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Thrillophilia’s Norway Northern Lights tours allows you to experience one of the mesmerizing natural phenomena on earth which is popularly called the Northern Lights. A dream of nature lovers, this incredible light show starts with a quiet and dark Arctic sky and gradually transforms into a vibrant display of green and purple lights. Also known as the Aurora Borealis, this experience tops the bucket list of every wanderlust soul and hence Thrillophilia tour packages offer a chance to soak in this mystic phenomenon.

Being located in the northern latitudes, there is no dearth of places to see the Northern Lights making the country a popular destination for adventure and nature lovers and hence our itineraries cover all of these destinations. Located in the epicentre of the Auroral Oval, Tromso is one of the best spots to experience this brilliant light show for yourself. Norway lights tour packages include a number of nature experiences for adventure lovers who want to make the most of their trip to Norway. You can combine your itinerary with activities such as dog sledging, kayaking, skiing and bird watching. Our packages also include Lyngenfjord in the Tromso Northern Lights Tour itinerary which allows you to watch this natural marvel from the mountain top. To enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime in absolute serenity, places like Helgeland or Alta are highly recommended.

If you want to experience the best view of the Northern Lights, visit any of these places between mid-August and May. On a clear sky in the pitch darkness of night, be witness to one of the most magical phenomena on Earth.
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People Also Ask About Northern Lights Tours in Norway

  1. Which are the places to see the Northern Lights in Norway?

    1. Tromsø: Tucked peacefully away between inlets, mountains and islands the largest city in Norway is a prime location to start your trip from. Being located in a gradient of 70 degrees and in the middle of the auroral oval, you have the optimum chance of seeing the spectacular dance show of lights.

    You can also customize your Tromso Northern Lights Tour with other exciting daytime activities such as whale watching, snowmobiling, dog sledding or take selfies with a reindeer in the tranquil natural surroundings. Tromso is easily accessible from most of the European cities which makes it a hub of Northern Light camps and safaris.

    If you want to witness the Northern Lights in its full uninterrupted glory, an overnight Aurora Camping is a highly recommended activity in your Norway Northern Lights tour.

    - When to see:
     mid-September to April

    2. Lyngenfjord:
     Situated between the cities of Tromso and Alta, this is one of the driest regions of the country. In the backdrop of imposing mountains and pollution free atmosphere, Lyngenfjord fairly boasts of being one of the best places to spot the Northern Lights on clear nights.

    Most of the photos of Northern Lights that go round in various media are taken in Lyngenfjord. Being easily accessible from Tromso, the place is a must include in your Tromso Northern Lights tour itinerary. Accommodate yourself comfortably in one of the many resorts of the city and watch the mystical phenomenon from inside your room.

    - When to see:
     October- February

    3. Bodø: With dramatic landscapes, the magical sight of the Northern Lights is just outside your window in Bodø. Whether you want to enjoy a romantic Sami dinner under the starry sky or embark on skiing or hike Mount Rønvik all activities will be heightened by the aura of the Northern Lights.

    Lying directly under the Aurora Oval, tourists have a good chance of watching the light show on a clear night. If you plan for the Norway Northern Lights tour to Bodo during summer, you have a different experience of watching twilight during the midnight sun.

    - When to see: 
    September- April between the hours of 22:00 and 23:00

    4. Lofoten Islands:
     Lofoten Islands is as beautiful during the winter months as it is in the rest of the year. It is certainly worth taking a risk of bad weather conditions if you want to take snaps of the night sky illuminated by the aura of the Northern Lights. With stunning landscapes and coastlines, Lofoten offers unbound compositional opportunities.

    If you take the Norway Lights tour, the coastal areas and beaches of Flakstadøy and Vestvägøy are some of the highly recommended sites to watch and shoot the cosmic spectacle. Steep mountains rising from the creeks render a breath-taking setting to the light show. The open skyline from the northeast to the northeast makes way for an uninterrupted view of the Borealis Lights.

    - When to see: 
    late August till mid-April

    5. Vesterålen Islands-
    With shoreline islets, laid back beaches, endless moors, alpine mountains and open seas Vesterälen Islands call nature lovers for unwinding and soaking up the serenity of the surroundings. Situated north of Lofoten Islands, the place is known for its predominant fishing culture, art and essentially the Northern Lights. On a Northern Light safari, you can witness the polar night being illuminated by bright green and purple lights.

