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Is the idea of planning a trip to the City of Gold a.k.a. Dubai on your mind? But is the dilemma of deducing the best time to visit Dubai putting off what could be an amazing experience of your life? What if we tell you that we hold the answers to your queries? Be it the best season to visit Dubai or the months when the crowd of tourists is at its peak, we are your personal travel Wikipedia, ready to dash your questions away.

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Whether it is the city’s glittering skyline, countless shopping options, or beautiful islands, there is always going to be that one best time of the year to visit Dubai or the best month to visit Dubai when the magical city will not only give you amazing forever memories but will successfully leave you awestruck, period.

The Best Time to Visit Dubai

- Best Time for Sightseeing

When it comes to Dubai, the city is either hot or hotter than that- there is no in-between. The summers, particularly in July and August, are known for the scorching heat and the impossibility to step outside for more than a few minutes at a time, not to mention the pressing humidity. Another reason for these months to be a big no for your vacation is that the holy month of Ramadan falls between May and June, thus throughout the day all malls, stores, and most of the schools and universities remain closed, giving it the city a secluded, deserted look.

So, if sightseeing is on your mind, then the best time to visit Dubai is between mid-November and early December. The first half of March is another option for you, with the daytime temperature averaging at about 30 degrees Celsius and with an apparent drop in temperature in the evening, you are free to plan a stroll through the city, post 5 pm.

As January and February are the peak tourist months owing to the famous Dubai Shopping Festival, visiting Dubai in the above mentioned months gives you the chance to experience the city without the hassle of navigating through a thick crowd. The pleasant temperature is an additional perk that will add that forever quality to your trip.

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- Best Time to Visit Burj Khalifa

A visit to Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, needs some serious consideration on your behalf as the timing of your visit needs to be just perfect, when it is the prime symbol of architectural innovation you will be admiring. The most sought-after time to visit the gigantic beauty is just before sunset and the location is particularly crowded during the winter months so the best time for your visit will be during the summer months. You can avoid the big crowds and never-ending long lines.

But if your heart is set on visiting Burj Khalifa during the winters, then it is advisable that you purchase your tickets beforehand, preferably two to four weeks in advance. Even then, chances are that you will have to stand in line, with your ticket in hand, and wait for your turn. The best idea would be to purchase a ticket an hour before sunset, ensuring that no matter how long the line is, you’ll not miss out on viewing a mesmerizing sunset from atop the Burj Khalifa.

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- Best Time for Shopping 

Though, primarily known as the land of architectural wonders, Dubai is also renowned as one of Asia’s top shopping destinations. With its perk of items being ‘tax-free’, it has become a haven for shopaholics, both local and from abroad. The city consists of both high-end venues and affordable shopping options, so you can either indulge in luxury shopping at some of the best opulent shopping malls or try your bargaining skills at Dubai’s famous souks and take home some quality products at pocket-friendly prices.

Termed as a one-stop-shopping hub, Dubai has everything from international brands to local handicrafts. The month of January, which witnesses the famous Dubai Shopping Festival, is, therefore, considered by tourists the best time to visit Dubai. At the festival, you’ll find everything- electronics, jewellery, clothes, not to mention some of the most insane discounts ever! If you miss out on this shopping extravaganza, you can wait for the DSS, Dubai Summer Surprises, starting in mid-July, when many retailers give discounts for 45 days. A shopping paradise? Yes, it is!

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- Best Time for Honeymoon in Dubai 

Was Dubai the city you and your significant other landed on while deciding your honeymoon destination post your wedding? We have to say- good choice, well made, lads! Dubai offers you a package of romance, adventure, and entertainment, all rolled into one. There are a million things that you can plan to do in Dubai together, spending that much-needed quality time, and giving your relationship, the chance to grow. Be it the romantic setups in top-class hotels, available on-demand, or the delectable cuisine, Dubai is all ready to make it the honeymoon of your dreams.

As for the right time to visit Dubai, the best idea would be to avoid the months of January and February, as we mentioned earlier, the Shopping Festival makes the city crowded, not giving you the secluded moments you wanted. But if shopping is part of your honeymoon, then the months of January and February are perfect for you. Also, avoid planning the trip in May or June as the festival of Ramadan is strictly followed in the city, as eating, drinking, and smoking outside is prohibited.

The perfect timing here would be from November to March- cool weather, opportunity to have long walks on beaches (thanks to the less crowded season), and many other perks.

