Burj Al Arab Overview

Accolades from all over the world come and fall on Burj Al Arab for being the most luxurious and stylish hotels in Dubai, located on the coast of the vivacious Persian Gulf. Faultless opulence and impeccable service accommodate branded amenities and spacious rooms and thus it becomes the third tallest hotel in the world and a pearl of Dubai’s commercial scenario.

The private island holds the hotel is located about 280 meters away from Jumeirah Beach and its connection with the mainland is via an artificial bridge. To resemble the sail of a ship, the designers have given their heart and mind to create an alluring structure to the hotel and thus it exactly mimics a cruising ship on the sea. It rises up to 321 meters above the sea level and its atrium lobby is the topmost in the world. From Wild Wadi Water Park the hotel is very close and one can reach there by walking for five minutes.

 28 double storey floors that accommodate around 202 bedroom suites are the main feature of the hotel. Free Wi-Fi, free parking, room service, laundry service, kitchen in all room, hot tub, fitness center, multi cuisine restaurant etc are some of the default amenities you can find at the hotel.

Highlights: In terms of hospitality, Burj Al Arab sets new standards with superlative service and amenities. Mind blowing decorations and attractions embrace even the sidelined beauty present in the hotel to make it look like a fairyland. The underwater aquarium restaurant where you can reach through a simulated submarine would let your eyes widened.

A sturdy fleet of Rolls Royce on the front court and a vast helipad are the yet another celebrated attributions. Thus celebrities are not uncommon here. Would you be surprised to know that you will get your cappuccino sprinkled with gold dust? Furthermore, the ground surface made of layers of rocks circled with a concrete honeycomb is a brilliant architectural pattern will protect the foundation from erosion.

Location: It is located at Jumeirah, Dubai. From Dubai airport it lies 26 kms away.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah has landmarked Dubai city, rightly so, since it is one of the top five super-luxury hotels in the world. More than a hotel, it is one of the iconic tourist destinations in Dubai that is visited by tourists from all around the world. And, it has its own island!

Thrown open to the public in December of 1999 and known by its distinct sail-shaped architecture, Burj Al Arab rises over 321 metres above the sea level, making it one of the tallest hotels in the world. It is even taller than the Eiffel Tower.

It is the world’s only seven-star hotel in the world and offers the penultimate luxury to its guests. Right from chauffeur driven Rolls Royce to gold plated marble facades, extravagant menus by Michelin-starred chefs, luxuriant Hermes toiletries, personal attendants, around 85,000 hand-fixed Swarovski crystals, flowers shipped from Holland, Kenya & Thailand, In-room connectivity by Apple, the Burj is known for overwhelming whoever visits it for the first time.

It can be safely said that Burj Al Arab has changed how modern Dubai is perceived. Tourists and visitors can enter the hotel only up till the lobby. To actually enter the hotel, you are required to book a room. The hotel is primarily done up in deep gold and saffron colour silhouettes that lends it a super-rich look. The atrium of the hotel is separated from the external environment by fibreglass that is held together by a network of steel cables. This helps in minimising the extreme desert dry air, sand, and heat to enter the hotel, at the same time allowing softened daylight to light up the entire property.

The hotel’s terrace is almost a destination in itself with over 126 beach sunbeds, luxurious butler-serviced Cabanas, complete with private shower areas. Burj has 202 suites ranging from 170sqm to 780 sqm Royal suite, which can be booked at $24,000 per night.

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How To Reach

The hotel provides a variety of chauffeur driven luxury cars like BMW, Rolls Royce, and Chevrolet Tahoe for private and comfortable transportation of its guests from the Dubai International Airport.

Other options are travelling by the Metro, which takes around an hour’s time or booking a private taxi or an Uber, which will take you around 20 minutes to reach the Burj.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Burj Al Arab is between the months of November and December or during March. You will find less number of tourists and cooler weather. The months of December till February make Dubai very crowded since a number of festivals are held during these months.

Summer months from April till August are not advisable due to extremely hot and dry weather, typical of a desert.

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Other Essential Information

Location: Burj Al Arab is located along the Jumeirah BeachRoad, around 25 kilometres from the Dubai International Airport.

Timings: Burj Al Arab is a full-service hotel and is accessible 24/7 by the guests residing there. Tourists and visitors can visit the property for dining or having high tea at any of the nine restaurants.

Price: The prices of the suites at Burj Al Arab range from $1000 up to $ 24,000 per night depending on the suite that you book.

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Tips for Visiting Burj Al Arab

Keep a tab on the suite-booking amount that you have paid at the time of the initial booking. There are cases when the prices go down in between the booking periods. In case that happens, don’t hesitate to cancel your booking and make a new one.

Instead of using luxury cars like Rolls Royce, Lamborghini etc. provided by the hotel for local sightseeing or for airport transfers, you could use the local taxis. These taxis are not only easily available but also cost way less than luxury cars.

Try to get the hotel to include breakfast in your menu as an add-on. Else, breakfast even as a part of the buffet is quite steeply priced.