    Local guides will help you freeze the moment as it is a bit tricky to capture the elusive phenomenon on a camera. Vesterälen Islands is also an ideal destination for cross country skiing, dog sledding, bird safari and other winter activities. In a nutshell it is a must include spot in your Northern Lights Norway tour package.

    - When to see:
     Late September till late May

    6. Alta, Svalbard:
     With typically Arctic desert climate, Alta is justly called “the town of the Northern Lights” which is also home to world’s first Northern Lights Observatory. Besides being blessed with majestic mountains in the backdrop and an advantageous location, Alta is a popular spot as you do not have to bear with extreme cold as in other spots of the Aurora Oval.

    Include a visit to the Alta Museum which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Northern Lights Cathedral where you can bask in the falling rays of the Northern Lights. Bestowed with a wealth of experiences, Alta Svalbard is a must include in your Northern Lights Norway tour package itinerary.

    7. Varanger:
     Located in the epicentre of the Northern Lights oval, Varanger is one of the best spots for chasing this miraculous light show on the Arctic sky. Tucked on the Arctic Coast Varanger is also a preferred destination for nature experiences such as bird watching and has been enlisted among the 100 best bird sitting areas of the world. Tour operators will help you spot rare species of birds in winter and even during the summer months.

    Thanks to its natural resources which allows you to know about their trade culture with Russia and Finland and earliest settlements since the Stone Age it is also a throbbing hub of game and seafood. You can explore Varanger on foot, on a boat ride or riding on snowmobiles and experience the magical phenomenon of the Borealis Lights shining down on you.

    - When to see: 
    September- April

    8. Narvik:
     Due to its ideal location in northern Norway, Narvik is one among the best places to see the heavenly Northern Lights almost every night. Between the rugged landscapes and wild nature, the place is ideal for Norway Northern Lights tour and safaris. Expert guides will help you understand the wind direction and the spots where the sky is clear and offer a clear view of the spectacle. If you are a winter sport enthusiast, Narvik is the best place for that as it is home to the highest ski resort of Northern Scandinavia at an altitude of 1,000 metres.

    - When to see: 
    early September till mid-April

    9. Helgeland:
    Sheltered along the Norwegian coastline, Helgeland offers a highlight reel of natural and cultural gems for tourists to explore and appreciate. Besides abounding with clusters of islands, bird colonies, steep mountains and a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Helgeland is a highly recommended destination in your Norway Lights tour.

    Watching the spectacular Northern Lights on the sea is an experience of a lifetime in the true sense. It is also the warmest place in Norway to watch this elusive light show which draws millions of tourists to visit the place during the peak season. Helgeland is also one of the best kayaking sites in the country. Numerous bays and reefs add to your sightseeing experience.

    - When to see:
    October- March

  2. Which are the best places to stay for Northern Lights in Norway?

    1. Tromso Ice Domes Hotel: Once you have planned your Tromso Northern LightsTour, the first thing you feel concerned about is your accommodation which has to be something unique and memorable. With over a decade's experience in Northern Lights tourism, Tromso Ice Domes Hotel offers the most coveted Northern Lights excursion which is a combo of the Borealis Lights chase and a visit to the Aurora Camps.

    You will be escorted by an experienced guide to help you with location for photo shoot, weather conditions, camera settings and other necessary arrangements. During your stay in this hotel, you will get to learn unknown facts about the place and have a fun time by watching an ice cinema.

    - Location:
    Storgata 83B, 9008, Tromsø, Norway

    2. Aurora Camp Tromso:
     If you are looking for something more than the Borealis Lights experience, Aurora Camp is the place for you. A short drive from the city of Tromsø, the camp welcomes you to experience the 2 beasts of the world- Northern Lights and Dog Sledging. On a guided tour, you will visit the dog yard and cuddle the Alaskan huskies that are reared there.

    After dinner, spend the rest of the evening sitting around a bonfire and watching the magical Northern Lights in a dark sky. You can opt for shared or private accommodation in a tent as per your budget and preference while booking TromsoNorthernLightstour package.

    3. Eliassen Rorbuer:
     Located on the tiny island of Hanmoy in Western Lofoten, Eliassen Rorbuer is a holiday resort which allows you to stay in fisherman’s cabins in the most beautiful part of the island. The cabins are well furnished with kitchen, living room, bathroom, furniture, high speed Wi-Fi, new floor and other amenities so as to provide you a comfortable stay and yet enjoy the vibe of the long-standing fishing culture of Lofoten.

    Chasing the Northern Lights is an amazing experience you will be rewarded with in your Norway Northern Lights tour. There are apartments and cottages in Eliassen Rorbuer that are fully equipped with modern amenities and offer excellent views of nature.

