Motiongate Overview

You might be aware till now that Dubai is the land of a lot of theme parks, each of which is special in its own. There is another park that is a must-visit for you in Dubai - The Motiongate. This theme park will let you experience the world of Hollywood like never before as you meet your favourite cartoon characters. This is something of a magical world for the movie buffs. 

Motiongate Dubai is the world’s largest Hollywood inspired adventure park for complete family entertainment. The true beauty of Motiongate Dubai reflects a blend of legendary film studios – Lionsgate, Columbia Pictures, and DreamWorks Animation.

It's now time to peep behind the reel Hollywood presentations and go behind the scenes – precisely what the Motiongate Dubai promises you with. Understand the illusion of the filmmaking process, as well as creating both innovative and engaging stories at Motiongate Dubai.

The entire theme park is split across into five different zones – Columbia Pictures, DreamWorks, Smurfs Village, Lionsgate, and Studio Central. Featuring around 27 different Hollywood inspired rides and attractions, Motiongate Dubai offers you a fair chance to go beyond the screen and greet your favourite characters.

Capitol Bullet Train, Panem Aerial Tour, Hotel Transylvania, Underworld 4D, Zombieland Blast Off, Ghostbusters: Battle for New York, The Green Hornet: High-Speed Chase and Flint’s Imagination Lab are some noteworthy attractions.

Motiongate Dubai zones are inspired by around 13 different action and animated films such as Hotel Transylvania, The Smurfs, Shrek, Ghostbusters, and The Hunger Games. Five exhilarating roller coaster rides of Motiongate Dubai defines its aura at yet another level. Amongst all, Madagascar Mad Pursuit is must-see as it is Dubai’s fastest roller coaster ride.

There are around 15 retail outlets, nine restaurants for family, and multiple kiosks to satiate your appetite. Also, there’s a Hollywood Theatre which serves as a multi-purpose one with a seating capacity for 1000 heads. At the end of your visit, do not forget to pick some merchandise or souvenirs from retail outlets.

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• With 40 world-class attractions in 4 studio zones, Motiongate Dubai is UAE's largest Hollywood based theme park.
• Let Dubai's scorching heat not inundate your fun vibes with air-conditioned play areas and attractions.
• The 11 fun-filled kids and family rides, 6 adventurous roller coaster rides, water rides, and Meet and Greet experiences ascertain that you have the best time of your life here.
• Experience state-of-the-art 4D motion simulators at the Lionsgate Zone.
• Explore the Smurfs Village, meet and greet them, click selfies, and enjoy a spectacular ride around the smurf studio.
• Visit the Dreamworks zone and feel your heart racing fast as you soar high in roller coaster rides like Madagascar Mad Pursuit and Dragon Gliders.
• While at the park, catch up to the live shows of your favourite stars.
• Choose one from many available tickets like Motiongate Dubai - Amazing Mondays, Day Ticket, Two Park Ticket, Annual Pass, and VIP Annual Pass.


• Wheelchair Accessible

How To Reach

Try any of the following routes to make your way to the Motiongate Dubai from Dubai Airport: 

1. By Metro – There’s a Red Line Metro Service available from Airport Terminal 3 to drop you at the Jebel Ali. Your journey from Airport Terminal 3 to Jebel Ali will last for around 1 hour and 03 minutes and will cost you about 70 to 140 INR.

Once you reach Jebel Ali, hire a taxi to drop you at your final destination. Jebel Ali is present at a distance of around 21m drive from Motiongate Dubai. Your taxi journey shall cost you around 900 to 1000 INR.

2. By Bus – Start your journey from the Airport Terminal 3 by boarding a Red Line which will drop you at Burjuman. Red Line is available every 10 minutes, so you don’t need to worry about its frequency. Also, it will hardly take around 10 minutes to drop you at the Burjuman and will cost you approximately 50 to 90 INR.

Walk towards Burjuman Metro Bus Stop A to board Bus No. 91 which will drop you at the Jebel Ali Free Zone, Kanoo Group. This journey shall last for around an hour and will cost you somewhere between 120 to 180 INR.

Your final destination is at a drive of about 14 minutes from Jebel Ali Free Zone, Kanoo Group.

3. By Drive – A direct drive from Dubai Airport to the Motiongate Dubai will require around 42 minutes. The distance between your start and endpoints is approximately 59.7km. In case you have a private car, you will only have to pay for the fuel.

