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    Image credit: George Mathew

    Take the road less travelled when it comes to your weekend escapade.  An action-packed rendezvous with the outdoors and a whole new world of adventure awaits. Explore nature, have an adrenaline rush, feel thrill of a conquest with some of the lesser known weekend treks around Bangalore. Carry back fascinating tales on a Monday morning.

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    Here are the 18 treks around Bangalore to explore:

    1. Romance the sun, sand, and sea with Gokarna Beach Trek

    Image credit: Sitabja Basu

    Literally meaning cow’s ear, the amazing thing about Gokarna is its vast expanse of pristine, virgin beaches. Also a holy-town, its most sought after today because of its remoteness and being secluded. Take your pick from over 10 beaches that surround the coastline. Each separated by hills and cliffs ideal for trekking. The vistas of unending panorama of natural beauty fill the entire trail making it an ideal destination for trekking around Bangalore. A short trail from main Gokarna Beach leads to Kudle. At 30minute distance from here is the tranquil Om Beach with its signature rock promontory. Climb on to the hill on the far side as you wade through the sea waves, pass by shacks and follow a narrow trail leading through a forest patch to arrive at smaller secluded beaches of Half Moon and Paradise.

    [Embark on a challenging trek in the lap of nature at Gokarna Beach]

    Tip: Best time to visit is October – March

    Distance from Bangalore: 485 km

    2. Surprise trekker’s paradise at Ranganathaswamy Betta

    Image credit: Niranjan M Bhat

    A fairly easy trekking trail, Ranganathaswamy Betta or Bilikal Hill becomes as exciting and adventurous for any die hard trekker with its arduous paths through thick forests full of prickly shrubs. Imagaine walking through a paradise which’s also a haven for elephants. The gigantic rock hill is believed to have emerged from ground atop of mountain. Here lies the temple of Lord Ranganatha Swamy.

    On this weekend trek around Bangalore, you’ll walk through a constant frame of a hilly outline covered with green farmlands, tall trees, and sunflower plantations. A clean, simple trek with three distinct checkpoints is separated by three boulders. Each path with its own appeal takes you through tough, narrow, steep, and muddy paths. Followed by a slant and shadowed stretch and ending with a walk through dense thickets, characterised with narrow and steep walk paths. The hill top temple is open only on Saturdays.

    Tip: An experienced trip leader would be helpful

    Distance from Bangalore: 70 km

    3. Charming Western Ghats with Sakleshpur Nature Trek

    Image credit: Ashwin Kumar

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    The magnificence and striking beauty of the UNESCO stamped Western Ghats comes alive at Sakhlespur. For an ardent trekker, include this trail in your must do list. Hidden in the dense forests of the Western Ghats, the trek takes you through a kaleidoscopic journey passing from jeep tracks to railway lines, through tunnels and over bridges. Streams by the dozen flow beneath your beneath and the hills come alive at every point. Trekking in Sakleshpur has three different stages.

    First trail from Donigal to Edukameri is through the densest part of the ghats. A frame straight out of an Indiana Jones movie, it’s filled with a lot of tall narrow bridges, long dark caves and water streams. From Edukameri to Shribagilu is an intense trail and be prepared to hop over bridges with missing planks that simply ‘up’ the adventure quotient. The final leg to Subramanya Railway Station is the longest and is an extension of by now a familiar terrain and high points of train tracks, streams, waterfalls and scenic beauty of the Western Ghats.

    Tip: Avoid monsoons as the region is prone to heavy downpour

    Distance from Bangalore: 220 km

    4. Scaling heights at Kemmanagundi, Chikmagalur

    Image credit: Roopesh Chander

    [Book a tour with us and be surrounded by nature as you trek through Kemmanagundi]

    Now, this can easily be pinned as an out-an-out weekend trek from Bangalore. Kemmanagundi with an altitude of 1,434mtrs has off late been astounding trekkers with its hidden treasure of thrills and chills. Situated in the Baba Budangiri Ranges, it’s an enchanting hill station, excelling in a visual treat with panoromic views of spelndid green valleys, waterfalls, and muddy mountain paths.

