Ferrari World Overview

This time remain awestruck while you visit one of the most wonderful theme parks of Dubai - The Ferrari world. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the ultimate fun destination situated on the Yas Island. It is the primary Ferrari-marked amusement park and has the record for the biggest space outline structure at any point assembled. The recreation center additionally holds the Formula Rossa, the world's speediest crazy ride.

Lovers of red, fast and shiny Ferrari get ready to rock on for some more entertainment with the Ferrari World. Yes, you heard it right. Ferrari World of Abu Dhabi gives you complete liberty to bring in your family for some thrilling fun and entertainment. Ferrari World of Abu Dhabi is one of the biggest amusement parks in the world. Locals love to take rejoicing off from all their hectic schedules at this Abu Dhabi’s popular getaway location. Ferrari World offers you a chance to smash on your own land speed records.

Right from rides to attractions to events, Ferrari World has got everything to engage you throughout your visit. Speed of Magic, Tyre Twist, Made in Maranello, The Racing Legends, and Paddock are some worthy attractions of Ferrari World. These are engineered in such a way that it raises the overall level of your craziness for Ferrari. Ferrari World authorities are sure to leave you spellbound with their live performances and shows.

Throughout 365 days of the year, Ferrari World organizes different shows and performances featuring optical illusions, acrobats, gravity-defying stunts and lots more. If you think that’s all that your Ferrari World has got to offer, wait for the time when you feel hungry. The food outlets here serve the best quality local and international cuisines.

While you are about to leave this wonderland, do not forget to pack your bags with some excellent souvenirs. Right from Italian fashion accessories to Ferrari memorabilia, you have a plethora of things to carry back!

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• The world’s first branded theme park, Ferrari World offers an eclectic mix of rides, thrill attractions and self-drive adventures
• The Park’s biggest attraction is its range of thrill rides, such as the Paddock, Tyre Twist or Speed of Magic
• The world’s largest roller coaster, Formula Rossa, is also located here
• The Park houses a number of theatres as well, staging variety shows throughout the year- whether it be acrobatics or street performances
• Additionally, Ferrari World features a great many interactive play zones crafted especially for younger children, each one unique in theme and design
• The theme park also allows one to drive one’s own Ferrari as well, or ride one navigated by an expert driver
• Ferrari World, however, is not just an excellent entertainment sector, but is a great place to shop and dine at as well. The park premises is home to a variety of eclectic restaurants and retail outlets that add to one’s experience here

How To Reach

From Airport- You can ride a Metro Bus from Airport Terminal 3, which will drop you at Ibn Battuta Mall within 51 minutes of travelling. From here, you need to take a bus which drop you at Shahama within 56 minutes of travelling. From Shahama bus stop, hire a taxi to drive you at the entrance gate of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

Your final journey via a taxi will be lasting for around 12 m. On an average, you will be paying a sum of approximately 813 to 1220 INR per head to make your way from Airport Terminal 3 to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

If you are planning to take a bus, first you need to head towards Arrival 2 of Airport Terminal 1. From here, take a bus which will drop you at Ghubaiba Bus Station within 36m. From Ghubaiba Bus Station, take the next bus to drop you at Central bus station at Abu Dhabi. This journey will take around 2 hours. Once at Abu Dhabi, you need to head towards Al Wadha Terminal to take a bus for Yas Island Ferrari World. From this point, your final destination is at a walkable distance of around 1minute. 

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Best Time To Visit

It is always better to plan on your Ferrari World Abu Dhabi itinerary when they schedule their seasonal events. Glitzy events, spectacular light and sound show, live performance of the best ice skaters, Bollywood acts, and so on embracing the worth of these seasonal events by multiple times. Additionally, to stay away from the crowd, make sure that you visit here between 11:00 AM to 12 noon.

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Other Essential Information

Types of Shows Available at Ferrari World

1. Grande Spettacolo: Exclusively being displayed at Cinema Maranello, Grande Spettacolo is a marvel which is scheduled to last for around 20 minutes. It combines the magic of acrobatics, mind-blowing illusions, captivating dance routines, to energize you with its aura.

