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  • There could be nothing more delightful than to stare at the beautiful scenes of Maldives with your partner. Maldives is one of the very few places in the world where natural habitat for the water living species is still there and is not affected by the human life.

    We like things in life that are quantifiable or that can be calculated, but when you choose to stay in a country which boasts an island necklace of 1200 islands, the only thing quantifiable is the number of islands you choose to visit. Time just stands still at this ultimate honeymoon destination; all you need is the hand of that special one to hold while basking in the serenity of this natural coral beauty abode. Life is different when you change your way of living, nonetheless, hearts are exchanged and connected forever when your way of honeymooning includes Maldives honeymoon packages. 

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  • Best Beaches And Atolls In Maldives

    White Sand of the Indian Ocean: Maldives always has some unique gifts of nature to offer to its visitors’ every time they stopover. With its easy reach from different airports of India and speed boat or seaplane conveyance to their beach resorts, this refuge of white sand of the Indian ocean offers best beaches and Atolls suiting your mood and budget. 

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  • 01Reethi Rah

    Located in North Male Atoll, Recreation, seashores, and tranquillity are the three words that define Reethi Rah. And if you are not satisfied with these then there is candle light dinner by the ocean, cycling under lush coconut palm trees, or sipping cocktails while rejuvenating in your private pool.  The transfer to your resort is also taken care of once you book your Maldives honeymoon package.

    The best part about picking up your mode of transport is the scenic beauty you get to witness while sitting comfortably, and who knows you might get to witness some exotic fishes adding to the beauty of your trip. The price range for resorts start from 18,000/night and goes up to 2,25,000/night for a couple. 
  • 02Cocoa Island

    The name itself is as soothing as the taste of the cocoa in your mouth.The moment you step your foot on this island, it feels every step has been custom made to provide comfort and luxury to you. Located in South Male Atoll, this island just takes your breath away. Transfers from airport to your resort is included in your Maldives honeymoon package. 

    With activities like whale shark expedition or doing sunset reef fishing or sponsoring your own coral frame for a year, Cocoa island is the dream come true for every couple, who want more than just rejuvenating at the beach front. The packages are custom made as per one’s requirements ranging from 45,000/night. 

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  • 03Angsana Ihuru Island

    Reality is always different than fantasy, it is more twisted. But sometimes our wishes are granted exactly the way we imagined them to be and we call that “The Enchanting Experience’; this is exactly what Angsana Ihuru island offers you. 
    With dazzling marine life and endless stretch of the deep blue sea, this island is like magic handcrafted from heaven.

    If you are an adventure junkie then cat sailing, wind surfing, reef fishing are the games for you and if you are someone who likes it quiet then snorkeling will take you to the divine ocean world. Addressed at serene settings of Kaafu Atoll in North Male Atoll this island is at 20-minute speed boat ride from the Male international airport. 
  • 04Huraa Island

    It is located 16 km from the Male international airport and one can reach by a 20-minute speed boat ride from Male international airport .The accommodation starts from 2500/night for a double room here. It has Coral reef of about 100 meters that is very fascinating. 

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  • 05Faaful Atoll

    Located 123 kilometers southwest of the capital Male, Faafu Atoll is also recognized as Northern Nilande Atoll. It’s a group of 23 islands out of which only Filitheyo has been settled as a luxury tourist resort.The sole resort island of Filitheyo offers a view like that of a magazine cover.

    Although the island is small, it is beautifully ornamented naturally by coconut palms, clear waters, white sand and a lush dense forest.  
    The environment-friendly styled buildings and thatched wooden villas scattered among the palms offer amazing views of the setting sun and the endless open ocean horizon. 

