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About Pattaya

Pattaya is a bustling coastal city that rose to prominence in the early 1980s and has since remained one of Thailand's most popular vacation spots. Pattaya City is a self-governing municipal jurisdiction that includes smaller districts. Pattaya is known for its unspoilt nature, beautiful islands and beaches, and tranquil forests, in addition to its exotic nightlife. Each of the beaches has its own distinct feature and vibe and there is a wide range of beaches to choose from. After dusk, the nightlife is something that is worth witnessing, where the streets of Pattaya get all lit up. 

The well-known tourist attractions in Pattaya have something to offer all types of travelers. The area surrounding Walking Street is the town's primary entertainment center. On the other hand, the Sanctuary of Truth and Wat Yansangwararam will soothe your soul and bring you closer to spirituality, while Jomtien Beach and Pattaya Beach offer exciting watersports.

When it comes to adventurous activities in Pattaya, one cannot miss the thrilling canopy tour, The Flight of Gibbon. It's also worth trying bungee jumping at XBungy, one of Thailand's oldest bungee jumping locations. Also, Pattaya boasts some fantastic and mind-boggling shopping possibilities for everyone, making it one of the must-do activities in Pattaya. The best time to visit Pattaya is from November to April. These months are pleasant and don't have a lot of rain. Now that you know when to visit Thailand's Sin City, you can plan your trip accordingly and enjoy all the attractions and activities.

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Sanctuary Of Truth

The Sanctuary of Truth is Thailand's largest wood structure, constructed entirely of wood with not even a single metal nail, in the traditional Thai carpenter manner. The Sanctuary of Truth was designed with the intention of honouring Buddhist and Hindu principles. You can opt for guided tours that take you through the cultural philosophy of this place as well as let you indulge in some recreational activities like elephant rides and boat rides.

Underwater World
One of the most beautiful attractions and tourist destinations of Pattaya is the Underwater World. It is Thailand’s first modern aquarium where the visitors can behold the brilliance of the undersea life. The Underwater World is a 100-meter long underwater tunnel, showcasing around 500 species of fishes. Visitors can either dive with the sharks & rays with the experienced divers or they can indulge in feeding the Kois with a milk bottle in the Koi pond.
Art In Paradise Museum
Art in Paradise is Thailand’s first and the world’s largest interactive museum in Pattaya with large dioramas, dinosaur figurines, jungle safari display and ocean-themed exhibits. Decorated as a huge art gallery of 3-D optical illusions where visitors can picture themselves being a part of the paintings. Art in Paradise has ten different zones that cover the varied aspects of artwork.
Mini Siam
Mini Siam is a renowned park attraction that exhibits miniature displays of famous Thai monuments and landmarks around the globe with a lot of eateries on both sides of the park. You can explore the whole world by taking a walk through Mini Siam as you can find models of Statue of Liberty, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Grand Canyon etc.
Ramayana Water Park
The Ramayana Theme park is far more than just a waterpark. Uncover the ruins of old buildings, arches, sculptures, and waterfalls built on the foundations of a long-forgotten kingdom. The children are overjoyed to discover two separate zones dedicated solely to them, where they can embark on a variety of activities such as visiting fabled underground caves, gushing geysers, etc.
Ripley's Believe It or Not
Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum is an unusual museum with 300 unique and bizarre collections from around the globe that will challenge your prejudged notions about the world. The museum exhibits quirky models like the Titanic made of a million matchsticks. There are ten different zones with each based on a theme. Infinity Maze, 4D Moving Theatre, Haunted adventure and Tussauds Wax Museum of famous celebrities are the highlights of Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

Pattaya FAQ's

When is the best time to visit Pattaya?

Pattaya is amongst those few places which are open to tourism whole year round and people can enjoy here throughout the year. Being located in the tropical region, the weather is hot and humid in most months. The best time to visit Pattaya is:

November to February -
This is the best to visit Pattaya as the weather is pleasant most of the time. It is neither too cold nor too hot and short spells of rain also occur.

March to May -
the weather becomes very hot during this time, making it uncomfortable for a lot of people. If you can handle the heat, then it is a decent time to visit Pattaya.

June to October -
Pattaya receives heavy rainfalls during this period. The hotel prices and the crowd are significantly low during this time. So if one wants to enjoy a cheap trip, then this would be the best time for them.

How to reach Pattaya?

Although there are no direct flights, you can take a connecting flight from major Indian cities like Ahmedabad, New Delhi, and Mumbai to Pattaya. These flights provide layovers in cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Chaing Mai, Dubai, and Thailand. Airlines like Indigo, Thai Airways, and Air Asia operate these flights, with travel times ranging from 8 to 20 hours depending on layovers and city of departure. 

What are some of the best places to visit in Pattaya?

1) The Sanctuary of Truth- The Sanctuary of Truth is a stunning wooden structure by the sea that you should see on your visit to Pattaya. Crafted entirely from teak wood, it blends the architecture of the temple and palace with intricate carvings.

