Dubai Zoo (Dubai Safari Park) Overview

Dubai Safari Park is an exclusive zoo which must not be missed on your Dubai tour. The zoo extends up to 2 hectares of land and was built in 1967 by a Dubai resident. The park is a home to around 300 and more species of animals including birds as well. Other than the beautiful nature, the park also boasts of multiple activity option ranging from a safari to a birdwatching tour.

One of the most popular places in Dubai, Dubai Safari Park is a spectacular shelter for a wide range of animals from all over the world. The park is located in Al Warqa, 5 on Hatta Road and is currently operated by the Dubai Municipality.

Dubai Safari Park's beauty is reflected in the modern shelter developed for animals and birds separately. Spread over an area of 12.8 million sq. ft., the zoo is home to 3000 animals and their shelters are categorized according to their native homes.

For instance, Safari village for touring around lions and tigers, Asian village for Komodo dragon and Indian elephant, African village for white lion and African wild dog, and Arabian village for Arabian oryx and wolf. These villages are designed as a replica of the animals’ natural habitat.

When it comes to things to do in Dubai Safari Park, there are plenty of options. Tour around the Safari village and closely observe tigers, lions, and crocodiles. Or, you can watch entertaining shows by various reptiles and birds, or, feed the giraffes. Also, if your kid is a farm enthusiast then visit the Kid Farm. This place provides an educational insight into milking the cows or meeting goats, chickens, etc. 

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• Spread across a massive 120 hectares, Dubai Safari Park is one of the most exquisite natural attractions in the United Arab Emirates.
• More than just an ordinary zoo, the Dubai Safari Park functions as a wildlife Park, an animal sanctuary and a wildlife education centre in one.
• The Park is largely divided into four separate zones- Explorer Village, African Village, Arabian Desert Safari and Asian Village- with each zone housing animal exhibits pertaining to it's cultural theme.
• The interactive zoo let's one not only witness the spectacle of global Wildlife, but also interact with it on a personal level.
• The petting zoo at the Arabian Safari Zone is a big hit with tourists, especially among families travelling with children.
• The African village pays tribute to the abundant wildlife of Africa, and houses UAE's largest aviath exhibit as well.
• The Asian village, testament to the continent's natural wealth, also conducts a variety of animal and bird shows from time to time.
• Home to over 3000 animals, the Safari Park aims to transport spectators across the world with its exquisite exhibits.

How To Reach

1. By Taxi – To reach Dubai Zoo, you can hail a taxi or book online cabs. This place is situated in Al Warqa’a and you can easily get cabs for this location. You can reach this area by taking Al Awir/Ras Al Khor Road or the Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street.

2. By Metro – Dubai Zoo can be reached by taking the effective metro facility. The nearest metro station to the zoo is the Creek Metro Stop on the Green Line. From there, you can take a taxi or book online cab, the ride will nearly take 15 minutes.

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Best Time To Visit

November to March – These months are the best time to visit Dubai Zoo. The weather is pleasant to explore the surroundings of the zoo and a perfect time to watch animals.

April to May – April to May are known for the mild hot weather. You are most likely to spot animals playing and cherishing the weather.

June to August – These months constitute the summer season of Dubai. Sandstorms and heatwaves are quite prominent during this time. The probability of seeing animals is quite less.

September to October – This time is considered as the transition months of Dubai. The temperature drops down and winter starts approaching. Animals are usually seen laying around or dozing off.

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Other Essential Information

Interesting facts about Dubai Zoo

  • The Dubai Zoo is stretched over the area of 12.8 million sq. ft. which is almost twice the size of the Vatican City, the smallest country in the world.
  • The zoo is home to an impressive range of 2500 varieties of flora and fauna.
  • The Dubai Zoo consists of beautiful lakes and five villages with unique animal diversities which can be explored conveniently with eco-friendly vehicles.
  • The Dubai Zoo provides a natural habitat to shelter various animals which undergo changes according to their needs. For instance, for summer, chilled water bodies, misting fans, and air-conditioning are provided along with artificial rocks.
  • To enhance the ecosystem, solar-powered waterfalls are created for the tigers.
  • Dubai Zoo has curated the world’s first drive-through crocodile exhibit. It provides close observation of the world’s one of the most dangerous predators like crocodiles.
  • Yet another amazing attraction of Dubai Zoo, many interactive and entertaining shows are orchestrated. For instance, open-air theatres for bird and reptile shows, feeding zones for giraffes, and a cheetah racing track.
  • Dubai Zoo has curated a separate area named Wadi Village. In this portion, the Dubai Municipality has implemented green initiatives like powering water streams and fishing ponds with solar energy.

