Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Packages

Duration Price
Evening Desert Safari Abu Dhabi6 hours - 7 hours
INR 12,299
Morning Desert Safari Abu Dhabi3 hours
INR 3,798

Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

If the idea of Arabian Nights fascinates you, a desert safari in Abu Dhabi ought to satiate your fantasy. Blessed with miles of golden sandy desert, Abu Dhabi is most famous for its iconic desert safaris and desert camping.

The beautiful capital of the United Arab Emirates is much more than just its soaring skyscrapers. What was once a quiet little travel destination has quickly earned fame as one of the hottest, most promising travel getaways in the world. Whether it is the glorious patch of sand dunes stretching from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain, or the sprawling desert beyond Al Dhafra’s Liwa Oasis, Abu Dhabi has great adventures to offer to those who stray into its boundaries. With high sand dunes and valleys, there’s no end to the adrenaline rush that dune bashing brings!

For that quintessential Arabian Nights vibe, the Abu Dhabi Evening Desert Safari may be your best bet. Generally, all desert safaris include dune bashing, camelback rides, quad biking, sand skiing, a visit to camel farms, and a hearty dinner under the starlit night skies. Ready yourself for a night filled with entertainment with a couple of traditional performances. Drink in the fiery hues of the desert skies as the sun dips and the stars come out to play. Indulge in some classic shisha smoking after dinner, while sipping on the traditional Arabic coffee. 

The Bedouin camps are pure luxury amidst the wilderness of the sandy desert. Furnished with comfortable pillows, carpets, and more amenities like clean bathrooms for men and women, feel all your fatigue being washed away by the refreshing service and hospitality provided here.

Choose from a great range of desert safari packages, according to what best suits your needs. There’s the classic evening desert safari, desert safari with overnight camping, desert safari with barbecue, and the morning desert safari for the early-risers out there.

The experience of an overnight desert safari or desert camping amidst the sand dunes of Abu Dhabi is enhanced greatly by the impeccable Arabic hospitality. If you’re setting out to create some truly great memories, a trip to Abu Dhabi is your key! Wander into the sandy corners seeking adventure, and leave with much, much more.
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Abu Dhabi Desert Safari FAQs

What other things can we do during desert Safari in Abu Dhabi?

1. Camel Safari: While enjoying the warm waves of sand dunes in Abu Dhabi, you should not let the chance of enjoying a camel ride go away. A camel ride of 20 minutes around the area of your desert camp will let you witness the unparalleled beauty of the sandy scenery of Abu Dhabi’s Desert. Especially, if you are looking for the safest way to discover the top sights of the desert, Camel Safari is the best bet for you.

2. Quad Biking: Want to get your hands on some adventurous and exciting experience? Quad Biking is the ultimate pick for you to have fun in your journey of Abu Dhabi’s Desert Safari. A ride of a classy Quad Bike on the warm sand dunes of Abu Dhabi’s unbounded desert will make this expedition to remember forever 

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3. Dune Bashing: Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi without experiencing the electrifying ride of Dune bashing is always an incomplete one. If your heart is brave enough, you should experience the rollercoaster ride of a 4*4 dynamic SUVs amidst the wavy dunes of Abu Dhabi.

4. Sand Boarding:
 What can be more amusing than enjoying skating on the slanting dunes of this world-famous desert? Sand Boarding in Abu Dhabi lets you explore the beauty of sandy scenery from the closest. The memory of skating through the whole sloppy sands and enjoying the atmosphere of warm wind will let you capture those moments for a lifetime memory. 

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5. BBQ Dinner:
 Spending the night of your Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi is not enough without having hot seasoning barbecue on your plate. As you enjoy watching the blanket of stars over the dimmed desert, the Bedouin camp gives you the magical experience of campfires, barbeque dinner with the twist of traditional Arabian music, and entertainment to make the night more remarkable.

6. Desert Camping:
 After the whole day of exploring the fascinating beauty of the desert, if your heart doesn’t want to say goodbye yet, you can spend the night at Bedouin camps with the exceptional view of endless stars and soothing vibes of the shining desert.

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Where to go for Desert safari in Abu Dhabi?

1. Rub Al Khali, Al Dhafra:  While choosing the best place to go for Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi, the table ranks with Rub Al Khali, also known as Empty Quarter. The vastness and mesmerizing view of sandy scenery make it the perfect place to go for Desert Safari.

2. Al Khaznah: From Dune bashing to Quad Biking, you won’t feel the scarcity of enjoyment in this popular Safari spot. Located just in the middle of Abu Dhabi city and Al Ain oasis, Al Khaznah is the favorite destination for desert safari lovers. Besides, this golden desert of Abu Dhabi is the best place to experience the Bedouin culture with amazing hospitality.

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What are the best desert safari tours in Abu Dhabi?

1. Evening Desert Safari Abu Dhabi: A trip to Abu Dhabi is essentially incomplete without the classic evening desert safari in Abu Dhabi. Just an hour’s drive away from Abu Dhabi, the vast sand dunes of the Al Khatim desert invite you for a memorable evening of dune bashing and safari. There is little else that compares to exploring the beautiful desert as the setting sun paints a lovely goodbye on the sky.

It’s customary to indulge in a photo session against the sunset before setting off for the camel farm, where a traditional Bedouin camp awaits you. Lined with carpets, the camps are equipped with pillows and comfortable modern lighting to create the ideal setting of an oasis.

