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  • Few places do big and adventurous as the City of Gold and Dubai honeymoon packages try to incorporate as much of these as possible. Despite the Arabian Desert dominating the landscape, Dubai’s incredible transformation into a city that’s pulsing with life has drawn visitors from far and near. For newlyweds, there’s a whole host of things to do and places to visit so that you truly don’t run out of sights and sounds to explore. Iconic landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa are testament to the awe Dubai instils. Add to that golden beaches bordered by sparkling azure waters and theme parks that will leave you amazed and you have a recipe that promises to thrill. If you and your partner want to start your lives together with a bang, this is the place to do it.

    Glitzy shopping malls and traditional souks that take you back in time sit alongside extreme sports and sightseeing tours of the region’s best historical sites. Gastronomical delights will leave you wanting more and the legendary Arabian hospitality will inspire wonder. If all this sounds like the makings of a perfect honeymoon that’s because it is. Dubai is alive and you have to visit it to know what we’re talking about. It’s an unforgettable adventure and one that every newlywed shouldn’t miss. Along this vein, we’ve put together a list of must-visit places and must-do things during your trip here. They’ll enrich your honeymoon and have you planning another holiday just to experience Dubai all over again!

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  • Best Beaches to Visit on Dubai Honeymoon Tour

    Dubai is a place of sun-kissed beaches. Go for a swim or a paddle, sea surf or Jet Ski or just lie under the sun and relax with your partner, you will never run out of options in this dazzling city. Carry your essentials, like swimsuit, flip-flops and sunglasses for a better experience of the sea, sand and the sun. A day feels beautiful when it is spent on a beach with the companion in life.

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  • 13Black Palace Beach

    Black Palace Beach is called the secret beach for a reason. You will find no resources catering to your humanly need because it’s a wild natural beach that stays a virgin. There are no sunbeds and umbrellas to rent, without any restaurant or Kida activities; this beach is just a long sandy beach with crystal clear water, offering the best magic hues of the sunset and sunrise in isolation. One must add this beach in their itineraries of Dubai honeymoon package. 

    Distance from Dubai Airport: It is located at a distance of 29 to 30 km from airport.

    Distance From Nearest Metro: It is better to hire a cab for Black Palace Beach and avoid changing from metro to bus. The ideal metro route to reach this golden span of sand is by taking the metro from the Airport terminal 1 on the Red line and get off at the Dubai Internet City Metro.

    Amenities: Sprawled opposite to The Palms, this beach also possesses a sublime view of Burj Al Arab and it has free parking option, escape the city noise on this wild natural beach with an ethereal sunrise and a surreal sunset.

    Location: Al Sufouh Street, this wide sheltered beach is sandwiched between the Palm Jumeirah and the Madinat Jumeirah.

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  • 14Sunset Beach

    Image Credit :

    Sunset Beach, also called Umm Suqeim Beach and Jumeirah Public Beach, is a gem not just because there’s ample space to take in a morning job and relax by the water but because it’s quiet, not too crowded and best of all, open to the public. Beginner and amateur surfers can also hone their skills here as the waves aren’t very huge but challenging enough to test you.

    Situated north of the famous Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Sunset Beach also provides unobstructed views of the Burj Al Arab. It features facilities beach lovers would need such as showers and changing cubicles. You also get Wi-Fi to show off your Insta-worthy selfies. And if that’s not enough, there’s a floodlit section where nighttime swimmers can take a dip. Dubai package for couple should must include this place in their itineraries.

    Location: Behind Sunset Mall, Jumeirah

  • 15Al Mamzar Beach

    Al Mamzar Beach has everything you could possibly need to make for an amazing experience. It’s very well-maintained – great for photo ops! - with a host of facilities. There are 4 public beaches and like Sunset Beach, night swimming will soon be possible.

    What sets Al Mamzar Beach apart is its beauty with manicured lawns and hundreds of palm trees creating an idyllic spot you’ll want to spend hours at. It also has food kiosks, swimming pools and water sports like jet skiing. This is the place you’d want to come to if you’re in the mood for a picnic or want to lounge in the sun. If that’s not enough, you can rent air-conditioned chalets that have showers and BBQ facilities. Small chalets can house 8 people while the large ones can fit 12 comfortably. One must add this beach in their itineraries of Dubai honeymoon package. 

    Location: Deira, behind Al Shabab Club, Mamzar Beach Road, Dubai

    Price: AED 5/ USD 1.5 per person

    Timings: 8am to 10pm (Sun–Wed), 8am to 11pm (Thu-Sat, public holidays, Ramadan) Mondays and Wednesdays are reserved for women and children including boys below 4 years.

  • 16Burj Beach

    Image Credit :

    Not everyone may be able to afford a stay at the opulent Burj Al Arab and access its private beach but head a little aways and you’ll come upon a public beach with great views of the hotel. Popular among locals and tourists alike, there’s quite a lot to do here aside from soaking in the sun. 

    Beach football and volleyball are among the top activities while those who prefer the water can go jet skiing, swimming and boating for even more splendid views of the world’s third tallest hotel. One must add this beach in their itineraries of Dubai honeymoon package. 

    If you want to indulge yourself, you can head to the Burj Al Arab for a meal and see how the other half lives!

    Location: Near Burj Al Arab, Umm Suqeim, Dubai

  • 17Dubai's Real Playground - Kite Beach

    Image Credit :

    Your itchy feet and the jittery heart needs a beach that is pristine, vibrant and offers in abundance.  Kite Beach is the highlight in many Dubai honeymoon Packages, with innumerable activities such as Beach Volleyball and Football; it's a paradise for the sea surfers. 

    Walking on the long stretches of this placid beach with your spouse is an adventure that only the newlyweds will relish. Love is in the air, water, and the sky on evenings of a dimmed sunset and the mornings that are brightened with a vivacious sunrise.

    Distance from Dubai Airport: 25 Km (approx.)

    Distance From Nearest Metro: Get off at Noor Bank Stop and walk to the beach.

    Amenities: Kite Surfing, Beach Tennis, Beach Volleyball and Kayaking, availability of showers and toilets.

    Location: Situated at Umm Suqeim, just off Jumeirah Beach Road, near Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

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  • 18Hidden Beach, Dubai

    This beach wears a silence that is unheard by the tourists, only the people with the zeal to explore the unknown will get to it.

