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Desert Safari
Museum Of The Future
Top Seller
Futuristic Museum
Innovative Design
Technology Hub
Interactive Exhibits
The Museum of Future, Dubai is a new era museum themed on modern technology. As the name suggests, this museum exhibits the amalgamation of the items from future, ranging from games and gadget ideas which further make a visit here too much fun. Whether you are planning to visit here with your kids or just want to explore it on your own, this museum will surely amuse you.
Burj Khalifa
Tallest skyscraper in the World
Iconic Skyscraper
Panoramic Views
Architectural Marvel
Sky-High Experience
Burj Khalifa, also known as the Burj Dubai is one of the largest skyscrapers in the world with a height of 828 metres. Drawing visitors from various corners of the world, the building is mostly known for its magnificent observation deck, lying on Level 148 which offers a panoramic view of Dubai's skyline..
Dubai Aquarium And Underwater Zoo
A vivid part of Dubai Aquarium, the Underwater Zoo is a stunning picturisation of the sturdy underwater world, but more creative and unbelievable than the original. Kids as well as adults come in large numbers to visit the zoo which has unusual reptiles and sea animals floating freely in the clean, clear water and they are the amusing creatures to be found alive only in the secret chambers of the sea.
Desert Safari Dubai
Dune Adventure
Camel Rides
Sunset Serenity
Starlit Camps
Embark on an unforgettable Desert Safari in Dubai, UAE. Experience the thrill of dune bashing, witness mesmerizing sunsets over the desert, and enjoy traditional Arabian entertainment and cuisine.
Dubai Miracle Garden
A floral wonderland of 50 million flowers, the Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the UAE's most original attractions. Branded as the world's largest natural flower garden, it boasts hundreds of flower-formed displays spread over 18 acres (7.3 hectares), all of which create an extravaganza of color and scent on the outskirts of Dubai.
Dubai Frame
Dubai Frame, located in Zabeel Park, is one of the largest frames in the world and holds a record for the same. Made with glass, steel, alumunium and concrere, this frame has an observation deck on its top, which is open for all. With a height of 492 feet, this frame acts as a really nice place from where one can catch the glimpse of Dubai's Skyline.
Dubai Dolphinarium
There may not be any other zoo or aquarium where people are freely interacting with dolphins and seals than at Dubai Dolphinarium. An exclusive living space for the gentle, human friendly animals of the sea, dolphins and seals are protected and preserved properly at Dubai Dolphinarium and now it has received wide accolades and recognition.
The View At The Palm
Nestled more than 700 feet above the ground, the View at the Palm is one of the tallest Observation Decks in the world. Apart from offering uninterrupted views of the Palm Jumeirah, the View also features an exhibition gallery that details the history of the island with immersive audio visual exhibits. The View also plans to add a lounge and an eatery to the venue.
Global Village Dubai
Cultural Extravaganza
International Pavilions
Entertainment Hub
Global Cuisine
Another interesting place which is a must visit for you in Dubai is the Dubai Global village. Whether you are looking for some enjoyment with your family or planning to explore the whole place for yourself, you will have the best of experience. The attraction features 30 pavillios. As the name goes global village is just the place where you will find everything. Global Village Dubailand, Dubai, is guaranteed to be the world's biggest tourism, recreation, shopping and amusement park. It is the district's first social, amusement, family and shopping goal. The stopping range at Global Village was intended to host more than 17,000 cars with extra flood stopping territories utilized amid pinnacle times. Highlights: Free shuttles are there in working hours to transport guests to and from the flood stopping regions. There are numerous items accessible in Global Village. African dark soap,Chea Butter and Argan Oil are just few to consider. Furthermore, there are numerous valid oriental home improvement items you can get from Tunisia Pavilion and the Egyptian Pavilion. There are likewise astounding nectar assortments in the Yemen structure.Location: The Dubai Global Village is located at Exit No.37, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road - Dubai - United Arab Emirates.Timings: Opens from 4:00 AM -12:00 AM.
Museum Of Illusions
The Museum of Illusions Dubai is a part of an international chain of museums, which initially started in Croatia. The exhibits of the museum are based on the fields of physics, psychology, geometry, and mathematics to produce thrilling illusions. There is a plaque card beside each exhibit, explaining to the visitors how the illusion processes, so that they have an interactive educational tour of the museum.
Dubai Garden Glow
Dubai Garden Glow is the largest and only one of its kind theme park in the world with distinctive concepts and unique backdrop. The park glimmers with mammoth figurines, magical exhibits, ice carvings, illuminated models and animated dinosaurs that are fabricated using recyclable products. Dubai Garden Glow comes up with novel innovations and ingenuity every year that amaze the visitors.
Dubai Fountain
Nobody can escape the compelling beauty and charisma of Dubai Fountain, an embellishing array of light, water and music. The tallest performing fountain located in Downtown Dubai, Dubai Fountain has thousands of visitors every day. This is the second biggest choreographed music fountain established on the huge manmade lake at Burj Khalifa equipped with 6600 lights and 25 coloured projectors.
Img Worlds Of Adventure
Make your Dubai trip even more thrilling one as you explore the IMG world of Adventure. IMG Worlds of Adventure is the world's ideal and biggest indoor amusement park and aims to bring all your family and friends together. Witness the dinosaurs wanderin the Earth, or get changed into Ironman to spare the world, or to encounter the amazing rush of raptor flight.
Legoland Dubai is an indoor theme park exclusively engineered for complete family entertainment. It is one-of-its-kind amusement park which has got everything to suffice the cravings of your 2 to 12-year-old child. At this remarkable water park one can go up against the Joker Soaker, fabricate your own one of a kind LEGO® boat, go on fora sprinkle safari or slip and slide your way down one of our numerous attractions. More than 20 water slides and attractions outlined particularly for children matured 2-12 and their families to appreciate together at Legoland® Dubai.
You might be aware till now that Dubai is the land of a lot of theme parks, each of which is special in its own. There is another park that is a must-visit for you in Dubai - The Motiongate. This theme park will let you experience the world of Hollywood like never before as you meet your favourite cartoon characters. This is something of a magical world for the movie buffs. 
Aquaventure Waterpark