4. By Towncar – Jayride provides town car services that run between Dubai Airport and Motiongate Dubai. Your town car ride will cost you around 5000 to 7000 INR. It is better to go ahead with the Towncar selection if you are arriving in a group of more than 3 people or you have a lot of luggage along with you.

5. By Uber – Uber also offers its transfer services from Dubai Airport to Motiongate Dubai. Your Uber drive will cost you around 3000 to 4000 INR for a one-way trip. Again, this alternative is useful if you are planning to visit Motiongate Dubai in a group or carrying heavy luggage.

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Best Time To Visit

The months between November to March is the best time to schedule your visit to Motiongate Dubai. It will take approximately 4 to 5 hours to wind up your entire tour here. Since the place is fully air conditioned, you can enjoy it at any time of the day.

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Other Essential Information

Restaurants in Motiongate Dubai

Motiongate Dubai won’t leave you hungry at all. There are myriads of dining options to try here for some mouth-watering foods - 

1. Hotel Beastro: You’ll get some monstrously delicious quick bites here such as chicken, burgers, fried foods, salads and sandwiches. Ice-creams and other desserts are some of their outstanding delicacies to try for sure.

2. Mr Ping’s Noodle Shop: Try their range of cuisines right in the Chinese style. Noodle soup, steamed dumplings, and fried rice are unique delicacies of this dining zone.

3. King Julien’s Side Show Café: It is one of the best Cafe in Dubai. There’s finger-licking chicken, vegan quiches, mashed potatoes, and shepherd's pie to grab from King Julien’s Side Show Café. While you enjoy your family dinner time here, do not forget to be a part of their full-fledged dance party.

4. Very Smurfy Café: Baker Smurf is ever-ready to serve you with some smurfy sneak peek. Here, you can feed on some Arabic style cuisines, and sandwiches. To customize your healthy platter with side stuff such as grilled chicken and Italian style pizzas.

5. Baby Brent’s Luncheonette: If you are a big fan of sliced pizzas or salads or pasta, Baby Brent’s Luncheonette is a perfect family restaurant to reserve your seat.

6. The Candy Apple: For ages, the Candy Apples are known to provide a feast which is both adventurous and scrumptious. Indulge yourself in its appetizers, rack of lamb, bangers, beef, and mash with other classic entrees.

7. Dragon Flame Grill: Gourmet shawarma, tabbouleh and grilled kebabs are best served at the Dragon Flame Grill.

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Places to Shop in Motiongate Dubai

Besides being known for its theme-based fun-filled adventure, Motiongate Dubai is known as a shopper’s paradise. Here are some of the best places to shop -

1. Daily Variety Store: Daily Variety Store is a one-stop location to shop for some exciting merchandise. Right from toys to jewellery to the flip flops to apparels, they’ve got everything here.

2. Sweet Sweet Nothings: Do highlight this place on your Motiongate Dubai itinerary to shop for some signatory sweets and candies. This shop sells wide assortments of chocolates, jellybeans, lollipops and gummy bears.

3. Lens Fair: Lens Fair is here to serve you with some of the exciting memories of Motiongate Dubai. Do not forget to go through the extensive collection of photographs they have in store in their hall of fame.

4. Studio Store: For all those who are in search of Hollywood related products, can get it all under the roof of Studio Store. Film reel accessories, apparel, and other souvenirs are things to buy here.

5. Creature Comforts: Here you can get some Hotel Transylvania inspired products such as mugs, caps, notebooks, and magnets.

6. Ghostly Gifts: Enjoy picking your favourite Ghostbuster spirit photos or other souvenirs at Ghostly Gifts and scare your siblings with a thrill.

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7. Gifts to Die For: Planning to gift something to someone special on the upcoming Halloween? Try the Gift to Die For shop at Motiongate Dubai and search on an exciting range of Halloween products and other gift stuff.

8. Smurfs Studios Stores: Get back to your childhood days or gift your child something unique this year. Smurfs Studios Stores has an exciting collection of smurfy toys, flip flops and beach towels.

9. Shrek Shak: Dwelling in and around Shrek Shak is undoubtedly going to engage you to invest in buying some Shrek’s belongings. There are pencils, magnets, notebooks, terrific bags, and crazy mugs to buy. And guess what? You can even meet the dear princess of Shrek at Shak – Fiona.