2. Cinema Maranello: Cinema Maranello takes you back to the era of 1920s Italian cinema and to explain to you how Enzo Ferrari gave his dream a life to live. 

3. Meet Khalil, the camel, and Berto the Mechanic: Khalil the camel and Berto, the mechanic are two most adorable characters of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. You will have a chance to see them innumerable times as they keep on wandering from here and there throughout the park.

4. Benno the Mouse: When you are busy in meeting Khalil or Berto, do not forget to shake hands with Benno the mouse and his friends. They shall also be roaming in and around Ferrari World. They are here to entertain you at their best, so do take the initiative to meet and capture some beautiful moments with them.

5. La Pizza Show: Celebration on the streets of Ferrari World rises thrice high in the air when the street performers of Ferrari World is out to rock on the moment. Keep some spare time reserved to enjoy at La Pizza Show for complete family entertainment.\

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What are the rides and attractions available for?

1. For Fast Fun: For some fast fun adventure here at Ferrari World, schedule your itinerary so that it covers Formula Rossa, Scuderia Challenge, Karting Academy, Flying Aces, Fiorano GT Challenge, Turbo Track.

-Formula Rossa: Renowned as the fastest roller coaster ride in the world, Formula Rossa scales at a breath-taking height of around 52m. 

-Scuderia Challenge: Train yourself precisely like a Ferrari driver. 

-Karting Academy: With Karting Academy sharpen your Ferrari racing skills. 

-Flying Aces: Witness the magic of your pulse race as you fly through the roller coaster loop of Ferrari World. 

-Fiorano GT Challenge: Experience the lightning speed of F430 Spider on twisting parallel tracks of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. 

-Turbo Track: Witness a zero-gravity fall at Ferrari World’s turbo track.

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2. For Little Champions: Ferrari World has got something for your children too. Nello’s Adventureland, RC Challenge, Khalil’s Car Wash, Junior Training Camp, and Bell Italia are some best engagements for your children. 

- Nello’s Adventureland: Give your children some time to enjoy at the Nello’s Adventureland with their peers. 

- For Family Fun: Witness the magic of navigating boats and cars through the waterways with the help of remote control. 

- Khalil’s Car Wash: Khalil’s car wash is a champion’s play zone where there are climbing, interactive obstacles and RC racing for them to enjoy.

- Junior Training Camp: Enhance the problem-solving ability of your child with Junior Training Camp. 

- Bell Italia: Bell Italia will be a great learning adventure for your little ones to explore the mini version of Italy.

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3. For Family Fun: If you are planning to bring in your family here at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, there’s a lot you can enjoy with your family. Tyre Twist, Tyre Change Experience, Motor Midway Games, Made in Maranello, Galleria Ferrari, Driving with the Champion, Speed of Magic, Benno’s Great Race and Viaggio in Italia are all meant for real family fun. 

- Tyre Twist: Slide and collide with your companions as the tires keep on revolving around itself. 

- Tyre Change Experience: Experience what it takes when you have to replace the F1TM car’s tire. If you can, just attempt and beat the clock. 

- Motor Midway Games: This pit lane style vintage is filled with a lot of fun-boosting activities. 

- Made in Maranello: Gain a piece of in-depth knowledge on the entire Ferrari manufacturing process. 

- Galleria Ferrari: Quickly stroll through the history of Ferrari’s magnificent evolution. 

- Driving with the Champion: At this point, you will be driving parallel to a trainee engineer who is all set to drive you through the motion-based simulator. 

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- Speed of Magic: Take a 4D adventure through this majestic fantasy and let accompany you. 

- Benno’s Great Race: Be prepared for a race through a magical world where you just have a lot of interactive challenges. 

- Viaggio in Italia: Roll through the spectacular landscape of Italy and get familiar with all its mountains and valleys. 

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Places to Dine at Ferrari World

If you think that this world of Ferrari adventure will leave you hungry, then you must definitely try on some of the food courts within. Experience the best of a blend of both Italian and international cuisines. There are around 6 restaurants to halt and dine in your favourite food. Here are some of them :

1. Mamma Rosella: If you are looking for a perfect pizza treat, Mamma Rosella is the place meant for you. However, do not indulge yourself in having pizza alone as they’ve got the best flavours of pasta too. 