    Best discovered through at trek which takes you through green jungle cover jungle ala expedition style. The hills hold in them mesmerising spots such as Kalhatti Falls offering an excellent view of the cascading water from the Chandra Drona Hill. Another highlight is Hebbe Falls which is surrounded with dense forests, coffee plantations and cascades down from 250 feet to Dodda Hebbe and Chikka Hebbe, two stages. If the nature enthusiast in you is active, bookmark this getaway.

    Tip: Prior accommodation booking for weekend trips is recommended. Also, find out cheap resorts in bangalore to hangout. 

    Distance from Bangalore: 250 km

    5. Anthargange Night Trek And Cave Exploration, Bangalore

    The closest spot for trekking around Bangalore is Anthargange, a beautiful rocky hill range situated at about 1,226meters in Kolar district. Meaning inner stream or Ganges from the deep in Kannada, the hills of Anthargange are a perfect spot for trekking, rock climbing, night navigation, and all things mysterious like the water stream emerging from an unknown source between rocky boulders.The mountain contains a number of volcanic rocks of various sizes and naturally carved caves around it. Be prepared as a moderate trek from the footsteps of the Kasi Vishweshwara Temple dynamically changes to steep mountain climb inside a small forest, with a chance spotting of wildlife. The highlight of this trekking episode is the cave exploration as the natural carbonate contours are narrow and interestingly formed. Crawl through them as you inch through a creation formed perhaps at a time when the earth was shaping up. Night camping on the boulder terrain is sure to refresh the spirit.

    [Join us on our tour exploring the caves of Anthargange]

    Tip: Take a dip in the holy water at Kashi of the South

    Distance from Bangalore: 70 km

    6. The Bandaje Arbi, Dakshina Kannada Trek

    Image credit: rustedfaith

    Treasure hunt is fascinating at any age. And the Western Ghats surely offers an endless itinerary replete with ‘find the treasure’ games. One such is the Bandaje Arbi trek nestled in the Dakshina Kannada side of the ranges of Charmadi Ghat. A sure-shot destination for lesser known weekend treks around Bangalore, this enthralling waterfall is a picturesque beauty. The climb is challenging, steep, and winds through deep jungles. The dense thickets provide no trails and reaching the destination at one go is next to impossible. So, if you are an outdoor fanatic, this is a true test that dares you at every turn. Bandaje is mostly covered by thick forest at the rest of the landscape is open grassland.

    Tip: Be prepared for humid weather

    Distance from Bangalore: 300 km

    7. Hebri Nature Camp, Udupi

    Image credit: Sri Harsha

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    Located within the boundaries of Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary, Hebri Nature Camp is surrounded by semi-evergreen and evergreen forests. The sanctuary strategically protects the last remaining low elevation rain forests in entire Western Ghats. Trekking in this area is mystical like any other jungle trail. Ideal for bird watching and if you are into white water rafting, you’ll get a good deal with the rapids, especially so during monsoons.

    Tip: Nearby attractions include the Onakabbi Falls, Agumbe Sunset Point and Jamblu Tirtha.

    Distance from Bangalore: 409 km

    8. A trek through the rain forest, Kodachadri, Shimoga

    Image credit: hebbarvinay

    A common secret amongst the ‘outdoorsies’ as a lesser known weekend treks around Bangalore, is a hill called Kodachadri. It’s more than a delightful bounty with trademarked thick jungles of the Western Ghats, winding mountainous terrains and a natural habitat for several wildlife species.

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    Situated in the Mookambika National Park at an altitude of 1,343meters, most trekking trails around here are challenging as the imposing hill takes around 8-10hours to conquer. Be prepared for this ! This may sound like a moutainous task. But you’ve no reason to complain with verdant jungle stretches for company all along the way, breath-taking views of the resplendent ghats and hamlets peppered too. With luck by your side, on a clear day catch a glimpse of the Arabian Sea from the highest point.

    Image credit: Swaroop C H

    [Appreciate the beauty of nature in Shimoga on our Kodachadri trekking experience]

    Tip: Beware of leeches.