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- Best Time for Desert Safari in Dubai 

Touted as one of the most thrilling experiences that the city has to offer, Dubai’s Desert Safari is one of the most sought-after action adventure activities. Blessed with sprawling endless deserts, Dubai's famous Desert Safari is not merely a recreational activity, but also has other modern amenities, including dinner & entertainment. With countless options of desert safari available across the city, you are free to indulge in anything- be it quad biking, sandboarding, or just enjoying some authentic Arabian food, coupled with belly dancing performances and other entertaining performances.

Again the best time to visit Dubai to indulge in Desert Safari would be between November and March as the scorching sun won’t bother you. As for the right time in a day for Desert Safari, depends more on your preferences- if you are more inclined towards adventure sports like sandboarding and quad biking, then opting for a day trip is ideal. Entertainment performances, delicious dinners, and other equally alluring activities make up the evening schedule.

- Best Time for Enjoying the Beaches 

Say Dubai and the first thing that comes to mind is the soothing warmth of the sun, the beautiful sandy beaches, the blue skies, and clear waters, enticing us to spend a lifetime there. A perfect destination if you are planning a holiday in the sun, Dubai has countless options for you to choose from, be it the wondrous Kite beach or the glorious Burj Al Arab. Go surfing, enjoying watersports, long-walks on the beach, witnessing nature at its best and voila! The best holiday, ever!

Though, you are free to visit the beaches throughout the year, taking a dip in the cold waters during the winter would be a ‘chillingly’ bad idea. The same holds true for the summers when the scorching heat makes the sand the last place you would walk on. So, your best bet is the months of April and May, when the temperature fluctuates between 25°C to 28°C, allowing you to enjoy your time at the beach to the fullest.

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Best Season to visit Dubai

- High Season (November through April)

As we have mentioned in the previous section, the period from November to April, i.e., late autumn through early spring, is the preferred time of arrival for most of the tourists, who are looking for a quiet and scenic experience of the city. So, the accommodation rates are pretty high, owing to a large number of reservations.

A clear, blue sky, gentle water, cool wind, the warmth of the sun- in all, wonderful and amazing weather will greet you if you choose these months for your trip. The calm weather gives you plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities, stroll through the city, have picnics and long walks on the beach, not to mention go on the famous Desert Safari. It is truly the best season to visit Dubai.

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- Shoulder Season (May, September, and October) 

With temperatures ranging from 23 to 36 degrees Celsius, May is considerably hotter than November but it is merely the start of the summer in Dubai. Thus the temperature spike is bearable and is rather ideal for swimming. Less crowded and with plenty of options in accommodation rates, May is another best month to visit Dubai.

While the month of September observes days which are hot and humid, late afternoons are perfect for a beach visit. By October, the temperature lessens a bit, hovering near a tolerable 29 degree Celsius, allowing you to partake in outdoor activities.

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- Low Season (June through August)

Though these months observe a significant drop in accommodation rates, this is not the best season to visit Dubai. The temperatures are soaring, the humidity is at its all-time high, with even the evenings experiencing heat waves. Assuming that spending your time inside your hotel room is not your plan, it would be better to sidestep these months while planning your visit to Dubai.

Also, the festival of Ramadan falls during these months, where you are not allowed to eat, drink, or smoke for 30 days in public. Even if you are not fasting, you have to adhere to this law.

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Best time to visit Dubai by Month
- January

With temperatures ranging from 19 degrees Celcius to 20 degrees Celsius, January is considered as the best month to visit Dubai. The water may be too cold for some to take a dip, but for some, coming from the land of the scorching sun, i.e., Southern Asia, it would be a brief respite. While the afternoons are perfect for a day out in your summer clothes, a light sweater is advisable to seek protection from the moderately cold evenings, making winters the best season to visit Dubai.

Remember to pack your sunglasses and sunscreen as you’ll be greeted with the sun, shining brightly over you, for more than eight hours straight.

Average Max temperature: 24 degrees Celsius

Average Precipitation: 10mm

Temperature Range: 19 - 20 degrees Celsius

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- February 

Both the amount of precipitation and the temperature increase in the month of February, with the temperature, gradually rising to 24 degrees Celsius or even 30 degrees Celsius and an average rainfall of 40mm over four days towards the end of the month. So, remember to plan your trip accordingly, keeping the temperature and rainfall in mind.

