Beachside Camping in Dubai

Beach Camping in Dubai is surely one of the most fun activities anyone should do in their vacation life. The pristine beaches of Dubai are enticing in any way you can think of. The sheer number of beaches that are there in Dubai is still a shock to many. Beaches like Banan beach that are an eye feast with a pleasant ambience and simplistic view are loved by people from around the world. The Al Quwain beach where you can stroll around along with camping, is the best if you like stargazing at night.

Beach camping near Dubai is a fantastic way to get close to the wildlife of migratory birds and you can sleep looking at the Beautiful sunset and the Orange glowing horizon. If you are a person who wants to have some pleasant time with your family away from all the crowd and the busy city life, Dubai beach camping is something you should go for.

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Dubai Beachside Camping FAQs

Which are the best places for beach camping in and near Dubai?

1. The Dazzling Al Dhafra Beach

Away from all the city hustle bustle and crowd, Al Dahfra beach is a place where you can feel very close to nature. The Al Dahfra beach has been loved for a long time and has become pretty famous for being one of the best spots for beach camping in Dubai. You can have a pretty romantic time camping and BBQ across this beach. Camping under the stars and enjoying the pleasant weather looking at the Orange horizon will be the best part of your experience at the Al Dhafra beach. In this relaxing beach you can also go fishing and then BBQ that fish on the campfire.

Location: 15 miles south to Abu dhabi

2. Umm Al Quwain Beach

A beach where you can camp and also find some enchanting life like Flamingos and several other migratory birds has to be Al Quwain Beach. This beach is located on the peninsula of Al Raas. This beach has so much natural silence bearing it, that families prefer to camp here over and over. Beaches like Al Quwain are the reason why Dubai beach camping is adored around the world. The beach that suits family and friends is also great for swimming and has a pleasant sunset view.

Location: Umm al-Qaywayn, United Arab Emirates

3. White sand beach

Suitable for camping all around the year, the white Sand beach is located on the outskirts of Dubai. Although there are several options available for Beach Camping near Dubai, the White Sand beach is like an off-beat location near Dubai for camping. The coastline of Fins and Wadi is what they call the White Sand Beach. Apart from being one of the best places for camping, this beach is also a place where you can go Diving and swimming.

Location: Between the Fins and Wadi Shab

4. Banan Beach
Known for overnight camping, the Banan beach is loved by most of the visitors because of its simplicity and colorful look. Within a reasonable cost you will be provided with all the facilities you can have like tents, chairs and others. The Banan beach is also known for the customer friendly staff offers to anyone who visits the beach. It is also known for day time camping when it’s warm and cozy. It also contains 12 water sports and 47 camping facilities.

Location: Jebel Ali, Dubai

5. Al Aqah Beach in Fujairah
The Amazing land of Fujairah is known for its widespread beaches. The most loveable thing about these beaches is their soft sand and pristine clean waters. Being the best seaside destination, Al Aqah beach is known as one of the best places for beach camping in Dubai. If you are enthusiastic about looking at the stars in the night time while listening to the smoothing waves hitting the beach, then Al Aqah is the go to place when it comes to camping for you. In addition to that you also get a chance to do fun water activities like scuba diving and snorkeling.

Location: Fujairah – United Arab Emirates

Which are the best places for desert camping in Dubai?

1. Hajar Mountains

If you are on the hunt for a quiet place to camp, away from the buzz of daily life, all you need to do is head out only a short way out of the city and you will find a great desert camp near Dubai, the Hajar Mountains. Carry all essentials for camping and trekking before you start off as you will need to trek through the rugged terrains to find your perfect spot to camp.
Spanning a vast area between Oman and the United Arab Emirates, the Hajar Mountains offer peace and serenity amid quaint nature and picturesque scenery. While here, you can also explore the local wildlife, go mountain biking, horse riding, paddleboarding, or kayaking at the lake, feed the swans while picnicking at the Swan Lake, traverse through the local village, and much more.