2. Il Podio: You’ll find this to model Ferrari’s real staff refectory. Head towards Il Podio for licking on grills and delicacies from Arabic, Western and Indian styles.

3. Espresso Rosso: Witness the elegance of this Italian coffee bar. Espresso Rosso is a café which serves some mouth-watering pastries and home-made gelato all flavoured with the real flavours of Italy.

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4. Cavallino Lounge: If you want to relax a bit, Cavallino Lounge is by far the best place meant for relaxing food. You can enjoy a wide array of cuisines and delicacies from both Italy and Europe in a casual setting. While your food is being prepared, you can share some time at relaxation. The ambience here sets the right relaxation mood.

5. Officers Food Quarters: There’s something called as Officers Food Quarters for grabbing some quick bites of scrumptious burgers and sizzling hot and peppery pizzas. You can club your meal with a fresh salad. They serve Mediterranean style shawarmas and freshly prepared sandwiches for those who love the taste of veggies.

6. Cinema Café: If you are badly craving for a cup of real coffee, head towards the Cinema Café. You can also grab some popcorns and beverages here. They also have cotton candies for your kids and some instant snacks to pick and pay.

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Places to Shop at Ferrari World

Your one-day trip to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is absolutely incomplete without shopping. Ferrari World features some of the best retail spaces with an extensive collection of branded items and memorabilia. Right from toys to adorable fashion stuff and accessories., there’s a chance to carry some goodies back with you. Here are the two shoppers paradise within Ferrari World Abu Dhabi:

1. The Ferrari Store: If you have a reasonable budget, do not forget to take a piece of Ferrari back to your home. Whatever you can buy here is undoubtedly going to rewind your best moments of Ferrari World for the rest of your life. Right from memorabilia to Ferrari accessories, there’s a lot of things you can simply buy here.

2. Ferrari Past and Present Store: This is the most significant retail outlet of Ferrari World. Your child is surely going to love all the memorabilia kept here for sale. If not for you, buy it for someone special and show that you care for them. 

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Ferrari World Pass Types

Single Day Ticket : Single Day ticket to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is available at 295 AED. For a child ticket, you need to pay a sum of around 230 AED. 

Inclusions – Savings of up to 60 AED on the fixed dated tickets if you make an online booking. 

Single day ticket offers you unlimited access to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. 

For UAE residents, AED 50 special rate is applicable if it is purchased at the gate. 

1 Day any 2 Parks: 1 day any two parks ticket would cost you around 395 AED for both adults and children. With this ticket in hand, you can visit Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and entry to either Warner Bros. World or Yas World. 

2 Day any 2 Parks: For this, you can avail an adult ticket for 435 AED and a child ticket for 330 AED. This ticket gives you access to enjoy freely at any of the two parks. 

3 Day any 3 Parks: You can buy this ticket for 545 AED for an adult ticket or 410 AED for a child ticket. This ticket gives you access to any 3 parks. 

It is essential to observe specific rules and regulations within Ferrari World Abu Dhabi:

- Children below the age of 1 year must always be accompanied by a paying adult. 

- There are no entry charges for children below 3 years of age. 

- You must carry your government-issued photo ID for entry. 

- You have to observe all the rules and regulations once you step in the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

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Experiences at Ferrari World

1. VIP Experience: There’s nothing that can ever match the competitiveness of VIP Experiences. You get a premium admission ticket with a 2-hours of a personal guide. VIP Experiences gives you a liberty to have 1 driving experience, advanced simulator session of Scuderia Challenge, and Karting Academy Session. You VIP Experience ticket entitles you for a free entry to the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, complimentary valet parking, welcome drink, complimentary locker, and complimentary luggage storage. 

