Mohammed Bin Rashid Library Overview

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library is a unique cultural monument that combines education, culture, and tourism. It represents a rich history of cultures and civilizations. The Library is shaped like an open book and has a distinctive design. This famous establishment's construction is modelled like a 'Rhel,' a Turkish lectern on which the Quran is typically placed. This Library aspires to provide a platform that promotes children and teenagers to develop a love of reading.

More than 4.5 million volumes, 1 million audiobooks, and 2 million eBooks will be housed at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library. The different collections housed inside its walls will help to bring intellectuals and thinkers together, as well as encourage youngsters to read. It is supported by six pillars, each of which contributes to the project's specific objectives:

1. Business, Multimedia, Children, Youth, Family, Arabic, Popular, and International genres are all represented in the first pillar.

2. The second pillar emphasises the importance of reading as a habit.

3. The third pillar is made up of a wide range of eBooks.

4. The fourth pillar approves new books and provides Arabic translations of popular titles from throughout the world.

5. The preservation of the Arabic language will be the focus of the fifth pillar.

6. The sixth and final pillar will help to preserve and exhibit cultural history as well as Arabic art.

The library would reportedly include a museum dedicated to preserving Arab cultural heritage as well as human civilization in general. It will also serve as the headquarters of the International Council for the Arabic Language, which aims to conserve the Arabic language. It will also release the Mohammed bin Rashid Contemporary Arabic Language Dictionary, which will make studying Arabic more accessible to expats and international citizens.

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• With admission to Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, you can go down the rabbit hole. With digital ties to libraries all across the world, you may have access to hard-to-find material.
• Discover a vast library of books, newspapers, videos, lectures, and other materials.
• You can also visit the Middle East and North Africa region's upcoming major cultural hub.
• There's also a section dedicated to the Al Maktoum family's own collections.
• Study rooms, exhibition spaces, an auditorium, and a conservation centre will also be available.
• In addition, the Mohammed bin Rashid Library offers a variety of educational and cultural activities, such as seminars, literary exhibitions, and other literary programmes in the area and throughout the world.
• There are also art galleries and a 500-seat theatre in the library to accommodate people for lectures, seminars, and other events.

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