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Bollywood Park Tickets highlights

  • Immerse yourself in the magic of India's vibrant film industry at the world's first Bollywood-themed park, covering a vast 1.7 million sq ft area.

  • See the classic scenes, songs and entertainment in 5 dedicated zones, Bollywood Boulevard, Rustic Ravine, Royal Plaza, Bollywood Film Studios and Bollywood File Studio.

  • Enjoy ‘Bollywood Skyflyer’, a world record-breaking ride that is the tallest swing ride in the world.

  • Get an amazing dining experience at ‘Bombay Dreams’ and enjoy dance shows with Bollywood songs while satisfying your hunger.

  • Get in the wild chase with ‘Don’ in the streets of Mumbai at the Mumbai Chowk or fly over India's landmarks at the ‘Krrish 4D’ theatre.

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BollywoodParks™ Dubai
Bollywood Parks™ Dubai - Sheikh Zayed Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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Bollywood Park Tickets overview

About Bollywood Park Dubai:

Bollywood Park Dubai, located within Dubai Parks and Resorts, is the world’s first theme park dedicated to Bollywood. It features attractions and live entertainment inspired by iconic Bollywood films and stars. The park is divided into five zones, offering experiences such as 3D and 4D rides, stage performances, and cinematic shows. Key highlights include the Rajmahal Theatre, which hosts Broadway-style Bollywood musicals, and rides based on popular movies like "Sholay" and "Dabangg." The park provides a vibrant and immersive Bollywood experience, celebrating India's rich film heritage.

About the Bollywood Park Dubai Tickets:

  • Explore Bollywood Park Dubai and get entry to five zones, each inspired by blockbuster Bollywood films. 
  • Dive into the magic of live shows and culinary delights across Bollywood Boulevard, Mumbai Chowk, Rustic Ravine, Royal Plaza, and Bollywood Film Studios. 
  • Experience the vibrant energy and captivating charm of India's iconic cinema in every corner of the park and stroll through the thematic streets that feel as though they are straight from Bollywood movies.
  • Relive your favourite iconic movies through adrenaline-pumping attractions and rides like- Bollywood Skyflyer, Wheel of Stars, Tanga No. 13, Lagaan-Thrill of Victory, Sholay-Hunt for Gabbar Singh, Crossroads, Rangmanch and more.
  • Watch shows of your favourite Bollywood characters played by superstars like Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan, and Shahrukh Khan including Jashn-E-Welcome, Desi Pardesi, Dhinchak Bollywood, South ka Tadka, Andaaz-e-Aashiqui, Puppet Show, Mehfil-E-Ada, Kalbelia Dance, Jaan E Jigar Show, Juggler, etc.
  • Soothe your taste buds in restaurants and shops like Namaste India, Victoria Station Cafe, Bollywood Bazar, Heros Vault, Shahenshah, Desi Emporium with Mahari Sweets, and Mumbai Bazar.
  • Enjoy the iconic Namaste India Restaurant with its unique blend of Bollywood dance, music, and theatre with access to fine dining theatrical experience at the BOMBAY DREAMS restaurant.

How to Reach?

  • By Car: The Bollywood Park Dubai is 49.2 km away from the city centre. It will take 34 min via Sheikh Zayed Rd/E11 to reach your destination.



Bollywood Park Tickets faqs

What is unique about Bollywood Parks Dubai?

Bollywood Parks Dubai is centred on the theme of Bollywood films, and anyone who enjoys watching movies will love this place. This park is divided into separate zones like Bollywood Boulevard, Mumbai Chowk, Rustic Ravine, Royal Plaza, and Bollywood Film Studios which will take you to different eras and cultures of India and Indian cinema.

What are the various rides in Bollywood Park Dubai?

Abra Ka Dabra: Abra Ka Dabra in the Rustic Ravine zone is another fun ride that your children will surely not want to miss. This is a famous boat-like ride designed to give your kids a feeling of floating on the water and make them experience all the turns and ruffles.

Bollywood Sky Flyer: If you love the feeling of sitting on a swing, you will surely love this ride. Bollywood Sky Flyer is one of the tallest swing rides in the world. Situated at 460 ft above, this ride is highly popular among both children and adults for the thrilling experience it offers.

Taxi No. 1: Mumbai taxis are highly popular and if you also want to feel what it is like to sit in any of these Mumbai Taxis, Taxi No.1 is the best way. It is a high-speed roller coaster ride for kids that takes them through the streets of Mumbai.

Monsoon Masti: Monsoon Masti is yet another basket ride for kids that also splashes water on them for additional fun. This is a 4-seater ride where you can sit with your family and friends and enjoy the water gunfight.

What are the different types of Zones and attractions in Bollywood Parks Dubai?

Lagaan: The Thrill Of Victory: Did you like the movie Lagaan and want to join Bhuvan and his team? This fun roller coaster simulator, in the Ristic Ravine Zone is a great way of enjoying the classic movie and its moments with your friends and family. 