10. Hiccup’s Workshop: Have you ever thought about how you could train your dragon? If not, Hiccup’s Workshop is the right place for you. Besides learning how to train your dragon, Hiccup’s Workshop is all about good stuff as a takeaway memory of Motiongate Dubai. Shields, bags, notebooks, helmets, and night furry mugs are some of those special things to gift someone.

11. Big Top Treasures: Take your favourite characters home from the Big Top Treasures. Meet Alex, and his friends – Gloria, Marty, Melman, and Penguins at the Big Top Treasures. You can surely collect some notebooks, travel bags, travel bags, and signature mugs from here.

12. Dragon Warrior Shrine and Gift Shop: Every single exhibit at the Dragon Warrior Shrine and Gift Shop are incredible. Grab a hold on Kung Fu Panda products – apparels, t-shirts, awesome mugs, caps etc. at Dragon Warrior Shrine and Gift Shop.

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Tips for Visiting Motiongate Dubai

- Purchasing tickets online will fetch you a good discount.

- To avail reasonable offers, prefer to buy multi-park tickets.

- It is always better to arrive early during the opening hours of Motiongate Dubai. Arriving early gives you a fair chance to avoid crowds and enjoy all the rides and attractions to the fullest.

- Navigating through different zones of the Motiongate Dubai is quite easier. There are around 5 different zones to enjoy here. There’s a high possibility of some rides to be under maintenance. You can re-visit those later.

- In case you are planning to bring your children here at the Motiongate Dubai, cross-check all the rides which are compatible with them. For this purpose, you may browse to their official website for height requirements. Bigger children surely have got a lot of things to do within.

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- If it is convenient for you, please try to plan your visit to Motiongate Dubai during weekdays. Weekends tend to be quite busy here. Besides, summers are best to enjoy at Motiongate Dubai as the crowd is almost non-existent during this period.

- As Dreamworks is purely an indoor attraction, it is better to get the most out of it while the sunlight is still on. You can reserve outdoor attractions to be enjoyed in the nightlight.

- Before you step out from your house, make sure that you have charged your cell phones and camera quite well.

- If you have any children accompanying you, make sure to spare some time off to enjoy snack breaks. Also, make sure that each of your group members stays hydrated throughout the visit.

- Always keep it a point to check the weather conditions before you plan on your visit to the Motiongate Dubai.

- Motiongate Dubai homes to ATM, drinking fountains, first aid stations, strollers, lockers, and wheelchair facilities.

- Many rides and attractions here have a specific limitation concerning height requirements. Please cross-check it before you plan out your itinerary.

- You won’t be allowed to smoke once you step inside the Motiongate Dubai as it completely smoke-free park.

- You can’t carry your pets along with you.

- Do not forget to make the best use of the tram facility, which interconnects different zones within Motiongate Dubai. It is an excellent time-saving option.

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Day Wise Timings
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Normal Timings:
11:00 AM to 09:00 PM
Normal Timings:
11:00 AM to 09:00 PM
Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
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Normal Timings:
11:00 AM to 09:00 PM
Normal Timings:
11:00 AM to 09:00 PM
Normal Timings:
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Point of Interest for Motiongate
Smurfs Village

Smurfs Village

If you are a big fan of the animated movie Smurfs then it is your chance to experience the animation in real life. From riding various Smurf themed rides to getting a chance to meet and greet the characters, this place will offer numerous activity options to you like:

  • Smurfs Village Express: This place is surrounded by mushroom-topped houses, and is the perfect type of roller coaster for your younger ones. It meanders around smurf villages and farmyard and forest towns. 
  • Smurfs Studio Tours: The beloved Smurf celebrities will take you on a tour of a magical and fanciful movie studio, where you'll be the star of the show! This ride is kids favorite, and also for all the animated movie lovers!

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If you are a fan of John Wick and Now You See Me then Lionsgate is waiting to offer you a thrilling experience of the same. This zone has introduced the fastest single car spinning coaster based on the said movie. The roller coasters here are famed for having a 310 m track which can reach a speed of 64 KMPH, hence making the riding experience even more thrilling.

