20 Things to Do in Bangalore at Night Starting from ₹370

Things to Do in Bangalore at Night:

1. Night Trekking at Skandagiri, Uttari Betta Sunrise, Ranganathaswamy Betta
2. Adventure Camping at Nandi Hills, Ramanagara, Riverside Manchanabele
3. Caving at AntaraGange
4. Clubbing at Hard Rock Café, High Ultra lounge, Toit
5. Dinning at Empire Hotel, Rasta Café.

Stargazing from a mountaintop, hillside sunset views, delicious cuisine, trying rare spirits, trekking, caving, and vibrant night markets! That about almost sums up the exciting things to do in Bangalore at night. 

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The choices of places to enliven your nightlife in Bangalore and enjoy some of these amazing things are endless. Don’t miss to visit the famous Toit & Hard Rock Café. Get high in the literal sense as you enjoy drinks and fusion dishes at the High Ultra Lounge, located on the 31st floor. Spend the night in the raw wilderness at the Bheemeshwari Adventure & Night Camp.

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Or visit the famed Nandi Hills to see the magnificent sunset and round off the day with a delicious Dhaba meal at Devanahalli Road.Read on to choose your own adventures at Bangalore and memories for a lifetime! 

Adventurous Things to Do in Bangalore at Night


Camping at Nandi Hills

Camping at Nandi Hills
Located at a height of 4851 ft. Nandi Hills are famous not only for their spectacular natural beauty and rare flora but a lot more than that. Visit the majestic fort of Tipu Sultan to see its magnificent arches, wall carvings, and paintings. Soak in the views at Tipu’s Drop, one of the best vantage points here. It is said that the ruler used to send his captives to their death from here, adding to its popularity.

Seeing the sunrise and sunset here is one of the best things to do in Bangalore at night. See the grandeur of temples like Bhoga Nandeeshwar and Yoga Nandeeshwar. Take an exciting cycling tour amidst the hairpin bends and lush greenery. The sloping hills are also a popular paragliding location.

Price: INR 1250 per person.

Night Trekking at Savandurga

Night Trekking at Savandurga

Amongst the great trek points located in Bangalore, the Savandurga night trek is of the most exciting things to do in Bangalore at night. The large monolithic hill and the popular Manchinbele dam provide the fodder for trek lovers.

Here, apprentice trekkers also can find a place because the trek is seemingly easy and does not require any prior experience. The trek is amidst thick trees and forests and also is home to a variety of wildlife.

Various water-based activities are also offered here to the participants that will enhance your experience of the trek. A soothing destination with a great trek in the starlit night can surely be the best things to do in Bangalore at night.

Affordable Rs 1,050 per person with the campfire, sleeping bag and breakfast included.

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Nature Adventure Camping at Kanakapura

Nature Adventure Camping at Kanakapura

An ideal location for adventure activities in Bangalore, the Kanakpura camp is located in the Bananthimari state forest area surrounded by dense green foliage. Trekking on the hill range encircling the area can be a great experience.

It also provides to be a great camping locale near the beautiful Lake Hosadoddi. It is a great destination for wildlife lovers and photography enthusiasts. The camp is ideal for all types of crowds including office goers, friends, and families.

Trekking and camping are perhaps the most likable activity here but apart from that, you also try out Kayaking, paddle rat, ice walk, zip lining and a host of other activities which you can perform when you visit here. A perfect place to relax and seek, this one is surely going to give you some great memories.

 Rs 1,050 per person for the plain vanilla deal. The costs increase further with requested add-ins.

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Head Out for Camping at Ramanagara

Head Out for Camping at Ramanagara

The land of seven hills Ramanagara is one of the most beautiful hill stations near Bangalore and a great escape from the hustle bustle of city life. There are 7 major hills situated here and regular day and night treks are offered here to all trek lovers.

For rock climbers, the location offers a great place with compact hills and vertical rock facades that make it for a great climb. Local climbers also have put in bolts at vantage points to ensure climbing is not tortuous.

Nature buffs can also indulge in bird watching early morning with a plethora of species embellishing the lush surroundings.