2) Big Buddha Temple- Situated on top of the Big Buddha Hill, Big Buddha Temple is another gorgeous place to visit in Pattaya. It has a colossal golden Buddha statue that is a sight to behold.

3) Walking Street- Walking Street is the ultimate party destination in Pattaya that always remains bustling with energy. Stretching over a kilometre, it is packed with shops, restaurants, bars, and vibrant nightlife.

4) Jomtien Beach- Jomtien Beach provides a tranquil escapade in Pattaya with a 6-kilometre stretch of pristine coastline. You can enjoy sunbathing or indulge in thrilling water sports amidst its pine groves.

5) Wat Yansangwararam- Wat Yansangwararam is a majestic temple complex that displays the splendour of Thai architecture. It offers interesting insights into Thai traditions and culture.

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What are the things to do in Pattaya?

1) Explore Nong Nooch Botanical Gardens- Wander through the Nong Nooch Botanical Gardens in Pattaya to see bonsais, orchids, and exotic plants. You can also enjoy cultural performances and Thai traditions exhibitions in this scenic village-like setting.

2) Day trip to Coral Island- Book a boat ride for a 45-minute journey to Coral Island from Pattaya. On the island, you can see beautiful coral reefs, clear waters, and indulge in thrilling scuba diving activities.

3) Shop at Pattaya Night Bazaar- Upon visiting Pattaya Night Bazaar, you can discover unique finds in over 250 stalls. Here, you can shop for handmade fabrics, accessories, and beachwear.

4) Walk through Underwater World Pattaya- If you want to explore the marine life in Thailand, you can visit the Underwater World. You can see around 2,500 aquatic animals in this indoor aquarium, including the 100-metre underwater tunnel.

5) Go bar hopping- You can enjoy the vibrant nightlife in Pattaya with beach parties, DJ music, and colourful discotheques. Moreover, you can also experience cabaret performances while sipping on fantastic brews in the bars of Pattaya.

What is the local food of Pattaya? Which are the best places to taste this food?

Pattaya is one of the top attraction for people visiting Thailand. Therefore, it has restaurants for almost all types of cuisines. The local food of Pattaya are soups, noodles, and rice. The best places in Pattaya to taste these local cuisines are:

- The Glass House

- Ruen Thai Restaurant

- Suttangrak Pattaya

- Moom Aroi Seafood Restaurant

- LungSawai Seafood

- Rim Talay Seafood & Steak

What is the best public transport to commute around Pattaya?

Pattaya has a very well connected road system and there are many public means of transport available in the city. The minibus or the songtaew is a very affordable and quick way to travel in the city. They allow tourists to gain the experience of the local culture. The service of local buses is also available in Pattaya. Currently, there are only 3 routes in which they are available. One can also book cabs if they want to travel within the city. The hotel staff are generally amicable and help people to book cabs.

What is the local language in Pattaya and which are the most commonly used greetings?

The language which is widely spoken in Thailand is Thai, and the just like the rest of Thailand, the local language of Pattaya is also Thai. Thai is a very sweet language and some of the greetings in Thai are:

Hi - Sawasdee

How are you - Koon sa bai dee mai

I’m fine - sa bai dee

Thank you - kob kun

Which are the best shopping places in Pattaya and what are they famous for?

Shopping in Pattaya is one of the best experiences one can get here. Since it is amongst the top tourist spots of the country, there are many places where tourists can go shopping. Some of them are:

Central Festival Pattaya 
- It is one of the biggest malls in the city. Central Festival Pattaya has almost all the top brands of the world and the collection of clothes here is outstanding. You are bound to exceed your budget if you start shopping here.

Pattaya Floating Market 
- Pattaya Floating market is a top tourist attraction as people have to go to the market on boats. The market has an amazing collection of clothes, arts, handicrafts, and jewelry.

- it is a recreation of the French City, Colmar. Mimosa has more than 300 shops and is renowned for its handicrafts and Thai arts.

Mike Shopping Mall 
- this mall is the perfect blend of a high-end air-conditioned mall and the street market. The shops present in the mall sell items which are generally sold on street markets of a place and they show the culture of the people.

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Which are the most famous beaches in Pattaya?

One of the major reason why people all around the world come to Pattaya is its beaches. Everyone wants to sit on the beautiful beaches of Pattaya and enjoy themselves. There are some outstanding beaches in Pattaya where one just wants to relax, sunbath and enjoy the atmosphere at the beach. The best beaches of Pattaya are:

- Wong Amat Beach

- Jomtien Beach

- Koh Larn Beach

- Pattaya Beach

- Dong Tan Beach

- Bang Sean Beach

- Naklua Beach

What are the best pilgrimage sites to visit in Pattaya?

Thailand is a country which has a very religious culture. The people of Thailand follow Buddhism and there are a number of temples in the country which one can visit. Pattaya also has a few pilgrimage sites which are very beautiful. The best pilgrimage sites to visit are:

- Big Buddha Hill

- Sanctuary of Truth

- Buddha Mountain

- Anek Kuson Sala

Which are the best places to experience the nightlife of Pattaya?

