Dubai Miracle Garden, UAE: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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Dubai Miracle Garden Tours & Activities

About Dubai Miracle Garden

Have you ever been to a floral wonderland where there are mighty floral displays which makes you fall in love with them? If not, Dubai Miracle Gardens is the next place for you to dwell in your winter break. It is nowhere less than a miniature world of floral wonders constructed on a magnificent land cover of around 72,000 sq. ft

What makes this floral world more unique is the fact that it homes to around 50 million flowers blooming all over to embrace the luxuriousness of this beautiful imagination. Marigolds, Petunia’s, Geraniums are the common ones. You have a replica of the stunning Burj Khalifa, arcs, tombs, huts, houses, and other structural exhibits all studded with colorful flowers.

Quirky layouts, heart, and butterfly-shaped passages greet you with a pleasant smile. Disney Avenue, Emirates A380, Lost Paradise, Cabanas, Floral Clock, Gazebos, 3D floral designs, lake parks, and umbrella passage are some notable attractions here.

If you think, Dubai Miracle Garden is all about sightseeing activities, you are surely lagging in your research. There are a lot more things to do here. You can simply stroll through the passages or relax at the adorable cabanas or dine at some international food restaurants and kiosks. The ball is in your court! 
Also, there’s a unique butterfly garden here, wherein the butterfly lovers have a tough job to spot and trace the 15000 free-flying butterflies.

It takes a lot of effort to maintain this magnificent piece of land as it is located in a region of Beautiful Dubai city which is not ideally meant for a botanical habitat. A team of well-trained and experienced experts and horticulturists thrive in their best to maintain the floral beauty what you witness today. Let’s look deep down to plan your Dubai Miracle Garden itinerary.

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How to Reach Dubai Miracle Garden

From Dubai Airport: 
There are three ways by which you can reach Dubai Miracle Garden:-

1. By Metro: To ride the metro, first, you need to reach Airport Terminal 3. From here, you have Redline after every 10 minutes. Once you are on board, get down at First Gulf Bank Metro Station. You will be reaching First Gulf Bank within a duration of around 33 m. from First Gulf Bank, hire a taxi to drop you directly at Dubai Miracle Garden.

Your journey to your final destination from First Gulf Bank will last for around 13 m. Overall, you will be spending a sum of 600 to 700 INR per head. Alternatively, you can board a Redline from Airport Terminal 3 to drop you at Mall of Emirates metro station. You will be reaching the Mall of Emirates within 35 m.

Once you get down at the Mall of the Emirates, hire a taxi to drop you at the entrance of Dubai Miracle Garden. Your journey between these two stations shall last for around 13m. On average, you will be spending a sum of approximately 550 to 750 INR.

2. By Line 11 Skybus: From Dubai International Airport, you can board a Line 11 SkyBus. These buses are available every 10 minutes and will be dropping you at Ramada Chelsea Hotel. Once you get down at Ramada Chelsea Hotel, you can hire a taxi to drop you at Dubai Miracle Garden. Your entire journey will cost you around 750 to 850 INR per head.

3. By Taxi: Hiring a direct taxi is always good if you have luggage to carry or you are in a group of more than two people. One-way trip from Dubai International Airport to Dubai Miracle Garden will cost you around 1600 to 2000 INR.

From Abu Dhabi: You can reach Dubai Miracle Garden by two modes of transport from Abu Dhabi:-

4. By Bus: Board a Dubai RTA Bus E101 from Central Bus Station, Abu Dhabi. This bus will shuttle you to Ibn Battuta Metro Bus Station. Once you get down here, you can easily make your way to the Dubai Miracle Garden by taking a cab.

5. By Car: There are continuous car services available between Abu Dhabi and Dubai Miracle Garden.

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Best Time to Visit Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai has its winters from November to March, and this is the best season to plan your visit to Dubai Miracle Gardens. As it sharply opens at 10:00 am in the morning, it is better for you to reach here during its opening time. This is so because the crowd will be less and you can easily capture some beautiful photographs here.

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What Not to Miss at Dubai Miracle Garden

Here is the list of best things to do at Dubai Miracle Garden:

1. Witness the Floral Parade: The Dubai Miracle Garden Flower Parade is the highlight of this magnificent Garden. Floral floats, performers in colorful costumes, live music, specially choreographed performances and so much more is part of this Flower Parade. 

2. Have fun at Kids Play Zone: The Kids Play Zone features several interactive games and a wide range of exciting activities for children of all ages. Each of the play areas are adorned with colorful and fragrant flowers. This is the best place for kids who would rather play than explore the garden with their parents. 