    Furnishing rooms with a high standard coastal design, the resort is a perfect choice for guests who want to experience luxury in the lap of nature. Accommodation starts from 6000/night for double occupancy. 
  • 06Fulhadhoo Island beach

    Image Credit :
    Fulhadhoo is very beautiful islands of the Baa Atoll, an amazing paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean.This is a great place for those who love snorkeling and freediving. More than 15 uninhabited islets surround Fulhadhoo, giving joy to their sand banks which you can visit for swimming and relaxation far away from civilization. The trip from Male takes two hours on a speedboat. 
  • 07White Sandy Beach

    Travelers can reveal the secrets of beautiful scenery made by the white sandy beach. A day on the beach won’t be complete without a refreshing drink or cocktail, where you can feast on the finest selection of seafood right on the beach as the stars light up the night sky. 
  • Most Romantic Things To Do in Maldives

    Planning a trip - easy, deciding on the location-easier, thinking about having a perfect trip - easiest, but what to do on a trip- the most difficult task in the world. One location which offers endless to-do list is Maldives, and since it's one of the most romantic places in the world, the honeymoon trip has to be titled as “HONEYMOON TRIP TO MALDIVES”.

    This location offers a plethora of romantic choices starting from plush beach resorts to soothing spas to the private swimming pool to underwater dining to secluded beach walks to exotic food; this destination has it all. All you need to do is book your Maldives package for a couple as per your budget and enjoy these following things as you land in this enchanted valley. 

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  • 08Private Dinner on Beach

    Private dinner on the beach, one of the perfect ways to spend an evening with your loved one. In fact, it is the best part of the Maldives honeymoon packages. No disturbance, no interference, no honking of cars or people jabbering away next to your table which makes it almost impossible for one to have a romantic conversation.

    Just the sound of clear water waves, moonlight spread across the beach like a silver quilt with shimmering stars and a candle light adding to the glow of love between you and your companion. To add to that, a glass of sparkling champagne, delightful food, and delectable desserts set your evening for a perfect love entourage with lots of eye contacts and hidden smiles. 
  • 09Walk On Sea Shore With Your Partner

    What do you generally do when you have a delightful meal with your partner? You probably sit at the restaurant for some extra time talking before heading home. Well, that was a conversation with words, what’s left is a conversation without words but still communicating in the best way. This happens when you walk on a sea shore with your partner and let nature do the talking for you.

    The sound of the clear sea water in Maldives automatically creates a serene environment where two people just walk while holding hands and say nothing, and the words that summarize this experience is Maldives Honeymoon. If you are taking a walk on the sea shore during night time, the clear skies with bright shimmering stars will take you to a diverse world altogether. 

  • 10 A Sunset Evening On Cruise

    While you are on a honeymoon the evenings are usually spent having a romantic dinner with your spouse at a lavish restaurant, but when you are on a “Maldives Honeymoon” the evenings can be spent by watching a breathtaking sunset from a cruise. 

    With the soothing music playing in the background, cruise cutting smoothly through the water, dolphins trying to keep up with the speed of the cruise and water reflection changing to pinkish orange color of sun setting on the horizon; evening well spent. As the liner moves across the ocean, the cold wind acts like a lullaby and switches on the paradise mode for you to just relax and enjoy the view coming your way. 
  • 11Island Hopping Tour

    Hopping is what we generally do when we go to a holiday destination and then we update it on our social media, which is then met with reviews, comments, and responses. What if you take hopping to another level, instead of club hopping you do island hopping in Maldives? That is sure to raise your excitement level and the number of likes on your social media, right? 

    Well, then this is what will be included in your Maldives honeymoon packages, where you can choose as to which island you want to dine in. The term island hopping is sure to raise the number of listeners for your story and the travel diary is assuredly going to adore the lovely evocative entries. 
  • 12Day Tour of Male city

    And how can you miss the tour of the capital when you visit this famous honeymoon destination. Someone rightly said; “When in Rome, do what the Romans do; so when you are in Maldives know what Maldivians do. 
    The Day tours allow you to study more about the Maldivian culture and what better way to experience the ‘Real Maldives’ than through the eyes of a Maldivian.

