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COVID-19 : ABU DHABI is in Orange Zone
Last Updated: 19 Nov 2020
Latest Information on Travelling to ABU DHABI?

Leisure travel is allowed with some restrictions. Flights are functional from India, United Kingdom, Germany, Egypt, China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Jordan, Switzerland, Serbia, Japan, United States, Maldives, Belgium, Australia, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Greece, Canada, Singapore, Netherlands, Malaysia, South Korea, France, Philippines, Oman, Kuwait, Indonesia.

  • Wearing masks and following social distancing in public areas is mandatory for all travellers
  • Capacity of malls and restaurants are limited to 30%
  • Reopened beaches and museums are allowing 40% of the previous capacity
  • Seating allowance in restaurants is limited to 2-4 customers per table and the tables are separated by 2 metres
  • Individual outdoor sports like cycling, cricket, golf, etc are allowed for people aged 12-60 years
  • Travellers arriving at Abu Dhabi are advised to self-qurantine themselves at home for 14 days
  • Travellers must not allow any visitors to visit them during this period
  • Travellers self-quarantining are advised to follow all safety measures, practice personal hygiene and monitor their symptoms and report to a medical facility if feeling unwellRead more.

Flights to Abu Dhabi are available from England, India, Thailand, Germany and 50+ other destinations.

Local Transport
  • Public transport including taxis, buses and metro are running with reduced capacity and enhanced safety measures
  • Public bus services are available from 6 am to 8 pm
  • Wearing masks and maintaining social distance is mandatory for all passengers on public transport
  • In taxis, more than 2 passengers are not allowed

Thrillophilia recommends you to follow all guidelines issued by the government in Abu Dhabi to stay safe. If you're travelling to Abu Dhabi, make sure you have a recent COVID-negative certificate. We also recommend you to practice personal hygiene to ensure your safety.

Indian Citizens with “Any Valid UAE Visa” Can Now Travel to the Arab Nation Updated: 14 Aug 2020

Indian citizens holding any type of UAE visa will now be able to take a flight to the country from India. Read more.

COVID-negative certificate mandatory for arriving travellers in Abu Dhabi Updated: 13 Aug 2020

All travellers arriving in Abu Dhabi need to present a COVID-negative certificate from a government-authorized lab, issued not more than 96 hours before departure

Travellers to submit a health declaration form & register on the ALHOSN app Updated: 13 Aug 2020

Travellers arriving at Abu Dhabi need to fill a health declaration form at immigration counter and also need to download and register at the ALHOSN app

Parks & Beaches in Abu Dhabi reopen with limited capacity allowed Updated: 13 Aug 2020

Several parks & beaches in Abu Dhabi including Bani Yas Ladies Park, Shahama Park 2 and 3, and Al Bahia Park have been reopened with various safety measures in place. It is mandatory for visitors to wear masks and follow social distancing as they enter in the premises. Read more.

Food & beverage outlets in Abu Dhabi reopen Updated: 13 Aug 2020

Several food & beverage outlets in Abu Dhabi have been reopened with various safety measures in place. The outlets will operate at a 30% capacity, a maximum of 4 people allowed per table and a minimum distance of 2.5 m between each table.

Malls in Abu Dhabi reopen with limited capacity allowed Updated: 13 Aug 2020

Several malls in Abu Dhabi have been reopened to the public with 30% of the capacity allowed to enable visitors to follow social distancing.

Various luxury hotels & resorts reopen in Abu Dhabi with safety measures in place Updated: 13 Aug 2020

Various hotels & resorts including Fairmont, InterContinental, Le Méridien, etc, have reopened for travellers visiting Abu Dhabi with enhanced sanitizations and safety protocols to keep their guests safe. Read more.