You can also spend your weekend here and explore places like Janapada Loka, Kanva Reservoir, Mekedattu and many more. Ramanagara is approximately 50 km away from Bangalore and accessible by road and rail.

 Rs. 1350

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Camp by the Riverside Manchanabele

Camp by the Riverside Manchanabele
This 2-day guided escape, perfect for adventure enthusiasts and for those who want to escape the daily humdrum, takes you close to the incredible natural beauty of River Akravathi. Shake off your work fatigue as you hike and work your way out of the obstacles on the river crossing.

Hone your precision skills as you try your hand on archery and target shooting.The highlight of this activity, one of the most adventurous things to do in Bangalore at night, is a round of tube rafting and kayaking in the evenings watching the beautiful hillside sunset. Spend the night under the starry skies in tents.

Price: INR 1,650 per adult. 

Night Trekking at Ranganathaswamy Betta

Night Trekking at Ranganathaswamy Betta

The trail to experience thrill into the wilderness is not bereft of hurdles. The night trek in Bangalore from here is a great escape from the routine with adrenaline pumping trek full of blind curves, vertical gradients, and trenches which are carried out in the night filled with stairs.

Nature's beauty also houses several animals like Asian Elephants which reside in the area. The hike is recommended post-monsoon season when the forest gets thicker making your journey thrilling. The trek begins at 12.00 AM with pickup beginning at 9.30 PM from Bangalore.T

The trail starts from an open land and begins on a good note until the expedition becomes more challenging. The location is positioned at the Kanakpura district and the package provided includes breakfast, transport and sleeping bag.

 Rs 990 per trekker.

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Night Trekking at Kunti Betta

Night Trekking at Kunti Betta

One of the activities to do in Bangalore at night is to convince your friends to take the peaceful and relaxing Kunti Betta Night trek. Located in the Mandya district 125 km away from Bangalore, the place has a special place in the history of Mahabharata.

It is said that Kunti, the mother of 5 Pandavas dwelled here after her exile. Select your spot to unravel the beauty of the sunrise or just rinse your mind and soul in the beautiful scenery that will mesmerize you.

The beautiful Pandavapura Lake can also be a wonderful and tranquil stopover and overlooking this lake is the magnanimous Kunti Betta. The trek pickup begins at 11:30 PM at assigned locations in Bangalore. The trek begins at 3:45 AM with intervals for relaxing and camping.

 Ranging from Rs 1,500 to Rs 1,900 per adult.

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Night Camping at Bheemeshwari

Night Camping at Bheemeshwari
Be amazed at the spectacular forests as you camp at this charming location, far enough to take you away from the hustle-bustle of the city. One of the most interesting things to do in Bangalore at night, this lets you spend 2 days amidst raw wilderness as you indulge in an array of exciting activities. Explore a leisurely coracle ride in the calm Bheemeshwari River. Enjoy Burma Loop, Parallel Walk, and a wildlife sanctuary trail.

Also try your hand on rappelling, zip-lining, and a fun elephant ride.  Spending the night in the cottage-style bamboo huts, log huts, and tented cottages here is one of the most exciting things to do in Bangalore at night, different from any experience that you would have had.

Price: INR 6,154 per adult. 

Night Trekking at Skandagiri

Night Trekking at Skandagiri

Get the magnificent view of picture perfect sunrise with panoramic views of the city in this astounding night trek in Bangalore. Located approximately 70 km from Bangalore, the fortress is full of major adventure enthusiasts and a great choice to go aboard on a riveting trek in the weekend.

This night trek proves to be a completely rejuvenating experience. The 8 km trail takes these trekkers amidst rough and rugged territory with buttressing walls before the tourists summit the peak at an altitude of 4429 feet above sea level.

Usually, the trek to the highest point can be reached in 3 hours from the base. Early mornings are breath-taking and blissful which makes this trek absolutely worth your time and energy.

From Rs 1,100 per adult.

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Uttari Betta Sunrise Trekking

Uttari Betta Sunrise Trekking
Uttari Betta trek is one of the most popular treks known for its strikingly beautiful and rich landscape. It will take you on a 5 kilometres hike into the untouched charms of nature. Traverse through a tiny charming village and seven stoned doors to reach the beautiful Shankareswar Temple at the summit.

