Skydive Dubai - Tandem Skydiving in Dubai

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Skydive Dubai highlights

  • Witness the majesty of Dubai from the sky at an altitude of 13,000 ft & tick off the dream of skydiving from your bucket list.

  • Experience an exhilarating free-fall for 60 seconds at a speed of 190 km/hour and feel the adrenaline rush through your veins.

  • Admire the serene views of the Arabian desert or palm area as you float in your parachute over the Arabian lands.

  • Receive photographs and a standard edited video of your once-in-a-lifetime experience within 48 hours of completing your skydive.

  • Enjoy a safe diving experience with highly experienced and trained staff available.


Skydive Dubai
Al Seyahi St - Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Skydive Dubai cancellation_policy

  • If cancellation are made 1 days before the date of travel then 100.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
  • If cancellation are made 0 days to 1 days before the date of travel then 100.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
  • In the event of unforeseen weather conditions, union issues, government restrictions, or any other circumstances beyond human control, certain trips or activities may be cancelled. In such cases, alternate feasible options will be provided. However, a cash refund will not be available.
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Skydive Dubai overview

About Skydive Dubai- Tandem Skydiving in Dubai:

Tandem Skydive Dubai is one of the most popular and thrilling adventures to take on your visit to Dubai. A free fall at over 120 miles per hour after the jump from an altitude of 13000 feet, and overlooking the breathtaking views of iconic landmarks, is a great combination of a rushing sport and adventure.

Participants jump with a secure harness and an experienced instructor. As they descend, they can enjoy panoramic vistas of the Palm Jumeirah, the desert, and the stunning coastline. Safety is paramount, with thorough briefings and top-notch equipment ensuring a secure dive. Ideal for both adventure seekers and first-timers, a Tandem Skydive in Dubai offers an unforgettable experience.

About the Activity:

  • Tandem Skydiving in Dubai is a must-do activity for adrenaline junkies who love to live life on the edge. 
  • You can choose from 2 exhilarating options of dropzone in Desert or The Palm.
  • Reach the activity location as per your preferred time slot and get ready to experience the thrill of skydiving.
  • On arrival at your specified check-in time, proceed to the registration desk
  • You will be escorted to the boarding area for a pre-boarding safety check and photos
  • See astounding aerial views of the Palm Jumeirah Island/ Desert and surrounding areas on the way up, and get a short interview.
  • The activity will be conducted under the monitoring of trained professionals and top-notch safety equipment will be provided to each participant.
  • Listen carefully to the certified Skydive Instructor who will give the briefing for 30 minutes before diving.
  • Explore the magnificent beauty of Dubai city from the whooping height of 13,000 feet.
  • Experience spine-chilling free-fall for 60 seconds at a speed of 190 km/hour as the instructor pulls the cord of the parachute.
  • The camera flyer will interview you again to record your reaction, and you will be escorted off the landing area back to the main building.

How to Reach?

  • By Bus: Skydive Dubai is located around 22 km away from the city centre. The nearest bus stop to Skydive Dubai is Mina Al Siyahi, Le Meridien Hotel 2, Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates. You can easily reach the bus stop by bus routes 8, 84, F55A, and 83. Once you reach the stop you can take a quick 20-minute walk to reach the Skydive location.
  • By Metro: Skydive Dubai is located around 22 km away from the city centre. The nearest metro station to Skydive Dubai is the Al Khail Metro stop. You can easily reach this station by taking the Red Line on Dubai MRT. Once you get off the stop, you can book a cab to reach the Skydive centre in approximately 15 minutes.

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Skydive Dubai faqs

What is skydiving?

Skydiving happens to be a thrilling sport activity in which the skydivers soar up to a particular altitude in an airplane and then jump out into the open sky to experience free fall as they perform some acrobatic stunts. Skydiving is considered as an adventure sport that requires courage and a good amount of adrenaline rush.

Skydiving can be best experienced in the Arabian city of Dubai where the divers can get a chance to witness spectacular views of the panoramic vistas and fall freely over the vast desert or the stunning Palm island. Skydiving Atlantis Dubai can not only allow the skydivers to get one of the best aerial views in the world, but can also offer them this adventure at the cheapest prices.

What is the best time of day to skydive in Dubai?

The best time of the day for enjoying both Palm Island and desert campus skydive Dubai is during the morning hours. That said, the skydivers are recommended to head for their activity by 10 AM as the weather is pleasing at this time.

In addition to this, the lighting condition is also the best at this time, offering you the chance to catch clear views of the spectacular panorama of the city. Furthermore, the atmospheric temperature at this time is also mild, which will save you from struggling with your activity in the scorching heat of the afternoon time.

What is the location of skydive Dubai?

There are two locations of skydive Dubai - Desert Campus Drop Zone and Palm Drop Zone. While the former is situated outside the periphery of the city on the highway leading to Al-Ain from Dubai, the latter is situated in Al Seyahi street.

The desert zone offers the skydivers amazing sights of huge sand dunes whereas the Palm zone offers them stunning views of some of the majestic buildings of the city.

What is tandem skydiving in Dubai? 