Considered as the first choice of thrill-seekers, the Aquaventure Waterpark gives the visitors an adrenaline rush. With all the terrific slides that serve as promising rides for the visitors, this aquaventure park is beloved by many. People visit with their families to go on these water slides where you get close to sea ecosystems like dolphins, sharks and stingrays.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium
Aquatic Adventure
Exotic Sea Life
Well the name itself sounds interesting right? If you are planning for a trip to Dubai, don’t miss your chance to check out this Atlantis-themed aquarium with underwater halls & tunnels housing marine life. This is another one of the best places to visit in Dubai.Not only just explore the underwater creatures, you will also get a chance to feed them. There are more than 20 marine life displays in this Dubai aquarium, including a touch tank where you can get a starfish or stroke an ocean cucumber. Highlights: What's more, in case you're interested to know whether a Moray Eel is a snake or fish, or how to tell if a grouper is male or female, then agree to a Behind The Scenes Tour to join the aquariums creature specialists as they uncover the privileged insights of the profound. Learn firsthand about the fish healing facility, the water filtration frameworks, and other entrancing tips that uncover how to look after more than 65,000 marine creatures. Location: Atlantis The Palm, Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates Timings: 10:00AM - 10:00PMPrice: AED: 120           USD: 33           INR: 2330
The Green Planet Dubai
If you are a lover of nature then The Green Planet Dubai is a must visit for you while in Dubai. Imagine a whole new tropical forest right in the city where you can explore the various flora and fauna? From forest floor to flooded rainforest this place gives you that perfect feel of a rainforest.There is an instructive and recreational office set to bring issues to light for the fragile adjust of nature and the value of one of our reality's most established living environments, making it the perfect instructive goal for the whole family. Highlights: The one of a kind Green Planet is outlined as an enclosed biological system, The Green Planet reproduces the captivating universe of the tropical woods with more than 3,000 plants and creatures and the world's biggest indoor man-made and life-managing tree. Location: The Green planet Dubai is located at City Walk - Al Wasl - Dubai - United Arab Emirates. Timings: Sunday to Wednesday - 10:00AM - 7:00PM               Thursday to Saturday - 10:00AM - 8:00PMPrice: The approximate price starts from AED 95- AED 149
Dinosaur Park
Designed with a theme of colors of joy and happiness, the dinosaur park is a dinosaur themed park where not only can you get more knowledge about the said creatures, but can also enjoy various similar themed activities and rides. The park is spread over an area of 60 acres that is filled with surprises for both adults and kids in the form of activities, rides and photo destinations.
AYA Universe Dubai
AYA Universe is an interactive and experiential entertainment park in Dubai that provides immersive experiences combining art and technology. The park has 12 zones, all of which utilise light, sounds and mirrors to create an ethereal experience and a transformative journey to the visitors. The cutting-edge technology and the travel theme of these zones transport the visitors to many different universes.

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Dubai Things To Do FAQs

What is the ideal duration for a holiday in Dubai if I want to do various activities?

From a half day tour to long  Dubai trip provided by different travel agencies and tour operators. The activity tours include a mix of different fun and adventure activities, sightseeing, city tour etc. Those who are looking for a budgeted tour with all the activities included, then you can choose a 5 to 6 day tour with staying at a comfortable hotel room available at reasonable price. In these days, you can spend one whole day for desert safari and related activities and the other day you can go for sightseeing in the city of Dubai. Then, one day can be spent for water based activities like beaches and amusement parks. One day can wholly be spared to go out of the main city and watch the attractions and landmarks.