    Commuting through a public ferry, exploring local inhabited islands, narrating and exchanging stories of real life over a cup of coffee in a local cafe and learning how to cook Maldivian food are few of the experiences that are offered to the guests alighting for vacations. 

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  • 13Dance with Dolphins (Dolphins Tour)

    We generally dance to impress or dance like there’s no tomorrow, however, the  way these dolphins show their love and moves towards you, it appears as if they dance to make you smile and they dance because we are there today and tomorrow. It is the type of experience one can have once in a lifetime. 

    The dolphins' tour definitely should be a part of your Maldives honeymoon package, and if you are lucky you might get a chance to play with dolphins or get a kiss too. It’s a treat to watch them play around in the water and communicating in their own way. In fact, while you are snorkeling or doing any underwater activity, you get to be a spectator of their underwater world too. 
  • Famous Places To Visit In Maldives

    Maldives has always been the center of attraction since the time of being discovered as a honeymoon destination. Almost every couple’s honeymoon destinations itinerary has a Maldives honeymoon package and why not! With the kind of experiences this abode provides, it just deserves the love. 

    Maldives is topping the list of many bucket listers too. With a necklace of over 1200 islands (220 inhabited), every island is a jewel in its own unique way. With each passing year, something novel is getting added to this abode’s beauty, like mother nature’s blessings multiplying its love for this place. Here we are listing down some of the famous must visit places to add to the to do the list of your Maldives Honeymoon. 

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  • 14Kaani Tree In Maroshi

    The Kaani Tree might be the largest and oldest representative of its species in Maldives. The tree is low, its trunk divides near the ground level. Some branches of this tree have been cut off with saws.It is almost 400 years old, yes you read that right it is present on earth from that many years. 

    Geographic atoll: Miladhummadulhu Atoll
  • 15Ariadhoo (Buddhist Stupa)

    Ariadhoo is one of the oldest and uninhabited islands of Alif Dhaal Atoll near Maamigili island.This small island had high importance in Maldives before the introduction of Islam. Many remnants of Buddhist stupas are located here. 

    Location: Alif Dhaal Atoll
    Distance to Malé: 104 km (65 mi)

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  • 16Fuvahmulah

     The Fuvahmulah city is about 4.5 km by 1.2 km with a submerged reef. Fuvahmulah has many distinctive features which make the island unique and more beautiful than the rest of the islands. It is the third largest island in the Maldives. 

    Location: Gnaviyani Atoll
    Distance to Malé: 494 km (307 mi)
  • 17Feydhoo

    It is the southernmost inhabited island of Maldives.Besides the rich marine life highlights of Maldives are also very mysterious due to Buddhist landmarks and Feydhoo is one of the reasons for this. 

    Location: Seenu Atoll
    Distance to Malé: 540 km (340 mi) 

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  • 18Maradhoo

    Maradhoo Island lies on the western side of Seenu Atoll, also known as Addu Atoll, which stretches south across the equator, with the island of Gan at its southernmost tip. The area is famous for wreck diving but also for the abundance of sharks, manta rays, and turtles. This is a “non-typical” Maldivian tourist place where tourists can spend their time in a local environment and meet with local people to know about the culture of Maldives. 

    Location: Addu City
    Distance to Malé: 539 km (335 mi)
  • 19Banana Reef

    Banana Reef has a bit of everything: dramatic cliffs, caves, and overhangs; brilliant coral growths; big predators such as sharks, barracuda and grouper; and prolific reef fish, including Jackfish, morays, Napoleon wrasse, and blue-striped snapper. It was one of the first dive sites in the country to become internationally known. The reef top is excellent for snorkeling. 

    Nearby cities:
     Male, Kanduhulhudhoo, Fares
  • 20Fua Mulaku Havitta

    This one is located at the northeastern end of Fuvahmulah, Maldives in the area of the historical boundaries of Dhadimaguward of the island.The most notable feature of the site is the ruined stupa. Currently, the shape of the stupa has been lost due to careless efforts to uncover treasure supposedly buried within. 