A tandem skydive is one of the types of skydives in which the diver is connected to an instructor via a harness. The sole purpose of attaching an instructor to the diver is to facilitate the diver throughout his skydiving experience. From the way of descending to the technique of managing weight, the instructor facilitates in all the ways. Tandem skydiving in Dubai is one of the most famous and notable of all the tandem skydiving in the world.

How is the skydiving experience at Palm Island Dropzone ?

Dubai Palm Island skydiving is a premium and surreal experience, offering the skydivers exquisite sights of the stunning Palm Islands coupled with the mesmerizing skyline of the city.

In the course of your skydive Dubai Palm activity, you can also witness many of the world-famous and majestic structures of the Arabian city, including Ain Dubai, Atlantis Hotel, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, “The World” islands, and Burj Al Arab.

How is Skydive Dubai Desert Dropzone experience?

Skydiving Dubai Desert Zone is an amazing experience, offering the skydivers the chance to catch the breathtaking sights of the vast desert’s iconic sand dunes. Skydiving over the Desert Zone can allow you to take an aerial tour of the entire Dubai desert and help you to explore the traditional side of the city to the fullest.

The activity can take you away from Dubai’s chaotic city life and let you have a thrilling experience in the more unexplored and calmer part of the Arabian city.

How long is Skydive Dubai?

The entire activity of skydiving in Dubai lasts for around 20 to 30 minutes. The freefall takes place for 60 seconds at a speed of 120 miles per hour.

Prior to the commencement of the activity, the participants are given a briefing session of 30 minutes to ensure that they learn and understand all the basic details about skydiving safely.

Is Skydive Dubai worth it?

Yes, Skydive Dubai is completely worth it. No matter if you pick the Desert Campus location or the Palm Zone location, you can be sure that you will be enjoying a surreal and unforgettable experience in the course of your activity. While diving over the vast desert will offer you exquisite views of the amazing sand dunes, flying over the Palm islands will provide you the chance to explore the spectacular buildings and monuments of the city from the sky.

In both cases, skydiving in Dubai will be a lifetime worth experience that you will love to cherish for years. Furthermore, with the skydive Dubai charges priced at nominal rates you can book this activity without hurting your pocket. So, all these surely make skydiving in Dubai worth everything.

How does it feel to go skydiving Dubai?

Skydiving in Dubai is an amazing and surreal experience. Soaring up to a whopping altitude of around 13,000 feet, jumping off into the vast sky from a plane, and free-falling at a high speed of 120 miles per hour is nothing but an exquisite and spellbinding feeling that is sure to offer you an experience of a lifetime. You can feel all your senses awake and get captivated as you perform your activity in the deep blue sky.

With just air between the Earth and yourself, you can witness the most stunning panorama you have ever seen in your entire life. You can smell the fresh air, feel the cold breeze zooming past your hair, and hear the sound of the rushing wind. You can feel the change of pressure and temperature on the skin and as you spread your arms in the sky you experience freedom, serenity, and bliss. When you land on the ground, you feel more confident, strong, and focused.

What should I wear to Dubai skydive?

When you go for your Dubai tandem skydiving session, you will have to wear clothes which are comfortable. A detailed list of the what to wear to Dubai Skydive is as follows:

  • Athletic Attire (preferable clothes made from nylon)
  • Sneakers or Sports Shoes (No sandals, high heels or slippers)
  • To facilitate the harness, it is not allowed to wear skirts, low-cut blouses, mini shorts, sleeveless shirts or crop tops.
  • It is advisable not to wear shirts with collars of blouses with tassels as this can hurt your neck region during freefall.
  • No jewelry of any kind is allowed while skydiving.

What is the skydive Dubai height?

In the skydive Dubai, you will be taken to a height of 13,000 ft via plane. From there you will have to jump off with your instructor and the cameraman. You will be in freefall for about 60 seconds at a speed of 120 miles/hour. After you reach the height of 6000 ft the parachutes will be deployed and as you land in the next 4-5 minutes you will witness the beautiful views and skyscrapers of Dubai.

What are skydive Dubai timings?

There are two drop zones for you to skydive in Dubai, and each of them has different timings for diving. The Palm Drop Zone will offer the time range of 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM and the Desert Zone allows you to dive from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 

Is Dubai skydiving good for beginners?

Yes, skydiving in Dubai is perfect for beginners and experienced people alike. Not only can you experience the thrill of skydiving, but you can also enjoy the heart-racing speed of descending. Other than this, the activity will be tandem, thus you will be accompanied by an expert skydiving instructor who will control the parachute. 

What’s the age limit to skydive in Dubai?

The age limit for skydiving in Dubai is between 12 years to 60 years. Anyone below the age of 12 will not be allowed to participate in this activity. In addition to this, anyone aged between 12 to 18 will be required to be accompanied by a responsible adult. The people who are aged above 60 years and wish to go for this activity will be required to submit a self-declaration fitness form and a doctor's certificate clarifying past health conditions. 

What is the weight limit for skydive in Dubai?

The weight limit for skydiving in Dubai is 90 KGs for females and 100 KGs for males. 

Should you eat before skydiving?