Normally, 5 days or 6 days will be quite enough to enjoy the beauty of Dubai and do some activities which are really exhilarating. If your budget is higher and you have enough days to spare, then you can choose two weeks long tour or one month tour.

How much time it is required to do a city tour of Dubai?

A proper city tour of Dubai with visiting all the attractions will require at least 2-4 days. A better exploration of the sights would take that much time. But half day and one day sightseeing tours are also available which will give you a speedy sightseeing around the city. You will not get much time to spend at each landmark and attraction. The travel to these sites should also be calculated before you head out.

What kind of activities I can do in Dubai?

Dubai is a wondrous location that provides awe-struck moments to those who visit it. Thus there is no doubt in the fact that Dubai is a pulsating activity provider. If you would love to do adventure from the sky, then there are hot air balloon safari, paragliding, skydiving, bungee jumping, etc. If you want to spend time in the expansive desert, then there are desert safaris, dune bashing, camel rides, camping options at the famous deserts.

For the lovers of water, multiple water theme parks are wide open as well as most of the beaches in Dubai welcome those who love to do adventure and fun activities there. Scuba diving centers are found in plenty in Dubai. Shopping, sightseeing, cruises, swimming, cultural tour, heritage sites visit, boating, skiing, and many more are there in Dubai to entertain you throughout your tour.

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What all adventure activities I can do in Dubai?

The number of adventure activities you can do in Dubai does not have an ending. It goes on one after another. But the principal adventure activities that have umpteen number of admirers are dune bashing, quad biking, sand boarding, helicopter ride, seaplane ride, parasailing, scuba diving, skydiving, bungee jumping, snorkeling etc. In addition to these, there are millions of adventure theme parks and water theme parks where you can experience lifetime adventure and thrill.

What all water activities I can do in Dubai?

The beaches, the water parks, the Dubai Creek and what not; the chances to do water activities in Dubai are unlimited. Flyboard, scuba diving, jet ski, parasailing, boating, cruising, banana boat ride, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, stand up paddling etc are the water based activities available on the beaches and different locations but equally thrilling are the water rides arranged in the water theme parks which are found aplenty in Dubai.

Which all are must things to do in Dubai?

Apart from visiting the world famous attractions in Dubai, indulging in the many adventurous activities is the next never miss out thing in Dubai. These activities include desert safari, dune bashing, skydiving, scuba diving, seaplane ride, hot air balloon ride, helicopter ride above the city, visiting the adventure parks and water theme parks which have plenty of adventurous rides, parasailing, surfing, snorkeling, cruises, fishing, hiking etc are the things you must do in Dubai.
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Is it safe to do water sports in Dubai?

Dubai is a well know face of adventure activities especially water activities since the Persian Gulf is widely accepting those who love adventure without fear. Since there are millions of admirers for water activities all the adventure tour providers and water theme parks are really strict about the safety and quality of the equipment they provide. Moreover, well trained guides will be there to help the customer all the time which give more authenticity to each activity offered.

Can a non-swimmer do water activities in Dubai?

To do many of the water activities, you need not know how to swim except for swimming and snorkeling. For diving and other similar activities, safety equipment and proper guards will be given and you will be accompanied by the trained guides. Before each activity, you will be directed to do practice sessions which will definitely help you know the situations on the water.

Is it safe and enjoyable to do different activities in Dubai?

Yes, Government has made all its places where adventure activities in Dubai can be done perfectly. The safety equipment and proper guidance make sure that you are getting the best of each activity. As the previous visitors have commented, all the activities one will get in Dubai are quite enjoyable and exhilarating.

Where can I do Bungee Jumping or skydiving in Dubai?

Gravity Zone is the prestigious bungee jumping spot in Dubai. A lot of people head to Al Quoz where Gravity Zone is located. Skydiving can be done from 4000 meters over the gleaming Palm Jumeirah or red dunes of the desert. Skydive Dubai is a famous provider of safe guarded skydiving in Dubai.

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What health precautions I should take before doing any activities? Should I carry some medicines along with me?

The main health precautions you have to take before indulging in any activity is that you should avoid having alcohol and excess of food. It especially mandatory for scuba diving, skydiving, paragliding, snorkeling, beachside activities, desert safari, seaplane ride, helicopter ride etc. If you have sea sickness, then you can have Bonine or Benadryl. It will help you enjoy cruises and fishing in the middle of the sea easily. If you are for skydiving, then don’t do scuba diving 24 hours prior to it and vice versa because it makes pressure differences in your body.

Which are the best water/amusement parks in Dubai? How much is the entry fee?