The richest emirate and the capital of UAE - Abu Dhabi is an earthier version of its ostentatious cousin Dubai. It is a perfect blend of tradition and modernism, boasts of modernity at its best while maintaining its natural appeal that attracts visitor worldwide. Speaking about tourist places in Abu-Dhabi, from extravagant hotels and posh resorts next to beaches and never-ending mighty desert, Abu-Dhabi has it all. For those looking to engage with Gulf culture, it offers opportunities to understand the UAE's history through museums, exhibitions, tours and food. Although the official language is Arabic, English is widely spoken and visitors will hardly have any communication difficulties.

There’s no shortage of reasons as to why you should visit the United Arab Emirates. Perhaps the best reason to visit Abu Dhabi is that it's gorgeous. It houses Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, one of the most beautiful and picturesque mosques in the world. Visitors can see the Formula 1 racing track and watch world-renowned races. Only a few minutes drive away, you will find Ferrari World, an indoor amusement park themed after the famous car brand. Abu Dhabi has been fast-growing and constantly adding new attractions to its already long list of World Records and unique attractions. The city is incredibly well planned with extra wide streets and smoothly flowing traffic, promising you hassle-free travel throughout the city 24/7. Transport is clean, cheap and efficient.

At the heart of life in Abu Dhabi, are some amazing traditions that are still alive. The locals of the city are deeply devoted to a traditional way of life and it’s something that visitors love to see and experience. The tourist places in Abu-Dhabi have a different offering for travellers, which is completely offbeat and worth experiencing. The local customs are rooted in their rich Bedouin heritage and Islamic religion. The great tradition of Arab hospitality is alive and thriving here, and other cultural elements can be seen in their daily life, such as in their traditional dresses. I’d suggest you should travel out to the suburban neighbourhoods and see the Emiratis sing traditional songs and perform dances. It’s not just a visual delight but it’s something you’ll cherish for life.

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Newly Added Abu Dhabi Experience

Abu Dhabi Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Abu Dhabi

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The Abu Dhabi evening desert safari was a memorable experience. We booked the safari from Thrillophilia for our honeymoon and the whole booking process was really easy and convenient. We got instant confirmation of our booking and the discount they offered was really the icing on the cake as the experience we had for such a low price was really a great bargain.
We took a Dhow cruise in Abu Dhabi with Thrillophilia during our last visit. It was truly impressive and we enjoyed to the fullest. Thanks a lot, Thrillophilia for curating such wonderful tours in the city of Luxury at the best possible rates.
Thrillophilia’s Abu Dhabi dhow cruise offers took us through the wonderful experience of cruising at Dhow in the evening. Booking the trip with Thrillophilia was a great deal and we managed to get good discounts. The team of Thrillophilia ensured hassle-free transfers from the hotel to the cruise and back to the hotel. All the chauffeurs were very polite and friendly with us.
We booked an Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise in the course of your visit to Dubai. The cruise trip was just mesmerizing. With a wide range of cuisines and premium drinks, the evening at the cruise was surely an unforgettable experience. Thanks a lot, Thrillophilia for curating this perfect itinerary in Abu Dhabi for visitors.
In the last month, I had been to Dubai. On one fine evening, I booked a dhow cruise Abu Dhabi from Thrillophilia. Being the very first transaction, I was able to get loads of discounts and other benefits. The cab arrived at my place at the scheduled time for pickup. The car was very well maintained and the driver was very polite. He dropped me at the Abu Dhabi Dhow Cruise within the scheduled time. Then the experience at the Cruise was just mind-blowing. Loved it to the core and everything was so perfect and filled with luxury.
Few things leave a mark on your life and this desert safari has left its mark on me. The sunset among the sand dunes and the delicious food take you back in time to much simpler days. If you are looking for a life altering experience, do go for the Abu Dhabi desert safari.
I found the Evening desert safari in Abu Dhabi package on Thrillophilia while looking for a desert safari and i have never made a better decision on my holidays. The customer support was really helpful and helped me plan my trip all the way from Delhi to Abu Dhabi with all my itinerary planned. Thank you thrillophilia for this wonderful experience.
The Arabian nights Abu Dhabi desert safari is a gateway into the traditional lifestyle, cuisine and way of the desert. Experience what desert life was all about before the existence of skyscrapers and cities in Arabia.
I am writing this review just as i have reached my hotel room from the Arabian nights Abu Dhabi desert safari. The desert sports can get the adrenalin pumping within no time. I enjoyed the dune bumping and sand boarding a lot and then had a chance to hangout with some majestic falcons which were almost as big as me with their wingspan. The food was fantastic and the whole evening felt surreal.
I recently went on the Abu Dhabi evening desert safari with my partner and 2 kids. The desert safari was one of the best experiences i have had in my life. I have travelled to a lot of places but nothing comes close to this. I would have never found about the safari if not for Thrillophilia. From finding about the safari on the website to the super easy booking process, i can’t thank them enough for i was able to get bookings on such short notice for the very next day.