Thailand is one of the best places in the world to party. Pattaya also boasts one of the best nightlife in the country. There are numerous lounges and bars in the city. People here, tend to forget about all their worries and just enjoy their night to the fullest. The best places to experience the nightlife of Pattaya are:

- Pattaya Walking Street

- Horizon Bar

- Hard Rock Café

- Planet Earth Beach Club

- Fflic Cliff & Pool Club

What are the best water sports adventures in Pattaya?

The beaches in Pattaya are the best in the world. People visit Pattaya just to enjoy and have fun on its beaches. Nowadays many water sports have been developed and these adventure sports in Pattaya are carried out mostly on beaches. Since Pattaya has world-class beaches, they also let the people visiting them enjoy several water sports they have to offer. The best water sports one can do in Pattaya are:

- one is tied to a jet ski and is attached to a parachute in parasailing. When the Jet Ski starts moving, the person in the parachute goes up in the air due to the speed of the Jet Ski and gets a feeling as if he is flying.

- Kitesurfing is a very fun activity. One holds a rope attached to a motorboat while standing on a surfing board. When the boat starts moving, the person also starts to surf due to the speed of the boat.

Scuba Diving
- scuba diving is an amazing experience one gets to see the marine life very closely. It is not advisable to people who do not have any swimming experience.

Banana boating
- a group of people are made to sit on a boat shaped like a banana. They are then made to row their boat on a river through the currents.

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Which are the best places to enjoy romantic dinners in Pattaya?

Pattaya can be said to be a very romantic city because of its natural features. Beautiful beaches and starry nights resonate the aura of romance. Places, where one can enjoy romantic dinners in Pattaya, are:

- Moonlight Restaurant

- Pattaya Beach Restaurant

- The Glass House

- Restaurant

Which are the most beautiful spots to go scuba diving in Pattaya?

Scuba diving in Pattaya is one of the most wonderful water activity one can do. It gives one the most breathtaking experience of its life. One gets to see things which they had only seen in pictures. They get to see beautiful marine animals and marine plants. The most beautiful spots in Pattaya for Scuba Diving are:

- Seafari Dive Center

- Koh Rin

- Koh Phai

- Koh Man

Which are the best architectural marvels to visit in Pattaya?

Thailand is a country which is filled with marvelous things. One gets confused when they visit Thailand because there are so many things to do but time is limited. One thing that everyone should do when they visit Thailand is exploring the architectural marvel of the country. Pattaya is also filled with several monuments which will make anyone speechless. Some of these monuments are:

The sanctuary of truth 
- it is a large wooden structure and was made in 1981. The concept behind its construction was that human civilization owes its existence to religion. The sanctuary of truth is considered to be one of the world’s top architectural marvels.

Big Buddha 
- the Bug Buddha Hill is one of the religious sites of the city and can’t stop marveling the huge statue of Buddha. It is a lovely statue and feels lifelike when seen from close range.

Mini Siam 
- it represents all the architectural marvels of the world. Mini Siam contains replicas of the famous monuments of Thailand and celebrates its heritage. In the mini world section, one can find replicas of Eiffel tower, the statue of liberty, the tower bridge of London and other marvels of the world.

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What’s so special about the Alcazar Cabaret Show in Pattaya?

The Alcazar Cabaret Show of Pattaya is one of the most iconic shows of Thailand. It has been going on since 1981. Beautiful ladyboys in stunning costumes are one of the reasons why people go to this show. One can enjoy itself to the fullest by going to this show. The dance performance, music and the lighting of the Alcazar Cabaret Show are simply stunning. One can get the fun of a Russian dance show to Persian Harlem in this show. It is a must for everyone visiting Pattaya for the first time and everyone else who has not seen it. Also, you can avail colosseum show ticket (Flat 15% Off).

What are the best wildlife experiences in Pattaya?

Pattaya is swarmed by thousands of tourists every year. Everyone come to Pattaya for different reasons and enjoy their vacations differently. Some photography enthusiasts visit Pattaya round the year to capture some rare moments of animals. Pattaya has wildlife sanctuaries as well as zoos where one can easily find animals capture their beautiful moments. One gets amazing wildlife experience in Pattaya as one gets to see all kinds of animals here. Some of the places to experience it are:

- Pattaya Elephant Village

- Sriracha Tiger Zoo

- Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Why is Pattaya so famous?

Pattaya is famous for its stunning beaches like Pattaya Beach, water sports like scuba diving, and outdoor adventures. It is also renowned for its vibrant nightlife, amusement parks, and bustling markets. Moreover, you can explore sacred temples like Wat Phra Yai and Wat Yannasangwararam and cultural attractions such as the Sanctuary of Truth. The nightlife of Pattaya in Pattaya Walking Street lets you party your heart out in its lively bars and restaurants.

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