The best water and amusement parks in Dubai are Aquaventure Water Park, Wild Wadi Water Park, Global Village, Splash N Party, Ski Dubai, Legoland Dubai, Iceland Water Park etc. The ticket prices vary from park to park. But the average price ranges from AED 200 to 400 for adults and AED 150 to 300 for children at majority of the waterparks.

Which are some nearby cities I can visit from Dubai?

As important as Dubai are the other cities surrounding it. Many attractions and landmark are possessed by these cities also. A road trip even can take one to enjoy the nearby cities to Dubai. Sharjah is the closest city as it is located about 20 kms away from Dubai. Ras Al Khaima, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Fujayrah, Ash Shariqah, Qaywayn, Jebel Ali etc are the other major cities people love to visit when they come to Dubai for a tour.

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Where can I do shopping in Dubai? Which all malls are good for shopping?

The topmost spots to shop in Dubai are the world famous Dubai Mall, the Mall of Emirates, the Dubai Outlet Mall, Bur Juman, City Centre- Deira, Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai Lamzi Plaza, Mercato Shopping Mall, and Festival City Mall. Apart from these, there are many street shops and souks in the city and around the city where you can get more items at cheaper rate. At Deira, Karama Centre, Rashidiya, Jumeirah Beach Road etc, there are multiple shopping centres.

Which all places are best for sightseeing?

The options for sightseeing are never ending in Dubai. It is the treasure house of both artificial and natural spectacle at different ranges and sizes. On a complete sightseeing tour, you can enjoy Burj Khalifa, Palm Islands, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, Dubai Fountain, Dubai Mall, Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, the Flower Garden, the Dubai Creek, Jumeirah Mosque and other famous mosques around, the Hatta desert and the other deserts located near to the city, Deira, the Spice and Gold Souks, the Jumeirah Beach Residence Beach, the Sunset Beach, the Kite Beach, the Jumeirah Beach, the Mall of the Emirates, the street shops and the city itself.

Which all places are best for photography in Dubai?

There are n number of beautiful places in Dubai. It would be controversial to avoid any landmark and attraction that can make the best background for your photographs but the mainly focused attractions are Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, Dubai Marina, Palm Islands, Jumeirah Public Beach, the Grand Mosque, Dubai Desert Conservation Center, Dubai Canal, Dubai Flower Garden, and the Dhow Yard at Dubai Creek etc.

Can I do a sightseeing tour by bus?

There are hop on-hop off buses which will provide services around the city so that you will get to enjoy the beauty of the city at a lower cost. Mainly there are three bus routes that will cover majority of the sights. You can avail the ticket for 1 day to 3 days. In all these buses, there would be a commentary about the past, present and the future of Dubai in 12 different languages. On this sightseeing tour, you will come to enjoy the great man-made amusement that is Atlantis the Palm, the Dubai Museum and the fragrance of the spice souk just comes to visit your nose.

There are three different tickets available viz. Classic, Premium or Deluxe and you have the option to switch your seat from the AC deck to the open air area at the rear side of the bus. Deluxe and Premium tickets will give you a remarkable chance to enter the Dubai Museum and enjoy a Dhow Cruise. There are 38 stops as well for each ticket.

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Can I visit Burj Khalifa? What is special there?

Burj Khalifa is the tallest structure in the world which is completely man made. Its height is 829.8 meters that includes an antenna and a roof height of 828 meters. It houses the highest outdoor observation deck and boasts the longest elevator travel distance. The location of Burj Khalifa is 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai, UAE. The building was opened to the public in 2010 and from then on hundreds of visitors have admired the beauty of it and took ravishing photographs of the whole Dubai from the topmost floor of it.

It has 162 rooms and has the world’s tallest elevator spans up to 140 levels. The highest occupied floor in the building is 153rd floor where parties and events are occurred frequently and it has a private terrace as well. The structure of the building was inspired by the spider lily, a widely cultivated flower in Dubai.

How much it will cost me for Burj Khalifa tour?

To enter the building, one has to pay 100 Dhs and for child it is 75 Dhs. To reach the top level of the building that is 124 and 125 floors, you can get a fast track tickets to avoid the queue and the ticket price starts from INR 5900, another ticket that will let you reach the top floors with an access to the sky lounge costs around INR 6300. To reach the observatory deck, you will have to pay around INR 2250, if you are choosing normal entry. If you wish to visit Burj Khalifa with a pick up and drop off at your hotel, the cost will be higher depending on the tour provider you choose. The cost starts from INR 3000.

Is it worth visiting Dubai for a family trip?