You can get an inside view of the Burj only if you are staying at the hotel or if you are dining there. It is not open to visitors just for sightseeing.

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Burj Al Arab FAQs

Is Burj Al Arab a 7-star hotel?

Burj Al Arab is actually a 5-star hotel. In fact, there is no 7-star rating in the hospitality industry. However, the hotel is so luxurious and opulent and the services are so exclusive, that it goes beyond the definition of a 5-star hotel. The Jumeirah Group promotes the hotel as the most luxurious hotel in the world with seven-star service.

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What is the best time of the day to visit Burj Al Arab?

The best time of the day to visit Burj Al Arab is at the sunset time in the evening. Watching the sunset from a height of 321 metres is a mesmerising sight and an unforgettable experience. Recommended read: 20 Best Fun Things to Do in Dubai.

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What does Burj Al Arab mean?

Burj Al Arab in the Arabic language means ‘Tower of the Arabs’.

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What are the operating days and timings of Burj Al Arab?

Burj Al Arab functions 24/7 all around the year. However, the timings of the restaurants may change during the time of Ramzan, which will be notified to you by the hotel staff. Suggested read: 15 Best Museums in Dubai.

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What is unique about Burj Al Arab?

- Burj Al Arab is amongst the world’s tallest hotels standing at a height of 321 metres. It is 14 metres taller than the Eiffel Tower.

- The hotel is built on its own man-made island. - The property is studded with over 86, 000 pieces of Swarovski crystals and 10 million mosaic tiles.

- Every room, whether occupied or not, has flower ornamentations. These flowers are shipped specially from Thailand, Holland, Kenya, and South Africa.

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- The hotel offers luxury cars like BMW and Rolls Royce to transfer guests from the airport. The guests can use cars to the likes of Aston Martin and Lamborghini for a private drive around Dubai.

- The hotel has a helipad on its roof and has had celebrity like Tiger Woods, Andre Agassi, and Roger Federer play their sports here.

- The hotel has been the location for the shoot of films like Mission Impossible etc. - The ceiling in the Junsui Bar in the hotel is the largest Swarovski ceiling in the world and is worth around AED 1.3 million.

- The hotel’s interiors are influenced by the Arab culture and natural elements of earth, air, water, and fire studded with 1790 sqm of gold. - The hotel holds many records like that serving the world’s most expensive cocktail and the world’s largest tin of caviar. Also check: 25 Best Things to Do in Dubai at Night.

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How long does it take to go around Burj Al Arab?

The hotel does not provide access to tourists to sightsee around the hotel and you cannot book a tour. To gain access, you need to dine or opt for high tea at one of the nine restaurants.

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How do I get to Burj Al Arab from Mall of the Emirates metro station?

The Mall of the Emirates Metro Station is around 1 kilometre from the Burj Al Arab. You can book an Uber or a private taxi to reach the hotel. Suggested read: 30 Best Places for Shopping in Dubai.

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How many rooms are there in Burj Al Arab?

The Burj Al Arab Hotel has an all-suite concept instead of rooms. It has 202 suites ranging from 170 sqm to 780 sqm. The options range from Deluxe One- Bedroom Suite, Club One-Bedroom Suite, Deluxe Two-Bedroom Suite, Burj Two-bedroom Suite, Burj Three-Bedroom Suite, Presidential Suite, etc.

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Is it allowed to visit Burj Al Arab without booking a room?

While the hotel is an exclusive property reserved for the guests, tourists have an option of visiting it briefly. You cannot just visit for sightseeing but will have to opt for either dining or high tea at any of the nine restaurants at the hotel.

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Is there any restaurant available in Burj Al Arab?

There are nine restaurants at Burj Al Arab. The Scape Restaurant and Lounge offers cuisines from Latin America, Asia, and the Mediterranean. Gold on 27 is a gold embellished bar offering cocktails created by award-winning mixologists who use rare and special ingredients.

Al Mahara restaurant runs under Nathan Outlaw, a Michelin starred chef and has private dining rooms along with a floor to ceiling aquarium. Juna Bar is the perfect place to have a pre-dinner or post-dinner drink while enjoying the views of the Gulf. Giving an exquisite view of the Dubai coastline is the Al Muntaha restaurant, which serves delectable French cuisine. The Skyview Bar offers unique cocktails and Sky Tea.

Al Iwan is a spectacular dining place done up in rich Arabic hues and murals offering traditional Arabic cuisine. Other great restaurants are Junsui that serves East Asian cuisine, Bab Al Yam offering the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines, and Sahn Eddar offers exquisite teas, desserts, and light eats. Suggested read: 35 Best Restaurants in Dubai.

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Burj Al Arab Reviews

Lakshya Mathur
Reviewed: 30 Jun 2022
Kudos to Mr. Chamika and The Captain Mr. William
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Lakshya Mathur
Reviewed: 26 Sep 2022
.that was a fantastic tour. We’ll organized. Easy to buy the tickets online.  Super friendly tour team!

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