    Dubai package for couple would mostly not include such locations in your sojourn; hence, you are on your own to celebrate your solitude with the love of your life. Every beach has its own charm and this beach is recognized as the end of a long stretch.

    Distance from Airport: This beach is next to JBR Sheraton and is 35 km away from the Dubai International Airport.

    Distance from Nearest Metro: From Airport Terminal 3, one can also take the metro on the Red Line to the Jumeirah Lake Towers metro station and then either hire a cab or walk for another 1.6 Km.

    Amenities: Like other famous beaches of Dubai, the Hidden Beach is still not developed with uber-cool facilities, but is a beach where you can celebrate the serendipity with your partner. Do not forget to carry the beach essentials.

    Location: It is settled on the left side of the Sheraton JBR.

  • 19White Sands Of JBR Beach

    Hemmed in by a crystal clear coastline of Arabian Gulf, Jumeirah Beach has a tempting shoreline with white sand and a gorgeous view. There are a plenty of sports to satiate your adventurous heart and a lot of sunlight to bask on the beach. People often fall in love with the delectable food options available in the eateries along the walk, serving a multitude of cuisines like Chinese, Italian, Lebanese and Indian.

    Distance from Dubai Airport: It is approximately 26 KM, and if you take a Metro ride then expected arrival time will be around one hour and ten minutes, but if you hire a taxi, you will arrive at your destination in around 45 minutes (approx.).

    Distance from nearest Metro: Walk after getting off at Jumeirah Lake towers metro station towards Amwaj Rotana Hotel in the northeast direction, the beach in Dubai is just a stone throw away from there.

    Amenities: The beach is full of activities like Beach Volleyball, Parasailing, Banana Boating, Wake Boarding, Showers, rubberized track for running and beach volleyball with a number of eateries along the way.

    Location: Dubai Marina.

  • 20Bungee Jumping

    Bungee Jumping

    Dubai doesn’t have many bungee jumping facilities but there’s one that promises to give you the ultimate thrill. Gravity Zone is the city’s answer to adrenaline junkies seeking some bungee excitement. 

    You’ll be taken 50 meters high with a crane after which you can take the plunge. At that height, you also have panoramic views of the city and can take a minute to enjoy the vista and capture memories. If jumping alone is too much for you, you can opt for tandem jumping.

    Gravity Zone is the first permanent bungee spot in Dubai. Safety is taken seriously and measures are in place to ensure everything operates like clockwork.

    Location: Power Play Football Center, Meydan Road, Dubai

    Price: AED 350 – 500/ USD 90 - 130

    Timings: 11am to 5pm

    Tandem Bungee Jumping in Dubai

    Tandem Bungee Jumping in Dubai

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  • 21Hot Air Balloon Dubai

    Imagine ballooning up with your spouse in the middle of a desert and watching the splendid orange streaks on the parabolic dunes. This is your time to inspire a little envy on your social media galleries with gorgeous sunset pictures taken by your partner in love. 

    With almost 20 to 22 people accompanying you onboard, you soar across the rugged and rolling yellow dunes and comfortably watch the magic from above the ground for a good one hour time.

    Best time to do: Just like every other sport, the Hot Air Balloon can also be experienced in any season but make sure that you are ready for the hot summers where the temperature rises quite high and winters are pleasantly serene.

    Cost: Approximately 1000 AED per person.

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    Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dubai

    Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dubai

    NNNNN280 Ratings

    h4 HourslDubai

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  • Things to Do on a Dubai Honeymoon Tour

    Dubai is a world-famous spot for extremely electrifying adventure experiences and if you are on your honeymoon then buy from a range of couple honeymoon packages that actually delivers all the possible sports or else take out some extra from your pocket to fuel your adrenaline but do not miss out on these.

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  • 22IMG Worlds Of Adventure

    IMG Worlds Of Adventure
    The world’s biggest theme park is packed with mind-blowing rides and attractions. Imagine turning into the tough Ironman or putting the Power Puff girls on replay, because IMG worlds of adventure is all about your favorite marvels and cartoon characters, nostalgia hits when you enter this space. This place is a "Must visit", add this to your Dubai honeymoon package.

    Cost: Enter the park by paying an amount of 225 AED and then you will be charged according to your height. If you are above 1.2m in height then the cost is AED150. If you are less than 1.2m in height, then pay just AED100.

    Opening time: From Sunday to Wednesday, the park opens at 11 AM and closes at 10PM and from Thursday to Saturday, the running hour starts from 11AM to 11PM.

    Location: E311, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, City of Arabia? Dubai Land.
    Trip to I M G Worlds of Adventure

    Trip to I M G Worlds of Adventure

    NNNNN478 Ratings

    h8 HourslDubai

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  • 23Wild Wadi Water Park

    Wild Wadi Water Park

    Scream your lung out on the water splashing slides of this middle eastern wonder. With almost 30 rides and a fake thunder storm, this water park is the most visited water park in Dubai. 

    You can look for Dubai package for couple which include tours that combine its visit with other spots. The interesting fact about this water park is that you are charged according to your height. This park should be on your bucket list.

     Cost: 235 AED per person (approx.)

    Opening Time: Start sliding from 10 AM in the morning and finish your tingling joy before 11:59 PM.

    Location: Jumeirah Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

    Wild Wadi Water Park Tour, Dubai

    Wild Wadi Water Park Tour, Dubai

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    h8 HourslDubai

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  • 24Summer Desert Safaris

    Summer Desert Safaris

    The only roller coaster ride that is done sitting in a 4x4. Your venturesome heart might skip a beat while bashing the sand dunes in the desert. Set off for a jumpy ride in the massive expanse of this magnificent desert. Dubai honeymoon packages prices may vary from company to company but almost all the packages which include a Desert Safari provides a pickup and drop off service, Dune Bashing, Falcon holding, Tanoura Dance Show, Belly Dancing Show, and Barbecue dinner with Hookah tasting. 

    Best time to do: Dubai is a hotspot for Desert Safari all around the year.

    Tread on a morning safari that starts from 8am to 12pm and entertains you with some adrenaline intoxicating activities for 4 hours. The Night Safari runs for 6hrs and generally starts from 3 or 3.30 PM till 9.30 to 10 PM.If you are not a morning person then the evening safari may please you as it is suggestively more authentic because of the evening hues, however, both are magical.