Once you soak in the panoramic views, continue walking to see the jungle caves and surrounding views. The highlights of the trek are a night campfire at the grassland on the hilltop and magnificent sunset views, one of the best things to do in Bangalore at night.

The trek is an easy level one, perfect for beginners & children.

Price: INR 1,000 per person.

Places to Eat in Bangalore at Night


Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café

Featuring a host of dining option, this popular café in Bangalore is located on St Marks Road 45 minutes away from the Airport. The tempting cuisine and the lively atmosphere and rocking music are one of the most sought after things to do in Bangalore at night.

From drinks curated by specialists to some flavorful dishes, the Hard Rock café is a must visit spot at night in Bangalore. Much emphasis has been given to music memoirs of Rock aficionado that adorns the walls of the café.

Weekends comprises of some wonderful live performances and stand-ups that makes your evening absolutely delightful and entertaining. The café operates from 12.00 AM on weekdays and from 8.30 PM in the weekends.

Comprising of three options for seating, choose your best seat and relish your meal amidst great music and musical history.

Rs 2,500 for 2 adults.

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Enjoy Your Evenings at Toit

Enjoy Your Evenings at Toit

An evening in Bangalore and the night to explore is surely incomplete without a visit to Toit. The pub is synonymous to brewed beer, fabulous food, and wonderful ambience.

The beers are made out of natural ingredients and expensive malts carried from all across the world. Toit is famous for not serving artificially made beers that makes it absolutely divine to taste.

Everything from tequila to scotch to the rarest of the collection will be found here. Do not come here for a pit stop but rather be a part of the celebration of a unique culture with great drinks and food to accompany.

 A host of options but a 500 ml dash of Weiss will cost you Rs 220.

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High Ultra lounge

High Ultra lounge
Amongst the activities to do in Bangalore at night, visiting the High Ultra lounge is unmissable. Located on the 31’ st floor and 420 feet higher from the ground level is the quintessential Asian bar and restaurant that has become the ideal destination for food lovers and spiritual seekers.

The entire Asian cuisine is served here with some innovative dishes offered on its menu. Located in Malleshwaram, the lounge exceeds your expectations the moment you step in.

The exclusive lounge also has a separate section for grilled food lovers and has the best variety of Sashimi and tempura served here. Perched on a high elevation, you are sure to leave the place on a high note.

Rs 2500/- for two people.

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Empire Hotel

Empire Hotel
Image Credit : https://www.hotelempire.in/
Dining at this 50-year-old legendary place is one of the best things to do in Bangalore at night. It serves a huge range of delicious vegetarian & non-vegetarian foods from all over the country. It is especially famous for its seafood options like Hot Chilli Basa, Al-Faham, and curried Red Snapper, Amur, Squids, etc.

The chefs here give interesting twists to traditional foods and offer amazing options like Coin Parota, Dosa Chicken, Mutton Keema Dosa, and Idly Chicken. The thalis here are equally famous and filling.

Price: A meal for two will costs approximately INR 500. 

VV Puram Food Street

VV Puram Food Street

Bangalore’s most famous VV Puram eat street is located at the center of the city at the Sajjan Rao Circle. The eat street was also known as thindi beedi begins at 7.00 PM and features eateries ranging from South Indian food to Mumbai street food.

Some of the delicacies worth patronizing are Akki Roti, Ragi Roti, Panirayam from the southern side, and delectable Gulab Jamuns and Gulkand ice-cream from the North. Regular South Indian food is a paradise for food lovers here.

The vibrant culture of street food enlivens here in the cool hours after spending a hectic day at work. Weekends can be really crowded so it is recommended that you reach here before 7.00 PM to enjoy your favorite dosas.

 varies from shop to shop.

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Midnight Food on Devanahalli Road

Midnight Food on Devanahalli Road

Being hungry and bored together surely is not a great combination until you decide to combat it by visiting the famous Devanahalli road. Surely one of the best things to do in Bangalore at night, the drive on the empty roads will be a great relief from the usual interchange.

