Meena Bazaar Dubai Overview

Meena Bazaar, Dubai, located in Al Fahidi Street is an iconic shopping hub in Bur Dubai. With its myriad of shops selling amazing items like hand embroidered apparels, clothing, jewelry and shoes, Meena Bazar is a sought after attraction for all spendthrifts and shopaholics. Some of the most splendid shops here are Malabar Gold and Jewelry, Khushi jewelry, Anhar Fashions and others.

Meena Bazar in Dubai is located in the Al Fahidi street of Bur Dubai and is extremely popular for selling some of the fanciest clothing and accessories items across the UAE. The history of this busy shopping complex dates back to decades when it was earlier referred to as Cosmo Lane. Due to its resemblance to the Meena Bazar in Delhi for having crowded streets, mannequins on display, street vendors, etc., taxi drivers started calling it Meena Bazar which became widely popular.

Tourists can find numerous items of interest here like imported textiles, hand-embroidered and semi-stitched clothing items, jewelry made up of authentic gold and unique gemstones, popular tailor shops to stitch and prepare your customized apparel, and more. Whatever be it, Meena Bazar is a definite addition to your travel itinerary if you are someone who loves shopping and collecting antique items. 

Some of the very famous shops in Meena Bazar are Regal fabrics which is widely popular for selling Pashmina, cotton, and rayon textile specially imported from the Indian subcontinent. Not only this, tourists can also find a myriad of shops for kids with cute and cozy outfits promising to make them look like fashionistas on their vacation expedition!

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• Fuel up your energy whistle snacking at Rangoli restaurant in Meena Bazaar, which is a famous Indian snack store selling authentic Indian cuisine with a hint of Arabian spices. Order for your favorite delicacy alongside sumptuous beverages and relish upon the divine taste.
• Shop for antiques, silverware, a myriad of unique gemstones, jewelry, customized platinum rings etc. from all the famous jewelry shops.
• Take home some intricately designed apparels for your loved ones along with imported textiles like Pashmina, hand stitched embroidery, Pakistan and Indian suits etc.

How To Reach

Meena Bazaar Dubai is present in the famous Al Fahidi Street which can be reached by any public transport. Tourists can also find metros, rented cabs and other options of transport to reach this crowded and bus shopping complex.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Meena Bazaar Dubai is during the afternoon. During this time, the shops are relatively empty and non-crowded and allow one to take their time and shop for their favorite items.

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Other Essential Information

Best Places to shop at Meena Bazaar:

1. Malabar Golds and Diamonds

This is one of the classiest shops in Meena Bazar and a definite addition to your shopping itinerary. Malabar Golds is one of the most successful franchises across the Indian subcontinent and is famous for selling authentic gold jewelry items, gemstones, antiques and also silverware. Get your hands on these perfect pieces of jewelry that deserve a place in your collection.

2. Regal Fabrics

Your search for beautiful pieces of clothing ends at Regal Fabrics. This amazing franchise has made its way across all Arabian states and is widely loved for its imported collection of textiles, intricately designed patterns, and at impressive prices. Shop for trendy Indian wear, comfy shoes, readymade and semi-stitched apparel, sarees and dresses for kids as well.

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3. Popley Kewalram Jewelers

The awe-inspiring collection of platinum jewelry, silverware, antique and unique gemstones can be best found at Popes. The famous shop has been a favorite of tourists and locals for overages and specializes in imported platinum. Not only this, you can also find writing instruments, watches, and precious stones at amazing prices.

4. Bareeze

This is one of the classiest locations to get your hands on some very beautiful Pakistani embroidery and take home beautiful presents for your loved ones. At amazing prices, tourists can find a plethora of items like semi-stitched and ready-made apparel, immensely beautiful chiffon textiles, fine pieces of hand embroidery, and a wide variety of color palettes to choose your favorites from.

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 Best Places to Buy Jewelry:

1. Malabar Golds and Diamonds

Malabar golds and diamonds are a famous franchise spreading its branches across all Arabian and South Asian countries. Shop for a classic collection of intricately designed gemstones, antiques, silverware and get to design your very own personalized item as well. 

2. Popley Kewalram Jewelers

Take home the perfect souvenirs for your loved ones by shopping at Popley Kewalram Jewelers. With intricately designed and customized items, this shop specializes in selling platinum and silverware at extremely impressive prices. You can also find gemstones, antiques and platinum rings to shop for your loved ones.