    Distance from Bangalore: 400 km

    9. Sintilating trails around KodeKallu and BaaleKallu, Charmadi

    Image credit: Abhijit Shylanath

    A urbanite would give a tooth and a nail for an exhilirating weekend trek around Bangalore, especially if it happens to be in the scintilating envrions of the Charmadi Ghats in Uttar Kannada. A region blessed with an emerald cover all year through happens to be a hideout for a few gorgeous sights to behold. A beeline of hills, every peak in the range in this Shola vicinity has a name. Kodekallu (umbrella rock), a stone which has an overhang and an umbrella kind of shape for example offers an easy climb for a quick trek and stocks some overwhelming views. Don’t forget to climb down the winding tracks for a dekho of the stupendous Alekan waterfalls. Also capture Baalekallu, the second highest peak around here after a tedious trek among the craggy hill canvas.

    Tip: This trek becomes twice more difficult during monsoon.

    Distance from Bangalore: 300 km

    10. Green trek to Kudremukh Hills, Chikmagalur

    Image credit: RahulR

    Do you know as you trek Kudremukh, you are actually scaling a horse’s face? That’s the word meaning of Kudre (horse) mukh (face). Spelt enticing from the very beginning, this trek has an idylic start from the village of Mulldodi with not more than 40 homes. Needless to mention, this Western Ghat beauty seduces with its breathtaking scenes, and panoramic views all around. A harmony of natural wonders with steep hills, dense forests, gushing moutain streams make up for an unforgettable experience. The trek around these Shola grasslands vary from easy to moderate. Remember, there’s no direct bus to the trek start point. You’ve one to reach Kudremukh, but from thereon it’s one great adventure. Either hire a jeep, or hitch a ride.

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    Tip: Official forest permission required

    Distance from Bangalore: 250 km

    11. It’s a vertical climb on Kumara Parvatha Trek, Coorg

    Image credit: Naveenkumar Avalakki suresh

    [Experience the beauty of Coorg while trekking through Kumara Parvatha with us]

    One of the most beautiful trails for trekking around Bangalore, Kumara Parvatha can be approached from Bidalli (Coorg) or Subramanya (Mangalore). The routes you choose don’t matter much for either are compelling for the nature lover. The 18km trail from Subramanya is a journey through dense forests and is high on leeches and snakes. Almost towards the end of the trail are ancient ruins locally called Mantapa, which is a look-out point on a small plateau. Those interested can camp here for the night and take time to appreciate the natural splendor. This contributes to the region’s long history and rich past, which are spread around in the form of carvings, engravings and other ruins. Another geological wonder around here are hexadron shaped white stones called Kumaralinga. Overall, rope in a bit of knowledge gathering along a difficult trek, which’s definitely not for the faint hearted.

    Tip: One side of the trekking trail opens out to a sheer drop of 2,000 feet

    Distance from Bangalore: 280 km

    12. Murkannu Gudda And Hadlu Waterfalls Trek, Sakleshpur

    Image credit: CosmicDust

    Murkannu Gudda and Hadlu Falls are among the riveting weekend treks around Bangalore. Identified as one of the 18 most diverse spots in the Karnataka ranges of the Western Ghats, on the trek you’ll pass through dense forests, lofty mountains, archetypal Indian villages, plantations, streams, and an endless list of natrual bytes. At Murkannu Gudda there’s also a manmade lake that can add to your brush with nature. Trek to Hadlu Falls is rewarded by bathing in its icy cool waters that cascade over 6 stages. After a strenous walk through plantations and forest this is undoubtedly enthralling. Best enjoyed as an overnight trek-cum -camping experience, the time spent here is energising to last for a while.

    Tip: Pack light clothing

    Distance from Bangalore: 220 km

    13. Fascinating Night Trek at Kunti Betta, Bangalore

    Image credit: Aditya Patawari

    An extremely heady recipe with a dash of mythology, a bit of history, and a whole lot of tricky trails along giant monolith rocks is what makes night trek at Kuntibetta fascinating. Unbelievable that Bangalore’s most loved adventure sport of trekking can be enjoyed to the hilt a mere 100km outside the city’s hustle-bustle. With its steep rock faces and a stone pillar on its summit, Kunti Betta (950meters) is hard not to notice. A fairly short trail, it requires technical know-how as it includes steep ascents and descents. Filled with volcanic granite rocks and boulders, on a night trek these become hotspots for camping. Only in the morning do you realize the magnificence engulfing you with the Thonur Lake constantly in view and brief stretches of moorlands and sugarcane fields that fill up the air with characteristic smells of jaggery plants.