People Also Ask About Abu Dhabi

  1. Travel Tips

    - In Abu Dhabi smoking is banned in public places. The health minister here has levied some rigid laws because of the rise in the number of smokers aged between 12 to 16 years.

    - Despite the fact that Abu Dhabi is considered to be a very safe place but it is still recommended to travel in groups during the night hours.

    - Tourist traps are usually absent here but don’t take your safety for granted. Hire a guide who is from a known and trusted agency.

    - Don’t let any stranger mislead you.

    - Keep away from drugs.

    - Make sure you don’t leave behind your valuables in the hotel.

    - Carry with you a copy of your passport and license whenever you are out.

    - Dress appropriately. This is strictly applicable for the women. It is always safe to avoid skimpy or revealing clothing.

    - Do not carry with you cash more than necessary.

    - Acquire enough information before venturing out to a new place.

    - Avoid staying in hotels located on secluded areas.

    - Do not photograph wherever you see a sign of ‘No Photography’.

    - Filming without permission is not allowed.

    - Don’t get over friendly with anyone you barely know.

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  2. How to reach Abu Dhabi?

    By air:- The Abu Dhabi International Airport is well connected by round the clock flights from across the globe. The airport is situated at a close proximity of 30.6 kms from the main city, which makes air travel the most ideal and comforting.

    By road:- Abu Dhabi is well connected by a network of highways. It is situated at a distance of 130 kms from Dubai which can be covered in 90 mins via a five laned highway. Public buses are also available for a cheaper to and fro travel .

    By rail:- A vast network of Etihad Rail is available for a faster commute among Gulf countries and a hyperloop train is planned in the near future which will reduce the travel time from Dubai to Abu Dhabi to a mere 12 minutes.

  3. When is the best time to visit Abu Dhabi?

    - Spring in Abu Dhabi lasts from April to May and it is quite a pleasant time, with temperatures ranging from 80 degrees to 90 degrees. Several cultural events are held during this season, and hotel rates fall down after the peak tourist months, so you will be able to find a cheap deal.

    - Summer in the UAE lasts from June to October. Until August, it is impossible to step out, as temperatures soar above 100 degrees. September and October do see a fall in temperature, and if you are willing to bear some heat, this is a good time to get a cheap hotel room in the city.

    - November to March is when the temperature is a comfortable 70 to 80 degrees and the conditions are just perfect to explore the global city. Whether it is lounging on the beach or simply visiting the top attractions in the capital, you can enjoy your vacation without any discomfort. Due to this reason, winters attract a large number of tourists to Abu Dhabi.

    - Therefore, in terms of weather, November to March is the best time to visit the city. But the hotel rooms are quite expensive at this time since it is the peak tourist season. If you want to save some money, you can visit during autumn – that is, from September to October, but you may have to bear with the heat and humidity.

    - You can also arrive immediately after the peak of the tourist season, that is, during springtime. The temperatures are not as pleasant as during winter, but the weather is not too bad either. Plus, you are guaranteed to get a cheaper room.

