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About Sharjah

Sharjah City, the one that lies in the UAE district among various other well known destinations, has a lot to offer to its visitors. Cars, luxuries, beaches, people, food, hotels, clothings, markets – there is diversity in every walk of this city. While most of us are only aware of Dubai and Abu Dhabi among other UAE nations – Sharjah city is also gaining increasing prominence in the world as a form of perfect tourist destination in the list.

Sharjah which lies in the northern side of
Dubai is the cultural capital of UAE and is a relevant heritage area. The city is on the creek with well-restored homes and museums devoted especially to Emirati customs. It is also home to Sharjah fort – a 19th century royal residence that has quickly turned the local history around for the Emiratis.

Sharjah is the third largest city in the United Arabs Emirates and is an important portion of the Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman metropolitan area. Located along the southern cost of the Persian gulf, the city is filled with scenic sightings and great, rich traditional culture that promises experiences of a lifetime for those visiting for the first time.

The city of Sharjah shares most of the important segments such as the legalities, political relations, military tie-ups and economic functions with most other emirates that function within the established federal framework among the boundaries of UAE.

Filled with traditional Arab culture, the essence of this place typically revolves around the incredible Islamic architecture, music, attire, cuisine and lifestyle.

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Sharjah FAQ's

Which are the best places to visit in Sharjah?

There are several attractions brimming the cityscape of Sharjah, however, to shorten the list there are some must-visit attractions here.

1. Sharjah Mosque: Being an iconic landmark in the Emirate of Sharjah, the Sharjah Mosque is the largest one in the city. An epitome of Islamic faith and beliefs, the architecture of the mosque reflects intricate designs, quotes from the Holy Quran, specially designed carpets, stained glasses,and cascading domes. Attracting lakhs of visitors every year, the grandeur of this mosque is truly a sight to behold for all.

Location: Al Suyoh Suburb - Al Riqaibah - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates.

2. Heart of Sharjah: This is the city centre of Sharjah that was once the hub of trade markets and merchant shops. It is now considered to be an important heritage district where you can get a first-hand experience of the vibrant Emirati art and culture. It has been listed as a potential World Heritage Site by UNESCO, housing the only round wind tower in UAE which is named the Al Hisn Fort.

Location: Corniche St - Al Mareija - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates.

3. Souk Saqr: This was once a centre of gold trading overlooking the Persian gulf. The waterfront remains bustling with dhows and small boats that are filled with goods. You can walk along the Corniche while soaking in the aroma of the spices, admiring the jewellery and gold products, ranges of sparkling fashion products and textiles as well. Explore this charming old market and get to witness the age-old streets of Sharjah.

Location: Rolla Souq Saqr, Al Shuwaiheen, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

4. Al Heera Beach: It is the longest beach in the city of Sharjah, and is beautifully decorated from the start to the end. Hosting a plethora of lavish dining options and activities like jogging, bicycling, roller-skating, skateboarding, as well as scootering. This 3.5 kilometre stretch of clean and soothing beach front includes the first professional skate park of Sharjah known as the ‘Kota Skate Park’.

Location: Al Muntazah, Al Heera Suburb, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

5. Blue Souk (Central Souk): Featured on the five-Dirham currency-note, this is one of the major landmarks of the city that stands as a testament to the history and culture of UAE. Embellished with blue-tiles and upholding an intricate facade, this attraction houses over 600 shops where you can find everything from local souvenirs to handwoven textiles like carpets, scarves, and Kilims. Gold, diamond and jewellery pieces made from precious stones can also be found here. 

Location: King Faisal St, Al Majaz 1, Al Majaz, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

What are the best things to do in Sharjah?

The city of Sharjah is full of opportunities to participate in various activities that not only enrich your tour, but also provide a deep insight into the region’s rich heritage.

1. Embark on unforgettable wildlife and nature tours: Witness some of the rarest and the most intriguing desert animal and insect species at the Al Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation Centre. Visit the archaeological site of Wadi Al Helo, and go for the Sharjah Safari. There are several other centres to explore like the Wasit Nature Reserve, Al Noor Island Butterfly House, Khor Kalba Mangrove centre and the Al Qurm Protected area.

2. Visit the ruins of the ancient Najd Al Maqsar Village: Explore the ancient architecture of this village that dates back to 2000 BC, and delve into the significant history of this region. The village, situated at the head of the Wadi Shie in the eastern Hajar mountains, was initially an abandoned settlement which is now being renovated for tourism purposes. Some of these dwellings are now being converted into luxurious stays in order to offer a local-lifestyle experience to the visitors.