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Unique Inhabitants of the Dubai Zoo

This portion of Dubai Zoo is home to the unique representative of the fauna. The prominent ones are African lions and Syrian bears, Bengal tigers, chimpanzees, and African giraffes. The abundance of these animals has seen a considerable increase. African lions and Bengal tigers are stuck in the grandiose habitat of the zoo.

Apart from the strong representatives, the Dubai zoo houses nine species of large felines and seven species of primates too. Felines or Felidae, are a member of the cat family, specifically referring to the domestic cat. Whereas, primates consist of lemurs, monkeys, and apes. These are found mostly in Central and South America, Africa, and southern Asia.

Apart from these species, the Dubai Zoo houses an astonishing range of ostriches, golden eagles, flamingos, and parrots. These birds are usually found at the aviary present at the zoo. Many small birds stay here which provides a natural environment to fly and live freely.

However, flamingos reside in a bay area, consisting of required water and land for them to survive. Whereas, ostriches are housing in a rocky and sandy area. The arid region is suitable for the ostriches to survive. Also, a unique setup has been provided to Herring Gull and Sacred Ibis, these two bird species coexist together.

Moreover, Dubai Zoo is famed for providing shelter to many unique inhabitants too. Here, you’ll come across several unique animals who are now only found in captivity to preserve them. For instance, the Arabian wolves reside in the captive region of the zoo. Also, a separate colony has been created for the threatened species of the Socotra cormorant.

Moreover, the Arabian wildcats are nestled amidst the woods of Dubai Zoo. At the same time, some species have settled comfortably in the natural environment provided by the zoo, like Arab rattlesnake and sand snake.

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Tips for Visiting Dubai Zoo

  • Typically, you’ll be walking a lot in Dubai Zoo, apart from the tour, make sure you wear robust shoes. A good pair of footwear will save you from the sore pain and will provide proper comfort.
  • While roaming amidst the dense trees, getting an insect bite becomes quite prominent. Bring insect repellants and avoid going to the dense grasslands of Dubai Zoo.
  • Avoid crossing the limits and stay in the suggested area while watching the dangerous animals. Overzealous and excitement might become a hazard at the zoo.
  • Do a little research before visiting the Dubai Zoo. This research will help you in understanding the attractions of the zoo and it’ll surely help in planning the entire visit.
  • Do not feed animals or birds something from your side. Follow the instructions given by the trainer or the instructor. Unsuitable food might result in making the animals or birds ill.
  • Maintain the decorum while watching the animals or birds. Don’t make loud noises or attempt any action which might bring out an unexpected reaction out of the animals.
  • Obey all the signage and directions provided by the staff of Dubai Zoo. Follow the rules as the zoo can be a risky place.

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Point of Interest for Dubai Zoo (Dubai Safari Park)
African village

African village

The African village is home to pygmy hippo, gorilla, chimpanzee, African lion, flamingo, okapi, bongo, lemur, antelope, giraffes, etc. The village is developed with sandy areas and rocky terrains to offer an environment like Africa.

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Arabian village

Arabian village

The Arabian village is stretched over 60,000 sq. m and comprises mountains, deserts, flowers, and plants. Here, you will come across Arabian oryx, wolf, Ostrich, gazelle, ibex, Syrian bears, and saiga antelope.

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Asian village

Asian village

Animals from Asia reside in this portion of Dubai Zoo. This exotic region boasts of traditional East Asian architecture and is a shelter to gibbons, moon bears, Komodo dragons, nine species of large felines, and seven species of primates.

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Wadi village

Wadi village

Wadi village is the area created for relaxing after exploring the safari. Here, you’ll come across lush green lands and ponds. Wadi also has restaurants and cafeterias which serve mouthwatering dishes.

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Take a tour on an eco-friendly vehicle

Take a tour on an eco-friendly vehicle

The beauty of the Dubai Zoo is best explored by taking a tour. The zoo provides eco-friendly vehicles to explore the flora, fauna, and unique lakes of the zoo. This tour will take you to the natural habitats developed at various villages of the zoo.

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Visit open-air theatres for bird and reptile shows

Visit open-air theatres for bird and reptile shows

Dubai Zoo organizes various entertaining shows with birds and reptiles. These performances are enacted under skilled trainers and instructors. These open air-theatres are perfect to watch diverse wildlife with vibrant colours and activities.

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Feed the giraffes

Feed the giraffes

To watch and touch the wildlife more closely, Dubai Zoo organizes several feeding programs for giraffes. The eco-friendly vehicle will take you to the giraffe’s habitat. Here, you can feed them under the supervision of instructors. Visitors usually take part in this activity to know the animals closely.

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Explore the Kids Farm

Explore the Kids Farm

Dubai Zoo has specially developed a separate area called the Kids Farm. Here, they can get acquainted with traditional farm animals and traditional farm practices. Children will learn about chickens, goats, sheep, and cows, while participating in different activities like acquiring the knowledge about how to ride ponies, collect chicken eggs, and milking a cow.