  • John Wick: A 4D Free Spin Coaster that is a 310-meter ride, that reaches a height of 36 meters and achieves speeds of 70 kilometers per hour. This thrilling ride lets you experience an adrenaline-rush kind of adventure. 
  • The Now You See Me: High Roller is a 519m spinning coaster from Maurer Rides that will feature a top speed of 70km/h, a ride time of 103 seconds, and six cars. This ride is estimated to be the world's fastest single-car spinning coaster.

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Columbia Pictures

Columbia Pictures

Columbia Pictures is one of those zones which will let you relive your childhood while at the same time providing the much required thrill to you. From river expeditions to roller coasters, a wide variety of activities can be enjoyed here, hence making it a must try zone. The zone also hosts a meet and greet with your favourite characters from the series of "Hotel Transylvania"

The Green Hornet: Based on the ‘Green Hornet’ movie, this roller coaster is an amazing speedy ride through a hazardous junkyard full of thrilling leaps. Here we are talking about the 1965 Chrysler Imperial Crown and the Black Beauty! 

Zombieland Blast Off: Zombieland Blast Off is an intriguing horror amusement with barricaded doors, crudely written survival suggestions, and homemade weaponry. Dare to enter the eerie ruins of an abandoned amusement park, where you may come face to face with zombies at any moment. Your only way out is to climb a 58-meter drop tower, a free fall adventure!

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One of the top attractions located in Motiongate is the Dreamworks where you can enjoy numerous rides and activities related to your favourite cartoons. From Ghostbusters to hotel Transylvania, you will stumble upon various different movie sets here.

  • Dragon Gliders: Dragon Gliders lets you soar over the skies and experience the incredible sensation of flying. On a suspended roller coaster ride takes you through the caves and high over the charming settlement of Berk.
  • Madagascar Pursuit: If you like to move it around, Madagascar Mad Pursuit is the game for you! Climb aboard the world's fastest and scariest roller coaster and you'll be whisked away on an action-packed journey through the circus.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Motiongate FAQs

What is the best time of the day to visit Motiongate Dubai?

It is always better to mark your presence early during the opening hours of the Motiongate Dubai to enjoy the park to your fullest. Early hours will surely keep you away from all the hassles of the crowd and will give you a liberty to stroll freely here and there. However, it is advisable to cross-check the operational timings of Motiongate Dubai as they keep changing. It may so happen that some rides won't be available at your preferred time. You can connect with the Motiongate Dubai authorities for verifying the operational hours of this theme park.

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What is a must-see attraction inside Motiongate Dubai?

Every single attraction within the Motiongate Dubai is worthy of visiting. Capitol Bullet Train, Madagascar Mad Pursuit, The Green Hornet: High-Speed Chase, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – River Expedition, Dragon Gliders, and Zombieland Blast Off are must-see attractions of Motiongate Dubai.

Is Motiongate Indoor or Outdoor?

You can categorise Motiongate Dubai as partly indoor and outdoor. It has a myriad of external exhibits, but the majority of its rides and shows are scheduled indoors. Dreamworks Section of the Motiongate Dubai is purely indoors.

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How many rides are there in Motiongate Dubai?

Motiongate Dubai homes to around 27 different rides and attractions which are inspired by many famous Hollywood movies. Be ready to witness the bliss of Smurfs and the Hunger Games, Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Ghostbusters and similar Hollywood movies at the Motiongate Dubai.

Can I carry food inside Motiongate Dubai?

You are not allowed to carry any outside food or beverages within the boundaries of Motiongate Dubai. However, you are allowed to make a special request to carry any forms of dietary or infant foods in non-glass containers.

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When did Motiongate Dubai open?

Motiongate Dubai became operational from 16th December 2016.

What is unique about Motiongate Dubai?

Motiongate Dubai stands amongst the three most significant and successful Hollywood motion picture studios featuring a blend of creative and innovative storytelling.

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Who owns Motiongate Dubai?

Parques Reunidos is the owner of Motiongate Dubai.

How many roller coasters are there?

Motiongate Dubai homes to around 6 rollercoaster rides namely – Zombieland Blast Off, Smurf Village Express, The Green Hornet: High-Speed Chase, Madagascar Mad Pursuit, Capitol Bullet Train, and Dragon Gliders.

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Is Locker facility available inside Motiongate Dubai?

Yes, Motiongate Dubai offers a locker facility to store all your belongings so that you may enjoy your visit hassle-free. Once you reach here at Motiongate Dubai, you can connect with the park authorities and get yourself acquainted with the locker facility available indoors.

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