    [Brave the darkness on a night trek in Kunti Betta with us]

    Tip: Build your stamina. It can be a strenuous trek.

    Distance from Bangalore: 123 km

    14. Cross country walk along Thadiyandamol Peak, Coorg

    Image credit: Vineeth

    Coorg country side is best consumed through long walks amidst nature that seems to have been let itself free. Coffee and spice plantations dot the landscape, with crisply trimmed hedges along the roads can easily be passed on as a European setting.

    Most trekkers head to Thadiyandamol, the highest peak in Coorg for a day of good, long trek. A spectacular experience, the steep rugged hill covered with streams and forest makes it perfect. The view from Thadiyandamol is simply stunning. Far stretching blue mountains, clouds kissing the hills makes one wonder if this is how heaven feels. Stopby at the famous Nalknad Palace located at the base for its intriguing dark rooms and brilliant original paintings being recently restored.

    Image credit: Vineeth

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    Tip: Be fit for a trek distance of 8km.

    Distance from Bangalore: 250 km

    15. Trek along a railway track to Dudhsagar Falls, Goa

    Image credit: Rakesh Ayilliath

    [Take a refreshing trip to Dudhsagar Waterfalls, one of the tallest waterfalls in India]

    A train does stop close to Dudhsagar at Castle Rock. An unbelievable waterfall approachable only by train, Dudhsagar is resplendent during monsoons. Look up this gigantic gush of fresh thick white water cascade through boulders that have withstood time. Undeniably a dream destination, pin this as a have to do weekend trek around Bangalore. The 14km stretch is difficult and needless to say is borderline dangerous. But if you’re in the spirit to live it up, take it on with all vigour. You’re not in for any disappointment. Around the place, if you’ve another day to spare, visit the Kavala Caves located on a hill top near the Supa Power Station.

    Image credit: Alexandra Mitchell

    [Find out more about the best waterfalls in India]

    Tip: Carry a torch along to light up the tunnels.

    Distance from Bangalore: 550 km

    16. Night Trekking in Skandagiri, Bangalore

    Image credit: sacrelegious

    A nearby weekend trek around Bangalore, Skandagiri can be a page in an adventure traveler’s dairy. One of the most difficult treks in Karnataka, Skandagiri also known as Kalavara Durga is close to another popular stopover Nandi Hills. It is one of the fewer trails where night trek is possible. Be rest assured that when on such a trip, village paths are abound with darkness with not a soul for assistance. The adventure trek to the hill top takes around 2hours. The hill has ruins of an ancient fort dating to the 18th century and a temple. It’s a good idea to camp for the night here to catch the sunrise which is truly mesmerising. Accessible all year round, Skandagiri is best enjoyed in winter months, with misty trails, chills, and lovely mornings to wake up to.

    [Trek in the dark of the night and under the stars at Skandagiri with us]

    Image credit: sacrelegious

    Tip: Be well equipped with torch and night lamps.

    Distance from Bangalore: 60 km

    17. Mullayanagiri Trek, Chikmagalur

    Image credit: Vijay S

    A great place to go trekking around Bangalore, Chikmagalur is blessed with nature’s divine touch. Coffee estates, dense forests, plentiful rain showers, and peaks embracing trekkers with wide open arms. Trekking the highest peak between the Nilgiris and the Western Ghats is nothing short of being in paradise. Cool and windy breeze greets one all along the Mullayanagiri trek trail. If exploring is the trigger, small caves located just below the peak provide enough for the imagination. Long winding trails, head to the top of the peek. The high spot offers scenery of the entire Western Ghats standing tall in all its glory. Etch this as an unforgettable sight.

    Image credit: Riju K

    Tip: Avoid night trekking as the area is fileld with snakes and other wild animals.

