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saswati saha


I had always consulted the overviews, highlights and reviews of thrillophilia whenever I went for any trek with my friends. I found their description a...


Rajan Mukhopadhyay


The 3km trek of Kabbaladurga was not so challenging and the beauty of the night sky added more charm to it. We started at around 1:00 in the night and ...

Kabbaladurga Trek Overview

Trip Starting From: Bangalore

Trip Location: Kanakpura


About Kabbaladurga Trek:

Kabbaladurga night trek allows you to explore the mysticism of its nocturnal beauty and will take you through its scenic as well as fascinating trails.

After your arrival at the assembling points, leave for Kabbaladurga at around 09:30 PM; maintaining an average speed, this journey will be completed within 3 hours (approx). Following your arrival at the base of the monolith; at around 12:30 AM, the trek guides will de-brief you about the rules of the night trek.

Get started with the fascinating climb to the peak of Kabbaladurga peak at around 01:00 AM. Upon arrival at the peak after around one and half hours of climb, enjoy a lbonfire at the peak till it is time to start the back trek at around 05:30 AM.

Arriving at the base by 07:00 AM, get freshened up and enjoy a delicious South Indian buffet breakfast. Post this at around 08:30 AM, wish adieu to the pristine ambience of Kabbaladurga and start your return journey to Bangalore and mark the end of the night trek.


  • Tents on multiple sharing basis


  • Idly, Vada, Sambar, Chutney, Rice Bath, Poori and Sagu
  • 7
  • Breakfast Included


  • Night Trekking

Other Inclusions

  • Guide charges for the trek
  • 7
  • Sleeping bags at the peak
  • 7
  • All Applicable Taxes


  • Non AC vehicles
  • 7
  • To and fro transportation from Bangalore

Things To Carry

  • Comfortable or trekking shoes with good grip
  • 7
  • Water bottles, torch lights and a pair of sunglasses
  • 7
  • Sunscreen lotion, skin ointments, insect repellent, basic medication (if any)
  • 7
  • Camera (optional)


  • Please check with your tour operator for any forest permission requirements.
  • 7
  • Avoid consuming alcohol or any other intoxicant product while trekking.
  • 7
  • Pay heed to the trek guides and instructors at all times.
  • 7
  • Stay intact with the group while trekking to the peak.
  • 7
  • Avoid using earphones during the trek as you may be unable to pay heed to the tour guide.
  • 7
  • Kindly refrain from littering the premises at any cost.

Kabbaladurga Trek: Cancellation Policy

  • If cancellations are made 15 days before the start date of the trip, no cancellation fees will be applicable.
  • 7
  • If cancellations are made within 7-15 days before the start date of the trip, 10% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees.
  • 7
  • If cancellations are made within 3-6 days before the start date of the trip, 25% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees.
  • 7
  • If cancellations are made within 0-2 days before the start date of the trip, 50% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees.
  • 7
  • In case of unforeseen weather conditions or government restrictions, certain trips or activities may get cancelled. In such cases operator will try their best to provide an alternate feasible. However a cash refund will not be applicable for the same.
  • 7
  • Cancellations are strictly subjected to cancellation policies mentioned on the website & are irrespective of the date of booking.

Kabbaladurga Trek: Refund Policy

  • The applicable refund amount will be processed within 10 business days
  • 7
  • All applicable refunds will be done in traveller's thrillophilia wallet as Thrillcash

Kabbaladurga Trek: Booking Confirmation Policy

  • The customer receives a confirmation voucher via email within 15 minutes of successful booking.
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    All Kabbaladurga Trek Reviews

    People Shared their Stories
    Story by saswati saha

     Rated : 5.0

    I had always consulted the overviews, highlights and reviews of thrillophilia whenever I went for any trek with my friends. I found their description always helpful. Generally I prefer to go on treks with friends without proper guide as I feel it is more adventurous. But this time I went with a friend who is basically afraid of snakes and wanted to go on a guided trek. When guided treks are concerned nothing is better than thrillophilia...We started our journey at 10pm.I must say their pick up facilities were very convenient. After reaching the base camp we introduced ourselves to the trek guide Swami,had snacks and waited for other groups to come before we started our journey. At 1am sharp we started trekking and went through steps,fences,mud road, thorny trees till we reached the staircase from where we had to climb proper steps till we reach the monolithic cliff. The best part of the trek is the glittering lights you see from the distant city of ramnagara during night once you reach a decent height The view was superb and once you reach the top the view gets better. Our team was pretty swift and we reached the top in 1 hour. We enjoyed the moonlit sky and the beaming stars for sometime and then went to deep sleep. The rising sun and its awesome hue woke us up and for the first time I saw the sunrise lying on the sleeping bag without taking the pain of getting up .After the sunrise we started trekking down and reached our base camp pretty fast. We had our breakfast and then started for Bangalore..By the time breakfast was served we were very hungry and really enjoyed the homely food served there... Overall I was very satisfied and I must say guided treks are equally good specially if you are going with thrillophilia!

