Dreamland Aqua Park, Dubai: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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Dreamland Aqua Park Tours & Activities

About Dreamland Aqua Park

The picturesque coastline of Umm Al Quwain homes to one of the largest themed water parks of UAE – Dreamland Aqua Park. Situated at a distance of around 45 minutes' drive from Dubai city, this park is encircled by a lush green landscape. Since ages, this park has been serving as one of the most enjoyable holidays escapes in the town.

With more than 30 thrilling rides and attractions, Dreamland Aqua Park holds its head high as an affordable summer holiday destination. Kamikaze, Black Hole, Twisting Dragons, Twister, Slide Five, Family Raft Ride, Rafting River, Mighty Ground, Aqua Play, Lake-o-Waves, Dream Stream, Slam Dunk, Dead Sea, Pool Game, and Jacuzzi are some of them. Out of all, the  Dead Sea stands unique with its high salinity pool. Hippo Island, Aqua Play and Twisting Dragons are all part of this Dead Sea and are exclusively engineered both for toddlers and kids. If water rides are not your cup of tea, you can simply make your way to the dry sports zone, where you have courts for basketball, volleyball, and tennis.

Animal lovers can make their way to the mini pet land, which is located within the Dreamland Aqua Park. There are wide varieties of domesticating animals with whom you can simply capture as many images as you want. Make sure that you do not harm them.

Dreamland Aqua Park also features a video zone, simulator or amphitheatre, restaurants, cafes, and a pool bar. 2-day camping facility is what makes this Dreamland Aqua Park stand unique from the rest themed water parks of Dubai. Locals find this 2-day camping the best option to beat their day-to-day stress and enjoy unlimited access to water attractions, BBQ dinners, and overnight stay here.

Whenever you plan on your itinerary for this visit, make sure that you prepare a checklist to cover every nook and corner of this wonderland. With lots of things to do, you are definitely going to carry some exciting memories back. Let’s see what’s hidden inside.

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How to Reach Dreamland Aqua Park

There are two recommended routes to reach Dreamland Aqua Park - 
Muhammad bin Zayed Road (E311) and Emirates Bypass Road (E611). This park is located at a distance of around 70 km from Dubai International Airport. It will take you approximately 50 to 60 minutes to reach your final destination.

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Best Time to Visit Dreamland Aqua Park

Winter season offers the best climate to roam around in UAE. Thus, plan your visit to Dreamland Aqua Park between November to March when the temperature ranges from 18 to 27 degrees.

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What Not to Miss at Dreamland Aqua Park

Dreamland Aqua Park offers you the best of all amusement and thrilling rides to enjoy throughout the entire duration of your visit. Some of them are - 

1. Twister: It is a 40 m long tunnel which allows you to slide and spin through the inner walls of the bowl and then go for a whopping nose dive at a depth of 2m.

2. Black Hole: Are you familiar with the super-gravity of a black hole? If yes, then this is what you will be experiencing here too. This black hole will drive you into a world of complete darkness.

3. Twisting Dragons: Twisting dragons are meant to offer thrills at every turn. Although you know your point of entry into this ride, you will be scratching your head hard to step out through the right exit.

4. Family Raft Ride: This is a tube-like ride which can comfortably accommodate up to 5 heads at one go. Be extremely careful, as Family raft ride is undoubtedly going to drive your adrenaline pump faster than ever.

5. Rafting River: Rafting river lies amidst 2 gigantic slides which will leave you spellbound as you raft down through its stream. There’s a colossal splash at the end of this ride. So be careful!
Besides this, Dreamland Aqua Park has other rides such as kamikaze, mighty go round, lake-o-waves, slide five, dream stream, aqua play, dead sea, slam dunk, and pool game.

6. Go for Overnight Camping: Once you are done with enjoying all rides, it is now time to take a look at Dreamland Aqua Park’s most unique thing to go – camping. Yes, Dreamland Aqua Park offers you an exciting opportunity to camp with them for around 2 days. Your camping shall be inclusive of breakfast, lunch, and a BBQ dinner.

7. Enjoy Eating at Dreamland Aqua Park’s Multi-cuisine Food Outlets: Dreamland Aqua Park homes to some exotic food outlets offering multi-cuisine dishes. Atlantis, Snacks Attack, Saj Zaman & Shisha Majlis, Golden Kiosk, Pool Bar, and Catering Division are some of them.

8. Dry Sports: Once you are done with all the water rides, you can head towards dry sports zone. There are courts for volleyball, basketball, and tennis where you can enjoy group activities.

9. Amphitheatre: Do not miss attending the musical concerts, shows and other corporate events at the Dreamland Aqua Park’s amphitheatre. This place can comfortably accommodate up to 1500 people.

10. Mini Zoo: When you feel tired of everything, simply head towards the mini zoo to interact with the different species here. You can have as many pictures as you want. Just make sure that you do not threaten or harm these animals.

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Places to Visit Near Dreamland Aqua Park

Umm Al Quwain homes to some pristine white beaches, museums, flying clubs, mangrove forests, and several other historical remains to make your visit an engaging one.