Yes. There are millions of families visit Dubai every year during the vacation time to spend the happiest moments of their lives. All things in Dubai are equally surprising to both adults and kids. Thus Dubai is a must visit for a  Dubai family trip. From the hottest deserts to the chilled Persian Gulf, everything in Dubai brings out amusement to the beholders. The renowned skyscrapers, the adventure filled water and amusement parks, old museums, mosques, shopping malls, street shops and souks, multi cuisine restaurants, luxurious hotels and private clubs, glittering Dubai creek and Dubai Marina, the scintillating Palm Islands, the friendly beaches with plenty of water based activities, exciting adventure activities on the land and the water and the sky are ready to make everyone on the soil of Dubai leave bewitched.

Is it worth visiting Dubai for honeymoon? Which all places are best for couples in Dubai?

Dubai welcomes all kinds of people and culture and thus it is known as the disintegrated melting pot of UAE. The number of people coming to Dubai is increasing day by day and among them, there are solo travelers, honeymoon couples, families, groups of friends, business related travelers and many more. All the attraction in Dubai equally satisfy every eye. Thus there is no need of differentiating Dubai as a particular destination for a certain set of people but for everyone. For honeymoon as well, Dubai is a numero uno answer from the UAE. Multiple national and international travel agencies arrange 3-4 days of honeymoon tours to 12-14 days of honeymoon tours.

The best places to visit in Dubai with your beloved are the Hatta Desert, Jumeirah Beach, Palm Island, Atlantis the Palm, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Deira, Dubai creek and a dhow cruise, the Dubai Mall and the Dubai Fountain, the Dubai Museum, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, the Jumeriah Mosque, the Heritage Village, the Spice and Gold Souks and many other adventure theme parks.

I am a teenager. Is it worth visiting Dubai for me?

Dubai offers unlimited adventure activities and things to do which would entertain both adults as well as kids equally. Teenagers can also enjoy the sights around. Desert safari, dune bashing, buggy ride, skydiving, scuba diving, snorkeling, cruises, helicopter ride, adventure parks, amusement parks, beaches, the heritage museums, aquariums, shopping malls, restaurants and luxury hotels and many more are there which teenagers can have fun at the level best.

But the teenagers will find it difficult to get alcohol in Dubai. The age limit to have liquor here is 21.

What sort of nightlife I can experience?

The nightlife in Dubai is absolutely vigorous and vibrant. The gleaming restaurants, private clubs and party places are open during the late nights to make those who are the night lovers to enjoy the atypical beauty of Dubai night. Since the city is always busy with tourists and travelers, a lot of shops and shopping malls will be open till late night.

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What things I should carry to Dubai?

As the natives say, there are only two climatic conditions in Dubai, one is hotter and the other is hottest. The desert bounded city experiences the extreme heat that will go beyond the level of expectation. However, you can carry your clothes according to the climate falling during your time of visit. To prevent the harsh rays of the sun, remember to carry suitable clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, lip balm, hats and caps. Since Dubai is an Islamic city, it believes in certain traditions and rules. So it is always better to dress modestly. Sandals are necessary on the road and on the beaches as the sand will be unimaginably hotter.

During December to February, the night time will be cooler in Dubai so that carry winter clothes with you if you are visiting Dubai at that time. Along with clothes, moisturizer and lip balm should also be kept handy. If you are taking part in desert safari and hiking, boots or shoes can be taken with you. Swimsuit, bikinis, flip flops, shorts etc can be worn on the beaches but not in other places. Carry your ID card, passport, visa documents and enough of cash or debit or credit cards. If you have some medicines, please make sure that the contents in the medicines are accepted there. Some drugs which are legal in other countries are not accepted in Dubai. Camera, phone charger, power banks, torchlight etc are also suggested.

Can someone do a cruise ride?

Dubai is located on the coast of the famous Persian Gulf so that cruising is a regular activity done by the tourists and natives in Dubai. There are multiple cruise providers who give different types of cruise packages at reasonable prices in Dubai. Day cruise package, stay cruise, dinner cruise, and celebrity cruise etc are the famous ones available here. Cruises can be done either in yachts or dhows or boats or even in ships which are providing the best floating trip. There are honeymoon cruises and family cruises as well. The costs of the packages may depend on the providers and the category you select.

Can I visit underwater zoo in Dubai?

Underwater Zoo is a large amusement to all who visit Dubai and it is a part of the beautiful Dubai Aquarium which houses a lot of marine species. The attraction of underwater zoo is the new arrival that is the giant King Croc. Anyone can visit the underwater zoo located at the Dubai Mall, UAE.

Can I do a tour of Dubai in a luxury car?

Yes. You can. There are a lot of luxury car rental services in Dubai that will let you enjoy the tour of Dubai much more luxuriously. Rolls Royce, Range Rover, Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Porsche, Cadillac, Bugatti, Audi, Mercedes and many more luxury cars are available on rent. Once you book the desired car, you will be picked up from the airport or you can pick the vehicle from the prescribed location and then roam around the city and enjoy the magnificent city sights. Depending on the duration of your tour and the car you selected and the number of people, the cost will be varying.