    Location: Gnaviyani Atoll
    Distance to Malé: 494 km (307 mi)

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  • Top Water Sports To Do In Maldives

    Water sports have always been a point of attraction for people who travel with a bucket list, and when you travel to a place which is encircled by a huge water body, you can just not do water sports over there. 

    Maldives has been a hub for different water sports due to its placement in the Indian ocean where the water is not violent, in fact, it offers a magnificent view of the coral reefs and it's exotic sea creatures which makes you want to go at least for a dive. So it’s not only about honeymooning in one of the most romantic locations of the world, it’s also about walking through the amazing sea life and getting a little closer to its wonderful creatures. 
  • 21Underwater Walking

    Don’t know swimming? Can’t go for snorkelling? Underwater Walking is as much thrilling as snorkelling. While you walk on the ocean floor, you get the opportunity to touch the ocean floor with your feet and be up close with numerous spectacles 
    of the ocean.  All you gotta do is to wear a see through oxygen mask so that you can breathe while being underwater and relishing the sea world.

    It’s safe as an instructor is always there with you. No swimming, just the run of the mill walking. This underwater walking tour is operated by almost all the resorts out there, all you have to do is ASK. And you will guided along to the charmed sea world. The best time to do this tour is January to April.? 
  • 22Feel The Enthusiasm (Banana Boat Ride)

    Banana Boat Ride After doing underwater walking if you feel the adrenaline pumping inside you then the banana boat ride will match to that level of enthusiasm. The boat is in the shape of a banana, where as soon as you board the boat you are secured so that you don’t fall off.

    Once you board the boat it zooms around the ocean till the time you go bananas for the ride.Life jackets are provided to everyone if in case someone falls off.  This boat ride is one thrilling experience for all those non-swimmers but can’t keep themselves away from the water for the love of it. It’s an all season sport in Maldives. 

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  • 23Scuba Diving (Explore Marine Life)

    This one experience is what makes you call Maldives as “El Paradiso”. If you are a couple who loves scuba diving, then Maldives honeymoon is the itinerary which you need.  You get to witness different water species and some species are so rare and beautiful that you just wouldn’t want to get back to the surface at all.

    As you dive deep down to around 40-50m, it’s like watching the world of little mermaid in real life.  
    Maldives has an underwater paradise of which you can never get enough of. The cost for this experience depends upon the kind of equipment and accessories you choose.

    Price: The average cost ranges around 6000/- or 100$. Best time to go for scuba diving in Maldives is January to april. 
  • 24Thrilling Jet Skiing

    Imagine you are in a party dancing your worries away, your friend offers you a heavy cocktail and you gulp it in one go, after-effects of that? You go bonkers and you enjoy everything like never before. This is exactly what happens when you do jet skiing on blue waters of Maldives.

    Being one of the most popular water sports jet skiing is a kick ass combination of speed, thrill and beautiful Maldives waters. And yes, not necessary for you to be a swimmer too, just grab a life jacket and hop on for fun because the coast guards are always on the go for rescuing guests. 

    Either way, since the guests wear life jackets they easily float on the water till they are rescued Kitesurfing on the beaches. Kite flying has always excited us as a kid and as we grow older and start being a part of the concrete jungle this sport slowly starts to vanish from our lives. However, when you are on a Maldives Honeymoon you get the chance to relive your childhood sport in a little modified way. 

    It’s termed as kite surfing on the beaches and instead of the roof you have the whole ocean to yourself, while you get a chance to fly and surf at the same time with your kite. 

    Price: The best time to revel in this sport is from April to October with prices starting from 3600/- to 6000/- Indian rupees and it doesn’t require for you to be a swimmer, just keep your eyes open and feel the exhilaration. 
  • 25Snorkeling In Maldives

    Put on a mask, grab your swimming trunks and choose a diving spot in the emerald green waters of Maldives, and your journey into the marine world through the sport of snorkelling has begun. Witnessing a wide variety of fishes, sharks, eels, octopus, anemones, dolphins, whale sharks makes you want to explore more and more. 