    Distance from Bangalore: 280 km

    18. Amedhi Kallu Trek, Chikmagalur


    [Check out our other activities, experiences and tours in Chikmagalur we offer]

    A huge monolith rock resembling the back of a tortoise is how Amedhi Kallu gets its name : Ame (tortoise in Kannada). Trails through forests and then a clearing end with a view of the peak. The left portion of the peak has a three rocks forming a Dikallu (a tripod stove in Tulu) and the centre portion of the peak is where the striking similarity with a tortoise back is evident. The climb takes around 4hours along grasslands. Settling atop the peak redefines the phrase living on the edge. This is another must expereince weekend trek around Bangalore.

    Tip: Caution!! Leeches on the entire stretch.

    Distance from Bangalore: 280 km

    [Contact us to book your trekking experience]

Trekking in Bangalore



Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden is spread over an area of 240 acres exhibiting more than 1,854 species of medicinal and scientific plants and trees. Among the places to visit in Bangalore, Lal Bagh Botanical garden certainly tops the list for its vast green stretch and the presence of exotic birds.  

The park was commissioned and concluded by Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan, respectively, in the year 1760 and this vast expanse of greenery houses a 3000 million years rock which is fondly famous as “the Lal Bagh rock” which is a unique site that interests hordes of tourists. 

There is also a glass house with a lake and an aquarium and this glass house hosts a vibrant annual flower show. The colorful and vivid presence of birds such as Parakeets, Myna, Brahminy Kite, Pond Heron, Purple Moorhen and Common Egret etc hook a lot of birdwatchers and photographers.  

Location: Mavalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004

Best Time to Visit:  you can visit the garden any time of the year but if you particularly interested in the flower show then visit in January and August.

Price: entry is free for children and an adult needs to pay INR 10.

Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM on all days of the week.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Around 5 KM.


Cubbon Park

This green belt region is spread over 300 acres land housing 6000 trees of different families contributing to the rich flora of the region.

Within the campus of the park, there are some interesting points like Cubbon Park Museum, Attara Kacheri, Ringwood Circle, the bamboo grove nook, lotus pond, Dancing Fountain and Sheshadri Iyer Memorial Park etc.

It is like a second home to nature lovers and morning joggers. If you wish to cover the entire park but not foot then hop on a toy train and tour around in the most fun away.

Cubbon Park is one of the Banglore tourist places where you can just sit idly beneath the green foliage and unwind watching the magical hours in the sky.  

Location: Kasturba Road, Behind High Court of Karnataka, Ambedkar Veedhi, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Best Time to Visit: Early morning.

Price: Free entry.

Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM on all days of the week except Monday. It also remains closed on every second Tuesdays of the month.

Average time required to visit the place: 2 to 3 hours or half a day.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Approximately 3.5 KM


Nandi Hills

This is a set of breathtaking hillocks which is a complete nature retreat. From cycling and paragliding into the stunning mount to the Yoganandeeshwara Temple that sits atop the hill with a huge Nandi statue, these small mounds have a lot to offer, even the name of the hills was coined after the temple statue. 

Nandi hills are set small hillocks which serves as a great trekking or weekend getaway from Bangalore. It bestows the visitors with the sight of some endemic flora and fauna and magnificent vistas of the surrounding. 

Trek through the paved roads, rocky terrain, small streams and grasslands to reach the top of the hills but one must be careful of the steep descent and sharp turns while returning. Hordes of monkeys will accompany you throughout the trek hence do not keep eatables in your hands.

Location: Chikkaballapur Taluk, Chikkaballapur 562101, India

Best Time to Visit: October to March.

Price: There is no charge except for the commuting fare from Bangalore.

Timings: It is open 24 hours and the standard trekking hours can be between 6 AM to 6 PM.

Average time required to visit the place: A day.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Approximately 62 KM.


Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park is one of the interesting places to visit in Bangalore for the assorted wildlife and natural establishments and the rich vegetation. One can hire jeeps and cars or board a bus for touring around this massive national park sprawled across an area of  104.27 sq. km. 

The park encompasses a number of establishments such as a pretty butterfly park swarmed with colorful species of butterflies, an aquarium, Children's park, a zoo, a Crocodile farm, Snake Park, a museum and a Prehistoric Animals' Park which is highly praised by the visitors. 

The flora and fauna of the park include eucalyptus, sandalwood, tamarind, neem, bamboo etc in plants and jackal,  spotted deer, fox, wild boar, sloth bear, elephants, leopards, porcupine, Asiatic Lion, Royal Bengal Tiger, monitor lizard etc in animals. 