The starting range would be USD 150 per person for one full day of city tour.

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Can I do a helicopter tour of Dubai?

Yes, you can do a helicopter ride in Dubai to enjoy the panoramic view of the city that is overfilled with glittering skyscrapers and shimmering Persian Gulf. Emirates Helicopter Tours, Helicopter Tour Dubai, Heli Dubai, Ultimate Charter, Aaida Tours, Aerogulf Services are some of the leading helicopter tour providers in Dubai. You can choose any provider and book a fifteen minute or 1 hour helicopter ride.

The rates are depending on the service providers and the minimum amount will be around 200 US dollars.

Can I do desert safari in Dubai?

The vast desert fields in Dubai are quite famous for offering multiple adventure activities like desert safari, dune bashing, camel safari, BBQ dinner, camping, sunrise and sunset watching, quad biking, buggy ride, sand boarding, sand skiing etc. The Arabian Desert that is located near to the city is where you can indulge in n number of adventure activities. Happy Desert Safari, Dubai Evening Safari, Hummer Desert Safari, Haryad Dubai Tours, Arabian Desert Safari, Dubai Desert Safari Rides, etc are some of the leading desert safari providers in Dubai.

Which all vehicles can I do desert safari in?

Every vehicle you see on the road cannot be used for desert safari and the curvy, tricky, sand dunes will make it difficult for any normal vehicle to give you pure adventure. 4x4 drive vehicles are the most commonly used vehicles as they can survive the tension and pressure applied on. Toyota Land Cruiser, Hummer, Prado and similar SUV vehicles can be used or these are the preferred choices. Along with them, quad biking is also a popular activity during desert safari.

Is it safe to do desert safari? How much it will cost me?

The cost of desert safari depends on the duration you would prefer or the company or tour provider you choose, the number of people and the time you select to indulge in the safari. The prices may vary from AED 150 to AED 800 depending on the activities, the vehicle and the company you have selected. It is safe to do desert safari if you take either early morning or sunset safaris as the temperature during day time would be horrifying. You have to carefully choose the vehicle and try to understand the condition of the vehicle as well by asking the providers.

Can children do desert safari?

Children under the age of 3 are not allowed to do dune bashing. Children above the age of 4 up to 12 should be accompanied by adults. Pregnant women are also avoided from doing dune bashing.

Where can I do camel safari in Dubai?

Travelers are really fond of Dubai because of its charm though the climate is rough and most of the region is covered by the hot desert sand. But why travelers love the deserts is because of the adventurous activities. Camel Safari is one of the best activities one can get in the desert. Morning and evening safaris are the best to avoid the scorching sun. Platinum Heritage is the leading desert safari provider which will give you an authentic camel safari as well. Desert Safari Tours, Dubai Evening Safari, Happy Desert Safari, Hummer Desert Safari Dubai are another important camel safari providers in Dubai.

What kind of dune bashing I can do in Dubai?

You can do morning dune bashing, evening dune bashing, overnight dune bashing using quad bikes, 4x4 sports vehicles, dirt bikes or fat bikes which have the strength to overcome the tensions coming from the tricky dunes and wavy slides. Preferably, 3-40 minutes of dune bashing is the best way to explore the highs and lows appear on the ocean of sand throughout.

Can I do sand-boarding in Dubai?

Sand-boarding is a favourite adventure activity done in the deserts of Dubai by plenty of visitors as well as locals. The smooth but curvy sand beds create the maximum excitement while you do glide down the dunes.

Can I do cruise ride in Dubai?

Yes, you can do cruise in Dubai. The traditional dhow which would be decorated with glittering lights arrange a lovely dinner cruise if you wish and it is a marvelously enjoyable cruise one can get in Dubai. The cruise packages provided by different national and international travel agencies are giving a remarkable opportunity to those who love to explore the brash livelihood of the Persian Gulf.

Which all places are best to have a meal in Dubai?

La Petite Maison is one of the best restaurants in the world. It focusses on French dishes as well as Mediterranean dishes. Al Iwan is the best one where you will get the traditional tastes of Emirati food items. Armani or Amal is where the tastiest Indian delicacies are introduced to the foreign land. Zheng He is the most superb choice to eat out authentic Chinese food and Tomo by Takahashi serves the scrumptious Japanese food items. Zuma is also another favourite name loved by Japanese food hunters. Pierchic serves the authentic European style food, Eauzone offers the modern Asian delicacies and many other favourite food items can be found at shopping malls and street food stalls.

Which place in Dubai is famous for its street food?