    Cost: 150- 300 DH per person, approx.

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    Dubai Desert Safari

    Dubai Desert Safari

    NNNNN3016 Ratings

    h6 HourslDubai


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  • 25Scuba Diving Dubai

    Scuba Diving Dubai

    The coral life in the crystal clear visibility of the Persian Gulf is what most people seek in a Dubai honeymoon package. Making sure that you get enough information about the different dive shops in Dubai, below is the list to make your swimming trouble-free.

    Cost: From advanced level to beginner level, the prices may range from 150 to 200 AED (approx.)

    Scuba Diving in Dubai

    Scuba Diving in Dubai

    NNNNN406 Ratings

    h2 HourslDubai

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  • 26Ferrari World

    Image Credit :

    Ferrari World may be located in Abu Dhabi but you can’t afford to skip a visit on your Dubai honeymoon. Why? Because it’s an amusement park unlike any other. The Ferrari-branded park is the first in the world and is also the biggest space-frame structure created. It also boasts the fastest roller coaster, Formula Rossa.

    There’s a long list of attractions in Ferrari World not the least of which is driving a Ferrari, a favorite for many visitors. You can try a flight simulator, tour the Ferrari factory and miniature Italy and go on a 4D ride too. 

    Go-karting is available as well as children’s rides and films. Ferrari World has some of the best attractions and even seasoned theme park goers won’t be left disappointed. Take time to head to Abu Dhabi and you’ll see just what we mean!

  • 27Fly Above Clouds - Skydive Dubai

    Image Credit :

    Swimming in the air with your partner is obviously an offbeat sport and not everyone has the heart to dive in the open. But this worth-taking plunge gives you some magnificent views of the city-state, the miniature of buildings that are tallest in the world and the hawk eye view of the sea is not something to miss out. 

    A 13000 ft. leap into the air from a helicopter in the supervision of some best guides gives you some unreal views of the wonderful Dubai. Try this incredible escapade with your partner. This place is a "Must visit", add this to your Dubai honeymoon package.

    Best time to do: The four minutes of utter disbelief that you have actually done it can also be achieved at a discounted price, all you have to do is to book a winter fall and keep checking online for ongoing offers. Dubai is a destination that sells hot throughout the year, so it is possible to take that heart-throbbing leap at any time of the year.

    Cost: 2000 AED per person, Approx.
  • 28Kitesurfing In Dubai

    Ride along the coast with waves and wind. There is an incredible thrill in floating over the ocean and jumping up in the air. People who do it once often fall into an addiction of committing this speedy adventure again. 

    The weather in Dubai and the water in the sea, both are perfect for engaging into such extreme sport.Kitesurfing In Dubai is a Must-do activity for couples.

    Cost: For a group session, you pay around 550 AED and for a one on one experience, the approximate cost is 700 AED, for a time duration of 2 hours.
  • 29Burj Khalifa

    Burj Khalifa
    Image Credit : BAWS.AE

    The magnificent Burj Khalifa holds the title of being the tallest man-made structure on the planet. Standing at an imposing 2,722 feet, it’s one of Dubai’s main attractions and a must-visit even if you’re here for just a few days. 

    The award-winning structure features many attractions such as The Dubai Fountain that’s illuminated by over 6,000 lights and the Burj Khalifa Park. But perhaps the biggest USP for tourists is the observation deck called At the Top that provides a sweeping view of Dubai. If you’re visiting during low tide you can even see a bit of Iran!

    Burj Khalifa draws numerous tourists every day and if you want to beat the rush, purchase tickets in advance. Entrance is free for children below 4 years.

    Location: 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai

    Price: AED 120 – 500/ USD 30 - 130

    Timings: 8.30am to 7 pm. Timings are subject to change.

    Burj Khalifa Tickets

    Burj Khalifa Tickets

    NNNNN2900 Ratings

    h1 HourlDubai


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  • 30Aquaventure Waterpark

    Dubai takes everything to the next level, Aquaventure is one such landmark of this opulent city-state. This is a place that gives you chills even without an air-conditioned setup, with rides that are heart-stopping. 

    Even if the Dubai honeymoon package do not include this activity in the itinerary, then you shouldn’t hesitate to spend some extra money to engage yourself and your partner in these amazing rides.

    There are adrenaline-fuelled rides and water slides that push you through shark filled lagoons and ignite the thrill in your bones.

    Cost: 250 AED per person (approx.)

    Opening time: Aquaventure opens at 10 am in the morning and closes at 6 PM in the evening, from every Sunday to Saturday.

    Location: Atlantis, The Palm, located on the Crescent Road in Dubai.
  • 31Get A Sea Ride - Dubai Jet Ski

    This sport is a speed thrill that breaks through the waves and luckily, there is a room for two on a jet ski. So, this a mandate sport which needs your indulgence with the love of your life.  Even if the Honeymoon packages for Dubai do not include this activity in the itinerary, then you shouldn’t hesitate to spend some extra money on engaging in this speedy ride because it is an experience of a lifetime.

    Cost: A 700 cc Jet Ski ride for one hour costs 140 AED to 200 AED (Approx.)

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  • 32Flyboarding In Dubai

    If you are bitten by an adventure bug then fly boarding should be on your card. Test your balancing skills by staying in the air with the help of two pipes linked to a jet ski turbine that pushes you up in the open. 

    Embarking on a Flyboard excursion is an extreme water sport and you both should definitely try it. The couple Dubai packages is likely to not include such sports in their itinerary plan so you may have to spend some extras.

    Cost: 300 AED (INR 5,500 approx.)

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  • 33Sandboarding Dubai

    Slide down the mustard dunes balancing on a board, a guided sand surfing experience with your partner may give you some ageless pictures to decorate your photo-albums.  Place your feet on a sand board and steer through the most mesmerizing dunes of Dubai.

     Cost: Get bashed by the sand dunes and sped down the parabolic hills in around 224 AED (approx.)

    Best time to do: Bite the dust in any season, but summers are quite hot in Dubai so winters are more suitable for a pleasant experience.
  • Shopping Places to Visit on a Dubai Honeymoon Tour

    Dubai is all about the huge sparkling malls and innumerable global brands that lure you with glamorous outfits and glittering accessories. The honeymooners should know that there is more to enjoy in these malls than just shopping. 