3. Zumba sessions for family: The Dubai Miracle Garden is not only about long leisurely walks on floral paths but it also adds an adrenaline pumping activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Every season the Garden introduces health related family activities such as the Family Zumba sessions. In between your sessions take in deep breaths and inhale the fragrance of the flowers. 
4. Take Yoga Sessions: Yoga group sessions were a major hit in one of the seasons at the Dubai Miracle Garden and it is back with a bang. The yoga sessions are designed to suit all age groups and physical abilities. The Garden is truly one of the best places for deep breathing yoga sessions with the fragrant floral scents wafting through the air.

5. Shop at Souvenir Shop: The Souvenir Shop at the Dubai Miracle Garden is the perfect place to pick up some gifts for your friends and family as well as souvenirs of your visit. From themed cards to plush toys to figurines and so much more can be picked from the store.

6. Click Some Pictures at Photo Booth: The Dubai Miracle Garden has these fun photo booths where you can click several pictures to take away as happy memories of your day here. There are also customized frames and cut-outs to add some fun and excitement to your photographs. 

7. Dining: Indulge your taste buds and eat from the various food stalls that are in the premises of the Garden. The cafes have several sweet treats and confectioners items that can tempt the children as well as the adult visitors equally. There are over 30 food vendors in the Miracle Garden which also include fresh fruit juice kiosks and candy stores.

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8. Sightseeing: The Dubai Miracle Garden has some of the most incredible attractions that can enthrall even those who do not have any interest in flowers. The millions of blooms with their varied hues, the creatively constructed 3D designs, the floral structures and passages all contribute to the experience of visiting this largest flower garden in the world. 

Places To Visit Near Dubai Miracle Gardens

1. Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization:
 You can find thousands of ancient Islamic artefacts here. Also, this place is meant to broaden your knowledge about Islamic discoveries, faith, and culture and cherish what this religion intends to convey.

2. Sharjah Art Museum: Sharjah Art Museum stands tall as the most prominent art museums of Gulf countries. This art museum homes to permanent paintings and other collections carved out by renowned artists of ancient and modern eras.

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3. KM trading shopping center: 
This shoppers stop near Dubai Miracle Gardens. Right from clothes to electronics to leather items, you will find almost everything you need.

4. Sharjah Fort Al Hisn: This is a quiet historical monument meant for history buffs and all those researchers who are interested in knowing Sharjah’s era in depth. You can avail a tour guide to get a brief about the Sharjah Fort Al Hisn.

5. Sharjah Heritage Museum: This museum again reflects the lifestyle of Sharjah and Emirati people’s rich and sophisticated culture. You can also witness the bliss of Arabian culture here.

6. Sharjah Calligraphy Museum: Exhibiting fascinating paintings and creative masterpieces, Sharjah Calligraphy Museum instils the love for Arabic form of calligraphy. You can find precious displays and exhibits worked by renowned local, national, and international artists.

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Attractions in Dubai Miracle Garden

Promising a complete package of entertainment for every single visitor that steps in, Dubai Miracle Gardens homes to a wide array of attractions. Here is a glimpse of some of them:

1. Floating Lady: This latest addition to the Dubai Miracle Garden features a lady floating in mid-air with arms outstretched, hair reaching the ground like a cascading waterfall and a dress made of red, pink and white petunias delicately wrapped around her. 

2. Teddy Bear: The Teddy Bear is a one of a kind, giant floral structure in the shape of a cuddly teddy bear holding a giant heart. This structure was the main theme in the sixth season of the Dubai Miracle Garden. 

3. Sunflower Field: The Sunflower Field has thousands of bright yellow-colored sunflowers that shine with brilliance in the Dubai sun. These bright flowers are the biggest and tallest flowers in the Dubai Miracle Garden.

4. Hill Top: The Hill Top offers a magnificent view of the Garden with the many colored flowers, trees and incredible floral structures all around. The Hill Top is like a fairy land with toadstool houses and beautiful flowers planted in shaded areas. 

5. Lake Park: The Lake Park is one of the most stunning attractions in the Garden with spectacular floral villas, 3D floral structures and a crystal clear lake in the middle of it all. Flowers of every type and color can be found in Lake Park. 

6. Umbrella Tunnel: The Umbrella Tunnel is one of the most unique creative features in the Dubai Miracle Garden. It features upturned colorful umbrellas with flowers in them forming a beautiful passage. There are adequately spaced chairs and tables where you can sit and enjoy a meal or a snack with friends and family.
7. Heart Tunnel: This is a spectacular passage with heart shapes that are formed with beautiful and colorful flowers. The combination of fragrant flowers and colorful hearts makes a walk along this tunnel one of the most incredible experiences in this Garden. 

8. Floral Villas: The Floral Villas turn the Dubai Miracle Garden into a fantastic fantasy fairyland. The structures are in the shape of villas and bungalows with walls and roofs made with leafy greens, colorful flowers and surrounded by tall trees in the backdrop.