The sea temperature may be too cold for some at 21 degrees Celsius, so it is preferable that you bring along your bathing suit, after all, prevention is better than the cure. Again, the afternoons are perfect for your summer clothing, with the evening demanding the caution of a light sweater or shawl.

Average Max temperature: 25 degrees Celsius

Average Precipitation: 35mm

Temperature Range: 20-25 degrees Celsius

- March

As March rolls in, the temperature of Dubai considerably rises with the arrival of spring. Hovering around 27 degrees Celsius, the month of March is the best time of the year to visit Dubai.

The items that a must-have for a trip to Dubai in the month of March are sunscreen and sunglasses, to shield yourself from the direct rays of the sun. You may or may not bring a bathing suit as the sea temperature, at 22 degrees Celsius, is warm enough for a swim. Also, the chances of rain dampening your trip lessen as well, as the amount of precipitation goes down to just 10mm over six days. This is the month to explore the vibrant city of Dubai, peeps!

Average Max temperature: 26 degrees Celsius

Average Precipitation: 10mm

Temperature Range: 17 - 28 degrees Celsius

- April 

If the subtle heat of March wasn’t enough for you, get ready for the budding heat of April, where the temperatures soar as high as 40°C. Precipitation is rather unlikely as the average rainfall recorded throughout the year in the month of April has just been 10mm over two days.

Kindly ditch the idea of sunbathing for long hours as the intense temperature may cause some serious burns. But if you plan to brave the scorching heat, it would be better to wear a wide-brimmed hat, strong UV-filtered sunglasses, and rub high SPF sunscreen on your body. The only perk is the perfect sea temperature i.e., 25 degrees Celcius, which allows you to take a dip in the clear waters without a second thought.

Average Max temperature: 33 degrees Celsius

Average Precipitation: 10 mm

Temperature Range:19 - 32 degrees Celsius

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- May

The heat is at its peak now, with temperatures even exceeding 42 degrees Celsius. The evenings are a bit warm as well and with little to no rain, there is hardly any respite from the burning rays of the sun that sets around 7 pm. Hardly the best month to visit Dubai.

So, loose cotton clothes, including shorts is what will be in your luggage, along with tubes of sunscreen and regular dips in the sea to avoid combusting on the spot if you are planning to stay outside, despite the unbearable heat waves.

Average Max Temperature: 38 degree Celsius

Average Precipitation: 10mm

Temperature Range: 23 - 36 degrees Celsius

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- June

With rare precipitation like in the last month, June can be crowned the king of sweating and scorching temperature, which takes sudden leaps from 33 degrees Celcius to 38 degrees Celsius, and even sky-rocketing to 43 degrees Celcius in the afternoon.

The brief respite you got from taking a swim in the sea is also unavailable as the sea temperature also spikes, hovering around 31 degrees Celsius. So, the only option you have is to spend your holidays indoors- in hotel rooms, shopping malls, and restaurants, which are air-conditioned and have temperatures capable of freezing your toes permanently. Thus, for indoors you better bring a light jacket and plenty of loose clothes for when you step out briefly.

Average Max temperature: 36 degrees Celsius

Average Precipitation: 10mm

Temperature Range: 26 - 38 degrees Celsius

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- July

Matching the burning temperature of June, July has an average high temperature of 40°C, with a mere 1 per cent chance of rain. Even the evenings have temperatures ranging around 29 degrees Celsius, too hot to step outside for a stroll.

The sea temperature increases to 32 degrees Celsius, making it impossible to take a swim, but you can pack a bathing suit just in case. Once again, your luggage must include loose linen or cotton clothes, multiple tubes of sunscreen, sunglasses, and sandals to save your feet from the burning ground and a light sweater for the freezing indoor temperatures.

Average Max temperature: 35 degrees Celsius

Average Precipitation: 10mm

Temperature Range: 31 - 41 degrees Celsius

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- August 

Though the hotels are very cheap and provide countless discounts and offer in this month, August is not the best month to visit Dubai as the average high is now a whopping 41 degrees Celsius, with even the night having a temperature of 30°C.

Going out to the beaches is a big no and with the temperature of the sea around 33 degrees Celsius, opting for a swim is also out of the list. The indoors temperature is yet again set at a freezing degree, which needs light woollen clothing. While staying cooped up inside may sound like a terrible idea, Dubai is well-prepared to not let your attention wane with its plethora of indoor activities.