  • 34The Dubai Mall

    The Dubai Mall boasts of being the world’s largest shopping and entertainment space. A shopping enthusiast will always find solace watching all the high-end fashion brands dwelling under one roof. Encounter the marine life in its immeasurable underwater zoo and the aquarium. 

    It offers a chance to see the water dancing in the Dubai Fountain. This has the largest collection of the Sand Tiger Shark and caves the coastal life beautifully in its enormous Aquarium tank that dwells on the ground level of the mall. 

    Distance From Nearest Metro: There is a glass tunnel travelator link between The Burj Khalifa/ The Dubai Mall metro station and the Dubai mall, bestowing beautiful vistas of the downtown. So, one can either takes feeder buses service to reach the mall or walk.

    Opening Time: It opens at 10 AM to 11 PM on every Sunday to Wednesday, and at 10 AM - 12 AM, on Thursday to Saturday.

    Amenities: Shop from the luxury brands from all over the world, witness the grand ice skating rink, a 10-million litre underground aquarium tank, and a full-fledged underwater zoo.

    Location: Financial Centre Road, Downtown, Dubai.

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  • 35Mall Of The Emirates

    Spend a day of leisure in the world’s first shopping resort, with almost 560 international brands and unlimited entertainment, this mall is the jewel of Dubai. Spend a day with the real penguins in the Ski Dubai. It has a floor space of 2.4 million square that makes strolling through each and every store, a tough task. 

    Distance From Nearest Metro: Mall of the Emirates Metro Station on the red line, directly drops you to the Mall vicinity.

    Opening Time: Opens from 10 AM till 11 PM on Sunday to Wednesday and from 10 AM till 12 AM on Thursday to Saturday.

    Amenities: Shopping, Dining, Entertainment, Skiing, Vox Cinema.

    Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.
  • 36Wafi Mall

    Not only it has a volume of a collection of some of the world famous brands, but the outer engineering will leave you awestruck for a moment when you see the framework that stands on the Egyptian theme, shaping it like a pyramid. This small houses antiques and items with a decent selection of restaurants and shops, it is home to more than 350 stores and free parking is available for over 1,000 vehicles.

    Distance From Nearest Metro: Dubai Healthcare city metro station on the green line, passengers traveling on the red line can change at the Burjuman Metro Station.

    Opening time: Opened seven days a week from 10 AM - 11 PM on Sunday to Wednesday, and 10 AM - 12 AM on Thursday to Saturday.

    Amenities: Shopping, Dining, Currency Exchange, Bank, Prayer rooms, ATMs, Shops, Restaurants, event lawns and free parking.

    Location: Off Sheikh Rashid Road in the Umm Hurair district of Wafi City in Dubai.

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  • 37Burjuman

    One of the oldest malls in Dubai, it has a variety of cuisines offered by a number of eateries, a cozy ambiance and a good collection of global brands to shop for. It is situated in the residential area of Bur Dubai which is also a center point that interconnects the Red and the Green Metro line. 

    This mall is not as huge as the mall of the Emirates or The Dubai mall but has something for everyone and will definitely save your feet from getting lost in the other giant malls. Burjuman is the paradise to the fashion lovers for a high-end shopping.

    Distance From Nearest Metro: Burjuman Metro Station on the Green line.

    Opening Time: Opens from 10 AM till 10 PM Saturday to Wednesday, and from 10 am till 11 pm on Thursday and Friday.

    Other Amenities: Information Service counter on both the levels (1 and 2), currency exchange outlets, ATMs, Luggage storage through concierge desk, faxing, photocopying, printing, car-cleaning, gift wrapping facilities and prayer rooms.

    Location: The mall is situated in Bur Dubai at the junction of Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road and Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road.
  • Restaurants to Visit on a Dubai Honeymoon Tour

    Dubai is all about the huge sparkling malls and innumerable global brands that lure you with glamorous outfits and glittering accessories. The honeymooners should know that there is more to enjoy in these malls than just shopping. 

  • 38Dinner Cruise

    Dinner Cruise
    Image Credit :

    Is there a more romantic way to spend your honeymoon than on a cruise? We don’t think so. A dinner cruise that takes in the sights of Dubai is the perfect way to set the mood. This is a must in Dubai honeymoon packages, to let you and your partner feel the romantic ambience in the sparkling waters of Dubai.

    There are numerous cruises you can book, some that include dance floors, live music, private cabins, Arabian cuisine and BBQ. For a more Arabesque feel, try a dhow cruise, which is a traditional sailing vessel. 

    One of the top dinner cruise boats is Bateaux Dubai, a glass-roofed vessel that houses 200 people and serves international cuisine. Dhow Cruise Dubai is another, this one set on a dhow complete with a tanura dance show.

    Location: Dubai Creek/Dubai Marina

    Price: AED 100 – 300/ USD 30 - 80

    Dinner on a Dhow Cruise in Dubai

    Dinner on a Dhow Cruise in Dubai

    NNNNN430 Ratings

    h3 HourslDubai

    Starting from


  • 39Most Romantic Restaurant - Traiteur, at the Park Hyatt Dubai

    This restaurant located in the Park Hyatt Hotel is the ultimate place for gastronauts. The staff is well-versed with all the food listed in the menu, knowledgeable enough to help you out with your order. It mainly serves French cuisine and is ideal for a romantic dinner night. Traiteur is one of the five restaurants in the hotel that offers a long-awaited feast to your eyes and stomach.

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    Cost: AED 500 for two people (approx.)

    Cuisine: French.

    What to try: Plate of cheese by Mons, Scallops, Foie Gras.

    Opening hours:  At your service from 7 pm to 11 pm, Sunday closed.

    Location: Lower Lobby Level, Park Hyatt Dubai, Next to Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, Garhoud, Dubai.
  • 40Special Celebratory Meal - La Petite Maison

    This place is a busy house because of its quality food and matchless atmosphere. People are mostly a fan of their cheese items and the cheerful staff. It is one of the recommendations you will hear from people who have once visited the restaurant. Start your exquisite dining with some crunchy French toast and end it with the luscious cheesecake.

    Cost: 650 AED for two people (approx.)

    Cuisine: French and Mediterranean.