    That’s not it, when you swim through the coral reefs of the waters in Maldives the experiences get exhilarating. This sport requires for you to swim and the cost for the same depends upon the snorkelling course you choose.

    Price: The best time to visit is generally around July to September with prices starting from 3000/- per person and 4500/- per person. 

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  • 26Kayaking In The Blue Waters

    The lyricist for this song must be around a water body when he wrote the song,  “You are beautiful, it’s true!”. Kayaking away to glory in the vast Indian Ocean,  Paddling for yourself in the stunning blue waters of Maldives is the experience of a lifetime. 

    Maldives never fails to amaze us with its beauty, so if you are a couple that loves adventure sports then make your Maldives package for couple that includes this water sport.

    Price: Swimming is preferred for this sport with approximate cost of 1800/- to 3000/- per person. 
  • Famous Spa of Maldives For Honeymooners

    Whenever you book a Maldives package for couple, a visit to a rejuvenating spa is a must. Every honeymooner couple that comes to a location as stunning as Maldives, should and must visit a spa out here.  The spas offer therapeutic massages in a tropical garden setting with the calming sound of flowing water, which adds to the tranquil environment.

    With the menu of facilities provided in every resort/hotel and special timely offers for guests, the spas are designed into heartening and personal spaces. Skilled therapists and experienced staff make sure the guests enjoy inevitable care and devotion.  
    Here we have a comprehensive list of famous spas in Maldives that offer spa services at different locations. 
  • 27Veli Spa at Kurumba Maldives

    Set in the lush green gardens of Kurumba Maldives, Veli Spa is a great Maldivian experience.  The work of Veli Spa is inspired by the solace of the Islands, the balance of the oceans, the energy of the indigenous people of the Maldives and the healing effects of human touch while incorporating traditional Maldivian therapies. The oils are derived from local coconuts. The pastes used are made from indigenous herbs. Most of the treatments are inspired by a traditional medicine practitioner. Their main aim is to heal powers of the Maldives in you. 

    Location: Kurumba Maldives, 08340
    Contact: +960 664-2324

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  • 28Duniye Spa (Male)

    If you are feeling stressed or tired or you want to re-charge your energy, rejuvenate body and mind, then Duniye Spa is the healing, touch and aroma, to promote within you a deep sense of calm, joy and serenity. Experience the balance between inner and outer beauty that brings a feeling of contentment. 

    Drift away with a combination of oriental traditions and modern skincare in our nurturing and inspiring ambience.They have a number of packages to choose from and guests also get to customize their treatment at this Spa. So just Leave the world behind once and get lost in the aromas of scented oils and incense sticks. 

    Location: Champa Building, 3rd Floor, Male 20187
  • 29Talise Spa (Bolifushi Island)

    Encircled by spectacular green spaces, the Talise Spa has nine treatment rooms which are over blue waters or swanky garden location. The spa offers services which are deeply connected to Maldivian culture. The spa uses pure Maldivian coconut oil which is produced on site and harvested from coconuts from the island. 

    Their signature treatments include only organic and aboriginal products along with local traditions, while focussing equally on wellness of the guest. The kind of services the spa provides; it is no wonder that the spa at Vitavelli was voted the Maldives Leading Spa Resort’ 15. All you have to do during your treatment is to relax, unwind, sip on your favourite juice and cherish the scenic view.?

    Address: Bolifushi Island,, Maldives
    Hours: 9AM–9PM
    Phone: +960 664-2020
  • 30Banyan Tree Spa (Vabbinfaru)

    Whenever you are going for honeymoon in Maldives, getting traditional spa treatment at Banyan tree spa in Vabbinfaru should top your priority list.  The combination of beautiful amenities, amazing therapists and uniquely formulated treatments promise to take your stress away and concoct you for your vacation.