1. Abandoned Ilyushin IL 76: This is a great sightseeing option for avid plane spotters. You will need approximately 30 minutes to explore the entire abandoned plane. Before reaching here, make sure that you read the rules to be observed and obey them religiously.

2. Umm Al Quwain Fort: Also called the Fort Al Ali, this fort makes a perfect destination for history buffs to visit.

3. Al-Dour: Al-Dour is located along the UAQs coastline. It was an important trading port between 200 BC to 200 AD.

4. Old Harbour: If you wish to spend some time observing the skilled craftsmen at work, you should definitely head towards Old Harbour. This place overlooks the traditional dhow building and is a place to assemble traditional boats. It is all over surrounded by coral stone houses.

5. Aquarium: A part of the Marine Research Centre, UAQ aquarium is open for your visit only if you make a prior request in this context. Fishes, snakes, rays, and corals are some sea creatures which you will be witnessing here.

6. UAQ Museum: Dating back to 1768, Umm Al Quwain Museum is a renovated ancient fort and homes various ancient artefacts recovered from nearby archaeological sites.

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7. Falaj Al Mu’alla Garden Park: This is an excellent place meant for a perfect family outing. It homes to many facilities such as swimming pools, kids playground, mini grocery, rental bikes, and barbecue areas. Camel racing and offroading are essential things to do here.

8. UAQ Shooting Club: This place offers the supreme quality of corporate entertainment. The shooting range of this club is stretched across a wide area covering both Dreamland Aqua Park and UAQ Aeroclub.

9. Khor Al Beidah: This is a paradise for nature lovers and bird watchers to dwell. You have flamingos, crabs, placid lagoons, turtles, and crabs all waiting for you to mark your presence here.

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Other Essential Information About Dreamland Aqua Park

Location: Umm Al Quwain - United Arab Emirates

Timings: Dreamland Aqua Park opens sharp at 10:00 am in the morning and closes down by 06:00 pm in the evening

Price: Per Adult INR 3599(AED 192 approx.)
          Per Child INR 3391(AED 180 approx.)

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Best Restaurants to Eat at Dreamland Aqua Park

Roaming in and around Dreamland Aqua Park is undoubtedly going to leave you hungry after some time. But don’t worry, as there are many food points where you can gather and munch on your favourite delicacies. Let’s take a quick look at some of them - 

1. Atlantis: This is an all-day indoor dining restaurant located within Dreamland Aqua Park which serves some of the exceptionally well Continental and Mediterranean cuisines. This place can accommodate around 170 persons in a go. Do try their seafood options as they are the most popular servings of this place.

2. Snacks Attack: Snacks Attack is a one-stop fast-food destination, especially adored by small kids. Yummy pizzas, fried chicken, juicy burgers, crispy chips and what not does it serves. It has a Slush Corner from where you can grab your share of frosty treat and set your mood right.

3. Saj Zaman & Shisha Majlis: After a long and tiring tour of Dreamland Aqua Park, make your way towards Saj Zaman & Shisha Majlis for tasting some Lebanese style pizzas. Shisha or Hubbly-bubbly is what they are known for.

4. Golden Kiosk: For those who do not wish to waste their time in heavy meals, Golden Kiosks offers some mouth-watering quick bites to carry on and munch. You can either go for a readymade cold sandwich or some fresh fruit cuts or chill yourself with some refreshing ice-cream flavors.

5. Pool Bar: Pool Bar is the central focus of Dreamland Aqua Park’s food attractions from where you can have quick and easy access to all major rides. No matter what’s the atmosphere, Pool Bar will always serve you some chilling alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

6. Catering Division: Finally, comes in is your event food section where you can host your upcoming celebrations. They have experience in offering the best quality catering services for all your indoor celebrations such as wedding reception, product launch, and family day outing.

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Best Shopping Places in and near Dreamland Aqua Park

Here are some best shopping options available near Dreamland Aqua Park, Umm Al Quwain - 

1.Mall of Quwain: Mall of Quwain is a complete shopper’s line with a full line of shopping facilities and amenities. This mall homes to many food courts, dine-in outlets, coffee shops, 5 screen-multiplexes and so on. The beauty of this mall is that it is designed in accordance with keeping all the latest retail concepts in mind. Mall of Quwain is truly a paradise for shoppers to dwell for hours.

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2. Ajman China Mall: Also called as Chinese Merchandise Procurement Centre, Ajman China Mall is a wholesale destination for general merchandise, furniture, appliances, and other commodities.

3. Grand Centrale: Large Format Departmental Store of Ajman, Grand Centrale follows an open store concept where you can shop a wide array of personal and home accessories.

4. City Centre Ajman: This is considered to be one of the largest entertainment destinations of Emirates. City Centre Ajman homes to around more than 79 different local and international brands Right from shopping to entertainment to dining you have every single thing to engage you for a quality time.

5. Karji Store: For those who are willing to buy cosmetic products should definitely not miss visiting Karji Store of Ajman. Karji store brings some of the globally renowned most excellent quality cosmetic products to take sufficient care of your skin.