The area accommodates some of the best cafes and dhabas for you to savour on open all along the night. Some of the most well-known names are Chai point for quick bites, Kaati zone to munch on quick food, Café Noir for some light yet delicious snacks to lay your hands on.

If you are also looking out for some hookah fun, you can also visit the popular cafes like the puff bar and the white oak bar. Absolutely an unmissable experience while you are in Bangalore, visit here with friends and family.

Only for food or drinks.

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Visit Rasta Café

Visit Rasta Café

Considered as one of the most favorite night getaways in Bangalore, the Rasta Café is located on the Bangalore-Mysore highway. The café operates 24 hours and has a cozy vibe to it.

From romantic dates in Bangalore to friendly banter with your friends, the place is ideal for fun things to do in Bangalore at night. If you are a pizza lover, you can absolutely devour the wood fire pizza made outdoors, or sit al fresco and get your first Hookah experience.

The multi-hued café holds umpteen events throughout the week. Interesting live games with movies, music, adventure, salsa nights and live performances are the USP of the café.

The 24-hour café serves continental & fast food with the best reviews for Pasta, Peri Peri fries, and BBQ burgers.

Rs 1,000 for two people.

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Eat at Brigade Road

Eat at Brigade Road

One of the most commercial areas, the Brigade road is considered to be one of the best Shopping places in Bangalore. Out of the umpteen things to do in Bangalore at night, visiting the Brigade road for a neat stroll will be one of the most engaging activities here.

The Brigade road is a row of shops stocking everything from shoes to clothes, electronics, and food. Take a walk to the Tibet plaza to buy cheap and trendy stuff or trip down to the Blossom book house or the church street to get your hands on old titles available at absolutely low prices.

A haven for shoppers Brigade road on an average has more than 1000 cars parked in the vicinity. The walk in the middle of colourful displays, music, and youth will be the most memorable trips you have made here.

The stroll obviously costs nothing, but be sure to load your wallet to shop the goodies.

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Dine at Cafes at Commercial Street

Dine at Cafes at Commercial Street

A one-stop solution to all your fashion needs, Commercial Street offers great value deals for fashion shoppers. Great clothes, accessories, and footwear are available in abundance here.

For those who are also looking out for some great deal in sports equipment and accessories also can be found the right choice here. Make sure your bargaining skills are honed up to purchase whatever you want at the best price.

If you are looking at international brands, you might be disappointed for Commercial Street is the quintessential destination for street shopping. There are good cafes in the vicinity of the street like Ebony, Blimey, and Social.

A host of attractions like Cubbon Park, Bangalore Palace and beautiful Ulsoor Lake can also be visited if you are not tired after shopping. Our recommendation will be to visit these places and shop in the evening if you love buzzing crowds and pulsating atmosphere.

 No entry charges.

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Newly Added Bangalore Experience