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    Story by Rajan Mukhopadhyay

     Rated : 5.0

    The 3km trek of Kabbaladurga was not so challenging and the beauty of the night sky added more charm to it. We started at around 1:00 in the night and it took us around 3-4 hours to complete the trek. Seriously, finding ways under the dim light of the moon was so amazing. Just a piece of advice: do not try to find your own ways; it is always better to stick to the rest of the group members. Listen to the trek guides as they know the route better and is always ready to help the group members in the best possible ways.

    Story by Deepesh Saini

     Rated : 5.0

    I am not a big fan of night treks as I wear contacts and night treks can be quite a bit tough, but I did really enjoy this trek. Firstly this was well-planned and secondly, my guide was so interactive and he himself was giving tips for trekkers who faced restrictions and difficulties with such small issues. Overall it was a nice trek.

    Story by Shashi Talwar

     Rated : 5.0

    Loved this unique adventure - night trekking is actually a fun experience. Though you wont be able to relish the scenery that you are expected to enjoy during the day time. But the entire thrill of night trekking is something that keeps this tours alive. Great experience.

    Story by Mandakini Nehru

     Rated : 4.0

    Pros: The trek is very inexpensive. It is totally worth it. Also, it is quite at an easy drivable distance from the city. Once you cross the city traffic, this is just an easy breezy drive. The trekking is moderate, suiting for beginners as well as pros. Also, the night view of the place surrounding is brilliant. Cons: There are literally no negatives or drawbacks in this trek. Although, it did have a bit delay in the start time though.

    Story by Akshaj Dwivedi

     Rated : 4.0

    This is a once in a lifetime kind of trek. I never knew night treks were there near Bangalore. When I heard about this, I was pleasantly surprised. I have done night treks near my hometown, but here this was the first time. I was so much interested and enthusiastic about the trek, and this did prove to be a really nice experience.

    Story by Bhardwaj Dhawan

     Rated : 4.0

    The Kabbaladurga Night Trek was quite nice and interesting. It was one fun experience. Going as a friends gang for a night trek was something we planned and never executed, but this time we just made sure that we had to do it. Firstly, it was a really nice drive to the trek starting point. The trek leader was very friendly, jovial, and talked a lot. The co-trekkers were quite friendly and amiable too.

    Story by Chinmayananda Desai

     Rated : 4.0

    If not for the unexpected rains, this trek was one good and fun experience. We had loads of great time.

    Story by Deepesh Saini

     Rated : 4.0

    Kabbaladurga Night Trek is one of the very interesting treks to take in Karnataka. This was my first night trek, and I am happy that it was a good one. Firstly, this place is quite a lot of fun. It is somewhat a tedious trek, but it is worth all of it. I am loving this trek.

    Story by Deeptimay Jain

     Rated : 4.0

    Some treks are good and some treks are unexplainable. This trek is just like that. With words one can’t explain how blissful this trek had been. I totally love this trek. The beauty of this area is spellbinding.


    People Also Ask About Kabbaladurga Trek

    1. What is the best time to visit Kabbaladurga?

      The best time for a Kabbaladurga Trek is during February and March. In these two months, the weather remains quite feasible, the winter ends and spring arrives. You can go during winter too like in December. But avoid during summertime, in April, May, and June, as it gets really hot in this season and you may feel sick during this weather.

    2. What kind of clothes and equipments should I carry for Kabbaladurga Trek?

      Comfortable Sports shoes with good grip, Water bottles, Torch, sunglasses, insect repellents, sunscreen lotion, basic medication (if any) need to be carried. If you want you can carry a camera.

    3. How long is the Kabbaladurga night trek?

      The Kabbaladurga night trek involves a night in particular. You have to arrive at the mentioned pick-up point at about 9:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. From there, the guide will make you reach the base by 1:00 a.m. and from there, your journey starts.

    4. What is the Kabbaladurga night trek difficulty?

      The Kabbaladurga Trek may be a bit difficult as it involves rough terrains initially with little greenery at the site. But as you proceed uphill, you will see a lot of green lushes. The excitement and thrill of trekking at night is worthwhile the difficult moments. If a person has breathing issues like asthma, they should carry inhalers with to avoid any kind of serious breathing ailment further. It also depends on one's fitness level. To avoid further any difficult situation, listen and obey the instructions of your guide carefully. Always feel enthusiastic while trekking in hilly terrain, and be optimistic. Cherish the peacefulness of Mother Nature, which will make your trek a success.

    5. How can I go to Kabbaladurga?

      The best way to reach Kabbaladurga is from Bangalore, Karnataka. The base is about 90km (approximately) from Bangalore. From the base, you can trek to Kabbaladurga.

    6. Will food and safe drinking water be provided during Kabbaladurga Trek?

      Only breakfast will be provided. You will have to carry your own water bottles during the trek.