  4. What you will like there?

    Stunning Beauty

    One of the prime things that you will like about Abu Dhabi is its varied sightseeing spots and gorgeous beauty. Most tourists who visit the city for the first time are amazed at how beautiful it is. Its soaring skyline is composed of the glistening towers that radiate the sea beneath. Nestled regally on the ocean, Abu Dhabi is rather an island. Waters enclosing the city is vivid, crystal clear and aqua marine in color. Beaches are lined with an exquisite range of date palm tress augmenting the beauty of the fine white sand beneath it.

    The Corniche

    The Corniche is said to be one of the most peculiar tourist places of Abu Dhabi. During the winter months, The Corniche tends to get the maximum footfall in the city. It is equally popular during the hot and sunny months. Important things to do at The Corniche include activities like picnicking, jogging, taking photos, strolling and relaxing with the family. Do, visit The Corniche for its alluring views of the Abu Dhabi skyline while enjoying the breath taking views. In the vicinity, you can find a number of places to grab a delicious snack or a cool drink. There is definitely no bad time to visit The Corniche.

    Boat Tours

    To avail the most significant views of the Abu Dhabi, you need to get out in the water. The views of the sky scrappers and the towering buildings and museums are spectacular from the marina. You can easily find a tour to cater to your budget.

    Laid-back Environment

    Many people who come to Abu Dhabi often fail to acknowledge its lax environment. Its laid back lifestyle comes from the sun-drenched environment that has an understated attitude.  Besides the umpteen number of tourists who come to tour Abu Dhabi, there are also a number of expats inhabiting the city. More often than not, people first visit Dubai and become overwhelmed by the hustle bustle of the city and then finally drift to Abu Dhabi for a quiet, solitary time. In comparison to Dubai, Abu Dhabi has a very small town vibe. There are comparatively fewer places to see but you have umpteen possibilities to swim in the ocean, bask in the glory of the sun, dive out to the desert, BBQ by the shore and picnic in a spread out place.  

    Amazing Design

    Abu Dhabi is a very well planned city. The streets here are extra wide ensuring a smooth flow of traffic. Getting around the city is easy. Availing private tours further makes it easier to breeze around the city in a short while. Abu Dhabi was constructed with an object of growth in mind. Its grid like design was based off of Manhattan making it absolutely ease to navigate and comprehend where you are and where you want to be. This elegant design of Abu Dhabi is indeed another element that helps visitors relax and rejuvenate themselves.  

    Local Traditions

    Here, you’ll find certain traditions that are central to the life in Abu Dhabi. These age old traditions are alive even today. Locals of Abu Dhabi are deeply dedicated to a traditional way of living and this is something that is often exciting and alluring for the visitors who go to Abu Dhabi for spending holidays. Here the local customs have been derived from the Islamic religion and the rich Bedouin heritage. The traditions of the Arab hospitality are also very well thriving and alive here like the ones seen in the cultural elements such as the traditional dress. Men here adorn the white dishdashas while the women wear their traditional black abayas. If you travel towards the suburban neighborhoods, you can very well see the Emiratis dancing and performing on the traditional songs.   

  5. Drinking Age

    The legal age for drinking in Abu Dhabi is 18 years.

  6. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Heritage Village

    The Heritage Village of Abu Dhabi is an authentic replica of the typical Bedouin encampment. This well puts forth an idea on the typical Emirati life before oil flourishing. Located in the pretty beach area of the city, this is an amusing place to wander post visit. You’ll find here exhibits featuring pearl diving trade, traditional objects of everyday life including the one’s introducing the local agriculture. Unfortunately, the information available on the museum is insufficient.  

    Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque 

    Sheathed in the Macedonian marble, this incredibly alluring and absolutely colossal Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a landmark heritage of Abu Dhabi. This beautiful mosque is an important sightseeing attraction of the city.  It interblends Fatamid, Mameluke and Ottoman design elements so as to create a balanced and thoroughly modern mosque that proclaims the Islamic architecture. Intricate carvings, artisans utilized glass word and mosaic tiling create a spectacular effect both on the interior and the exterior. Post 2 decades of construction, the mosque was opened for general public in the year 2007. The mosque is able to accommodate about 40,000 worshippers thereby making it the biggest mosque of the United Arab Emirates.   

    Al-Hosn Palace

    Al-Hosn Palace also known as the White Fort or the Old Fort is the oldest building of the city. Built in 1793, the palace used to be the residence of the ruling family as well as the seat of the then government. Over the passage of time, the interior of the Al-Hosn Palace has been modernized and renovated. At present, it is used by the Cultural Foundation to accommodate the Centre for Documentation and Research which houses a collection of documents on the history as well as the heritage of the UAE and the Gulf region.  

    Women's Craft Centre 

    The Women's Craft Centre is a phenomenal tourist place for visitors who wish to see the local women depicting their traditional skills such as basketry, weaving and embroidery. This indeed is an exceptional place to pick up authentic and unusual souvenirs that support the work of this centre. At this centre, you can shop for items like carpets, shawls, bags, textiles, baskets, slippers and trays.  

    Observation Deck

    In response to the Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is the Observation Deck of the Abu Dhabi. It propagates the skyline views from the Jumeirah at Etihad Towers Hotel which is the maximal point in the Abu Dhabi. You’ll have to pay an entry fee if you are not residing in this hotel.   

    Emirates Park Zoo

    Emirates Park Zoo is a short drive away from Abu Dhabi and indeed calls for a fun day tour. You can find a host of animals residing here – elephants, rate white tigers and giraffes. There is also a baboon section that houses an array of monkeys. It also has a sea lion enclosure and a flamingo park. Children can touch and feed the domestic breeds of animals here. 

    Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

    Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital is a prominent veterinary hospital for the ill and injured falcons. You can avail guided tours to explore the place well. This tour helps you get up and close with the birds of prey. Lucky ones of you may also get a chance to hold and photograph with one of the falcon.

    Yas Island

    One of the most prominent luxury hotel destinations of Abu Dhabi is Yas Island. The area is a home to the Yas Marina Circuit where all the Formula One racings are conducted annually.

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  7. What are the different things/activities to do in Abu Dhabi?

    1. Enjoy at Ferrari World 

    Ferrari World is the world’s first theme park to be designed after the brand, and it features a wide variety of rides and slides inspired from Ferrari. You’ll get to explore the biggest brand store and enjoy 37 thrilling attractions at the entertainment destination. Whether it is the world’s highest rollercoaster loop, state of the art simulation rides, or go-karts powered by electricity – Ferrari World is a tourist hotspot that you just cannot miss.

    Location: Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
    Timing: 11 am to 8 pm
    Price: AED 250

    2. Enjoy Slides at Yas Water World 

    Get your splash on in the most famous water park in Abu Dhabi – Yas Water World. Featuring over 40 thrilling rides that will make your heart drop into your stomach, this park is an unmissable destination for adrenaline junkies and adventure enthusiasts. If you are brave enough, there is a 550-meter roller coaster just waiting to test your grit. You can also participate in water wars and indulge in surfing activities.

    Location: Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
    Timing: 10 am to 8 pm
    Price: AED 250

    3. Enjoy at Warner Brothers World 

    The fully air-conditioned theme park is home to iconic Warner Bros characters like Batman, Superman, Scooby-Doo, Wonder Woman, Fred Flinstone etc. If you are a fan of the old shows yourself or are travelling with an enthusiastic kid – this is the place for you. The park features 29 rides, interactive sessions for the entire family, live entertainment shows, and multiple dining options. You can also go shopping at the signature outlet stores.