There are a lot of street food shops arrayed at every part of the city. But some of the major ones are the Last Exit where you can find around 15 food trucks that serve multi cuisine gourmets, Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk that will show you around 20 food trucks where you can taste the absolute street food magic, a walk along the Jumeirah Corniche, the Food Truck Jam conducted by Emirates Gold Club Course on Saturdays, the Friday street food stalls at Zabeel Park and there are a lot of restaurants that will give famous street food items. They are the Hot Dog Stand, Midnight Café, Momos Magic, JJ Chicken, Mama’esh, Toasted, Desi Adda, Juice Park, and Operation Falafel and so on. So, in terms of street food, Dubai is a massive destination.

Which all cuisines are famous in Dubai?

The cuisines of Dubai are inspired by Asian and Middle Eastern food habits. Thus the traditional Arabic, Lebanese, Yemen and Asian cuisines are available in plenty at the restaurants, hotels and private clubs. Camel is a popular dish for Dubai people. Al Harees is a favourite item you can find easily in Dubai that is made of wheat and meat after a long process of preparation. Ghuzi has gained a lot of taste buds’ attention as it is a rich combination of lamb meat, vegetables and nuts. If you like meat, then try Matchbous which is yet another tasty dish of lamb, rice, tomato and spices. Shawarma is a famous food item now available in Asia also.

A great combination of meat and vegetables will lure your palates for sure. One of the most popular desserts you will find in Dubai is Esh Asarya, a bread with cream toppings, Tabbouleh is a juicy salad, the pure vegetarian form of Arabain cuisine. It is made of tomatoes, green chilli, cucumber, fresh mint and lemon juice. Mehalabiya is a kind of dessert made of rose water and pistachios. Apart from these items, you would get mesmerizing delicacies from all over the world at the popular restaurants and hotels as well as street food locations.

Where can I do sky dinner in Dubai? How much it will cost me?

To enjoy sky dinner in Dubai, recently, Dinner in the Sky has come to the city with a lot of lip-smacking dishes that can be enjoyed at a superb height. The most unique dining option is going to make a revolution in the dining concept of Dubai people as well. Dinner in the Sky offers you different flight starting from breakfast to dinner at different rates according to the day you choose to have sky dinner.

The various rates of each session is AED 499, AED 599, AED 699 and AED 799. The Dinner in the Sky is located at Dubai Marina near Dubai International Marine Club.

Which all beaches I can visit in Dubai?

Dubai is filled with amazing beaches that lulled by the shimmering Persian Gulf. The excellent backdrop created by the gleaming skyscrapers adds on an exuberant beauty to the main beaches in Dubai. The Jumeirah Beach at Dubai Marina is one of the most visited beaches. The Jumeirah beach residences arrayed on the background of the JBR beach are quite stunning and an extensive stretch of silky sand. With the amazing backdrop of Burj Al Arab, the vast stretch of white sand on the Burj Beach is a relishing space to have a relaxed time. The Kite Beach is the paradise for kite surfers and similar adventure activities. Located just behind the Sunset Mall in Jumeirah, the sunset beach is a favourite destination of tourists.

Black Palace Beach is the secret gem of Dubai and a lovely beach for families. The scenic trail on the shore of Al Mamzar Beach would enable you relive the lost childhood thoroughly.

Where can I enjoy skiing in Dubai?

For those who are asking like skiing in Dubai, Ski Dubai is the answer. An indoor ski resort that spreads along 22500 square meters is a part of the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai and it is one of the largest shopping malls in the world. Developed by Majid Al Futtaim Group, the indoor ski center was opened to the public in 2005. The 85 meter high indoor mountain with 5 slopes that have different levels of steepness and difficulty is the major attraction here. But there are a 400 meter long run and the world’s primary black diamond run and varying features like boxes, rails etc. The skiers will be carried up to the mountain by a quad lift and a tow lift. Adjacent to this, there is 3000 square meter wide snow park play area which has sled and toboggan run, an icy body slide, climbing towers, snowballing area and also an ice cave.

When you book a ticket to enter, you will get a winter clothing, ski and snowboard equipment. Also you can book for penguin encounter which will let you encounter with the particular species found in the snowy region alone.

Which all mosques should I must visit?

Jumeirah Mosque, Grand Mosque, Hor Al Anz Mosque, Abu Hail Mosque, Abu ibn Kaab Mosque, Abdulla bin Saeed Mosque, Naad Al Shiba Grand Mosque, Sheikh Khalifa bin Saeed Mosques 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, Al Mamzar Mosque, Al Habtoor Mosque, Dubai Sports and Culture Club Mosque etc are the most famous ones in the city and all of them have an atypical architectural brilliance portrayed on them. But among these mosques, only Jumeirah accepts non-Muslims to enter inside and women should cover their heads. Other mosques are exclusively for Muslim religion believers. But you can visit these mosques and enjoy the structural beauty of them from outside.

What are drinking, smoking and drug laws in Dubai?

