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Sharjah City, the one that lies in the UAE district among various other well known destinations, has a lot to offer to its visitors. Cars, luxuries, beaches, people, food, hotels, clothings, markets – there is diversity in every walk of this city. While most of us are only aware of Dubai and Abu Dhabi among other UAE nations – Sharjah city is also gaining increasing prominence in the world as a form of perfect tourist destination in the list.

Sharjah which lies in the northern side of
Dubai is the cultural capital of UAE and is a relevant heritage area. The city is on the creek with well-restored homes and museums devoted especially to Emirati customs. It is also home to Sharjah fort – a 19th century royal residence that has quickly turned the local history around for the Emiratis.

Sharjah is the third largest city in the United Arabs Emirates and is an important portion of the Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman metropolitan area. Located along the southern cost of the Persian gulf, the city is filled with scenic sightings and great, rich traditional culture that promises experiences of a lifetime for those visiting for the first time.

The city of Sharjah shares most of the important segments such as the legalities, political relations, military tie-ups and economic functions with most other emirates that function within the established federal framework among the boundaries of UAE.

Filled with traditional Arab culture, the essence of this place typically revolves around the incredible Islamic architecture, music, attire, cuisine and lifestyle.

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  1. Travel Advice:

    • Security and Safety: The best part about Sharjah is that it is considered to be one of the safest destinations in the whole of UAE. In fact, women travelers are given the best kind of security and assurance regarding their safety. At the same time, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Keep an eye on your luggage and your property at all times. Be safe from the bag snatchers as they usually emerge out of the blue.

    • Tipping: Arab countries do not believe in the culture of tipping. Major restaurants and hotels around the world usually believe in the norm of adding a service charge to the end of the bills for good service. However, it is not at all obligatory to give into this custom at Sharjah.

    • Transportation: The whole of Sharjah city is well connected. The Airport has plenty of services like restaurants, snack bars, car hire, 24 hour shops and banking centres to fulfill all your basic necessities. However, there is a lack of public transportation. Therefore, avoid relying on that mode in this particular city.

    • Drinking laws: Keep this in mind – indulging in alcohol consumption is considered to be an offence of the highest order in this Islamic state. The person guilty will be given 100 lashes. Hence, you must avoid associating – even remotely associating yourself with alcohol intoxication. The night-life is fun and relaxed.

  2. Things to do in Sharjah City:

    • Visit Al Qasba – the most popular entertainment spot: Are you the kind who enjoys an art exhibition? Or perhaps the kind that loves to ride on an observation wheel! All you entertainment junkies – this is the paradise on earth for you. Al Qasba, the most popular entertainment destination in Sharjah is among those places that promises its visitors an experience of a lifetime.

    • Shopping at Central Souk: Central Souk – also known as the Blue Souk consists of two separate floors wherein shopping-lovers will discover a mish-mash of things from all around the world. Right from Kashmiri clothes to Russian silverware and Iranian carpets, these products are worth their price.

    • Visit the Natural History Museum and Desert Park: Natural History Museum along with the Botanical Museum and the Arabian Wildlife centre has a series of different experiences waiting for the visitors to explore. Explore the history, culture and the wildlife typical to the city of Sharjah by visiting and living through the magnificence of this place.

    • Stroll through the Sharjah Heritage Area: Get a feel of the Bedouin lifestyle without having to spend a single penny. These region consists of the typical, privy to the true essence of the region houses, buildings and museums that will allow you to get a glimpse into the life led by the city dwellers.

    • Water sports at Al Majaz Waterfront: Who says the UAE lacks water? Just because it is believed to be a desert doesn’t mean one cannot indulge in water sports activities in the city. Visit the Al Majaz Waterfront to take part in playful activities such as mini gold and splash water sports and eat delicious food at the restaurants and resorts situated in this region.

  3. What will you like in Sharjah City:

    • Trip into the Sharjah Archaeology Museum: Take a trip into the ancient Arab that once existed and prevailed royally in the city of Sharjah. This place consists of pottery, weapons, tools, coins and other artefacts that are surely one visit at least. This will surely leave you in a state of fascination.

    • Play sports at the Al Montazah Park: Numerous sports activities such as football, cricket and even volleyball can be played in Al Montazah Park. What are you waiting for? This facility is open for all. This is a perfect spot of picnic if you’re traveling with your family or loved ones.

    • Embrace the historic beauty of Al Hisn Fort: Another one of those restored forts, this was once the palace of the Sharjah’s ruling family. Now converted into a museum, this place reflects historic memories worth of 200 years. Be in awe of the amazing work of architecture and art that this place portrays.

    • Chill at the Al Corniche beach: The white sandful beaches of Sharjah are surely the kind wherein you will enjoy during weekends. The perfect getaway, one can relax or enjoy a scenic, soothing walk on an evening without hesitating regarding anything at all.

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