Bollywood Boulevard: A fun zone that depicts the classic era of the 60s, 70s, and 80s of Bollywood. Known for its vibrant colours and some beautiful live performances, this is surely the most fun and entertaining zone. 

Mumbai Chowk: Want to see how Mumbai feels like in Dubai, Mumbai Chowk is the perfect way of exploring the vicinity of the city and grab the right essence of its taste and culture. 

Royal Plaza: Want to feel like royalty, the Royal Plaza zone is a perfect place to experience India’s rich and vibrant royal culture. This zone is obviously the heart and soul of this Bollywood Park.

Rustic Ravine: A beautiful zone full of rides and ferries is a perfect place to spend your day. Rustic Ravine has quite a few attractions from famous movies like Lagaan and Sholay that you must surely visit.

Bollywood Film Studios: The best zone to watch Bollywood cinema but in a bit different way. You can watch the most iconic scenes in the 4D theatre and be a part of that character, virtually.

Jaan-e-Jigar: If you are a fan of Broadway and classical music, you must not miss Jaan-e-Jigar. A remarkable 2-hour music show that is put together for its visitors is the main attraction.

Is Bollywood Park Dubai indoor or outdoor?

Yes, Bollywood Park is both indoor and outdoor. The outdoors is popular for photographs and external views, and the indoor is best for rides and exploring the Bollywood cinematic Heros. The park is split into zones, featuring rides based on Bollywood’s biggest hits.

The live shows, restaurants and magnificent statues of Bollywood stars make it one of the best theme parks in Dubai. Inside the park, there is an area called Lagaan, an indoor zone starring Aamir Khan. It is a family-friendly place having carousels and a motion simulator. Similarly, there is a Cross Road zone that welcomes you to take a stroll with your dear ones. It has a grand theatre with performances that bring old and new Bollywood hits to the floor.

How much time is needed to explore the Bollywood Park Dubai fully?

With the available rides and attractions, one can take one full day to explore the entire place. Some of the newly added attractions are the Grand Parade, Bollywood Boulevard Stage, Cross Roads, Stars on Steps Stage, Lotus Court, Entry Plaza, and Mumbai Express Stage. Moreover, there are chic Bollywood restaurants that are ready to fill your appetite.

The entertainment schedule changes on a daily basis, and certain rides, attractions, shows, and outlets won’t be available during your visit. However, the changes will be updated on the website. So, before leaving, you can check the website where any changes are updated or not, and plan your visit accordingly.

Is it worth going to Bollywood Park Dubai?

If you are someone who is in love with Indian films, Bollywood Park Dubai is a perfect place for you. This theme park is one of its kind in the world and is based on some of the most iconic scenes and films ever made in Bollywood. From 4D theatres to experiencing what it feels like to be a superhero, this park is surely a fun place and worth visiting.

Which are the famous Restaurants at Bollywood Park?

Bollywood Park Dubai being one of its kind is quite famous for its unique theme and scrumptious meals. There are various themed restaurants and food joints where you can enjoy eating your favourite food with some beautiful music. 

Juhu Juice Bus: If you love drinking juices, Juhu Juice Bus situated in the Mumbai Chowk zone is the best place for you. This uniquely designed double-decker food bus offers a large variety of juices for you to quench your thirst. 

Jumbo Cafe: Jumbo Cafe is yet another popular cafe situated in the Bollywood Boulevard zone. This cafe is known for its two big elephant structures and modern style. Right from having a cup of coffee to cakes and Arabian sweets, you can have a lot of tasty items here. 

Rock ON!!: Inspired by the theme of Rock On!!, this is a beautiful restaurant that is designed to give you the vibes of the famous rock and roll music of Bollywood. This place is famous for its quick bites. 

Mughal-e-Azam Shahi: If you want to satiate your appetite with Mughal cuisine, Mughal-e-Azam Shahi is the place that will do the job for you. Situated in the Royal Plaza zone, this restaurant is based on the iconic Bollywood movie “Mughal-e-Azam.”

Studio Canteen: Want to have quick bites like Pizzas and burgers, Studio Canteen is the best option. This place is highly popular among children and families for its welcoming environment.

Are there any movie sets inside the Bollywood Park Dubai?

Yes. There are sets built from the famous movies of Bollywood. The Hunt for Gabbar Singh is inspired by the Sholay movie. This zone is themed like the villages of India with a dark and interactive 3D ride, where you have to try and escape the villain Gabbar Singh. Likewise, an indoor zone has been dedicated to the movie Lagaan.

It has various carousels and a motion simulator depicting the cricket match which came in the movie. Again, a super-cool zone called Don The Chase; it is a 3D motion immersive tunnel in which you have to chase criminals across Dubai. There are other special movie sets portraying all the famous Heros.

Which are the popular adventure sports in Dubai?