    What to try: Carpaccio, Fish, Snails, Rib Eye Steak, Vanilla Creme Brulee, Chocolate Mousse, Lamb Chops, cheese cake.

    Opening hours: Serves food all the seven days of a week from 12 Noon to 3:30 PM, 7 PM to 11:30 PM.

    Location: Gate Village 8, DIFC, Dubai.

  • 41Best Desserts In Dubai - Sreeraj Lassi

    Celebrate your love with some sweet chills. This small joint is reasonable and simple in its outlook and serves a variety of lassis, milkshakes, ice creams and faluda. This is one stop where you can satisfy your sweet tooth in abundance because you get much more than what you pay for. It has been said about this joint that whatever you eat here, you take the taste home and the craving brings you here for another visit.

    Find out more about cafes in Dubai, Click Here:- Best Cafes In Dubai

    Cost: 40 AED for 2 people (approx.)

    Cuisine: Solely desserts and beverages.

    What to try: Mango Lassi, Matka Kulfi, Kesaria Lassi, Faluda.

    Opening hour: 9 am to 12 midnight.

    Location: Near Astoria Hotel, Meena Bazaar, Dubai.
  • 42Amazing Seaside Restaurant - Pierchic

    For your romantic rendezvous, this place tops all the restaurants in Dubai. Your fairytale love story needs a fancy place to celebrate the journey and with a spectacular backdrop of Burj Al Arab, this place will tempt all your senses with outstanding services, lovely backdrop, neatly prepared food, and the soothing light music.

    Cost: 600 AED for two people (approx.)

    Cuisine: Seafood, Mediterranean, Gluten Free Options, European, Vegetarian-Friendly.

    What to try: Sea Food, Seafood Risotto, Scallops, Chilean Sea Bass, Mashed Potato, Creme Brûlée.

    Opening hour: This place welcomes you throughout the week from 12 noon to 4 PM, and 6:30 PM to 11PM. Happy hours start from 4PM to 8PM.

    Location: Al Qasr Hotel, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai.
  • 43Encircled By Dancing Fountains - Thiptara

    Brace yourself for the most romantic night at Thiptara, dining some heavenly food and watching the fountain dancing on a soothing melody is a night to reminisce. If you and your partner have an absolute love for spicy food and a desire for an amazing view while having some candid moments together, you are in for a treat at Thiptara. Get that extra kick of heat in your food and fall in love with your spouse, all over again.

    Around 700 AED for two people (approx.)

    Cuisine: Asian, Thai, and Sea food.

    What to try: Tom Yum Soup, Pad Thai, Sangria, Sea Food, Crab Cake, Thai Green Curry and end your delectable food trip with the famous Cheesecake.

    Opening Hours: Serves food on all the seven days of a week from 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM.

    Location: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown.

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  • Best Spas to Visit on a Dubai Honeymoon Tour

    Your grand wedding must have left you all exhausted and drained out. Going for an aromatic massage treatment or a scrub will help you to restore your energy.
  • 44Talise Spa

    This spa is not only a treat to your body but to your eyes as well. The set-up is so tranquil and natural that entering into this spa is enough to revive. 

    People boast about the friendly and cheerful staff, the calming atmosphere and the reasonable prices after visiting Talise Spa once. So, get ready for an absolute solace in the world of absolute rejuvenation. One must include this amazing place in their Dubai packages. 

    Facilities: Variety of massages, body experiences, facials and signature treatments, separate male and female changing areas, sauna and steam rooms, couple’s relaxation areas, private secluded pool and yoga classes and infra- red sauna.

    Location: It is located in the Madinat Jumeirah surrounded by the tranquility of the tropical landscapes.

    Opening Hours: It opens at 9 AM in the morning to ends the day by 10 PM at night.

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  • 45Timeless Spa

    As this spa is located on the airport road, it’s the perfect place to start your Dubai honeymoon trip by taking some ultra-refreshing services to melt away the jet lag. This serendipitous encounter is a great start to your Dubai honeymoon trip.

    Facilities: Gifted therapists, healing practices drawn from different cultures of the world. Reflex therapy – legs and feet, Indian head massage, thai body stretch and hand massage, de-stress back massage, signature beauty treatments, massage therapies and hairstyling services.

    Location: Terminal 3 Airport Road: Dubai.

    Opening hours: This beauty stop is open 24 hours on all the seven days in a week.

    Listed are 22 things that enable couples to enjoy exotic experiences:- Romantic Things To Do In Dubai 
  • 46Rixos Royal Spa

    In Rixos, professionals from around the world are happy to serve you with some miraculous massages in an exquisite setup of The Palm.

    Opening Hours: Starts the day at 9 am to and ends by 11 pm.

    Facilities: Turkish bath, Locker rooms, Care suites for couples, SPA relaxation area, Steam room and Beauty salon.

    Location: The Palm Jumeirah East, Crescent Road, Dubai.

  • 47Raffles Spa

    Inspired by Asian, Middle Eastern and European traditions, this spa features a basket of treatments that rejuvenate your body mind and soul. Having such therapies on your Honeymoon package for Dubai is a good start to bring harmony in your companionship because a calm mind and a stress-free body takes pleasure in all the doings.

    Facilities: There are seven treatment rooms with a wide range of treatments that includes the famous Egyptian Gold treatment and the 24-carat gold facial treatment. Availability of men’s and women’s hair salons and separate male and female saunas makes it more comforting. The steam rooms and hot tubs are the best refuges to lose the entire load from your body, mind, and soul.

    Opening Hours: It opens at 9 AM in the morning and closes by 9 PM at night.

    Location: Sheikh Rashid road, it is a part of the Raffles hotel.

Boating in Dubai

Sailing in Dubai

Scuba diving in Dubai

Desert safari in Dubai

Water rides in Dubai

Hot air balloon rides in Dubai



Burj Khalifa

The tallest building in the world with a height of 828 meters, Burj Khalifa in Dubai used to be known as Burj Dubai. 162 rooms and an antenna in the top of the building have given the whole tower world’s attraction from the moment it came into existence in 2008. The construction of the tower was started in 2004 and it was opened to the public in 2010 as a part of the new development of the Government called Downtown Dubai. Burj Khalifa was considered to be the masterpiece of the popular large scale, mixed-use development. It was built and named in honour of the ruler of Abu Dhabi, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The design of the building came into the artistic mind and famous designer Adrian Smith, then working for Skidmore, Owings and Merrill.

