Dubai International Boat Show Overview

An annual extravaganza for boat lovers, Dubai International Boat Show celebrates the latest innovations in diving and aquatic equipment. This grand boat show is second to none in all of UAE, GCC and Middle East. You get to uncover the luxurious yachts and superyachts which can help you decide in choosing the perfect boat for yourself through this Boat Show.

Dubai International Boat Show is an astonishing marine show and a lifestyle event which is appreciated by Boat lovers from all over the world. The event is conducted annually at a grand scale in the Dubai Marina to exhibit the latest aquatic and diving innovations.

It is the biggest show in all of UAE where one can get the boat of their dreams. Dubai International Boat Show features some of the finest-luxurious yachts and superyachts from impressive brands such as Princess, Feadship, Cranchi, San Lorenzo, Gulf Craft and more. The 5 to 7 days of this spectacular show are never enough to admire the stunning global & regional launches that are highlighted here.

There is so much more to the Dubai International Boat Show apart from admiring the magnificent boats. You can try out some futuristic toys and gadgets to enjoy thrilling watersports at Dubai Marina. The show is a popular event which features world premieres of the latest technology developed and you get to try your hand at them before anyone else at the Dubai International Boat Show.


• Dubai International Boat Show is an exclusive annual event of 5 - 7 days that has been hosted in Dubai for more than 25 years.
• Many brands choose this event for the world premieres of their latest boats, equipment and technologies
• You have a chance to try the futuristic gadgets and toys developed by leading brands related to watersports
• Remarkable yachts and superyachts are displayed at the exhibit to let people admire their beauty or choose a perfect boat for themselves
• Get a chance to connect for one-on-one meetings with the best suppliers of the right products for your boat.
• Witness people taking part in challenging competitions and competing for mind blowing rewards, or participate yourself for a chance to win the latest gadgets or an alluring prize.

How To Reach

The location of the Dubai International Boat Show varies every year; we recommend you to check the exact location before planning your trip as it is updated a few weeks before the event on their official website.

Best Time To Visit

Dubai International Boat Show is an annual event which is generally held around the month of March for more than 25 years. It is advised that you check the exact dates before planning your trip to Dubai, in order to avoid missing out on this lavish experience.

Other Essential Information

Tips to Visit for Dubai International Boat Show:

  • Make sure you check the dates beforehand and book the tickets in advance in order to avoid disappointment as this event requires you to register before visiting.
  • Make sure you wear comfortable clothes if you plan on trying new innovations at the exhibit.
  • All the foreign tourists are advised to keep their passports and valid photo ID proofs with themselves at all times.
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Day Wise Timings
Normal Timings:
08:00 AM to 05:00 AM
Normal Timings:
08:00 AM to 05:00 AM
Normal Timings:
08:00 AM to 05:00 AM
Normal Timings:
08:00 AM to 05:00 AM
Normal Timings:
Normal Timings:
Normal Timings:
08:00 AM to 05:00 AM
Point of Interest for Dubai International Boat Show
Exclusive Launches at the 2022 Dubai International Boat Show:

Exclusive Launches at the 2022 Dubai International Boat Show:

  • Princess Y85: Contemporary design of this stunning yacht will surely blow your mind away in just one glance. Princess Y85 comfortably berths 8 people and touches the top speed of 30-32 knots in the blink of an eye with the powerful engine. With state of the art interiors, this elegant boat makes the right partner to go on a river cruise with your loved ones
  • Damen Yachting Seaxplorer 60: As the name suggests, this is just the boat you need to go on a luxury voyage to explore the sea with your friends or family. With 4 decks in total coming up to a wide 1,850 sq m of outer deck and inside area, Seaxplorer 60 can easily host a party of 12 guests for about 30 days. The boat has enough room to accommodate the 17 staff members to support the cruise.
  • Moonlight II: Moonlight II is an incredible boat that offers accommodation for a total of 36 guests that also takes care of their recreational needs. The yacht has the best spa facilities & saloons, 3 D cinema and amazing cabins including a private jacuzzi on the owner’s deck. The beauty of this yacht will add charm to the special occasions you celebrate on this boat.
  • Sunreef Eco Line 80: A superyacht with superior living spaces, Sunreef Eco Line 80 is a stunning luxury catamaran which is also eco-responsible. The solar panels that line the side of this beautiful boat are connected to a solar power system which can generate up to 32kWp. It also allows full customization of the interiors opening up infinite possibilities to decorate your dream boat.
See the Innovations of the future at Dubai International Boat Show:

See the Innovations of the future at Dubai International Boat Show:

  • Triton: Featured for the first time at Dubai Boat Show, Triton offers a possibility of dining at new depths. With a capacity of accommodating 7 - 9 people, Triton 600 AVA Series makes reality feel like a dream. This out of the world experience is made possible due to the world’s first submersibles which comes with a free-form acrylic pressure hull. You can enjoy your meal with your friends seated comfortably while admiring the marine life through the transparent glass ceiling.
  • Folding Fins: A brand new technology, Folding FIns make diving a lot more fun because of the unique features and cutting edge technology. The wonderful innovation has features such as adjustable foot size which you can easily carry with you to your vacation as it is 50% lighter than traditional fins. If you are a keen diver then these Folding Fins by Exco are just the right fit for you.
  • Jone Infinity Seascooter: It is a new self floating device which takes you up to the depths of 30 meters to explore underwater. It is powered by a long battery which can easily run for about 40 minutes non stop to provide you an extremely fun ride while in the sea. A handy device like this is perfect to bring along with you on your vacation to a tropical island.
  • Winner Vue-1 Kayak: Taking your kayaking game up a notch with this unique design masterpiece. This crystal clear boat lets two people ride at one time and explore the sea like never before. You can feel like a part of the sea while paddling your way on this stunning beauty. Just strap on the life jacket and get your camera ready to capture amazing moments on this boat ride.
Innovative Eco-Friendly technologies:

Innovative Eco-Friendly technologies:

  • Faro Boats: Fully autonomous, the Faro 5 Solar Set is the first of its kind created specially for leisure boating. This 100% sustainable boating solution integrates cutting edge technology to create a Solar Power charging dock. Faro has excelled at thinking ahead of time and creating solutions for the modern world.
  • Seabubble: SeaBubbles have created an urban hydrogen flying boat which glides through water with “Zero Wave, Zero Noise, Zero Emission”. The hybrid hydrogen-electric propulsion system along with retractable foils makes the boat ride super smooth. With this high end boat you have a sustainable alternative to access mobility in the waterways.
  • SiFly: SiFly boards lets you experience the magic of flying over water with its hi-tech design which is the most user friendly e-foil in the market. It is not only eco friendly but also an emission free sport that takes care of the natural surroundings. You can just plug the battery in and start foiling through the water with SiFly.
Exclusive Luxury Events:

Exclusive Luxury Events:

With some tailored features exclusive to the VIPs, Dubai International Boat Show takes the event up a notch every year. Several ordeals such as Marine Art Gallery by Feadship and other luxurious exhibits make up for an ultimate experience. Some of these events are invitation only and pre-arranged for the VVIPs to explore the global and regional launches of superyachts at the show. Big giants from different fields also come to the exhibit to showcase their latest and premium products specially for the luxury clientele that the show invites every year.

Middle East Yachting Conference:

Middle East Yachting Conference:

The Middle East Yachting Conference is an important part of the Dubai International Boat Show being conducted for more than 25 years. The speakers at the conference share their insights and discuss the ground-breaking and inventive agenda that covers the industry's top trends and important topics. Attendees get to hear about relevant issues such as empowering women in the yachting sector, perfecting yacht design, boosting industry sustainability, and even cybersecurity, including how hackers are evading the security and data overseas.

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Dubai International Boat Show FAQs

When is the Dubai International Boat Show held?

The date for the event is variable and keeps changing every year. Generally the date falls around the month of March, and it is advisable to check the official website beforehand to get the accurate details about the event.

What can I do at the Dubai International Boat Show?

  • Try the new gadgets and toys: With a state of the art collection of new gadgets, Dubai International Boat Show is a place where you can have a lot of fun. You get to try the diving and aquatic equipment which are being developed to enhance the luxury experiences of people on seas around the world
  • Admire the luxury yachts and superyachts: Dubai International Boat Show is known for the lavish boats and catamarans that are displayed at this exhibit. People come from afar to this boat heaven to pick and choose the right boat for themselves. Just a glimpse of these contemporary boats is enough to captivate you and send you daydreaming about your next river cruise on these super luxurious yachts.

  • Compete with your peers in exciting competitions: With several people rolling in the Dubai International Boat Show, it is only natural that the organizers host fun and engaging competitions for the entertainment of the visitors. Visitors may be able to find everything at the Dubai Boat Show depending on the venue, from upgrading your wakeboard ride with a new boat to trying out some of the latest water sports gear and goods

How can I enter the Dubai International Boat Show?

You need to register online on the official website, in advance. You receive a confirmation email after the completion of the process and that is how you ensure that you won’t be missing out on this extraordinary event.

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