    The cherry on top for banyan tree spa is the recognition as a continent winner in the 2014 world luxury spa awards, and another award which this spa receives every day is the smile and satisfaction of their guests.  
    Banyan tree spa literally treats your stress away and makes you feel that you have now entered another paradise altogether. The proficient staff makes sure your spa experience is worthwhile along with the exotic garden view. 

    Address: Kaafu Atoll, North Male Atoll, Maldives
    Phone: +960 664-3147

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  • 31Lime Spa (Niyama)

    A spa treatment completes your honeymoon package for Maldives. Azmaara spa is  one of the leading spas which offer traditional treatments which can modified as per your needs and requirements. 
    The therapists are trained professionals whose hands are touched with the prosperous culture of Maldives. 

    That’s not all, with customizable treatment packages the guests can increase the duration of their treatment as per their liking and also choose their view- Plush garden or serene blue water. In any case, the guests will leave relaxed, rejuvenated and pampered like never before. While you are at the treatment you can also treat your taste buds with traditional Maldivian food and relish the whole ambience. 

    Location: PER AQUUM Niyama
    Contact: +960 676-2828
  • 32Devarana Spa, Maldives

    Every queen needs a tiara and every king needs a sceptre but, when you visit Devarana spa in Maldives you’ll be the king and the queen even without your tiara or sceptre. This happens because of the royal treatment by highly proficient staff. With a vast range of amenities this spa rules the heart of its guests. Located at the Dusit Thani, Maldives, Mudhdhoo Island, Baa Atoll, Northwest of Male this spa encapsulates top of the line services with a view to adore for. With six deluxe treatment pods, along with dedicated manicure-pedicure area and a private outdoor pool, this spa has a little but ravishing world of its own, which no one would want to leave. 

    Address: Dusit Thani Maldives, Mudhdhoo Magu, 06180, Maldives
    Hours: 9AM–10PM
    Phone: +960 660-8888
  • 33Talise Spa (Meradhoo Island)

    With its another branch at Meradhoo Island Talise spa doesn’t seem to stop at providing extraordinary treatments to its guests. The therapists are no less than magicians as the moment they start the treatment we experience the stress melting away and calmness settling in.

    Every branch of Talise spa has a different story to tell with its ambience, but the motto remains the same that is, a peaceful, revived and a happy guest. With the soothing aroma of essential oils, the spa creates an image of a serene calm space decorated with traditional Maldivian artefacts of Buddha. 

    Location: Jumeirah Dhevanafushi
    Contact: +960 682-8800

  • Romantic Restaurants of Maldives

    Close your eyes for a moment, imagine flying to the one of the most exotic locations in the world, being treated like a king with your meal set up against a picturesque location and then taking out a beautiful diamond ring to express your love to your companion.

    Notice the sparkle in her eyes, her smile, her happiness, her speechlessness and her joy of being at such a location with you. Open your eyes, what do you notice? A big smile on your face and a sudden exhilaration of being at the place with that setting. Imagine no more cos Maldives offers such serene different locations and restaurants, which will make every dining experience a romantic one. Here’s the list: 

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  • 34Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

    Ithaa which means ‘mother of pearl’ in Dhivehi, the local language is located five metres below the surface, offering 180-degree panoramic views of the vibrant coral gardens surrounding it.It serves contemporary European cuisine in a six-course set dinner menu.It is Designed by the Kuala Lumpur National Science Center and is known as world’s largest aquarium tunnel. You will be very sad to know that its estimated age to last is only 20 years so hurry up! Don’t miss the chance to experience this underwater beauty. 

    Address: Conrad Rangali Island 20077, Maldives
    Hours: 11AM–2:30PM, 6:30–10:30PM
    Phone: +960 668-0629
  • 35Sea House Maldives

    You can to taste traditional Maldivian cuisine here Items available in the buffet include Ala, Kattala, Bambukeyo, Lonu Mirus, Garudhiya, Rihaakuru, Valhomas, Fihunumas, Bondibaiy etc. Sea house was named as the most fashionable café in Malé by Fashion TV. 