Highlights: This tallest skyscraper has 162 rooms and has the world’s tallest elevator spans up to 140 levels. The highest occupied floor in the building is 153rd floor where parties and events are occurred frequently and it has a private terrace as well. Experts believe that Burj Khalifa is the perfect blend of different aesthetic senses from different cultures around the globe. The spider lily, a widely cultivated flower in Dubai is said to be the influence for the architectural design of the building. At 555 meters, the SKY or the highest outdoor observatory space exists spreads across the levels of 148 and 125 of the building. The recent attraction is the spiral flight which has 36 steps in white oak and has a length of 100 meters. It is made beautiful with the crystal LED Chandelier.

Location: It is located at 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai, UAE. From Dubai main city, it is just 1.7 km away.

Price: Prices vary according to timings and age but approximate pricing ranges from 125 AED to 500 AED.

Timings: Opens daily from 9 AM to 11 PM.


Desert Safari

When we talk about desert safari the first place that strikes your mind is Dubai. Dubai has always been a favorite destination when it comes to desert adventure. One such favoured activity is the Desert safari in Dubai  Enjoy riding through the desert while enjoy riding through the desert while soaking in the scenic views.

The timings of your tour depend on the packages which you are choosing from. Halt to watch the lovely dusk before reaching your destination where you have the chance to enjoy a camel ride, sand boarding and experiment with henna close by or feet. Appreciate the beauty of the whole region.  While in Dubai you can find of number of tour operators which provides you with the best desert safari. There are also night safari, evening safari and day safari in Dubai. 

Price: The approximate price for this activity starts from AED 200.

Dubai Creek

A lot of you might be searching for that perfect lucury while you are travelling to Dubai. Well then you have the famous Dubai Creek which is the perfect place for you.  Dubai Creek is a saltwater creek which is a part of the new Dubai canal it extends through to the Persian Gulf.  Dubai Creek is one the emirate's most beautiful areas that especially stand out for its conventional atmosphere and appeal. 

Regardless of the record-breaking points of interest involving tall structures and excitement settings that dab over the city, this normal seawater brook remains as the genuine personality of Dubai and is a living representation of the nation's long-standing convention. Going through the heart of the city, the river isolates Dubai into two noteworthy regions: Bur Dubai and Deira. A retro vibe is obvious in each alcove and corner of the rivulet and its encompassing territories.

Highlights: Old-style structures that reflect rich Arabian accommodation, conventional style wooden dhows, and clamoring souks – all make Dubai Creek very extraordinary. With the warm and shallow water one can find a variety of rich marine life here.  Take a stroll through the amazing beauty of the region and enjoy the mixture of old and modernity while you visit this place.

Location: The Dubai creek is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Wild Wadi Waterpark

Jumeirah International, a great group of hoteliers is the guardians of Wild Wadi Waterpark, located in Jumeriah, Dubai near to Burj Al Arab. This is a famous outdoor water park with a heated or cooled wave pool, two artificial surfing machines, and numerous water slides and earlier it used to have the largest water slide apart from North America but it was removed in order to give space to two other major rides. The featured attraction of the park is a relishing waterfall of 18 meters and it goes off every ten minutes. To keep people entertained the park has established two gift shops, restaurants, snack stands etc.

Highlights: There are 30 fun filled rides made equally suitable for any type of person. Built on the theme of the tale of Juha, a person from the Arabian folklore, Wild Wadi Water Park surprises kids as well as adults. The amazing rides include white water wadi, wadi lookout, Falaj Fury, Jebel Lookout, Flood River Flyer, Tumble Falls, Falcon Fury, Tunnel of Doom, Thunder Rapids, and Rushing Rapids and so on. The two new exciting rides are Tantrum Alley and Burj Surj that replaced some old rides and these two rides are one-of-a-kind rides very new to the region. The separate changing rooms for men and women with lockers are an additional advantage the park has.

Timings: The park will be open on all days from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm. There is a separate Wadi for women that will be open on Thursdays from 08:00 pm to 12:00 midnight.

Location: Jumeriah, Dubai, UAE. The park is located at a distance of 15.7 km from Dubai.


Dubai Dolphinarium

There may not be any other zoo or aquarium where people are freely interacting with dolphins and seals than at Dubai Dolphinarium. An exclusive living space for the gentle, human friendly animals of the sea, dolphins and seals are protected and preserved properly at Dubai Dolphinarium and now it has received wide accolades and recognition. Located in the creek side park at Bur Dubai, the dolphinarium is a very special spot for children as well since they find these species of water very adorable and cute. The aquarium is supported by Dubai Municipality since it came into existence in 2008. There entertainment programs and shows at regular times here so that people would love to spend much time with their families and kids. The dolphinarium was built with an aim to motivate the young generation to protect marine life and its habitat intact.

Highlights: The activities of bottlenose dolphins and seals leave everyone at pure laughter and joy and there are separate fun activities like acrobatics, singing, dancing, playing balls etc done by these charming animals. There are different pools for the dolphins and also a private habitat with sea water connected to these pools. A medical pool and seal pool constructed in addition to the existing pools make their lives better and safe. Here, one can spot Senya, Ksyusha, Tetka, Jerry and Fekla which are the bottlenose dolphins and four seals named Ghosha, Fila, Lusha and Max. Kids’ Summer Camp, Dubai Summer Surprises are some of the major events arranged here to grab the public attention on a large scale.

Timing: The dolphinarium is open on all days from 10:00 to 07:30 pm except on Sundays.

Entry fee: Different types of entry fees are there depending on your selection. To swim with dolphins costs one price while for watching the show costs different price.

Shallow water- Swimming with Dolphins: 450 AED

Deep Water- Swimming with Dolphins- 600 AED

Location: Riyadh Street, Inside the Creek Park Gate No.1, Umm Hurair 2, Dubai. It is about 11 kms from Dubai main city via Abu Dhabi- Ghweifat International Highway or Sheikh Zayed Road.


Ferrari World

This time remain awestruck while you visit one of the most wonderful Ferrari world in Dubai and be ready to try the ultimate loop. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is the ultimate mecca situated on Yas Island. It is the primary Ferrari-marked amusement park and has the record for the biggest space outline structure at any point assembled. 