Average Max Temperature: 36 degrees Celsius

Average Precipitation: 10mm

Temperature Range: 37 - 44 degrees Celsius

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- September

In September, Dubai starts experiencing the beginning of a dip in temperature, the maximum limit is 38 degrees and the minimum is 27 degrees Celsius. Though the chances of rainfall are still minimal, the weather cools down slightly.

But even then, it is still unbearably hot and humid, so staying indoors is the only option you have, at least for the first half of the month. As September progresses, nearing its end, the days get shorter and cooler. As a precaution, do apply loads of sunscreen before venturing out in the second half of the month as well.

Average Max temperature: 33 degrees Celsius

Average Precipitation: 10 mm

Temperature Range: 37 - 31 degrees Celsius

- October

Your packing is still adhering to the summer clothing style, with loose, light cotton or linen shirts, a bathing suit, and sunscreen. With a temperature around 35 degrees Celsius, October allows you to enjoy a swim in the sea as even the water temperature cools down to 30 degrees Celsius.

Relishing alfresco dining becomes an available option again. But October is still hot and the precipitation level is still low, with hopes of merely 10mm of rain over the month.

Average Max Temperature: 29 degrees Celsius

Average Precipitation: 10mm

Temperature Range: 22 - 35 degrees Celsius

- November 

The temperature considerably cools down in November averaging around 25 degrees Celsius but rainfall is still scant, with just 10mm precipitation over the month. Considered the best month to visit Dubai, the accommodation rates also start increasing along with the crowd.

While your luggage is more or less the same as the last few months, the dip in temperature allows you to indulge in outdoor activities once again- long walks and picnics on the beach, swimming, and other entertainment options. Lathering a layer of sunscreen, wearing sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat is still advised to avoid sunburns and escape the heat.

Average Max Temperature: 25 degree Celsius

Average Precipitation: 2.7mm

Temperature Range: 18 - 31 degrees Clesius

- December 

With an average temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, December is our favorite as the maximum temperature doesn’t cross 26 degrees Celsius and rainfall increases to 20mm over four days at the end of the month. As the sea temperature dips to 23 degrees Celsius, you can now plan extensive walks and picnics on the beaches and enjoy the perfect swimming experience a.k.a. the best time to visit Dubai.

Now, your light sweater won’t be useful just for indoors as the evening would be considerably cooler. But just because it is colder doesn’t mean you forget your sun protection as the sun is still shining brightly in the sky for eight hours straight.

Average Max temperature: 25 degrees Celsius

Average Precipitation: 20mm

Temperature Range: 23-27 degrees Celsius

Best time to visit Dubai for Events and Festivals

- New Year’s Day

You can enjoy a quiet stroll on the streets or walk on the beach as the population is pretty sparse on this day, i.e., January 1st, New Year’s Day, considering it is a national holiday in the United Arab Emirates. Apart from shops and restaurants, most of the organizations and other official establishments will be closed. As it is a day of celebration, many cafes and restaurants have special dishes and desserts on their menu, curated just for the New Year celebration in Dubai

Their grand firework displays are considered a treat to witness all around the world. If you plan your trip around New Year, you are in for one of the craziest, most insane parties ever, which include celebrity performances, top DJs, and amazing cuisine options, Now, if that doesn’t win the New Year’s eve the title of being the best time of the year to visit Dubai then what does?

- Dubai Shopping Festival

The largest shopping and entertainment festival in the Middle East, the Dubai Shopping Festival is considered a haven for shopaholics. Consisting of both luxury brands and local handicrafts, performances by celebrities, fashion flash mobs, the extravagant festival is held in early February and is attended by hordes of tourists from all over the world. More than a month-long extravaganza, the Dubai Shopping Festival is also the perfect spot for those who consider bargaining their life’s mission.

Everything at the festival is available at heavily discounted, which can go up to a whopping 75%! The festival is held in different locations all over the city, with its market set up in places like the Global Village, Dubai Mall, Gold Souk, The Layali Dubai Concert, and many other spots.

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- Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Championships

Held for over two weeks in late February, Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Championships is an annual event, which features players like Lindsay Davenport, Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, etc. The venue of this international festival has been the Dubai Tennis Stadium throughout the years.