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Safari village

Safari village

If you wish to watch the animals up close then Safari village is the place you ought to be at. This village is an open area of Dubai Zoo where tourists usually visit via eco-friendly vehicles.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Dubai Zoo (Dubai Safari Park) FAQs

What is unique about Dubai Zoo?

The most special thing about the Dubai zoo is the animals. This place houses hundreds of animals from different regions like Asia, Africa, Arab, etc. Moreover, the zoo runs over eco-friendly practices and solar power.

The development of the zoo favours the sustainable ways which are comfortable for the animals and birds. Dubai Zoo also has various extinct animals too, like Socotra cormorants, Arabian wildcat, Arab rattlesnake, sand snake, herring gull, sacred ibis, etc.

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How much does it cost to visit Dubai Zoo?

In Dubai Zoo, there are several places where you might have to pay, for instance –

Ticket Price –

Fee (excluding the Safari village) –

  • Adults – AED 50,
  • Children – AED 20

Access Dubai Safari ticket –

  • Adults – AED 85,
  • Children – AED 30

Parking -

The Dubai Zoo is equipped with approximately 3500 free parking spots where transport is provided to and from the main gate. Or, if you wish to park close to the zoo, buy a VIP parking ticket which will charge you an additional AED 50.

Restaurants and Cafeterias –

Gorge on the mouthwatering dishes provided at the restaurants and cafeterias present at the Wadi Village of Dubai Zoo. The bill will range between AED 2- to AED 100.

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What are the various ticket options to visit Dubai Zoo?

Dubai Zoo has different ticket options availing different opportunities. The entry fee for visiting Dubai Zoo is AED 50 for Adults and AED 20 for Children. This ticket doesn’t provide a tour to the Safari Village. According to this ticket, you’ll be able to visit the lakes, gardens, and a watch a few animals.

If you wish to explore the Dubai Zoo on a vehicle and wish to take an entire tour then buy a Dubai Safari ticket. This ticket will cost AED 50 for adults and AED 30 for children. Both the tickets won’t cover the expenses for parking and food facilities.

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What are the facilities provided in Dubai Zoo?

  • Dubai Zoo provides the facility of 3500 free parking spots along with providing transport to and from the main gate. Also, VIP parking tickets are provided at an additional cost of AED 50. The VIP parking lot is much closer than the other parking space.
  • Dubai Zoo provides a tour of the entire region in an eco-friendly vehicle. In this tour, the vehicle will take you to Arabian village, African village, Arab village, Asian village, and Wadi Village.
  • If you want your child to know about traditional farm animals and practices then take them to the Kids Farm. Dubai Zoo has specially created this zone for providing an insight into collecting chicken eggs, learning about goats, sheep, and much more.

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Is Dubai Zoo wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the carefully paved walkways at the Dubai Zoo are friendly to wheelchairs. The Zoo offers wheelchair accessible restrooms as well.

Are there any special prices for senior citizens and kids for visiting Dubai Zoo?

Yes. Dubai Zoo provides free entry to senior citizens and children under the age of 3 years. Although, if your kid is above three years then you’ll have to pay AED 20 for the entry ticket.

What are the operating hours of visiting Dubai Zoo?

The timings of the Dubai Zoo usually change according to the seasons. The weather and availability of animals play an important role in determining the timings of the zoo. Also, the zoo remains closed every Tuesday. The influx of visitors usually increases during the weekends that’s why it doesn’t open on Tuesdays. The timing is usually followed as –

In Summers (from March 1 to October 31) – from 10 am to 6 pm

In Winters (from November 1 to February end) – from 10 am to 5.30 pm

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Can we eat in Dubai Zoo? Can we bring outside food in Dubai Zoo?

Yes! Dubai Zoo has created a big recreational area called Wadi Village. This place is famed for relaxing with friends and family whilst also savouring the tasty treats at the available restaurants and cafeterias. Also, you cannot bring outside food in Dubai Zoo.

The place follows a strict pattern of not bringing outside food for the safety of the animals and birds. The unsuitable food might result in spreading illness among them. You can head to Wadi village if you want to eat something. The rates are reasonable and it might range between AED 20 to AED 60.

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Which animals we can see at Dubai Zoo?

  • Tigers, baboons, zebras, deer, cheetahs, water buffalos, lions, crocodiles, giraffes, etc. are usually found at the Safari Village.
  • In the African village, you will come across pygmy hippo, gorilla, chimpanzee, African lion, flamingo, okapi, bongo, lemur, antelope, giraffes, etc.
  • Ostrich, oryx, gazelle, ibex, Arabian wolf, Syrian bears, and saiga antelope take shelter at the Arabian village.

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