Yes, all the skydivers should eat a healthy and moderate meal before heading skydiving in Dubai. However, it is recommended for the skydivers not to take a heavy meal before the activity. Neither a full nor an empty stomach is advisable for skydiving.

It is advised for the participants not to consume any alcoholic beverages before the activity to avoid unforeseen conditions.

What are the things to keep in mind while experiencing skydiving in Dubai?

Skydive Dubai is one of the top adventurous things one can do in the city. While you are experiencing your Dubai tandem skydiving, there are many things to consider.

The list of things to keep in mind while experiencing skydiving are:

  • Clothing has to be comfortable and loose. The more uncomfortable clothes you wear, the more uneasy your skydiving experience becomes.
  • It is always advisable to eat a good-lit breakfast before going for a skydive in Dubai. An empty stomach can cause many issues in the sky and that can spoil your skydiving experience.
  • Do not go skydiving with a tired body and mind. If you have traveled or just sleepy, make sure you get a good sleep. The more tired you are, the more your body will not function and this can cause serious issues to your body.
  • Also, wear a warm jacket or sweatshirt as the climate in the air would be very cold.

Can one wear specs while skydiving in Dubai?

Yes, people who wear medically prescribed glasses can have their specs intact when heading to enjoy the skydive in Dubai. They will be supplied with OTG (Over the Glass) goggles, which will easily fit over their specs and protect their eyes from the wind in the course of the activity.

So, even if you do not get a good vision without your prescribed lenses, you can still enjoy Dubai Palm Island skydiving and enjoy that spectacular panoramic sight with the OTG goggles.

Are skydive Dubai instructors well trained?

Yes, the skydive Dubai instructors are well-trained, certified, and experienced. Every instructor briefs and guides a host of participants each day. The instructors are professionals and they know each and every detail about flying high, performing some stunts, and landing safely.

If you are not sure of jumping alone, an instructor can also be strapped on to you and you can jump and land together with the utmost safety.

What are the terms and conditions for skydive Dubai?

The terms and conditions for skydiving in Dubai include:

  • You need to be 12 years old or older to go for this activity and if your age is between 12 to 18 then you are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • The weight limit for skydive in Dubai is 90 for women and 100 for men. 
  • You are required to wear sneakers or comfortable sport shoes to enjoy the activity at its best. This will make the whole experience comfortable and safe for you. 
  • You are required to pay attention to all guidelines below starting the activity. 
  • If you are a pregnant woman, you will not be allowed to go for this activity. 
  • Carrying any sharp objects or flammable items is strictly prohibited.
  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating product will not be allowed to go for the activity. 
  • Do not go scuba diving 24 hours before the activity. 

Is skydive Dubai safe?

Yes, it is safe to skydive in Dubai as it is one of the safest and popular places to skydive in the world. The experienced and expert instructors, top-notch material usage and the other various safety facilities make skydiving in Dubai very safe. You will be accompanied by an instructor unless you are a licensed skydiver.

Is there any guide or trainer to help while diving in the sky?

Yes, there is a guide or trainer to help you while diving in the sky. The instructor dives along with you and makes sure that you do not face any issue or casualties. Also, If you are a licensed skydiver, you can jump by yourself.

Can I wear jeans while skydiving in Dubai?

When you opt for tandem skydiving in Dubai, you are required to dress modestly to respect the local culture. Wearing denim jeans may not be comfortable as you will be attached to tight belts and harnesses which will make the whole getup even tighter for you. This might affect the whole activity by making it uncomfortable for you. In addition to this, you are also required to wear the right-sized shoes to ensure proper grip and comfort. 

How much does it cost to Skydive in Dubai?

A Tandem skydive experience costs approximately AED 2190 - 2200 (INR 50000- 60000). You can easily book this experience on our site. You can also choose a diving experience with a pick-up and drop service to make your day more convenient and hassle-free.

What languages are spoken by the instructors at the skydiving centre in Dubai?

English, Arabic, French, Spanish, German, and Italian are the languages spoken by the instructors at the Skydiving Centre in Dubai. They are fluent in these languages for easy communication with the international visitors. The instructors have all kinds of skills and training to offer the best skydiving experience.

Is there anything I need to bring?

No, you do not have to bring anything. A few things that you can carry if you wish to:

  • Mobile Phone - For pictures and videos
  • Digital Camera - For pictures and videos
  • Selfie Stick - To hold your mobile phone
  • Scarf or Mask - To protect your nose from any air injury
  • Ear Muffs or Ear Plugs - To prevent any ear injuryE

Can I still skydive if it is raining?

As skydiving is a weather sport, there can be any uncertainty. If the weather worsens abruptly, the authorities will keep your slot on standby. If the weather condition does not come back to normal then you will have to reschedule your skydiving slot. The rescheduling date and time are decided by the diver.

If it rains then skydiving is either postponed or canceled (considering the amount of rainfall). In the case of cancellation, you will be refunded all your amount.

If the weather is cloudy, you can skydive among the clouds. Skydiving among the clouds becomes more memorable. Although, if the weather is very cloudy, the authorities will either keep you on hold (as to wait for the clouds to disappear) or will postpone your slot.

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