    Location: Al Falah Rd - Abu Dhabi
    Timing: 10 am to 8 pm
    Price: AED 295 for adults, 230 for children

    4. Desert Safari 

    Explore the beautiful sand dunes of the Arabian Desert through the Desert Safari Abu Dhabi. The stunning landscape is awe-inspiring in itself, but there is more to be explored. The experienced drivers will take you dune skidding where you will scream with joy on the wild and crazy ride. You can also opt for a calmer ride and tell the driver to take it easy. Camel rides are an essential part of the experience, as is a barbecue dinner late at night. 

    Location: Arabian Desert
    Timing: 4 pm to 10 pm
    Price: AED 750

    5. Visit Emirates Palace

    One of the most iconic places of Abu Dhabi, Emirates Palace offers a beautiful amalgamation of luxury and tradition. The hotel is a bit expensive, but its magnificence and beauty justify the hefty price tag. Surrounded by milky white-water fountains and beautifully landscaped gardens, staying here is a one-of-its-kind experience. The palace is spread over 100 hectares, and it features 114 golden sandy domes. The 200 rooms are all intricately decorated in a lavish style.

    Location: West Corniche Road, Abu Dhabi
    Timing: open 24 hours
    Price: AED 2000

  8. Which are the best resorts to stay in Abu Dhabi?

    Some of the most luxurious resorts in Abu Dhabi providing the best of hospitality are:

    - Jumeirah Al Wathba Desert Resort
    - Saadiyat Rotana Resort
    The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort
    Sheraton Abu Dhabi Resort
    - Qasr Al Sarab Resort
  9. What are the best public transport modes to commute around Abu Dhabi?

    A range of transport facilities like public buses, cabs and Abu Dhabi metro is available for smooth and hassle free travel around the city. For tourists public buses at affordable fares are the best alternative. Special shuttle services are also available from Yas Island Resort.

  10. Which are the best places for shopping in Abu Dhabi?

    Some of the best places to shop

    - Abu Dhabi Mall:
     With over 200 stores, cinemas and amusements, the Abu Dhabi Mall redefine what it means to be a world-class shopping establishment. It is located in central Abu Dhabi, next to beach Rotana Hotel.

    - Yas Marina Mall:
     The biggest shopping destination in Abu-Dhabi with international retailers, eateries and 20-screen cinema and region’s largest family entertainment zone, is a marvellous indoor day out for the whole family. It is located at the heart of Yas Island and is the perfect point of connection for all the attractions of this island.

    - Avenue at Etihad Towers:
    Nestled at art inspired deluxe surroundings, this mall is perfect for shoppers looking for a boutique range.

    - The Galleria:
     The mall with the most elegant architecture and wow factor. Famous for upscale shopping with numerous family and fine dining and restaurants is set on the stunning water waterfront promenade, on Al Maryah Island. Apart from these, The Heritage Village has various shops, selling souvenirs and other gift items.

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  11. Where can I enjoy boat cruising in Abu dhabi?

    A range of cruises including ‘Sunset Cruises’, ‘Island Beach Getaways’, ‘Eco Tours’, and tailored ‘Private Charter Cruises’ are operated around Yas Marina on Yas Island, Souk Qaryat Al Beri marina, Eastern Mangroves Marina, Emirates Palace Marina and rest of the Dhabi’s scenic beautiful islands.

    These consist of luxury yachts, speedboats etc. that let you take a break from the busy city life, exploring pristine beaches, enjoying swimming and snorkelling in the crystal clear turquoise waters.

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  12. How is Abu Dhabi for a Honeymoon Couple?

    Blessed with some of the most romantic landscapes in the world, It is one of the most sought after destinations in the world. The very utterance of the city brings pictures of skyscrapers, huge parks and gardens, wide green boulevard trailing perfectly with streets and roads, upscale shopping malls, unexplored outdoors, idyllic beaches and even more. Apart from exploring the beautiful city, newlyweds can visit Sheik Zayed Mosque and seek blessings. For couples looking for a memorable honeymoon experience many honeymoon packages are available to choose from.