3. Explore the Sharjah Heritage Museum: Housed in a pearl merchant’s house dating back to the 18th century, the Sharjah Heritage Museum provides an in-depth tour of the Emirati lifestyle and culture. Starting from fishing communities to bedouins who dwelled in the deserts, you can find all information about them here. Situated in Al Shioukh in Sharjah, you can explore the oral traditions and folk tales of this region, and encounter some age-old proverbs, puzzles, local jewelleries and attires as well. 

4. Go for water adventures at the Khorfakkan Beach: The Khorfakkan Beach, located at the east coast of Sharjah, is renowned for hosting a wide range of water adventure sports from parasailing, scuba diving, swimming, surfing, and snorkelling. You can also rest and enjoy some delectable treats at this beach after a long day of excitement. Stretching for about 3 kilometres, this stunning beach is a must-visit for participating in the water sports and also marvel at the orange glistening waters of the Persian Gulf during sunset.

5. Try out some amazing desert safaris: Try your hands at paragliding and biking at the XQuarry off-road Adventure Park and at the Big Red. You can also visit the Fossil rock, camp under the stars in the middle of the desert, and hike up the rocky hills and archeological sites here. Visit the Wadi Shees, a site nestled in the Hajar mountains and marvel at the picturesque sight that this place offers. Experience the thrill of adventure activities in the desert, the best of it in Sharjah.

How do I reach Sharjah?

The best way to reach Sharjah from India is by taking a flight. There are several direct as well as layover flights operating daily on this route, connecting all major Indian cities with Sharjah International Airport. Airports of New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur,Ahmedabad, Nagpur, and Thiruvananthapuram connect India with Sharjah. The time taken for direct flights is around 3-5 hours, while that for layover flights can go up to 8-12 hours. The majorly operational airlines are Egypt Air, Air Arabia, Air India Express, Indigo, Turkish Airlines, and Qatar Airways.

What is the best time to visit Sharjah?

Sharjah welcomes tourists from all over the world throughout the year. However, the most ideal time to visit this place depends entirely upon the travellers’ preferences and interests.

1. Peak Season: The peak season of visiting Sharjah extends from November to March, marking the winter season. During this time the weather remains cool and wet, providing a soothing ambience to explore the attractions of this destination like the Blue Souk, Sharjah Mosque, and the Sharjah Maritime Museum. You can also participate in museum tours, desert safaris, food walks, and adventure sports like trekking, hiking, and paragliding in this season.

2. Shoulder Season: The months of April to June make up the shoulder season of Sharjah. Tourists can enjoy moderate temperatures in this period of time, thereby allowing for a wide range of experiences to cover. You can participate in water sports like paragliding and diving, hike to some breath-taking view points, and also enjoy museum excursions. The footfall is low during this time, and the price rates of all activities, accommodations, and even flight rates are reduced. 

3. Waning Season: The waning season in Sharjah starts from July and continues till October, marking the hot summer season. During this time you can also enjoy close encounters with the wildlife in the Conservation Parks, and also witness the vibrant festive season here. Participating in water sports, like scuba diving, swimming and snorkelling, can be a really comforting and thrilling experience to enjoy in this season.

What are the best ways to travel in and around Sharjah?

Sharjah is a state-of-art city that can be affordably and efficiently explored with the help of a multitude of transport options. Ranging from public vehicles like buses, taxis, and sightseeing buses, to private options like Uber and Careem, you can experience this city the way you wish to. Marine services run regularly between Sharjah and Dubai as well. Flight options are available to explore travel destinations around Sharjah, offering safe and efficient transportation options.

What currency is used in Sharjah?

Dirham (Dhs) is the official currency that is used in the Emirate of Sharjah. It is also known as the Arab Emirate Dirham (AED). It is divided into 100 fils, and the exchange rate of 1 AED is around INR 23. This is the official currency of all of the United Arab Emirates.

What is the temperature in day time and night time in Sharjah? How is the general climate in Sharjah?

The day time temperature in Sharjah is generally higher than the night time temperature all round the year

Summer Season: Daytime temperature can go up to 45 degrees and the night time temperature can reach around 30 degrees. 

Winter Season: Daytime temperature can reach 20 degrees and the night time temperature can come down to 12 degrees.

The general climate of Sharjah is generally hot during the summer season from May to September. The winter season ranging from October to April sees crispy cold and wet climatic conditions.

What is the ideal duration for a holiday in Sharjah?

The ideal duration for a holiday in Sharjah is around 5-7 days. Within this time you can have a comprehensive tour of this magnificent destination. Interact with the local culture, and also enjoy a glimpse into the rich heritage as well as the history of the place while on your trip. You can take a food tour in the Heart of Sharjah, take a dhow cruise, enjoy a desert safari, and go for an excursion to Mleiha. Also, try your hand at water sport adventures like snorkelling and scuba diving, and make sure to shop for some exquisite souvenirs in the several colourful Souks. 

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