9. Floral Castle: The Dubai Miracle Garden has several Floral Castles that look like they have been taken right out  of the pages of a fairytale. Some of these castles are stand-alone structures that you can enjoy the view while others can be entered and explored inside. 

10. Emirates A380: The Emirates A380 is the world’s largest floral installation with more than 500,000 living plants and blooms. The entire structure is built from recycled materials and a drip water system to keep the plants irrigated, setting a perfect example of sustainable landscaping practices. 

11. 3D Floral Design: The Dubai Miracle Garden has stunning 3D Floral designs that features some of the most incredible color combinations and variety of flowers that enhances the beauty of these designs. The designs include floral cars, peacocks and swans, humanoid ants and much more. 

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12. Disney Avenue: The Disney Avenue features all the favorite Disney characters that have gained popularity the world over for decades. Here you will find floral versions of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and other Disney favorites. At 18 meters high, Mickey Mouse is the main highlight of Disney Avenue. 

13. Cabanas: Take a break from your explorations of the Garden and enjoy a short rest at one of the many cabanas that are scattered all over the Garden. There are floor cushions, comfortable chairs and flowing drapes to give you a chance to recharge and gather the energy to explore this vast expanse of sheer magnificence.  

14. Floral Clock: The Floral Clock is a 15-meter high floral design with working mechanical parts. The designs and arrangements are changed according to the seasons, theme and weather. The entire clock is made up of colorful live plants, its mechanical parts have been imported from the US and the landscaping is done by the creative team at the Dubai Miracle Garden. 

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Other Essential Information About Dubai Miracle Garden

 Al Barsha South 3 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Timings: Dubai miracle Gardens is operational only in winters from November to Mid-May. 

Weekdays (Sunday to Thursday) – Morning 09:00 am to Night 09:00 pm. 

Weekends (Friday and Saturday) – Morning 09:00 am to Night 11:00 pm.

 Prices of the tickets for Miracle Garden varies for the different age groups:

           For Adults – 12 years and above – 50 AED per head
           For children – Between 2 and 12 years – 40 AED per head.

Places to Shop at Dubai Miracle Garden

There are three shops at Dubai Miracle Garden – Souvenir Shop, Photo Booth, and Disney Merchandise.

1. Souvenir Shop: Are you in search of something to gift your family members as memorabilia of your Dubai Miracle Garden visit? If yes, you surely must visit Souvenir Shop here. This shop homes to a wide array of flowers that you actually witness in Dubai Miracle Garden. You can either select any one of your choices or simply go ahead with customization if you are confused about whether your family might like it or not.

2. Photo Booth: Looking for some photographs as a return gift? Dubai Miracle Garden has got its own in-house photo booth right at its main entrance. Besides photography solutions, this booth also sells many customized products and green screen technologies.

3. Disney Merchandise: It’s now time to turn back to your school days with the Disney Merchandise of Dubai Miracle Garden. Your children will surely enjoy this place more than you! If you are ideally looking for a return gift for someone special, you can customize your gift by buying products from all three shops. All products sold here are tagged with a logo of Dubai Miracle Garden and are quite affordable.

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Places to Dine at Dubai Miracle Garden


1. Hardees: Hardees is a perfect place who loves to enjoy the dominant flavors of American sandwiches.

2. Azrat Lebnan:
Azrat Lebnan serves the most exceptional quality of Arabic Shawarma.

3. Bhoujan Restaurant:
For those who are in search of Indian style cuisines, Bhoujan Restaurant is the place to halt and dine.

4. Pizza Hut:
 If your heart craves for some Italian style pizza, there’s a pizza hut near to the Dubai Miracle Garden. You can enjoy it as much as you want.

5. Saj2Go: 
Saj2Go serves the best of Lebanese cuisines and delicacies.

6. Fatayer: 
In case Azrat Lebnan is crowded, you can always head towards Fatayer for your platter of Arabic Shawarma.

7 Terribic Internet: 
Terribic Internet offers some mouth-watering veg and non-veg burgers wrapped in the flavors from the soil of America.

8. Mohammad Kurdi: 
Arabic Fatayer served here will inevitably force you to lick your fingers while you leave.

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Cafes and Sweet Bar

1. Krispy Kreme: Doughnut lovers surely must visit this doughnut paradise once to satiate their cravings for a perfect creamy doughnut.

2. Meat and Eat:
 Sandwiches and coolers make the best combo which is available in a wide array of colors and flavors at Meat and Eat.

3. Candy Shop: 
While you are confused about what to buy for your little ones, do visit the Candy Shop. They’ve got a flavor for every child’s taste buds.