  13. Which are the famous amusement parks in Abu dhabi?

    Abu Dhabi is famous for a number of water parks and amusement parks known for providing the ultimate adrenaline rush. Some of the amusement parks are :

    - Yas Waterworld, Abu Dhabi
    - Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi
    - Murjan Splash waterpark
    - Kidoos Entertainment
    - Fun World

    Of all the amusement parks the Yas Waterworld is the perfect family entertainer. It is advised to visit Ferrari world only if you have an entire day to spare.

  14. Which are the best walking tours to take in Abu Dhabi?

    It might seem that the city wasn't built for strolls and walks but one can venture into capital’s pavements discovering scenic strolls, intriguing backstreets and lush green parks . Some of the must take tours are:

    Inner City walk :
    Salam Street

    Distance: 4 km there and back

    Start point: Any one of the car parks on Salam Street, between 19th and 25th streets.

    Highlight: It has to be the dolphin fountains at the park, located at the 19th Street junction.

    Tourist Club Area backstreets
    Distance: There are endless possibilities on this walk, so you can make it as long or as short as you like. You probably won’t need to walk more than 2km, though.

    When to go: Around dusk when the weather is cooler you’ll find these streets buzzing with activity,

    Highlight: Reward yourself with a strong Turkish coffee on the outdoor patio at Automatic

    Restaurant, a perfect spot for people-watching and soaking up the buzzing atmosphere.


    Distance: Around 5km from Sheraton Abu Dhabi to The Hilton Hotel.

    When to go: Late afternoon, so you can watch the sun.

    Highlight: Undoubtedly the beach, where you can admire the breathtaking views, stroll along the golden sands or see city folk getting away from it all with a spot of capoeira or beach yoga, or even some jet skiing.

  15. What is special about the Abu Dhabi Heritage Village? Is it worth a visit?

    The heritage village is a step back to the days Abu Dhabi was a fishing port and trade post. There are a few stalls selling souvenirs and other artifacts. A restaurant and mosque are also present in the heritage village. An attached beach provides the perfect view of Abu Dhabi skyline.

    The heritage village might disappoint some due to higher expectations from the place but it's a risk worth taking .

  16. What’s so special about Ferrari World? How do I reach there?

    Heaven on earth for the ultimate adrenaline junkies. Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is the world's first Ferrari-branded theme park, offering a unique entertainment experience inspired from the legendary Ferrari story, its founder - Enzo Ferrari and its home country- Italy. The theme park offers an unmatched mix of attractions suitable for all ages; from thrilling rides and experiences such as the world’s fastest roller coaster, racing simulators and the Ferrari Driving Experience, to family rides such as the 4D adventure Speed of Magic.

    Getting here:

    • To and fro bus service is available throughout the day from Sharjah , Dubai & Abu Dhabi.
    • Shuttle bus service is available from Yas Island Resort
    • A pickup and drop taxi facility is available at the main entrance of Ferrari World.
  17. What are the best places to eat in Abu Dhabi?

    1. Villa Toscana

    Find authentic and mouth-watering Italian dishes made with the freshest ingredients at one of the most famous restaurants in the city. The elegant and stylish décor only adds to the intimate vibe of this place.

    2. Punjab Grill

    Located in the Ritz Carlton, Punjab Grill is a stylish and chic Indian restaurant in Abu Dhabi where you will find vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes made with authentic spices from the subcontinent.

    3. Byblos Sur Mer

    If you want to enjoy the sumptuous Lebanese cuisine in Abu Dhabi, this is the place for you. The Friday brunch is simply delightful, and the restaurants also make signature cocktails that you must try.

    4. The Terrace on the Corniche

    The intricately designed chic restaurant is famous for is an exotic spread of dishes and exceptional desserts that are simply heart-warming.

    5. Zuma

    Soothing music, sumptuous Japanese food, and a spectacular service await you at this gorgeous upscale sushi bar.

Popular Nearby Places Around Abu Dhabi