Get ready for a thrilling camel ride, followed by activities like sand boarding, dune bashing, quad biking, and more. End the day with a delightful feast comprised of Arabic dishes along with a barbecue. Follow it up with the traditional shisha smoking under a star-studded sky before you call it a day and head back to your hotel, your heart brimming with happy memories.

Duration: 4 hours

2. Morning Desert Safari Abu DhabiBrace yourself for a wonderful morning as you head out to the bountiful sand dunes of the of Al Khatim desert, just an hour away from Abu Dhabi. The desert unfurls before you under the glistening morning sky as you dive into adventures like dune bashing, camel riding, sand boarding and quad biking.

You can also dress up in the traditional Arabic garb to get a photo taken, after which a hand interaction with the Falcon awaits you! The campsite serves you with refreshments like the traditional Arabic coffee, tea, dates, and some soft drinks. Bid adieu to the sand dunes and head back to your hotel with memories tucked away in your heart as well as your camera.

4 hours

3. Overnight Desert Safari
A traditional Bedouin camp set in the heart of Al Kahtim awaits you after an evening of endless adventures like quad biking, camel rides, sand bashing, and more. Go all out with your photography skills trying to capture the colours of sunset splattered across the desert skies, and then make for the camel farm.

The camp, furnished with carpets, pillows, modern lighting, and clean restrooms promises to pamper you after an exciting evening. Experience the warm Arabic hospitality as you’re served with the aromatic Arabic coffee, tea, dates, falafel, and soft drinks.

The camelback rides, music, belly dance performances, the traditional Tanoura dance, and a delectable dinner come together to promise you a night you’ll never forget. Smoking shisha is almost obligatory after a hearty dinner, followed by stargazing as the night sky is taken over by a million stars. Wake up to the tantalising aroma of breakfast and coffee, and head back to your hotel. 

20 hours

4. Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner: 
An evening desert safari in Abu Dhabi is one of the most refreshing activities to indulge in, where thrill and luxury merge to promise you a memorable evening. Sand bashing in your 4x4 under the fiery sunset-skies is an unmatched experience, and also leaves you with some truly breathtaking views captured in your camera!

Take a camelback ride in the sand dunes to admire the vast stretches of the desert. Follow up your adventurous evening with a belly dance performance, the traditional Tanura show, fireworks, shisha smoking, and a finger-licking barbecue dinner. The Arabian hospitality leaves its mark on your heart as you end your day with countless memories.

6 hours

5. Desert Safari with Camping: 
A camping experience like none other, the golden sand dunes of the Al Khatim desert beckons you for a night of pure Arabic joy. Let the desert adventures like camel rides, quad biking, and sand bashing entice you before you seek comfort in the arms of your overnight camp.

Try on the traditional Arabic dresses before visiting the iconic camel farm. Capture countless vibrant memories in your camera and head to your camp. After being welcomed with refreshments like the classic Arabic coffee, tea, dates, and more, an entertaining duo of the traditional Tanoura dance and belly dance liven up your evening.

Feast your taste buds on the palatable Arabic dinner, followed up shisha smoking out under the starry skies. As you wake up, you’re greeted by the fresh aroma of coffee and breakfast which you can devour before heading back to your hotel!

20 hours

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What should one wear on a desert safari in Abu Dhabi?

-It is highly recommended to wear comfortable clothing as the desert temperature is high all through the year. 
-Mens can wear three fourths or shorts with t-shirts and womens can wear tops with jeans or track pants. 
-It is suggested to avoid wearing tight clothes. 
-You can wear a pair of convenient sandals with buckles. 
-Wearing caps and hats is always a good choice. 

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What is dune bashing?

Dune bashing, also known as 4x4 dune bashing, is a desert activity where you drive over sand dunes at varying speeds. It poses a thrill as well as a challenge as the surface of the sand keeps moving, and only a skilled driver can drive over such terrain. The vehicle is generally an SUV (sports utility vehicle). It is the most common activity in Abu Dhabi Evening Desert Safaris

Can senior citizens go on a desert safari in Abu Dhabi?

Activities like sand boarding and dune bashing are not recommended for senior citizens, as they involve driving at high speeds which may cause discomfort to them. Camel rides may be a safer option for those with no chronic problems.

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Is desert safari safe for kids?

It isn’t recommended to go on a desert safari with a kid under the age of 1 year. For kids from 1 to 5 years of age, you can ask for a private car, in which case the drive will also be relatively less intense.

Also, ensure that your little ones are seated well in their car seat. Camel riding is a safe option for kids, too. Activities like sand boring and dune bashing are out of bounds for kids below the age of 5. 

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Can a pregnant woman go on desert safari?

Pregnant women should absolutely not embark on desert safaris. There’s no ways about that.

What is the best season for desert safari in Abu Dhabi?

The most suitable time for a desert safari in Abu Dhabi is from November to March, where the weather the cold yet pleasant, without the extremities of the summer heat. Winter is also when you can truly make the most of your safari, especially during the evenings, when you can admire the beautiful desert sunset. Avoid summer months as the heat is scorching.

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Is Abu Dhabi famous for Desert Safari?

Abu Dhabi is not only famous for desert safaris but is also known as one of the topmost desert safari destinations in the world! It is blessed with vast golden stretches deserts all over, tempting thousands of travellers from all over the world. The iconic Abu Dhabi Evening Desert Safari is widely preferred, followed by overnight camping under the stars.

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