The recreation center additionally holds the Formula Rossa, the world's speediest crazy ride. The recreation center and it formally opened to general society on 4 November 2010. It covers a range of 86,000 square meters and was granted as the "Center East's Leading Tourist Attraction" in the year 2015. There are distinctive rides in the recreation center and every one of the rides is intended to excite. Regardless of whether you long for the extraordinary G-compel of world-class rollercoaster’s, need to run kart race with your family or test the best lap times in a best in class test system – we have a great time for everybody.

 Location: Ferrari World is located at Yas Island - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates.

Different Rides: Formula Rossa, Fiorano GT Challenge, Scuderia Challenge, Carousel, G-Force 

Timings: The Ferrari World remain open from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

A vivid part of Dubai Aquarium, the Underwater Zoo is a stunning picturisation of the sturdy underwater world, but more creative and unbelievable than the original. Kids as well as adults come in large numbers to visit the zoo which has unusual reptiles and sea animals floating freely in the clean, clear water and they are the amusing creatures to be found alive only in the secret chambers of the sea. Since the zoo is existing inside the popular Dubai Mall, the tourists who come to visit Dubai would never miss to watch the impeccable zoo. There are surplus of things to make your kids entertained but this atypical underwater zoo would definitely leave them speechless.

Highlights: The latest charm or highlight of the zoo is the giant crocodile which is fondly called as the King Croc, weighing a whopping 750 kilograms and with a length of 5 meters, the giant creature is the eye catcher at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. But without giving the ears to puffery, this mammoth creature surprises the visitors every day with its adorable features. It is one of the biggest animal in the world currently and expected to grow more in next 50 years. Sounds like a fantasy? No, it is absolutely a fact that, this animal is a wonder for many and you will believe it does exist only after you see it.

Timing: The zoo will be open from 10:00 to 11:00 pm on all days from Sunday to Wednesday and from 10:00 am to 12:00 midnight on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and the timings are subject to change.

Entry fee: For researcher experience: AED 100 is the ticket charge in which you get new meet and greet area, aquarium tunnel, underwater zoo, behind the scenes tour and underwater observatory. For explorer experience, you have to pay AED 120 as the ticket charge in which you will get new meet and greet area, aquarium tunnel, underwater zoo, submersible simulator, big screen theatre and aquarium glass bottom boat ride. There are other different types of tickets available like Otter Encounter, Ray Encounter, King Croc Encounter, VIP Line Buster Experiences, and Membership Program etc at different ticket charges.

Location: The aquarium is located within the Dubai Mall. The address is Dubai Mall, Doha off 1st Interchange, Sheikh Zayed Street Road, Dubai, UAE. From Dubai city, you have to walk for 6 minutes to reach the Mall.


Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city, a district as well in Dubai situated along the two mile stretch of Persian Gulf shoreline that glitters all the time. Experts insist that once the complete construction of the district is over, it will be able to accommodate an en masse, around 1, 20000 people in residential towers and villas. 

The area is quite important in Dubai that accommodates Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City and the American University in Dubai. The blind folded inspiration to Dubai Marina is the Concord Pacific Place along the False Creek in Vancouver, Canada. The close proximity with the sea opens up a lot of chances to the marine species to enter the district.

Highlights: To create the extensive man made marina beautiful, the developers had to bring water from the Persian Gulf to the site and created an unbelievable waterfront and the large central waterway that is excavated from the desert and extended up to 3 km. 12% of the total land area is dedicated to the central public space. 8 km of wide landscaped public walkways tranquilizes the beauty of the place to a large extent.

Location: It is located in Dubai, around 21 kms from Dubai city.


Dubai Miracle Garden

Located in the district of Dubai Land, Dubai Miracle Garden or the flower garden is a rare sight of millions of flowers of different colours bloom together and the structures made of these flowers are really surprising and marvelously created. It came into establishment in the year of 2013, on the Valentine’s Day. It spreads over 72000 sq.meters featuring over 109 million flowers. In 2015, this garden was awarded the Moselle Award for New Garden Experiences. 

The flowers used here are maintained by the re-use of waste water irrigated through drip irrigation method and these flowers take 757,082 litres of water every day. The recent development in the garden is the mesmerizing butterfly garden opened under the name Dubai Butterfly Garden which is the world’s largest and Dubai’s first indoor butterfly garden. The garden is a haven for overly 15000 butterflies that belong to 26 different species.

Highlights: There are multiple formations on flowers which have gained international recognition within a short span of time. The attractions include a floral clock, an aromatic garden, peacocks, birds, castles etc. One can spend up to 2.5 hours in the par enjoying the ravishing beauty of thousand flowers arranged so beautiful.

Timings: During weekdays, the garden will be open from 09:00 am to 09:00 pm and on weekends that is on Friday and Saturday, it will be open from 09:00 am to 11:00 am.

Entry fee: Adults: AED 40, children: 30 AED

Best time to visit: The usual time of operation of the garden is from October to April and in the months of June, July, August, September, the garden will be closed due to the high temperature level which is not suitable to spend time in the garden.

Location: The garden is located in Dubailand district, 22 kms away from the main city centre.

Non-operational Months: The garden remains closed from late-May to September. 


Hatta Heritage Village

Sprawling across the Hatta mountainous area, 100 kms away from Dubai city is Hatta Heritage Village overlooking the two mammoth mountains which were called Hajaran. The village was originated about 3000 years ago but now it is opened to the public in a revamped condition. The village possesses 30 buildings, shops where the traditional heritage collections are sold, a group of farms supported by a fresh water canal. Before there was an archaeological cemetery. 

The historically important village is visited by hundreds of tourists every day from all over the world. A unique chance to discover how the traditional rural lives in this mountainous regions was is hidden in the village in the form of prototypes, models, document etc which can be found in 17 houses, castles and a fortress. You can witness the old armours used in the wars like rifles, guns and cannons and other household materials like furnishings, pottery, copper etc.

Highlights: The heritage village hosts multiple events like UAE National Day, Dubai Shopping Festival and Flag Day etc. This village is the spot where the traditions, culture, livelihood and economic development of emirates can be seen and understood to an extent. The Government has preserved all the original items belonged to the village years ago and keeping its value vibrant still.

