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About the Dubai Expo 2020: Connecting Minds, Creating the Future is the main theme of Dubai Expo 2020. If you have an innovative idea and you are seeking sustainability, mobility, and opportunity through that, then buy Dubai Expo 2020 Tickets and fly to grab your once in a lifetime opportunity. It is an experience that is driven by inspiration, knowledge, and entertainment and it holds the power to change yours and everyone else’s future.The country will organize some unmatchable concerts, seminars, summits, launches for new products and meetings with different nationals with the same interest. Al Wasl Plaza will be the primary center where major events like commencement and closure of the Expo would take place. Here, you will also get events like Youth Connect and Expo Live which gives the attendees as well as the participants an opportunity to share their creative solutions for creative problems that would be funded, accelerated and promoted by the Expo 2020 Dubai.Dubai Expo 2020 tickets will take you into a totally different world where you will see the future closer to you than you think it is. Here you can witness the first-ever public testing of the VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing)aircraft by UBER or the world’s first ropeless elevator capable of saving time and money at the same time. Best opportunities of business, as well as trade with other countries, could be grabbed in this 173 days long fest.Activities to Do at the Dubai Expo 2020: It is an event renowned in the entire world, hence you get to experience the best possible of everything. Even if you are not participating but attending the Expo, you will still have numerous reasons to buy Dubai Expo 2020 tickets.- Witness VTOL aircraft:Flying cars showcased in science fiction are everyone’s fantasy. And you must be wondering why this has been mentioned under the activities section. Well, here is your opportunity to witness the first-ever public testing of VTOL Aircraft by UBER which will be your and our future means of transportation.- Experience ropeless elevator:Enough of waiting in the queue for the elevator, Dubai Expo Tickets will not only take you to the Expo but even into the gateway to the future world. You can experience the first-ever ropeless elevator which is designed to take you vertically, horizontally as well as inclined. Being ropeless more than one of these could be placed in one chamber which will save time and as they use 70 percent less energy, they will save fuel too.- Drench in indoor Rainfall: Thanks to SunGlacier technology which can extract water out of the air.  This technology helps in producing water using solar power which will further help in the irrigation of the crops as well as generating drinking water for everyone.- Country’s First-ever Opera:You can be a part of the country's first-ever Opera show. Yes, Dubai is organizing an Opera Show for their foreign guests of Dubai Expo 2020, which will be their first-ever. And you can be a part of the country’s primitive Opera Show and cherish the joyful mixing of the cultures.- Hog on cuisines:One of the world's biggest fest is happening in the country renowned for having a rich collection of cuisines. More than 200 restaurants around Al Wasl Plaza have started preparations for the big period. You can relish on the classic variety, taste, and quality of the delicacies provided by these popular restaurants in Dubai.- Shopping:Dubai Expo 2020 is putting more than 5,000 items on offer prices for everyone to grab. These items will have the main and sub-themes of the fest and they will cover almost all the categories starting from cosmetics to health products. You have the privilege to get a hold on any of these things in the comfort of your home as they are being sold offline as well as online.Note:Children aged 5 to 17 years can book the child ticket.Children aged below 5 years can enter for free.

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"both the tours were really amazing.\nDubai city tour was nice, learned a lot about their history.\ndesert Safari was awesome but the food was ok ok .\nthe shows were awesome only if the food and drinks were organized well it would have been more fun"
29 January 2019
Burj Khalifa is a brilliant architectural structure. Spending money on visiting the building is really worth. We got a hassle-free booking through Thrillophilia. Thanks to Aditya. Thanks to Thrillophilia. The price is fair enough and I purchased the ticket for 125th floor and 124th floor. The visit was grand and memorable.
12 June 2019
"Awesome experience at the top. A must if you are in Dubai. Thank you thrillophilia for your co-operation. "
25 September 2018
It has been a great experience with full enjoyment. All the attractions were really beautiful, especially Jumeirah Beach, Burj Khalifa and Palm Islands. Very helpful guide and safe driving throughout. Good support from Thrillophilia too. Good roads and transportation system. Nice people also. Great support and on time booking and confirmation from Thrillophilia. Felt so happy. Thanks Bhavesh, thanks Thrillophilia.
25 September 2018
Bus pick up was delayed. But as a whole, liked the activities since all of them were really fun filled. For this cost, the package is worth. Camel rides, falcon, biking, jeep safari, dune bashing, belly dance, tanaura dance, fire item, dress material, hooka , biking and henna designing are great things that should not be missed. Great people and great food. Thrillophillia gives this at a cheaper price than the actual vendor. Will come here once again. Will recommend this trip to anyone. Thanks Bhavesh, thanks Thrillophilia.
11 December 2017
Just loved the experience. Me and my friends planned to cover all the activities in Dubai, and this was on our bucket list. The moment we reached the campsite, we knew this was gonna be awesome, as the campsite was so lavish with amazing setup giving it a total royal feel of Dubai, just as i had pictured Dubai since my childhood. As soon as the desert safari started, it was just a thrilling experience, with adrenaline rush, filled with bumpy dunes and with desert all around till your eyes go. Amazing !! Just Amazing !! Thank you Thrillophilia for making this possible.