4. Cool & Cool:
 As Dubai Miracle Garden is all about strolling for hours, you might need some refreshments. Find some time to have some refreshing drinks and juices at Cool & Cool.

5. Mr. Sugarcan:
 For natural juices, there’s no other place worthy of visiting then Mr. Sugarcan. Just have a glass of sugarcane juice here, and witness your energy to boost within a fraction of seconds.

6. Tea Points: 
Dubai Miracle Garden has special zones reserved for tea lovers. Head either towards Terrible Internet or Rukn Al Sundus for your perfect cup of refreshing tea.

7. Ice-cream points:
 Ice-creams are best when you have them either at Raspberry Yoghurt or Gelato House.

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Besides the restaurants, cafés, and sweet bars, Dubai Miracle Garden also features some kiosks where you can find your favorite flavoured popcorns. Other kiosks offer hot grilled corn and honey nuts. So grab them, before these kiosks run short of their sale.

Tips for Visiting Dubai Miracle Garden

1. It is better to keep a watch on both the opening and closing hours of the Dubai Miracle Garden. To check their operational days and timings, it is best to visit the official website of the Dubai Miracle Garden.

2. Early morning visit to Dubai Miracle Garden is always better as the crowd is less. This gives you ample time and space to capture some wonderful moments at the Dubai Miracle Garden.

3. To make sure that you do not miss any attraction, you can simply prepare a checklist before you enter the Dubai Miracle Garden. Carry this checklist with you and mark all those attractions which you came across.

4. To cover every nook and corner of Dubai Miracle Garden, roam either in the clockwise or anti-clockwise direction.

5. You are allowed to carry strollers for children below 2 years of age.

6. If you can plan your tour correctly, it will take approximately 3 hours for you to complete your visit to Dubai Miracle Garden.

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People Also Ask About Dubai Miracle Garden

  1. What is Dubai Miracle Garden famous for?

    The Dubai Miracle Garden is famous for being the largest natural flower garden in the world that is man made and built right in the heart of the desert land of Dubai. There are over 45 million flowers in the Garden with a wide variety of colors styled and shaped in designs of cars, igloos, castles, Disney characters and more.

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  2. Is Miracle Garden worth visiting?

    The Miracle Garden is truly worth visiting for its sheer creativity, the variety of colorful flowers, the floral passages, the amazing activities, the variety of food and the experience in itself.
  3. What is the best time to visit Miracle Garden Dubai?

    The best time to visit the Miracle Garden in Dubai is during the months of November to March. These are winter months in Dubai and ideal to explore the various attractions of the Garden.
  4. How long does it take to see Miracle Garden?

    It takes approximately 3 hours to explore the attractions of the Miracle Garden. You will need to plan your tour well so that you do not miss out on all the major attractions.
  5. How many types of flowers are there at Miracle Garden?

    There are over 60 different types of flowers on display at the Miracle Garden in Dubai. The structures on display are changed every season so that visitors can be treated to different sights on every visit.
  6. How do you get to Dubai Miracle Garden from Abu Dhabi?

    You can reach Dubai Miracle Garden by two modes of transport from Abu Dhabi:-

    By Bus: 
    Board a Dubai RTA Bus E101 from Central Bus Station, Abu Dhabi. This bus will shuttle you to Ibn Battuta Metro Bus Station. Once you get down here, you can easily make your way to the Dubai Miracle Garden by taking a cab.

    By Car: 
    There are continuous car services available between Abu Dhabi and Dubai Miracle Garden
  7. Is outside food allowed in Miracle Garden?

    You cannot carry any outside food or beverages inside the Dubai Miracle Garden.
  8. What are the operational days and timings of Miracle Garden?

    Dubai Miracle Garden is operational only in winters from November to Mid-May.
    Weekdays (Sunday to Thursday) – Morning 09:00 am to Night 09:00 pm.
    Weekends (Friday and Saturday) – Morning 09:00 am to Night 11:00 pm.
    From the second half of May till October, Dubai Miracle Garden remains closed on account of its summer renovation schedule. Summer renovation is quite essential as the heat is unbearable for the plants to survive.

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  9. Is it allowed to take pictures inside Miracle Garden?

    You can click pictures inside Dubai Miracle Garden from your mobile phones. However, you are not allowed to carry your professional camera inside the Dubai Miracle Garden.
  10. Which metro station is near to Miracle Garden?

    Mall of the Emirates is the nearest metro station to Dubai Miracle Garden.

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  11. Are Butterfly Garden and Miracle Garden same?

    No, they are not the same. The Butterfly Garden is located next to the Miracle Garden. Unlike the Miracle Garden, the Butterfly Garden is open all year round and it is the world’s largest covered butterfly garden.

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