Timings: The village is open on all days except Thursday from 07:30 am to 08:30 pm and on Fridays, it will be open from 02:30 pm to 08:30 pm.

Entry fee: The entrance to the village is free of charge.

Location: The village is located at Hatta in Dubai. It lies about 156 kms away from Dubai city. One can reach the village via Sharjah- Kalba road from Dubai.


Dhow Wharfage

There is no doubt in that Dubai is definitely touching the chord of the people around the world. With its beauty and the luxuries it attracts tourist. While you are in this favorite city there is one place which you can’t afford to miss Dhow Wharfage.  For those of you who are looking for some sightseeing option there you have the perfect place for you. Extending along the Deira creekside east of the Grand Souk between Deira Old Souk and Al Sabkha abra stations, the Dhow Wharfage offers an interesting look into the sea customs of old Dubai that have survived supernaturally in place at the heart of the twenty-first-century city. Saturated with history and extending sublimely along the Creek bank north of Maktoum Bridge are innumerable squeaking wooden dhows, moored in time-respected convention to stack and dump their assorted cargoes from everywhere throughout the area.

Highlights: The wharfage is home to many lovely wooden dhows, some as much as a hundred years of age, which compartment here to stack and empty freight; thus the considerable canvas secured hills of stock  anything from containers of cigarettes to gigantic ventilating units  that lie stacked up along the waterfront. The dhows themselves run in size from the genuinely unobtrusive vessels utilized for short jumps here and there the drift to the substantial maritime art used to transport products around the Gulf and over to Iran, and even as far away from home as Somalia, Pakistan and India.

Location: The Dhow Wharfarge is located at Baniyas Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


Atlantis Palm Hotel

One of the most luxurious and remarkable resort in the world is Atlantis, the Palm, located at the apex of the Palm Jumeirah, an island visited by hundreds of tourists every day. Atlantis, the Palm is the first one to be built on an island and based on the theme of the myth of Atlantis but also includes several Arabian elements. 

In 2008, the hotel was opened as a joint venture of Kerzner International Holdings Limited and Istithmar. There are spacious 1539 rooms inside the resort which has two accommodation wings that segregate the East and the West Tower into two but linked together by the Royal Bridge Suite. Aquaventure Water Park and the Nasimi Beach are created in order to complement the suite. These two attractions are often act as the hosts of various concerts and events.

Highlights: The extraordinarily spacious rooms and suites which are authentically arranged according to the contemporary styles and requirements of the guests have a huge significance in the wellness of the resort. There are guest rooms, multiple types of suites, imperial clubs and much more. Another attraction is the aquaventure water park that opens up a number of adventurous rides in water along with dolphin bays, the Lost Chambers Aquarium, Sea Lion Point etc. In addition to these, there is a diving spot as well for those who would love to enjoy the specific energy prevailing underwater.

Amenities and facilities: There are a lot of multi cuisine restaurants which serve traditional Arabic cuisines, continental, Japanese, South Asian and international cuisines and so on. There is a space dedicated for outdoor dining as well to keep the guests pleasant and enthused. Spa and fitness centres inside the resort give the guests a remarkable stay, healthy and happy lifestyle can be maintained even if you are away from your home.

Location: The hotel is located at Crescent Road, Dubai, UAE.

Approximate Price: It varies depending on the type of room. Average cost is 1200– 7000 AED per room.


Ski Dubai

In the hot summers of Dubai nothing can be a better option than an ice cold ski. Yes guys you heard it right. Ski Dubai is just the place for you where you can find your solace in the torturing heat of Dubai. Ski Dubai is the first indoor ski resort in the Dubai. The ski resort has a stunning mountain-themed frigid setting where you can appreciate skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing and participate in many snow occasions. Also get a chance to meet and play with Ski Dubai's most recent addition the Snow Penguins.

 Encounter moving down the Giant Ball run, bouncing a 10ft. incline, spiraling down the tube slides, touring in the chairlift or simply unwinding over a hot chocolate at short 4 degrees. Ride the Snow Bullet and take off as high as 16 meters over the ground with skiers and inclines beneath you, all while hustling against family and companions at 150 meter long.  You will definitely land up in an alternate world while you try all these activities. 

Location: The Ski Dubai is located at Sheikh Zayed Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates. 

Timings: Opens from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

Iceland Waterpark

Most of you might be wondering why people visit Dubai when its so sunny there. But your might not be aware about the fact that Dubai has made everything possible in the desert heat.  Iceland Waterpark is just another example of the wonders that Dubai is creating for all.

  You might have already got the idea what is this park about. But let us give you a clearer picture of that. Ice Land has more than 30 thrilling slides, a colossal wave pool, and top of the line private cabanas. It also has an Olympic estimated lap pool and an excellent shoreline. With its children pools and zones reasonable for youngsters, it has something for everybody. Ice Land likewise has practical experience in offering group building exercises for the corporate part. The most recent expansion to the park is the new beach front campground.

 Highlights: Ice land offer some remarkable attractions with the Penguin Falls, World's Largest Man made Waterfall, Rocky Polar Mountains with the biggest arrangement of waterslides, Penguin Bay 6000sqmtrs Rain Dance Pool, Aqua Soccer surprisingly, Coral Isle a snorkeling pool and other exciting encounters at the Arctic Wave Pool, Tundra Baths, Eddy Pond and the Kids Cove a devoted territory for the children.

 Location: Iceland Waterpark is located at Jazeera - Ras al Khaimah - United Arab Emirates.

 Timings: Opens from 10:00 AM-6:00 PM.


Palm Jumeirah

 You must have definitely heard about this place if you are planning to visit Dubai. An artificial archipelago in United Arab Emirates Palm Jumeirah was created utilizing land recovery by Nakheel, an organization claimed by the Dubai government. One of the most beautiful thing in Dubai are the artificial archipelagos in the emerald waters of the Arabian Gulf.

 Palm Jumeirah, which resembles a stylised palm tree from above, was the principal improvement of its kind, and was initially charged as the Eighth Wonder of the World. Notwithstanding the numerous inns and resorts on the islands, you can cruise around Palm Jumeirah in a yacht or speedboat offered by one of the numerous private visiting organizations, or jump on board the Palm Monorail that rushes to the Atlantis resort.

Location: Palm Jumeirah is located at Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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