    7. How can I go to Kabbaladurga from Bangalore?

      You can go by bus or car and if you choose any package from a website, then you will be provided with a vehicle (Non AC) from your hotel at Bangalore to the base of the Kabbaladurga hills. From there you can start your night trek to Kabbaladurga.

    8. What is Kabbaladurga night trek famous for?

      The night trek in Kabbaladurga is famous for four things mainly:

      -A thrilling experience of Kabbaladurga Trek during the night.
      -Campfire with your friends or family having fun and frolic.
      -The rugged terrain and the lush green covered peak.
      -The beautiful sunrise from the peak at the dawn is picturesque.

    9. What is the level of fitness expected from the participants for Kabbaladurga Trek?

      You need to be in a good physical condition before the start of the trek. Minimum age for this trek is 12 years.

    10. What is the Kabbaladurga night trek duration?

      The duration is of one night. You will be picked up from Bangalore at about 7:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. and dropped to the place at Kanakpura by 9:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. From there you will head to the base of the hilltop at around 1:00 a.m. and then on your night trekking in Kabbaladurga starts.

      After reaching the peak, you will rest for a bit and enjoy the mesmerizing sunrise from there. Breakfast will be provided if you opt to go with any package. After breakfast, you will be headed back.

    11. What is the maximum altitude of Kabbaladurga?

      The maximum altitude of Kabbaladurga is 3,600 ft. which is considered quite moderate. But those who have altitude sickness, they may feel a bit dizzy. So you should carry the required medicines to avoid it always.

    12. What should I pack for Kabbaladurga night Trek?

      For a night trek to Kabbaladurga, you should pack some essential stuff and organize them accordingly so that you can find them instantly when you need them. These are some essential belongings you must carry:

      -Water Bottle (minimum it should be of 2liters)
      -Snacks like chocolates, biscuits, chips or any packaged eatables
      -Strong and durable backpack or rucksack
      -Good Trekking Shoes of your preferred brand
      -Glucose/ Electrolytic Drink (if you feel exhausted or have any stomach problem)
      -Torch with extra batteries
      -First Aid Kit (containing bandages, cotton, and Dettol mainly) Your daily medicines Medicines to avoid your altitude sickness like vomiting

    13. What is the Kabbaladurga night trek route?

      The Kabbaladurga night trek includes the bus or car journey which is 80 km to 90 km from Bangalore to Kanakpura. It takes almost two hours. You will reach the base by 1:00 a.m. and your trekking starts then. The terrain is rough initially, but as you will go up it covered with greenery.

      The Kabbaladurga hilltop is breathtaking. The same route is followed while returning from the peak.

    14. How is the weather in Kabbaladurga?

      The weather in Kabbaladurga is a bit humid, so you may sweat a lot. It is between 30 to 35-degree Celsius during the day and 20 to 25-degree celsius during the night. The weather is the same throughout the year, except in summers when the temperature rises too much as well as the humidity in the air. This is the reason it's easy to trek in your summer clothes here.

    15. What is the minimum age required for the Kabbaladurga night trek?

      The minimum age required for the Kabbaladurga night trek is 18 if you are traveling alone or with your friends. But below 18, you must be accompanied by your parent or guardian. From six years onwards children are allowed with their parents.

    16. What are the highlights of the Kabbaladurga night trek?

      The highlights of Kabbaladurga trekking includes:

      -The journey from rugged terrain to lush green scenery is breathtaking and adventurous.
      -Trekking at night with moonlight falling upon you makes you feel like an explorer or you can say a vagabond.
      -The marvellous night view of the sky with stars, which is difficult to see in cities now due to the rising height of the buildings and the pollution level rising drastically.
      -Resting over the peak or taking a power nap beneath in open nature, surrounded by moon and stars is a dream for everyone, which can get easily fulfilled.
      -Campfire is the best thing you will be going to have. Beneath the open sky, with the lighting from the fire, you can sing and dance and have beautiful memories to cherish for a lifetime.
      -The beautiful sunrise visible from the peak is splendid. The rays of the sun look so powerful and enchanting, which will refresh your mind and soul and you can feel the peacefulness.
      -Quality spending of time with family or friends, which you lack in your daily schedule, which is filled with work and exhaustion. But most importantly with Mother Nature, you need to spend some time, as you will never going to get in the humdrum of city life.

    17. Is transportation included in the Kabbaladurga night trek package?

      Yes, it is included in the Kabbaladurga trekking completely. You will be provided with a non-air-conditioned vehicle for transport upon choosing the Kabbaladurga night trek package online or offline.

    18. Can you tell me something about Kabbaladurga Peak?

      Kabbaladurga Peak has its own story to tell. It was believed to be the home of the Goddesses Kabbalamma. Surrounded by green lushes of trees and there is an old temple, which is dedicated to Lord Bheemeswara, who is preached by many in Karnataka. There is also a small pond located. In ancient times, it was used as a dungeon for prisoners who were a threat to the kingdom by the Mysore rulers like Dalvayi Devarajjaiah and Haidar. Prince Chamaraja VII and Mura Rao Ghoparde were the prisoners here.

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