Bannerghatta park is not only nature’s retreat but also has ample locations for short trekking expedition, some of the points are Hajjamana Kallu, Mirza Hill, and Uddigebande; all of these are located under a distance of 4 KM. It is a quick getaway for all the shutterbugs and adventure enthusiasts dwelling in Bangalore.

Location: Bannerghatta Biological Park, Bannerghatta, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083

Best Time to Visit: Winter season.

Price: INR 80 for adults and INR 40 for children (Indian Nationals), INR 400 and 300 for adult and children (any foreign national).

Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM on all days of the week except Tuesday.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Around 23 KM.


Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace is a true example of sheer architectural beauty which was built in 1873. This old opulent structure sits on a land of 25000 square feet displaying the regal mix of Tudor and Scottish Gothic architectural designs. 

Besides being a preserved site, it is also a grand venue that hosts marriage parties, events, and rock concerts. The palace houses paintings of the famous painter of bygone era Raja Ravi Varma along with ancient carvings and granite and ceramic tiles seating on the floor which are still unblemished. 

There is magnanimous ground in front of the palace which has hosted a number of international artists in the past like, The Rolling Stones, Backstreet Boys, Elton John, Lamb of God, Don Moen, David Guetta,  The Black Eyed Peas, Deep Purple, Metallica, Roger Waters etc. 

On the auspicious day of Dussehra every year, a grand fair is organized in the ground against the royal backdrop of the beautifully lit palace.

Location: Palace Road, Near Mount Carmel Institute Of Management, Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052

Best Time to Visit: During Dussehra when it is well lit with a grandiose celebration.

Price: INR 230 for Indians and INR 460 for foreigners.

Timings: 10 AM to 5:30 PM on all days of the week.

Average time required to visit the place: 3 to 4 hours.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Approximately 5 KM


Vidhana Soudha

Vidhana Soudha is situated in the center of the city, painted in white and spread over an area of 60 acres. Vidhan Soudha is the most renowned landmark in Bangalore which houses the state secretariat and state legislature under one roof. 

This dome-like structure has two chambers where the first floor (central wing) can accommodate 268 members at a time and the southern wing can accommodate 88 members. 

The building is a marvelous amalgamation of Dravidian, British and Indo-Islamic style architecture. One must not miss the lighting up of the building on Sunday evenings and the inscription that reads “Government work is God’s work.” 

Please note that it is one of the sightseeing places in Bangalore that needs prior permission or a pass nowadays. The grandeur of Vidhana. Soudha is visible after sunset when the entire building is well lit and it resembles a grand palace

Location: Doctor Ambedkar Veedhi, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Best Time to Visit: September to February

Price: No entry fee.

Timings: 10 AM to 5:30 PM on all days of the week except Sunday.

Average time required to visit the place: 1 hour.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Approximately 3.5 KM


Venkatappa Art Gallery

This enormous art gallery is segmented into two halls where it exhibits more than 600 paintings. 

One of the two halls displays stone sculptures associated with Khajarao School of Art and Mathura whereas the other hall exhibits pottery and clay articles dating back to the Indus Valley civilization. 

This art gallery houses the artwork and paintings of world famous and renowned artists such as K. Venkatappa, M. F. Hussain, Hanumaiah, Hariram, Yusuf Arakkal, Rekha Rao, N. S. Bendre, and Vasudev in galore on the first level of the building. 

There are paintings christened as Prithvi, Vayu, Jala, Agni, Death, Sea Shore, Nagamandala, In Space,  and Last Glimpse by K.K Hebbar on the second level of the gallery. 

Venkatappa Art gallery is the Mecca for art loves, magnanimous, loaded and authentic and is one of the aesthetically pleasing places to visit in Bangalore.

Location: Kasturba Road, Ambedkar Veedhi, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Best Time to Visit: During the daytime.

Price: INR 10 per head (adults) and INR 5 (children)

Timings: 10 AM to 5 PM on all the days of the week except Monday.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Approximately 5 KM.