2. Driving Experience: You can either choose to drive a Ferrari all by yourself or else be a passenger and see someone else do it for you. Following charges are applicable: 

3. Driving Experience:

Driving: 795 AED

Driving + Photo and Video – 895 AED

Extra Passenger – 120 AED 

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4. Passenger Experience:

Passenger: 495 AED

Passenger + Photo and Video – 595 AED

Extra Passenger – 120 AED

The driving experience is dependent on a timed ticket system. You can either buy your Driving Experience ticket online or get it at the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Park itself.

Advanced Scuderia Challenge: This ticket is available for 70 AED. It is inclusive of 3 advanced simulators (F1, F2.0, and F430 GT). It is always better to avail the early bird offer as soon the tickets might run off for the day. 

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Tips for Visiting Ferrari World

As it is known for its thrill, there are some tips for you to follow while you enter into this Ferrari World of Abu Dhabi. Here we go:

- It is better to buy your Ferrari World Abu Dhabi tickets well-in-advance to avoid last moment hassles.

- As Fridays and Saturdays are usually considered as weekends here in Abu Dhabi, it is good if you skip these days. This is so because Ferrari World is the busiest attraction of Abu Dhabi on weekends.

- Keep your dressing sense modest and wear clothing which covers your shoulders, midriff, and knees appropriately.

- You can't carry outside food or beverages within Ferrari World. However, you can always accompany your water bottle with you. Within the parks, there are many water refilling points for your convenience.

- You can rent a medium-sized locker to store all your belongings and enjoy the Ferrari World freely. Locker facilities can be made available at a nominal charge of around 35 AED. 

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Read More
Day Wise Timings
Open Today
Normal Timings:
11:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
11:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
11:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
11:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
11:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
10:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Point of Interest for Ferrari World
Fiorano GT Challenge

Fiorano GT Challenge

Here, you have to accomplish a challenge while you ride one of those F430 spider-shaped four-wheelers. Moving all the way through the tracks that run parallel to each other, the twin roller coaster cross paths come into real foreplay.

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Strolling around Yas Marina

Strolling around Yas Marina

From water activities to boat charters, Yas Marina has got it all for your engagement. Find a relaxing retreat from your personal stress at the steps of a musical water fountain.

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Yas Mall

Yas Mall

While you come out from Ferrari World, do not miss this golden chance to take some Abu Dhabi souvenirs back with you. Head towards Yas Mall for some shopping time and buy numerous items as a gift for your loved ones.

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Formula Rossa

Formula Rossa

For speed lovers, Formula Rossa is the place meant to be! The extreme height it covers, or the stomach-churning swirls are potent enough to scare you to death. So, it is advisable, do not try on getting here if you carry your heart on your sleeve.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Ferrari World FAQs

What is the best time of the day to visit Ferrari World?

Make sure that you opt for early morning slots or visit here late in the evening if you do not want to stand in cues.

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What are the operating days and timings of Ferrari World?

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi operates between 11:00 am in the morning to 11:00 pm in the night on all weekdays and weekends.

What is unique about Ferrari World?

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is one of the most exciting amusement parks of Yas Island. It’s most significant space frame structure, and the world’s fastest roller coaster ride makes it unrivalled amongst other global tourist attractions.

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How long does it take to go around Ferrari World?

It takes nowhere less than 4 to 5 hours on weekdays to cover entire Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. However, on weekends you might have to wait for long hours as weekends of Ferrari World generally tend to be the busiest.

Is Ferrari World Indoor or outdoor?

Ferrari World is one of the largest indoor theme parks with a whopping stretch of around 925,000 sq. feet.

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Are rides free in Ferrari World?

No rides won't be available for free under your entrance ticket. However, the Ferrari World authorities do schedule for various offers and discounts timely. If you can schedule your visit accordingly, you can avail these offers.

How many rides does Ferrari world have?

In all, Ferrari World is no less than a thrilling fairyland with 37 adventurous rides for a real Ferrari lover to enjoy to his fullest.

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What's inside Ferrari World?