Location: Hajar Mountains, UAE

2. Jebel Al Jais

Desert camping in Dubai is certainly incomplete without a trip to Jebel Al Jais, one of the tallest mountains in the UAE. Perched high atop the craggy mountains, the campsite offers scenic views of the surrounding areas as well as vantage points to admire the gorgeous canyon of mountains. The climb to the top is relatively easy with well-marked hiking trails.
Campers wake up to the mesmerizing sights of nearby valleys and mountains each morning and drift off to sleep under a starry sky each night, making Jebel Al Jais the one of the best desert camps.

Location: Jebel Al Jais

3. Bedouin Camp

Get a taste of the luxury and regalia that Dubai is so passionate about, at the best desert camp in Dubai, the Bedouin Camp. While living amid all the comforts that are offered to guests here, you will also get an insight into the ways of life of the Bedouin dwellers and the traditional style of living in this desert land.
You can also enjoy a great belly dancing performance, dig into some of the most scrumptious Middle eastern fares and barbecue nights, learn the Bedouin customs and traditions, go on a desert safari, camel riding as well as sand-boarding.

Location: Bedouin Camp, Dubai

4. White Sands Beach

Nestled between Fins and Wadi Shab, White Sands Beach is well known as one of the best desert camp in Dubai with friends and family. Find your sweet spot atop the gorgeous cliff overlooking the beach and pitch your tent there. Apart from offering some of the best views of the surrounding beauty, the serene sounds of the waves breaking off the reef will lull you to sleep at night.

While at it, you may also try your hands at some great water sports in the emerald waters, such as snorkeling, paddle-boarding, diving, and fishing. Moreover, if you wish to take your camping experience a step further, round it off by visiting the umpteen shopping places nearby and get a taste of the endless possibilities that this magical city offers its guests.

Location: White Sands Beach

What is the best time for beach camping in Dubai?

The month of February is the best time to go for beach camping in Dubai because this will be the time when the winter is slowly fading and summer is about to arrive, so it won’t be either too cool or too hot which is perfect for camping. You can also prefer the months of September and October for beach camping near Dubai as these months are just the beginning of winter and the Monsoon would have just ended.

What is the best time for desert camping in Dubai?

The best time for desert camping in Dubai is during the winter months particularly from October to March. This is when the city gets some respite from the sweltering heat of the summer months and also opens up opportunities for a plethora of adventure activities in the desert.

What to carry while going for desert camping in Dubai?

1. Water
2. First-aid & medicine
3. Tents
4. Sun protection
5. Trekking gears
6. Warm clothing
7. Torches
8. Battery Charges
9. Blankets

What to carry while going desert camping in Dubai?

Some of the most important things to carry while going desert camping in Dubai include tents, food, water, torches, battery chargers, blankets, warm clothing, extra sets of clothes, first-aid kits, medicines, trekking gear, trekking boots, mosquito repellants, mobile phone, and maps.

What are the important things to keep in mind while going for desert camping in Dubai?

Although Dubai beach camping and desert camping can be fun, one should be ready with all the precautions and research ready in mind.

1. Pack layer clothing

Although there is a fair chance of the place being warm already, it’s always better to pack warm clothes if the sudden cool weather hits.

2. Don’t camp too close to water

Beach camping near Dubai is pretty fun, but camping too close to the waters will increase your chance of hitting a strong wave, hence placing your tent’s position a little far away from the coast is better.

3. Always plan ahead

Planning ahead is better because you will never know what needs you will be having suddenly so be ready with all the Camping gear like tents, beds, ropes and cooking equipment.

What are the important things to keep in mind while going desert camping in Dubai?

1. Before setting out, be well informed about your chosen site, whether camping is allowed here, if any special permit is required, etc.

2. Carry adequate garbage bags to stash your trash and carry it back to dispose effectively.

3. Quite a few camping sites in Dubai expect guests to carry their own equipment and essentials. So check out all details before venturing out and pack all requisite gear to enjoy a great camping experience.

4. Camping in the desert will naturally mean a dearth of water in the immediate surroundings. Carry adequate water with you to keep you going for days.

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