Take a day out and get charged at this craziest amusement park in Bangalore. Wonderla is one of the largest amusement parks in the entire country with more than 60 exhilarating rides such as Hurricane, Equinox, Insanity Twister, Recoil, Dropzone, Flash Tower, Mixer, Y-scream, Maverick etc. 

These high-tech rides will swirl, twist and turn you in around 360 degrees and will pump adrenaline rush to a next level. The water rides like splurgy and frolic with speedy drops and to and fro motion. 

Wonderla not only tops Bangalore tourist places list but it is loved by the local population as well. From rain disco to fun pools and wave pools, from roller coasters to boomerang rides; even an entire day at Wonderla is not enough to satiate the thrill junkies in you.

Location: 28th Km, Mysore Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562109

Best Time to Visit: November to February.

Price: Ranging from 850 to 2000

Timings: 11 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Friday and 11 AM to 7 PM on every Saturday and Sunday.

Average time required to visit the place: An entire day.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Around 35 KM


Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace

This summer residence of Tipu Sultan was built in the year 1791. The ceilings and walls of the palace have a floral touch with Islamic carvings and decorations. 

The uniqueness of this two storey building is that it is entirely made of teak wood with wooden pillars supporting the foundation of the palace. It is said that Sultan used the eastern and western balconies to conduct the mass and state affairs. 

The intricately carved wooden balcony and the majestic staircases are great examples of architectural marveling and the size of the palace is not magnanimous yet it gives a rustic touch to the state of Karnataka. It is one of the Bangalore tourist places which is included in almost all the itineraries.

Location: Albert Victor Road, Chamrajpet, Near Bengaluru Medical College, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560018

Best Time to Visit: November to February.

Price: INR 5 for Indians and INR 100 for foreign nationals.

Timings: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM on all days of the week.

Average time required to visit the place: 1 to 2 hours.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Around 4 KM.



The Kolar district of Karnataka promises a jaw-dropping sight of the Shathashrunga range and Anthargange is another rocky hill range that basks at a height of 1712 meters from sea level. 

The place is mostly an illusionistic stretch of stacked rocky boulders and the natural cave exploration is a one of kind experience among these piled up volcanic rocks. 

The Anthargange Temple is another popular site that is well-celebrated among the devotees and religious trekkers. Literally, Anthargange stands for 'The Ganges from the deep' or  'Inner Stream' in Kannada, that is also because of the bestrew of seven villages in the vicinity which are favored with a natural supply of fresh groundwater. 

There are no lodging options at Anthargange so one can either pitch a tent while night trekking or can stay at Bangalore and embark on a day trekking tour at Anthargange.

Location: Kolar District, Bengaluru, India

Best Time to Visit: October to March.

Price: There is no charge except for the commuting fare from Bangalore.

Timings: 24 hours.

Average time required to visit the place: A day.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Around 70 KM.


Devanahalli Fort

This 15th-century fort has witnessed multiple seizures and attacks in the bygone era by Tipu Sultan, Hyder Ali and even the Britishers. Malla Baire Gowda constructed in the year 1501 making it one of the Bangalore tourist places which you can not afford to miss if you want to learn more about the Mythology, history, and culture of the state. 

There is small village settlement within the fort premise with several old-style temples which gives insight into the history of the place. 

This 20 acres long fort is made of stone and mud and the house where Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali lived still exists in the lap of this fortress.

Location: Devanahalli Near Bangalore -Hyderabad Highway, District, Devanahalli, Karnataka 562110

Best Time to Visit: October to March.

Price: No entry fee.

Timings: Open 24 hours.

Average time required to visit the place: 2 to 3 hours.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Approximately 35 KM.


Kunti Betta

As the name suggests, Kunti Betta is a hill in the ancient town of Pandavapura and is a famous destination among the trekkers. It is ideally a 3 hours trek to reach an elevation of 2882 meters. 

The mythological significance of the place recites stories of Kunti and Pandavas who are said to have taken abode at these hillocks during their period of exile. It is suggested to indulge in a night trekking expedition as the place boasts of a decent population of fireflies which are on the verge of extinction today. 

From trekking and rock climbing on the rocky terrain of the hills to swimming and kayaking in the refreshing water of Thonnur lake, Kunti Betta is one of the best places to visit near Bangalore that is hard to miss by the adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Location: Pandavapura, Karnataka, India.