- Dubai Jazz Festival

When it comes to the best Jazz performance, no one can hold a candle to the Dubai Jazz Festival, which is held every year in February in Dubai Media City and makes the month the best time of the year to visit Dubai. The fest is headlined by A-listers from the jazz and pop music industry, like Duran Duran, Ricky Martin, and countless others. It covers every Jazz genre like rock, funk, contemporary, blues, etc and showcases some of the best local and world talent.

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- Dubai International Boat Show

Made of countless entertaining activities, the Dubai International Boat Show is a treat with its 430+ presentation of superyachts and leisure craft from around the world. The show is held for more than five days in the first half of March and attracts many tourists from all over the world.

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- Art Dubai

Taking place over 4 days in mid-March, Art Dubai is an annual international celebration that features art and designs from galleries all around the world. You can also find much commendable poetry and art program at the event.

- Dubai World Cup

The Dubai World Cup is the world’s richest horse race, consisting of 11 competitive races, that is held on a Saturday, near the end of March, at the Meydan Racecourse. This event exclusively marks the finale of the Dubai International Racing Carnival.

- Al Marmoom Heritage Festival

Thousands of camel trainers from the Middle East countries compete in this popular camel festival, in hopes of winning big cash prizes if their camel wins the race. This festival is held every year in the second half of March.

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- Children’s International Film Festival

Giving a platform to young talent in filmmaking, the Children’s International Film Festival presents the local, regional, and international films by children, pre-teens and teens all over the world. Held for over a week in late April and early May, the festival also screens the films of award-winning filmmakers from all around the world.

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Attended by over 6,000 people, STEP is Middle East’s largest tech and interactive gathering and is a hub for investors, startups, and other professionals, allowing them to increase their network. The event is usually held over the first weekend in April and makes it the best month to visit Dubai.

- The Middle East Film & Comic Con (MEFCC)

A unique collection of films, gaming, comics, and pop culture from the Middle East, MEFCC is considered the largest pop culture festival in the region. Everyone from artists, celebrities, to musicians attend the fest held at the Dubai World Trade Center, every year.

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- Isra and Mi’raj

Isra and Mi'raj is a reminder of the time when Prophet Mohammed did the miracle of travelling from Mecca to the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem in just one night. As per the Islamic calendar, this holy day is observed on the 27th day of Rajab, i.e., the seventh month in the Islamic calendar.

Most of the shops remain closed on this day, with the lights being left on throughout the night in some places.

- Dubai Tango Festival

A perfect spot for Tango lovers, the Dubai Tango Festival is held in mid-May and is known for its live music, Tango workshops, delicious cuisine, and upbeat performances.

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- Ramadan

Observing some rather strict rules like no eating, smoking, drinking, live music, dancing, or singing outside, the festival of Ramadan, celebrated between April and August, marks the month in which the Quran was revealed.

During this festival, the Muslims fast between dawn and dusk and refrain from eating or drinking in the public- a ritual you’ll have to publicly observe, even if you don't fast. But if observing the traditions of the city is on your mind, then this is the best season to visit Dubai.

- Dubai Summer Surprises

If the high temperature in the summers scares you from planning a trip to Dubai, the 45 days Dubai Summer Surprises is sure to entice you with its big discounts, reduced accommodation rates, and offers. The best time for families going on a trip, these 45 days in mid-July witness some major celebrity appearances, international cartoon characters, and other amazing activities.

- Eid al Fitr

Observed as the culmination of the month of Ramadan, Eid al Fitr also brings the dawn to dusk fasting to an end, as well as lifts the ban on the countless activities during Ramadan like eating, smoking, and drinking in public.

- Dubai Music Week

A Middle East premier international music festival, the Dubai Music Week is a five-day music fest held at the Dubai International Convention Centre in mid-September and features celebrity guest speakers and artists from across different genres like rock, pop, etc. Planning your trip around these fun-filled five days would be the best time to visit Dubai.

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- Dubai International Dance Festival

Renowned dance companies, orchestras, dance academies, etc from all around the world, take part in this eight-days Dubai International Dance Festival in mid-September.

- Hijri New Year

Marked as a national holiday, the day marks the beginning of a new Islamic year but it is not celebrated as a festival nor is its date fixed, though people do wish each other a “Happy New Hijri Year.”