6. Lulu Hypermarket: Lulu Hypermarket of Ajman is a one-stop destination for all your home accessories. They have almost every department, which is essential for your home décor. You can start your journey from the digital department and then move forward to fashion, lifestyle, grocery, fresh food, home décor, and so on.

7. Chocolala: Are you looking for some fresh homemade chocolates to carry back to your home? If yes, then, Chocolala of Ajman is the place you simply can’t afford to miss. Visit Chocolala for a wide array of assorted chocolates to wrap and gift to someone special.

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Tips for Visiting Dreamland Aqua Park

- You can get all general information related to the Dreamland Aqua Park, lost and found items, missing persons at the main reception or information desk of the Dreamland Aqua Park.

- Park provides for a free parking facility for up to 2000 vehicles. It is essential for you to take a note of all the parking signs. Also, ensure that your parked vehicle is properly locked to prevent it from damage or theft.

- You shall be provided with riding tubes and life vests for your children, which are to be worn on specific rides that require them.

- You are not allowed to carry any personal floatation device with you.

- At the entrance of each pool and ride, there are safety signs displayed. You are requested to observe these safety signs religiously.

- In the case of the first-aid requirement, you are requested to approach the locker room, which is located near to the main entrance of the Dreamland Aqua Park.

- In case of emergencies, you can approach lifeguards or any team member from the customer support team.

- Dreamland Aqua Park also has separate prayer rooms both for men and women.

- There are toilet and shower facilities made available at convenient places both for men and women.

- You also have a sunbed facility with shading umbrellas. Although there is no additional cost to avail these facilities, it works in accordance with first-come, first-served basis.

- Dreamland Aqua Park encourages cashless services where you just need to carry an electronic credit and tie it across your wrist band. The moment it goes out of cash, you can easily refill it with the assistance of either customer service officers or ticket booth cashier.

- Dreamland Aqua Park has a specific admission code, dress code, safety code, and conduct code which are supposed to be observed by each and every visitor entering the Dreamland Aqua Park.

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People Also Ask About Dreamland Aqua Park

  1. What is the best time of the day to visit Dreamland Aqua Park?

    It is always good to be here during the early opening hours. This gives you ample time to explore the park freely as it won’t be crowded. Also, a majority of the services inside the Dreamland Aqua Park operates according to a first come first serve basis, your early presence shall benefit you.
  2. Is Dreamland Aqua Park Indoor or Outdoor?

    Dreamland Aqua Park is an indoor playful water park with serpentine slides and a lounging lawn, food outlets and a camping zone.
  3. How many rides are there in Dreamland Aqua Park?

    You’ll find around 30 different thrilling rides inside Dreamland Aqua Park. Kamikaze, twister, twisting dragon, black hole, family raft ride, mighty goround, slide five, rafting river, aqua play, dream stream, lake-o-waves, jacuzzi, slam dunk, dead sea, and pool games are some of them.
  4. Can I carry food inside Dreamland Aqua Park?

    You are not allowed to carry any outside food inside the Dreamland Aqua Park. In case you feel hungry, there are many food outlets within this mighty waterpark. Atlantis, Snacks Attack, Saj Zaman & Shisha Majlis are some of the heavy meal outlets where you can try.

    For alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, they have a Pool Bar which lies close to many of the rides. If you are not so hungry to grab a complete meal, you can go for some quick bites available at Golden Kiosk.

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  5. When did Dreamland Aqua Park open?

    Dreamland Aqua Park became operational on the 12th day of June 1997. Since then, it has always remained on the topmost position amidst other water parks in UAE.
  6. What is unique about Dreamland Aqua Park?

    Dreamland Aqua Park is well-known for its unique waterside camping, which is considered to be one-of-its-kind service in the entire UAE. During the Dreamland Aqua Park’s operational hours, you can enjoy unlimited water attractions.

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  7. How long does it take to go around Dreamland Aqua Park?

    Visitors usually like to spend at least 5 hours in exploring Dreamland Aqua Park entirely. However, Dreamland Aqua Park’s 2-day camping is mostly preferred by many visitors to enjoy the park at its fullest.
  8. How can I reach Dreamland Aqua Park by public transport?

    You can ride an E601 bus departing from Etihad Bus Station (Deira). This bus will drop you at Union roundabout (Umm Al Quwain). From here, you can hire a private taxi to drop you at your final destination. Your bus journey will cost you around 10 AED. The frequency of these buses is excellent. You have a bus after every 45 minutes of wait.
  9. Is there a locker facility available in Dreamland Aqua Park?

    Yes, there is a free locker facility available at Dreamland Aqua Park. You can find the locker facility at the main entrance itself. Although these are available free of cost, they are allotted on a first-come, first-served basis. As lockers are CCTV controlled, you can secure all your valuables and other personal belongings inside it.
  10. What age children have free entry in Dreamland Aqua Park?

    Dreamland Aqua Park entry is entirely free for infants below 2 years of age.
  11. Is there an additional cost for parking at Dreamland Aqua Park?

    Dreamland Aqua Park offers free parking facilities for 2000 vehicles. You are, however, requested to ensure that your vehicle is locked correctly.

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