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What You Should Know More About Abu Dhabi

  • Travel Tips

    • In Abu Dhabi smoking is banned in public places. The health minister here has levied some rigid laws because of the rise in the number of smokers aged between 12 to 16 years.

    • Despite the fact that Abu Dhabi is considered to be a very safe place but it is still recommended to travel in groups during the night hours.

    • Tourist traps are usually absent here but don’t take your safety for granted. Hire a guide who is from a known and trusted agency.

    • Don’t let any stranger mislead you.

    • Keep away from drugs.

    • Make sure you don’t leave behind your valuables in the hotel.

    • Carry with you a copy of your passport and license whenever you are out.

    • Dress appropriately. This is strictly applicable for the women. It is always safe to avoid skimpy or revealing clothing.

    • Do not carry with you cash more than necessary.

    • Acquire enough information before venturing out to a new place.

    • Avoid staying in hotels located on secluded areas.

    • Do not photograph wherever you see a sign of ‘No Photography’.

    • Filming without permission is not allowed.

    • Don’t get over friendly with anyone you barely know.

  • Drinking Age

    The legal age for drinking in Abu Dhabi is 18 years.

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    Heritage Village

    The Heritage Village of Abu Dhabi is an authentic replica of the typical Bedouin encampment. This well puts forth an idea on the typical Emirati life before oil flourishing. Located in the pretty beach area of the city, this is an amusing place to wander post visit. You’ll find here exhibits featuring pearl diving trade, traditional objects of everyday life including the one’s introducing the local agriculture. Unfortunately, the information available on the museum is insufficient.  

    Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque 

    Sheathed in the Macedonian marble, this incredibly alluring and absolutely colossal Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a landmark heritage of Abu Dhabi. This beautiful mosque is an important sightseeing attraction of the city.  It interblends Fatamid, Mameluke and Ottoman design elements so as to create a balanced and thoroughly modern mosque that proclaims the Islamic architecture. Intricate carvings, artisans utilized glass word and mosaic tiling create a spectacular effect both on the interior and the exterior. Post 2 decades of construction, the mosque was opened for general public in the year 2007. The mosque is able to accommodate about 40,000 worshippers thereby making it the biggest mosque of the United Arab Emirates.   

    Al-Hosn Palace

    Al-Hosn Palace also known as the White Fort or the Old Fort is the oldest building of the city. Built in 1793, the palace used to be the residence of the ruling family as well as the seat of the then government. Over the passage of time, the interior of the Al-Hosn Palace has been modernized and renovated. At present, it is used by the Cultural Foundation to accommodate the Centre for Documentation and Research which houses a collection of documents on the history as well as the heritage of the UAE and the Gulf region.  

    Women's Craft Centre 

    The Women's Craft Centre is a phenomenal tourist place for visitors who wish to see the local women depicting their traditional skills such as basketry, weaving and embroidery. This indeed is an exceptional place to pick up authentic and unusual souvenirs that support the work of this centre. At this centre, you can shop for items like carpets, shawls, bags, textiles, baskets, slippers and trays.  

    Observation Deck

    In response to the Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is the Observation Deck of the Abu Dhabi. It propagates the skyline views from the Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Hotel which is the maximal point in the Abu Dhabi. You’ll have to pay an entry fee if you are not residing in this hotel.   

    Emirates Park Zoo

    Emirates Park Zoo is a short drive away from Abu Dhabi and indeed calls for a fun day tour. You can find a host of animals residing here – elephants, rate white tigers and giraffes. There is also a baboon section that houses an array of monkeys. It also has a sea lion enclosure and a flamingo park. Children can touch and feed the domestic breeds of animals here.  

    Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

    Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is a prominent veterinary hospital for the ill and injured falcons. You can avail guided tours to explore the place well. This tour helps you get up and close with the birds of prey. Lucky ones of you may also get a chance to hold and photograph with one of the falcon.

    Yas Island

    One of the most prominent luxury hotel destinations of Abu Dhabi is Yas Island. The area is a home to the Yas Marina Circuit where all the Formula One racings are conducted annually.

  • What you will like there?

    Stunning Beauty

    One of the prime things that you will like about Abu Dhabi is its varied sightseeing spots and gorgeous beauty. Most tourists who visit the city for the first time are amazed at how beautiful it is. Its soaring skyline is composed of the glistening towers that radiate the sea beneath. Nestled regally on the ocean, Abu Dhabi is rather an island. Waters enclosing the city is vivid, crystal clear and aqua marine in color. Beaches are lined with an exquisite range of date palm tress augmenting the beauty of the fine white sand beneath it.

    The Corniche

    The Corniche is said to be one of the most peculiar tourist places of Abu Dhabi. During the winter months, The Corniche tends to get the maximum footfall in the city. It is equally popular during the hot and sunny months. Important things to do at The Corniche include activities like picnicking, jogging, taking photos, strolling and relaxing with the family. Do, visit The Corniche for its alluring views of the Abu Dhabi skyline while enjoying the breath taking views. In the vicinity, you can find a number of places to grab a delicious snack or a cool drink. There is definitely no bad time to visit The Corniche.

    Boat Tours

    To avail the most significant views of the Abu Dhabi, you need to get out in the water. The views of the sky scrappers and the towering buildings and museums are spectacular from the marina. You can easily find a tour to cater to your budget.

    Laid-back Environment

    Many people who come to Abu Dhabi often fail to acknowledge its lax environment. Its laid back lifestyle comes from the sun-drenched environment that has an understated attitude.  Besides the umpteen number of tourists who come to tour Abu Dhabi, there are also a number of expats inhabiting the city. More often than not, people first visit Dubai and become overwhelmed by the hustle bustle of the city and then finally drift to Abu Dhabi for a quiet, solitary time. In comparison to Dubai, Abu Dhabi has a very small town vibe. There are comparatively fewer places to see but you have umpteen possibilities to swim in the ocean, bask in the glory of the sun, dive out to the desert, BBQ by the shore and picnic in a spread out place.  

    Amazing Design

    Abu Dhabi is a very well planned city. The streets here are extra wide ensuring a smooth flow of traffic. Getting around the city is easy. Availing private tours further makes it easier to breeze around the city in a short while. Abu Dhabi was constructed with an object of growth in mind. Its grid like design was based off of Manhattan making it absolutely ease to navigate and comprehend where you are and where you want to be. This elegant design of Abu Dhabi is indeed another element that helps visitors relax and rejuvenate themselves.  

    Local Traditions

    Here, you’ll find certain traditions that are central to the life in Abu Dhabi. These age old traditions are alive even today. Locals of Abu Dhabi are deeply dedicated to a traditional way of living and this is something that is often exciting and alluring for the visitors who go to Abu Dhabi for spending holidays. Here the local customs have been derived from the Islamic religion and the rich Bedouin heritage. The traditions of the Arab hospitality are also very well thriving and alive here like the ones seen in the cultural elements such as the traditional dress. Men here adorn the white dishdashas while the women wear their traditional black abayas. If you travel towards the suburban neighborhoods, you can very well see the Emiratis dancing and performing on the traditional songs.   

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