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River Wonders Tickets highlights

  • Go on an enchanting journey at the River Wonders Singapore, where cascading waterfalls, vibrant flora, and graceful wildlife come together to create a truly mesmerizing experience.

  • Explore 11 distinctive themed zones in the park, featuring different rivers of the world such as the Nile, Yangtze, Mary, Mekong, and others

  • Capture Instagram-worthy moments as you see the nightly light show, where the river transforms into a stunning symphony of colours.

  • Join a guided nature walk, led by experts and learn about the various wildlife conservation projects.

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River Wonders (River Safari)
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River Wonders
80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

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River Wonders Tickets overview

About River Wonders Singapore:

Visit one of the top attractions of Singapore, the River Wonders and uncover over 11,000 amazing land and aquatic animals representing 260 species. Be amazed by the world’s largest freshwater aquarium and get transported into the region of Chang Jiang in China. Embark on an adventure of the amazing Amazon river and experience the wonder of Amazon. Prepare to be awestruck by the harmonious blend of nature and urban marvels in this extraordinary oasis. Book tickets to the River Wonders Singapore and create memories that will last a lifetime.

About River Wonders Tickets :

  • See the captivating beauty of River Wonders Singapore by taking a leisurely boat ride along its meandering waterways.
  • Immerse yourself in the serene surroundings as you stroll along the riverbanks, enjoying the gentle rustle of leaves and the soothing sound of flowing water.
  • Explore various themed zones such as Giant Panda Forest, the Amazon Flooded Forest, and the Squirrel Monkey Forest.
  • Spot swans swimming across the river's surface and colourful fish darting through the crystal-clear waters.
  • Capture stunning photographs of the river's breath-taking views, with picturesque bridges spanning its width and vibrant flora adorning its banks.
  • Join a guided nature walk along the river, led by experts, and learn about the unique ecosystems that thrive within its waters.
  • Marvel at the magnificent spectacle of the river's nightly light show, where vibrant colours illuminate the water and create a dazzling visual feast for the senses.
  • Book the River Wonders Singapore tickets and see more than 11,000 animals from 260 different species.

How to Reach

  • By Car: The activity location is 12.9 km from the city centre, it will take 19 minutes via the Upper Thomson Rd route.
  • By Metro & Bus: Take the train to any of the MRT stations to on the Thomson-East Coast Line. Then hop on a connecting Bus No. 138 that takes you to Mandai Wildlife Reserve.

River Wonders Tickets faqs

What is River Wonders Singapore famous for?

Being Asia’s one and only river-themed wildlife park, River Wonders is a must-visit place to add to your itinerary while visiting Singapore. You can go for river safaris in this park which has more than 11,000 animals and aquatic animals of 260 different species such giant river otters, Indian gharials. Grab your River Wonders Singapore Tickets to discover the largest collection of freshwater animals.

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What are the different zones at River Wonders Singapore ?

  1. Amazon Flooded Forest: This zone features diverse marine life ranging from Giant River Otters to Red-tailed Catfish. A special viewing tunnel lets you observe the wonderful creatures in their natural habitat. You can also witness the animated conversations of the otters with their family members from a sandback on the upper level.
  2. Giant Panda Forest: Fanning out in the area of 1500 sq m, this is the largest Panda exhibit built in Southeast Asia. The state of the art biodome, with temperature and humidity control to ensure maximum comfort for the pandas, can be accessed by grabbing River Wonders Singapore Tickets.
  3. Mary River: The Mary Catchment Area is a hotspot for aquatic biodiversity containing a number of species which are found only at River Wonders. You will be able to meet some of the most bizarre fishes in this exhibit, such as the Australian lungfish which has a unique ability to survive in stagnant water.
  4. Amazonia Encounters: The Amazon is home to more species of plants and animals than any other land ecosystem. It is estimated that a third of the world's species live there. Here, you can come up close to some unique creatures of the Amazonian rainforest.
  5. Congo River: Going beyond 220m in some parts, the Congo River is the world’s deepest river. It rages through violent rapids and makes multiple drops to form magnificent waterfalls. But below its troubled surface lies a hidden world of serene beauty — this exhibit has some of the most colourful fish you’ve seen.
  6. Ganges River: Revered by the Hindus as the holiest river, the Ganges is worshipped as Mother Ganga, the goddess of creation and abundance. Formed by a convergence of Himalayan springs, the Ganges traverses a length of 2,500 kilometres, supporting half a billion people and a host of freshwater fauna. 
  7. Mekong River: Fed by melting snow, the Mekong rises from the Tibetan plateau, journeying through six countries before entering the South China Sea. With an output of 2.5 million tonnes of fish a year, it is the most productive river in the world. Over 4,300km long, it is also the tenth largest river.
  8. Nile River: Springing from East Africa’s Great Lakes and emptying into the Mediterranean Sea, the Nile has been bringing life and wealth into Egypt since the Stone Age. You’ll be transported back to ancient Egypt at this exhibit, which plays host to creatures as spectacular as they’re savage.
  9. River Gems: Although freshwater habitats make up less than one percent of the Earth’s surface area, they support 45% of all fish species. River Gems offers a glimpse of the amazing diversity of plant and animal life that thrive in rivers and along their banks.
  10. Yangtze River: The 6,300-kilometre-long Yangtze, or ‘Chang Jiang’ (meaning ‘long river’ in Chinese), is the longest river in Asia and holds 40 percent of China’s freshwater. Millions of people and a host of unique wildlife, from the ancient sturgeon to the reclusive giant panda, depend on the Yangtze for life.

What are the dining options available at River Wonders Singapore?

  1. Mama Panda Kitchen: Located in the Giant Panda Forest this Panda themed restaurant serves delicious chinese food. Dig in the signature dishes such as Panda Pau, Wok rice and more, with your chopsticks. 
  2. Inuka Cafe: Try the refreshing beverages along with local snacks at this cafe after a fun day of interacting with the pandas. It is located close to the entrance of the Singapore Zoo which is just a few minutes of walking distance away from River Wonders.
  3. Chomel Bistro: With a range of authentic Singaporean favourites such as fried bee hoon, laksa and nasi lemak, Chomel Bistro is one of the best places to dine at in the River Wonders Singapore.
  4. Chawang Bistro: Savour some great mouth watering delicacies such as pasta, hot dogs and soups at this amazing place located near the River Gems.
  5. Ah Meng Restaurant: A perfect dining stop, for casual dining experience with a variety of food to choose from such as chicken rice, biryani, BBQ half spring chicken and more. Also get a chance to try their signature San Lou bee hoon.

What is the best time to visit River Wonders Singapore?

River Safari in Singapore can be best visited from 10 AM to 12 PM and 3 PM to 7 PM as this is the time when the crowd is comparatively low and people can easily take part in activities without standing in long queues.