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3. JJ and Sons

Best known for its authenticity and high-quality customer service, JJ & Sons is a unique jewelry store selling beautiful gold and platinum jewelry, customized rings and earrings made of beautiful gemstones, wristwatches, writing instruments, souvenirs and antiques.

4. Khushi Jewelry

Located in Al Fahidi Street, this unique Jewelry store has been a customer favorite for over decades. Run by generations of family, this store specializes in selling beautiful pieces of jewelry and an iconic collection of gemstones for all shopaholics.

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History of Meena Bazaar:

Meena Bazar is one of the most unique locations in Dubai which attracts a lot of tourists annually. This store resembles the Meena Bazar in Delhi, and so its name is justified. The name was given by the taxi drivers who found the resemblance of this shopping complex, earlier known as Cosmos Lane to the famous shopping street in Delhi, India. Meena Bazar houses splendid and age-old family shops selling classic embroidered clothing items, a wide range of jewelry shops selling authentic gemstones and silverware, food stalls and Indian restaurants which will remind you of the hustle and bustle of Delhi’s Meena Bazar.

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Tips to Visit Meena Bazaar:

  1. Carry cash, as most shops don't accept UPI and card payments.
  2. Make sure to carry extra carry bags.
  3. Beware of fraud, theft, and pickpocketing which are frequent in this market’s hustle and bustle.

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Point of Interest for Meena Bazaar Dubai
Buy some Ethnic Clothes

Buy some Ethnic Clothes

For fashion lovers, Meena Bazar has something in store for all of you. From trendy attires to classy gowns, intricately designed tops and casual wears, Meena Bazar in Dubai is a top-notch location to become a spendthrift on your vacation getaway. At pocket friendly prices, you can find a plethora of extremely beautiful clothing items to shop for on your vacation expedition.

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Explore Jewelry & Diamond Shops

Explore Jewelry & Diamond Shops

Dubai is the hub for jewelry and diamond shops, and there is no better place than Meena Bazar to get your hands on some classic and iconic pieces of jewelry. Tourists can find a wide range of shops selling exclusive platinum jewelry, beautiful and intricately designed gold appraisals and items, silverware, emblematic antiques and precious and sought-after gold gemstones worth admiring.

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Visit the Textiles Market

Visit the Textiles Market

 Meena Bazar in Dubai is also the hub for shopping for textiles and adding it to your collection. The myriad of textiles items that one can find here are cotton, acrylic, nylon, specially imported Pashmina from Kashmir, rayon etc. These textiles can be made into classy clothing items by the plethora of tailoring shops in the Meena bazar.

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Dine in at Rangoli Restaurant Bur Dubai

Dine in at Rangoli Restaurant Bur Dubai

 Relax and relish upon some good and ravishing food after your shopping, at the very popular Rangoli Restaurant. Combining the taste of classic Indian cuisine as well as a hint of Arabian spices, Rangoli restaurant is a top-notch location to relish upon sumptuous delicacies and thirst-quenching beverages to fuel up your energy.

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Get your apparel ready with the best tailors

Get your apparel ready with the best tailors

Find out the local’s favorite tailoring shop and get your apparels ready by the best of artistic hands. Some of the most iconic and tourist-favorite tailoring shops are the dreamgirls tailor; Tichi’s tailoring boutique, Anhar fashion and embroidery etc. These tailor shops also sell beautifully designed Indians suites which are a must buy!

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Tourism Board Alliances

Meena Bazaar Dubai FAQs

What are some of the best Indian snacks to try at Meena Bazaar Dubai?

  •  Samosa, fritters and chaats with tangy tamarind sauces.
  • South-Indian snacks items like Dosa, Idli and more.
  •  Famous Beverages like Lassi and buttermilk.
  •  Other Indo-Chinese Street Foods items, panipuri etc.

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What can I buy at Meena Bazaar in Dubai?

Meena Bazar offers a lot of options for spendthrifts starting with authentic and sought-after gold items, souvenirs, personalized jewelry classic and rare gemstones to imported Indian textiles, embroidered, hand stitched, semi-stitched and readymade clothing items and apparels, as well as crowded food stalls and Indian restaurants serving delicious snack items to keep you charged on your shopping expedition.

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What is Meena Bazaar Dubai famous for?

 Meena Bazaar Dubai is an iconic shopping complex located in Al Fahidi Street of Dubai, UAE. Meena Bazar houses a myriad of shops selling beautiful embroidery apparels and jewelry shops selling gemstones and antiques at impressive prices. The Meena Bazar attracts a lot of locals and tourists annually.

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