Ferrari World is filled with lots of rides and attractions. Here is a quick glimpse of what all you have inside this micro-world of Ferrari

1. Rides:
- Fast Fun: Formula Rossa, Scuderia Challenge, Karting Academy, Flying Aces, Fiorano GT Challenge, and Turbo Track
- For Little Champions: Nello’s Adventureland, RC Challenge, Khalil’s Car Wash, Junior Training Camp, and Bell Italia.
- Family Fun: Tyre Twist, Tyre Change Experience, Motor Midway Games, Made in Maranello, Galleria Ferrari, Driving with the Champion, Speed of Magic, Benno’s Great Race, and Viaggio in Italia.

2. Experiences:
Driving Experience, Advanced Scuderia Challenge, and Karting Academy Shows: Grand Spettacolo, Cinema Maranello, Meet Khalil the Camel, Berto the Mechanic, and Benno the Mouse and friends and La Pizza Show.

3. Dining:
Mamma Rosella, Il Podio, Espresso Rosso, Cavallino Lounge, Officers Food Quarters, and Cinema Café.

4. Shopping:
The Ferrari Store and Ferrari Past & Present Store

Are there any height restrictions to ride Formula Rossa?

Yes, there are certain restrictions on both height and weight to ride a Formula Rossa. Here are they:

- Minimum height: 1.40 m

- Maximum height: 1.95 m

- Maximum weight: 100 kg.

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Who owns the Ferrari world?

Currently, its government of Abu Dhabi which owns this magnificent Ferrari World. However, it is under maintenance and development by Aldar Properties.

When did Ferrari World Open?

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi came into existence on the 04th day of November in the year 2010.

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Who designed Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is designed and engineered by Benoy Architects (Abu Dhabi)

How fast is Formula Rossa?

Formula Rossa is the fastest roller coaster ride of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. With a speed of around 149.1 m, it quickly accelerates from 0 km to 100 km within 2 seconds and climbs to a whopping height of 52 m (171 feet).

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Can we drive a Ferrari in Ferrari World?

Yes, apart from its various other attractions, Ferrari World also lets its visitors operate their very own Ferraris. Each rider receives a personal one-on-one training session with a Ferrari expert, before taking the car for a spin. However, those not keen on driving can also opt for a rider’s experience and not miss out on the joy of riding a Ferrari.

Is Ferrari world worth visiting?

Yes! For not only does Ferrari World stand testament to the superiority of the vehicle, but also offers a number of fun thrills and attractions as well. Besides, Ferrari World keeps organizing several shows and performances throughout the year, ranging from acrobatics to optical illusions.

Is outside food allowed in Ferrari World?

Outside food and drinks is strictly prohibited within the park premises, although personal water bottles are allowed inside. There are several water refill stations around the park.

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Ferrari World Reviews

Ray Menhorn
Reviewed: 05 Jan 2024
Very easy to book. Park was awesome and easy to navigate (did not use the shuttle as we were in from a cruise ship and used Uber to get back). Would definitely go again!
Ray Menhorn
Ray Menhorn
Ray Menhorn
Akash B
Reviewed: 12 Oct 2022
Best deal that you get to all three Yas parks. It was worth the money. Make sure you attend all the rides at WB and don't miss the free pickup/drop from Yas hotel plaza to all the parks
Akash B
Akash B
Akash B
Akash B
Akash B
Akash B
Bhanu Teja
Reviewed: 29 Dec 2023
Best adventures you can do in Abu Dhabi. All the roller coasters are best. 
Bhanu Teja
Bhanu Teja
Bhanu Teja
Kirian Amoros
Reviewed: 19 Sep 2022
All good!
Kirian Amoros
Kirian Amoros
Kirian Amoros
Kirian Amoros
Kirian Amoros
Kirian Amoros
Abhijeet Sinharoy
Reviewed: 21 Oct 2022
An amazing treat if you like cars. You will need an international driving license to drive one of these or you can ride in the passenger seat.
Abhijeet Sinharoy
Abhijeet Sinharoy
Abhijeet Sinharoy
Abhijeet Sinharoy
Abhijeet Sinharoy
Haresh Pattnaik
Reviewed: 30 Dec 2022
Fastest Roller coster ride, 4D movies
Haresh Pattnaik
Haresh Pattnaik
Haresh Pattnaik
Haresh Pattnaik

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