- Dubai Design Week

From artists, designers, architects and educational institutes, many attend the Dubai Design Week, a six-day event in late October. It presents an array of both regional and international design and innovation via more than 60 separate activities and projects.

- Camel Racing

A craze in Qatar, Saudi, and Dubai region, the camel racing season observes locals and as well as people from other regions join the race with their camels, eager to win the big race and make it to the list of top ten finishers.

- Dubai Motor Festival

Observed in early November and held for 10 days, the Dubai Motor Festival consists of many fun activities around automobiles like the Dubai Grand Parade, Dubai International Rally, and the annual Dubai International Motor Show.

- Dubai World Tour Championship/Race to Dubai

Covering four continents and consisting of 46 tournaments in 31 countries, the Race to Dubai is a golfing competition that is held to crown the European Tour’s No 1 player. To date, the list of players include names like three-time winner Rory McIlroy, Tommy Fleetwood, Luke Donald, and Francesco Molinari.

The Race to Dubai is part of the PGA European Tour and culminates with the Dubai World Championship in November. By the end of the season, the players making it to the top five ranks win a hefty prize amount. If you are a fan of golfing as well, this would be the best time of the year to visit Dubai.

- Dubai International Film Festival

Counted amongst the best international film festival in the world, the festival has seen somewhere around 2,000 different screenings of which 500 are by Arab filmmakers and is attended by some of the biggest A-listers from the industry.

The festival is renowned for helping more than 200 regional filmmakers claim international recognition and helped them in gaining funds as well. A non-profit event, the festival’s sole aim is to glorify the Arab filmmaking industry and get it the international acclaim it deserves. This festival is a non-profit event, rather being aimed solely at recognizing outstanding.

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- Christmas

A predominantly Muslim city, the United Arab Emirates may not celebrate Christmas but it ensures that those visiting it get to enjoy it to the fullest. Its Dubai Winter Festival is a three-day festival, held in mid-December and consists of the most spectacular lighting ceremony, a Santa Claus (obviously!), and a grand Christmas tree. 

So, if you were planning your trip to Dubai around Christmas, rest assured that you have chosen the best time of the year to visit Dubai as you are gonna have a blast here!

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Museum Of The Future Burj Khalifa Dubai Aquarium And Underwater Zoo Desert Safari Dubai Dubai Miracle Garden Dubai Frame Dubai Dolphinarium The View At The Palm Global Village Dubai Museum Of Illusions Dubai Garden Glow Dubai Fountain Img Worlds Of Adventure Legoland Motiongate Aquaventure Waterpark Dinosaur Park AYA Universe Dubai Sky Views Dubai Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai Mall Burj Al Arab Dubai Creek Dubai Marina Atlantis Palm Hotel Ski Dubai Palm Jumeirah Jumeirah Beach Dubai Museum Bollywood Parks Mall Of The Emirates Dolphin Bay Five Palm Jumeirah Kite Beach VR Park I Fly Dubai Dubai Butterfly Garden Underwater Hotel Dubai Burj Beach Dubai Zoo (Dubai Safari Park) Marina Beach Dubai Dubai Opera Jumeirah Mosque Dubai Marina Beach Dubai Aqua Park Dubai Creek Harbour Burj Khalifa Museum Of The Future Dubai Miracle Garden Desert Safari Dubai Dubai Banksy Exhibition Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai Dolphinarium Dubai Aquarium And Underwater Zoo Dubai Marina Kite Beach Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood Dubai Fountain Burj Al Arab Hatta Heritage Village Dhow Wharfage Atlantis Palm Hotel Dreamland Aqua Park Ski Dubai The Lost Chamber Aquarium Spice Souk Old Dubai Bastakia Dubai Museum Etisalat Tower Gold Souk Safa Park Sunset Beach Jumeirah Beach Palm Jumeirah Desert Conservation Reserve Falcon Heritage And Sports Centre Bollywood Parks Bateaux Dolphin Bay Mall Of The Emirates Jumeirah Mosque Dubai Women's Museum Ibn Battuta Mall Hatta Rock Pools Black Palace Peach Dubai Zabeel Park Jbr Beach Aquaventure Waterpark Underwater Hotel Dubai Burj Beach Al Mamzar Beach Park Sega Republic Guru Nanak Darbar Adrenark Adventure Dubai Global Village Dubai Mushrif Park Souk Madinat Jumeirah Img Worlds Of Adventure Dubai Butterfly Garden Legoland

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