjoy family outings. Entry into Safa Park is only a few dirhams.

Sports facilities within the park include a running track, tennis and basketball courts. However, the open ground of the Park is also often used to practice or play other sports such as football or cricket and there are several other adventure sports in Dubai you can enjoy and feel the spike in heartbeat. Bikes are also available on rent. The park also houses four different lake, one of which provides boating facilities, along with playgrounds and a fairground area, which includes a Ferris Wheel, Bumper car Rides and Trampolines. It also features an arcade zone, with video gaming facilities popular with children and adults alike. Dubai is renowned to enjoy to the fullest and experience the real fun, So be proactive and take your little ones for various kids activities in Dubai.

About eighty per cent of Safa Park is covered in grass, manicured bushes or trees. The park also houses birds of a number of different species, including parrots, the parakeet, Kingfishers, wood pigeons and warblers.

A speciality of the park is its mini-train, which provides a tour of the entire park. The track consists of nine stops across the park, and a nominal fee is charged for the train ticket. The park also provides a buggy ride around its periphery for 40 dirhams per ride.

The Safa Park is connected to four main roads on each side, with an entrance and exit gate leading into each road, making the park easily accessible from any direction. These roads are Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Wasl Road, Al Hadiqa Street, and 55th Street.

Although the park is open on all days of the week, Tuesdays are reserved for the use of women only, and male entry into the park is not allowed.

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• Among the multiple highlights the park has, the major one is the three lakes within the park that attract an excess of unique species of birds and the park is a haven for 16924 trees belong to different types as well as various bushes.
• To relax completely, one can find green carpets of grass throughout the park which is kept tidy always, a small forest and a hill that offers a beautiful view of the whole park.
• Some come to simply sit and stroll around while some others find the private space to read books.
• Despite its location near to Sheikh Zayed Road, the park creates beautiful anthologies to entertain the people come here to escape from the daily humdrum.
• All the major sparkles of Dubai are visible from the park as its point of standing is at the center of everything.

How To Reach

The fastest possible route from the airport to Safa Park would be to take a taxi, a town car or an Uber, which would take around twelve minutes. One can also hail a metro, which would take 40 minutes to reach the destination, but would be the cheapest option.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Safa Park would be in the winter months of November and December. During these months, the weather is pleasant enough to enjoy outdoor sports and activities. During the winter months, the Park grounds are often used to host concerts or small festivals.

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Other Essential Information

Places to visit near Safa Park

1.) Kite beach 

A popular location for kite surfing and kayaking, Kite Beach in Dubai offers a vast stretch of white sand area equipped with a jogging track and kids' play zones. Along with facilities for water sports such as surfing or kayaking, Kite Beach also allows its visitors the space to conduct off-shore sports events such as volleyball or beach ball competitions.

2.) Nemo Diving Centre 

An ideal activity for diving enthusiasts and beginners alike, Nemo Diving Centre offers diving excursions deep under the waters of Jumeirah Beach, Dubai. Nemo provides programmes for diving experts as well as guided training for absolute beginners and covers various underwater activities including snorkeling or scuba diving.

3.) Hub Zero Dubai 

Hub Zero Dubai is a state of the art indoor theme park that takes interactive gaming to a whole new level. This colossal complex of entertainment boasts of multiple hyper-reality gaming experiences through its 18 rides and attractions, ranging from old school attractions such as pinball machines or Pac man to VR- enabled games. The place also provides a park for younger children with games suited to the age. You are thinking to visit Dubai and catch all the top sights and places which that city holds for you, then why left behind indoor activities in Dubai, Explore now

4.) Burj Park 

Contained in a little island on the Burj Lake, the Burj Park is a quaint leisurely attraction in Downtown Dubai offering a full unobstructed view of the Dubai Fountain and the Burj Khalifa. The well-landscaped park is designed to host a number of events including weddings or outdoor concerts and is the designated venue for the popup markets set up during the Dubai Shopping Festival in winter. The scenic spot provides a perfect locale to enjoy a quiet picnic or simply go biking along the cemented roads. Bike hiring and parking spaces are made available near the entrance to the park and it has a restaurant of its own.

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Tips for Visiting Safa Park

- Although the entrance fee into the park is quite nominal, reaching the park by public transport is not very easy. It is suggested, hence, to either avail a car to the park or leave your residence with enough time on your hands.

- Due to the construction of the Canal inside the park, a large part of it is under renovation or not open to visitors. Until the construction of the canal ceases, it is advisable to keep away from the northern area.

- The park is too vast to be covered entirely on foot. Buggies can be hired for a trip around the park, at the cost of 40 dirhams per ride.

- Tuesdays at Safa Park are reserved for women only, and family visits on these days should be avoided.

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Point of Interest for Safa Park
Family gatherings

Family gatherings

The Safari Park is a perfect spot to conduct picnics, barbeque or simply spend a leisurely afternoon with friends and family.

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If you are a runner or are into group training, Safa Park has a track around its circumference for jogging or running. 

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Visit playgrounds

Visit playgrounds

The play areas within Safa Park include multiple small playgrounds across the parks, equipped with fairground rides, and are popular with the children visiting it. The park also features an arcade zone fitted with video gaming facilities.

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Visit pop-up markets and concerts

Visit pop-up markets and concerts

Safa Park grounds are often home to multiple pop-up market set-ups and concert stages, especially during the winter season, the most popular instance being the Dubai Flea Market, which is held on the first Saturday of every month.  

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Ride the Toy Train

Ride the Toy Train

One of the specialities of Safa Park include a Toy train ride across nine stops scattered in and around the park. The train charges a nominal fee as its ticket price, which has to be booked from a counter within the park itself.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Safa Park FAQs

What is unique about Safa Park?

What is most unique about Safa Park is its greenery amidst a city that bustles with activity throughout the day. From finding a niche here to read a book in peace to making use of the sports facilities for exercise, it offers visitors a range of reasons to spend time in the park. On top of that, it gives one a spectacular view of Downtown Dubai, the Dubai Water Canal and the Burj Khalifa. Numerous playgrounds and an amusement arcade are available for the kids, barbeque stations are set up around the edge for family picnics and bikes are available for rent to explore the park.

For the nature lovers, it might be fascinating to know that the park has 3 lakes, shelters over 200 species of birds, and is home to almost 17,000 different trees and bushes. The park is not just plain land covered with grass but it also includes the two other realms of a forest and a hill. Nature has also been manoeuvred to create a hedge maze and beautiful Japanese and Chinese gardens. Also, the park has been designed to accommodate the needs of those with special requirements, also known as People of Determination in the United Arab Emirates.

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Are there any shopping places near Safa Park?

Yes, there are quite a few shopping places near Safa Park, like The Dubai Mall if one wants to go for expensive shopping, Saga World for a modern Arabian experience, Souk Madinat Jumeirah for a traditional Middle-eastern escapade, Reef Mall for fashion purchases, etc.

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How many lakes are there at Safa Park?

There are three lakes at Safa Park.

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What is the history of Safa Park?

The history of Safa Park extends back to the time when the area was occupied by illegal immigrants from the southern parts of Asia. Their housing comprised of makeshift homes and no provision for running water.

The figurehead of the Dubai government, at that time, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum exploited the immigrants' labour. Later on, for the development of the park, they were expelled and provided with amnesty. The park was ultimately created in 1975.

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Are there any Sports Activities at Safa Park?

Yes, there are multiple Sports Activities at Safa Park like Tennis, Cycling, Volleyball and Football.

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