Drinking and smoking are allowed in Dubai but not in public places, shopping malls, trains and buses. One can enjoy drinking at restaurants or hotels or private pubs which have license to serve alcohol. But drinking on the road is not accepted and you may go to jail also. The government is very strict about smoking in public as well. All the places where people are in large numbers are avoided from smoking and you will have to go through the legal procedures if you are caught for smoking in public places.

Drug laws are the crucial ones in Dubai. The drugs which are legal and commonly used in other countries can be very illegal in Dubai. There are multiple sites and agencies which would let you know about what all contents of drugs are not allowed in Dubai. Some medicines also contain different prohibited substance. If you are caught for carrying such substances, you may get arrested and put inside the prison or may be deported.

What kind of flora and fauna I can experience in Dubai?

The vast desert and an extreme hot climate had let only a certain species to survive in the soil of the Middle East especially UAE. Hence in Dubai, you would find some particular fauna and flora in the desert mostly. The desert supports wild grasses as well as occasional palms. Desert hyacinths and acacia as well as ghaf trees grow on different plains. But there are an array of man-made floral system which outshines the natural plants. It beautifies the city well. Striped hyena, desert fox, hedgehogs, houbara bustard, caracal, falcon, Arabian oryx and the ship of the desert, camel are the mostly found animals and birds in Dubai deserts. Some migratory birds like pink-legged flamingoes, grey herons, reef herons, yellow-beaked storks etc will come to Dubai during spring and autumn season. Dubai Desert Conservation Centre is the prominent wildlife protection centre in Dubai.

Where can I do stargazing in Dubai?

Dubai is lined by the endless desert that is filled with the shining golden sand. Many private tour providers give camping and star gazing facilities in the desert. The Thuraya Astronomical Center is the house to observe the astral system and other space-themed activities. Platinum Heritage is one of the best luxury tours and travels platform where you can choose for a night camping and star gazing.

Where is Ferrari World? What is special about it?

Ferrari World is on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi and it is the famous and the first Ferrari branded theme park. The roller coaster here are the major attractions. Formula Rossa, Fiorano GT Challenge, Mission Ferrari, Turbo Track and Flying Aces are the exhilarating and adventurous roller coasters at Ferrari World. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in UAE.

Where can I see a dolphin show in Dubai?

Dubai Dolphinarium and the Dolphin Show at the Atlantis Palm are the major centers where you can show a surprising yet beautiful dolphin show. There are shows at different times as well as different sessions to interact with these gentle sea animals which are available at varying prices. But dolphin shows are really amusing for kids as well as adults. You can also swim and play with them.

Where is Atlantis Water Park? How much entry fee I have to pay?

The most superb water park in Dubai is the Aquaventure Park at Atlantis, the Palm. It is located at the Crescent Road at the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. The entrance fee starts from US dollar 54.52 per person. There are a lot of activities and shows inside the park which have different rates.

Where can I do a Seaplane ride in Dubai? How much it will cost me?

There are numerous seaplane tour providers in Dubai and you can choose any tour you wish to do. According to the packages, the costs will be varying. Seawings, Viator, Isango etc are some of the major seaplane tour providers. You can select the starting point that is available at Jebel Ali or Dubai Creek and indulge in a tour of different duration. The tour will show you the mesmerizing city of Dubai and its renowned buildings and attraction from a bird’s point of view.

The cost varies according to the provider and the duration of your flight. An average of US Dollar 300 will be the starting cost of 30-40 minutes of seaplane tour.

How much will Scuba Diving cost me in Dubai?

The different centers which provide scuba diving charge the activity different prices as well. Al Boom Diving Center costs around 40 US dollars for each dive. Al Mahara Diving Center gives PADI open water qualification at Dhs 2350 per person. Atlantis Dive Center offers the PADI certification course at Dhs 2350 per person. Divers Down gives two dives at Dhs 400. Hence, we can understand that depending on the duration and the company, the cost of scuba diving would be varying.

Can I do bike rides in desert?

Yes. You can do both motorbike ride and fat bike ride in deserts of Dubai. But you should use the specially designed dirt bikes and fat bikes which are suitable to overcome the over powerful sand dunes in the desert.

What modes of payments are accepted in Dubai?

In Dubai, multiple modes of payment are accepted. You can keep cash with you when you visit local shops, amusement parks, museums and souks but you can use credit cards and debit cards while you stay at a hotel or at the shopping malls. There are multiple ATM services throughout the city, even international banks have branches in Dubai. Also, at several places you can find money exchange centres where you can change your currency and get UAE currency.

Can I rent a bike or car to travel within Dubai?

There are plenty of options to rent a bike or car, even luxurious one to travel within Dubai. If you have an international driving license or anyone with a valid license of UAE can drive. But the cost would be a little higher and if you don’t want to be lost, it is better to use the service of Uber or Taxis.

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