    Address: Dhathuruvehi 3, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Maldives
    Hours: 4:30–11AM, 2PM–12AM
    Phone: +960 333-2957
  • 36Lemongrass Fifth Restaurant

    Located close to the Maldivian National Museum.Lemongrass Fifth is a branch of a well known restaurant chain in Maldives, Lemongrass Restaurants. They specialize in Thai and Indian Cuisine! If you are looking for awesome beef check out Lemongrass Fifth. 

    Address: Fareedhee Magu, Malé 20190, Maldives
    Hours:  4PM–12AM
    Phone: +960 300-9000

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  • 37Faruma Restaurant

    Started in 1985 Faruma is famous for its chinese cuisine A large variety of large variety of Mandarin and Cantonese dishes are served.It is a melting pot of cuisines alive with flavour. Famous for a romantic dinner for two on the beach or choose a culinary adventure in one of our eight restaurants. Barefoot beach bar or vibrant evening bars with live entertainment to put on your dance moves. 

    Contact: +9609568096
    Type of Food: American, Indian, Asian
  • 38Seagull Cafe

    Seagull Cafe is one of the best among the numerous restaurants you will find in the island of Maldives. It is located in Faradhee Magu in Male, and shares a reputation of excellence amongst its customers.The restaurant offers a wide selection of dishes in Italian, Western, Maldivian and Indian cuisines. 

    Address: Male, Maldives
    Hours: 4PM–12AM
    Phone: +960 332-3332

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  • 39Salt Cafe & Restaurant

    Located in the market area of Malé, It is a place where one can get best breakfast,  beautiful views and great experience along with good thai food.This is a great place for anyone looking to have a meal with a great view! The top floor of the restaurant offers a view of the Maldivian blue sea.  

    Address: 6th & 7th Floor Shinetree Building, Mohamed Ismail Didi Goalhi, Malé, Maldives
    Hours:  7AM–12AM
    Phone: +960 333-6669
  • 40Bombay Darbaar

    This one is located at Nirolhu Magu, Bombay Darbaar one is famous for its Indian Cuisine , It is a Luxurious place is built to provide Comfort to the visitors and its famous for the special tea in India known as "Bombay Tea". 

    Address: Nirolhu Magu, Malé, Maldives
    Hours: 10AM–12AM
    Phone: +960 335-8696
  • 41W Maldives

    It is a The 5-star resort you can enjoy the paradise of Maldives by sinning under the sunlight, water sports are the source of attractions for the visitors here.One can Relax, explore, or play in the beautiful W Maldives with endless things to do during picture perfect holiday. 

    Address: Fesdu Island, Himandhoo 09110, Maldives
    Phone: +960 666-2222
  • 42Shell Beans

    Located at a very close distance from the ferry terminal Shell Beans is a popular chain in Maldives, which has two of its stores established in Male, and the newest one has come up in Hulhule. This restaurant is popular among a diverse range of audience including expats, tourists, locals and young people, and caters to many different tastes. It is an ideal place to enjoy a casual meal. 

    Address: Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Malé, Maldives
    Hours: 1:30PM–12AM
    Phone: +960 333-3686

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  • 43Underwater Restaurant In Hurawalhi

    One can visit this for Modern cuisine & views of the coral reef, it is "WORLD’S  LARGEST ALL-GLASS UNDERSEA RESTAURANT."
    Hurawalhi’s iconic fine dining restaurant serves a combination of gracious location and inventive dishes for lunch and dinner. The Underwater Restaurant In Hurawalhi offers ever-changing set menus that are inspired by seasonality and chef’s culinary experimentation.  Please note that Hurawalhi Island Resort welcomes visitors above the age of 15. 

    Address: Laccadive Sea, Maldives
    Hours: 6–10PM
    Phone: +960 662-2000

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