Bangalore Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Bangalore
27 November 2017
"Lovely resort overlooking the lake\nWe (two girls) went from Bangalore to Doddaballapur (Bus no. 285M) and from doddaballapur to ujjani from ujjani it took us 10 \nmins to reach the resort the tour organizers came to pick us up.\nWe went for a short trek to experience the amazing sunset, we returned to the resort to play volleyball, badminton and archery. We spent evening around the lake we enjoyed barbecue and campfire.. The food was delicious. We stayed in a tree house. Next morning we sat on top of a tree to watch the sunrise which was a breathtaking scenery after breakfast we went for trekking which was a fabulous experience as it was our first time we went for an easier trek\nTour organizers were so friendly, we felt as if we were with our family… Staff was very friendly and helpful\nWe've been raving about it to all of our friends and family. Thank you for a stay that was memorable and one of the most enjoyable weekend we ever had.  Staying here was very unique and fun.\n\nAll in all, we highly recommend everyone to visit this incredible place. \n\n"
26 September 2014
It was my first trekking and had loads of fun :) Planning another trip with thrillophilia grp very soon.
04 November 2019
"We had taken 7PM-11AM package for 6 people over Diwali holiday. It was well organised and hosted by them. It is located around 75km from Bangalore and drive was also mesmerizing during our time. So, based on overall experience below are my rating:\nHosting: 4/5\nNight Event (Bonfire): 4/5\nTrekking: 5/5( Must attend)\nOutside Activities :5/5( Rapplin, Mud games, kayaking etc).\nFood: 4.5/5\nValue for Money: 5/5\n\nNote: Only thing I didn't like was sleeping in tent. It should have been flat and sponge but rather it was sloppy and uneven. Also, if you close the zip of tent it feels like gas chamber. \n\nOther than this its a must tryout over the weekend...????"
"it's superb experience. .... staff's are amazing. .... superbly maintained. ... the problem is only toilet rooms ..... its clean but less toilets ...... good food ...... natural swimming pool is ultimate. .... must visit place .....for couples this would be the best resort..."
11 December 2018
"We booked through Thrillophilia... 2300 for 2days 1 night starting on 1st day 0900 and the camp ends at after a trek followed by breakfast. You will be taken to the mountains in the pic to trek and eventually to a nearby bear cave... The manager guy Anthony is really ambient and so are the staff. They provided us with everything needed without any prior request from our side. You'll be given a camp and according to the package you will be experiencing kayaking, floating or swimming as they call it with life jacket(my 2nd fav) and then you'll have zip lining , rappelling,archery etc., The crew is really ambient and so are the safety instructors... If you're reading this pay pradeep a tip coz he was the reason we enjoyed a lot.... The camp food was awesome and every penny was worth it... Thanks guys Anthony, basavaraju ,pradeep for making this a memorable experience...!"
02 April 2020
We were a team of 26 people. And we are glad that we chose this place for our office outing. Starting from the beginning, we had our breakfast then headed for the activities. We all enjoyed many activities like Sumo wrestling, archery and played many games like Basketball, football, cricket. Lunch was good too. After lunch, we danced a lot in the mist dance area which was the highlight of our experience, we also played many games in the swimming pool. Overall, the experience was great, we are happy that we decided to book this. will definitely look for more experiences with Thrillophilia.
02 April 2020
Great place, management was good, we had a lot of activities to do. I especially loved the food there, it was surprisingly tasty. Would definitely recommend it.
26 March 2020
If there is one word to describe my experience of Skandagiri sunrise trek, it’s stunning! I travelled on this tour alone but made some amazing friends during the trekking. I would personally like to mention that the service by this travel company was simply the best. We were given all the services that were promised to us before the beginning of the Skandagiri sunrise trekking. Highly recommend the team of Thrillophilia for your travel adventure.
26 March 2020
A perfect getaway from Bangalore. The good part was that we were left with a complete day ahead of us to explore the nearby spots in Ramanagara. Being a Bollywood fan was overly excited to visit the spot where “Sholay was shot”. I enjoyed it a lot. Planning to visit again sometime soon with my boys' gang.
23 March 2020
Though it was a short trip, the good planning and hospitality of Thrillophilia will always stay with me. I was apprehensive about the service I was about to receive, but I was pleasantly surprised. The car ride was smooth, the breakfast was good, and our guide was patient and helpful. Overall, my Skandagiri night trekking experience was great! A brilliant job by Thrillophilia!

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    Bangalore’s location on the Mysore Plateau gives it an elevation of 3020 ft, resulting in pleasantly cool weather throughout the year. Yet, the weather is at its best during the winter months of October to February.

    With temperatures ranging between 15-28°C, winters are never unbearably chilly. This is the best time to not only enjoy the outdoors but also to see the city come alive during various festivals like Shopping & Food Festival, ComicCon, Diwali, Dussehra, Durga Puja, etc. 
  6. Is it safe to travel in Bangalore at Night?

    Bangalore is an extremely well-known tourist destination. It is the home to not only Indians from other cities but a considerable number of foreigners also work & live here. Being an IT hub, the majority of public spaces are open late into the night, making them accessible and safe.

    However, it is better to not travel with too much loose cash on you. Try to travel in groups and avoid secluded roads. Inform your friends & family of your whereabouts. Make sure that your mobile phone is adequately charged always. 

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