Best Time to Visit: October to March.

Price: There is no entry charge, one will only spend on activities, commuting and food.

Timings: 24 hours.

Average time required to visit the place:  a day or two.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Around 125 KM.


Snow City

This indoor snow theme park garners plenty of visitors who aim to escape in the scorching heat by entering a snow house that spans an area of 12,500 sq. feet. The unparalleled experience of playing, sliding and throwing snow at each other can be achieved in the middle of a tropical town and you do not have to travel to the mighty Himalayas, neither have to wait for the winters. The freezing hall offers a number of crazy slides and rides with skiing and rock climbing activities.

Snow city is the first indoor theme park in the city which is open 365 days maintaining a temperature of minus 5 degree Celsius. The crazy snow box, various virtual snow animals, snow parties and snow slides are some of the features which lure visitors into trying this freezing hangout location.

Location: Jayamahal, Fun World Complex, Opposite TV Tower, J C Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560006

Best Time to Visit: Summer season.

Price: INR 600 per head.

Timings: 10 AM to 8:30 PM on all days of the week.

Average time required to visit the place: one-time entry is for 45 minutes.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Around 30 KM.


National Gallery of Modern Art

This sprawling mansion of 3.5 acres and was recently opened to the public in the year 2009. The Manikyavelu Mansion is one of the three National Art Museum in India where the other two are located in Mumbai and Delhi. 

The welcoming sight of years old trees, a mirror pool and a fountain in the vicinity provides ample of green and shaded space to devour in the quietude of this art gallery. 

The marvelous photographs of earlier times, paintings, sculptures and graphic prints are some of the commendable articles which are kept on display. This is a notable culture center at Bengaluru that hosts seminars,  film screenings, workshops and exhibitions to cultivate an understanding of modern art and culture in the city.

Location: #49, Palace Road, Manikyavelu Mansion, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052

Best Time to Visit: anytime between the given hours.

Price: INR 10 for Indian nationals and INR 150 for foreigner nationals.

Timings: 10 AM to 5 PM on all days of the week except Monday.

Average time required to visit the place: 1 to 2 hours.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Approximately 4 KM.



If you remember the classic Sholay scenes then you will be amazed to see the rocky mountains of this town that is situated around 50 KM from Bengaluru city and Sholay was originally shot here. 

From Silk farming to Mysore-Pak, from leading into the huge Hanuman statue entrance to the Ramadevara Betta Vulture Sanctuary; Ramanagara is one of the places to visit in Bangalore within 100 kms to enjoy heaps of activities like camping and trekking, and also an abundance of sightseeing option. 

The iconic rock elevations where the dacoit Gabbar was filmed in the cult classic Sholay can be visited during the day where you walk and climb some steep elevations of approximately 400 staircases to reach the top where you will find a temple as well. 

These rock elevations are of Ramadevara Betta Hill which is a part of Ramadevara betta Vulture Sanctuary.

Location: Mysore Road, Ramanagara, India

Best Time to Visit: Winter season (November to March)

Price: Ramadevara Betta hill can be visited by paying an entry charge of INR 25 with a separate parking charge.

Timings: The gates of the sanctuary open around 9 AM and closes by 4:30 to 5 PM.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Around 55 KM


HAL Aerospace Museum

HAL is one of the most renowned aeronautical companies in entire Asia and the HAL Aerospace Museum. 

This Aviation center was established in 2001 in Bangalore and since then it has been a hub to attain technical, scientific and historical knowledge about aviation and aerospace and other such related science streams in the country. 

It has many branches across India and Asia and this 4 acres land imparts information on simulators, air traffic control, history of aeronautical science and sustainable development practices. 

The museum houses various missiles and aircrafts models such jets, MIGs, helicopters and fighter planes. This is one of a kind museum that is initiating public awareness about aerospace in India.

Location: Near HAL Police Station, HAL Old Airport Rd, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037

Best Time to Visit: anytime between the given hours.

Price: INR 50 for adults, free entry for kids.

Average time required to visit the place: 2 to 3 hours.

Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM on all days of the week.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Around 15 KM.

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