    - Location:
    Hamnoy, Moskenes Municipality 8390 Norway
    - price: Starts from 1290 NOK

    4. Reinefjorden Sjøhus:
     Want to see the beauty of ever-changing nature or be amused by the midnight sun or watch the magical phenomenon of the Borealis Lights all from the cosy warmth of your accommodation? Reinefjorden Sjohus is fully equipped with fishermen’s cabins and sea houses that offer stunning views of the sea and sky.

    Due to its strategic location, adventure lovers can embark in hiking, fishing or watching the surreal phenomenon of the Northern Lights on a dark night. If you are on the Norway Lights tour, Reinefjorden Sjohus is a highly recommended place to stay.

    - Location:
    Skagen 41, Hamnoy 8390 Reine
    - Price: 3770.14 NOK

    5. Aurora Borealis Observatory:
     What can be more rewarding in your Norway Northern Lights Tour than watching the Aurora Dance show from the comfort of your apartment? The Aurora Borealis Observatory is built with the vision of focussing solely on the Northern Lights experience. Sitting in the glass panorama area of the observatory or the outdoor jacuzzi you can marvel at the elusive miracle in silence and relaxation. It offers premium hospitality to the guests to make their stay memorable and relaxing.

    - Location:
    Tors Moveien 16, Senja 9303, Norway
    - Price: 5000 NOK

    6. Skrolsvik Kystferie:
     With privately located units, fireplace, terrace, lounge area and free parking this waterfront bungalow is tucked on the island of Senja covering an area of 65 sq metres. Bestowed with beautiful ocean views and welcoming natural settings, Skrolsvik Kystferie makes a perfect retreat for nature experiences such as kayaking, hiking, fishing, skiing and chasing the Northern Lights.
    - Location: Skrolsvik Veien 1829, Senja 9392 Stonglandseidet, Norway
    - Price: 1,021.07 NOK

  3. What are the Northern Lights?

    Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis is an ethereal display of colourful lights in the sky witnessed by people living at places in high latitudes. It is believed by the Inuit that their ancestors are seen dancing in the lambent aura in the form of Northern Lights. According to Norse mythology, a fire bridge was built to the sky by the gods in the form of the Northern Lights.

    According to astronomy, polar lights (aurora polaris) are seen in both hemispheres and are called the Northern Lights (aurora borealis) and Southern Lights (aurora australis). When the dust particles and atoms are led towards the magnetic North Pole when they interact with the upper parts of the atmosphere creating a cloud of gas. The dust particles are boosted in energy and when they collide with nitrogen and oxygen atoms in the earth’s upper crust, they radiate a dazzling light show.

  4. What is the best time of year to see the Northern Lights in Norway?

    Northern Lights are visible at any time of the year in Alaska and Greenland. It occurs at any time of the day but it can be seen in naked eyes only after evening sets in. You can see this spectacular celestial phenomenon from early April till late August. The best time to get a glimpse of Northern Lights across the Arctic firmament is from December through March. Booking a Norway Northern Lights tour package during this time will allow you a great opportunity to observe this elusive light show in the sky.

  5. What are the conditions to witness Northern lights in Norway?

    - To get a clear view of the spectacular cosmic phenomenon, you should plan your Norway Northern Lights tour during a new moon.

    - Since the Northern Lights can appear and disappear in a snap, you should be alert throughout your night expedition.

    - Northern Lights are best viewed in a clear sky. Choose a place which is pollution free and where the sky is clear, dark and there are no clouds.

  6. What causes Northern Lights?

    Northern Lights can be seen across the Arctic firmament in Norway at times when the solar wind is considerably strong. When the solar wind reaches Earth's atmosphere it runs into the magnetic field of our planet. The highly energised protons and electrons are pulled down the earth towards the poles. Because of this Northern Lights and Southern Lights are formed.

    Due to the presence of various particles in the atmosphere, the light show exudes various colours- oxygen emits red and green, nitrogen makes blue and so on. But as our eyes see green most of all colours, the Northern Lights show up with bright green hues along with a splash of other colours in the dark sky.

  7. Can you see the Northern Lights in Oslo?

    Yes, you can see the Northern Lights in the vicinity of Oslo sometimes. Oslo has a tremendous light pollution and is located further towards the south. But if you move away from the city to the woods in the north east, you may have a chance to see the boreal light.

  8. Is Norway or Iceland better for Northern Lights?

    If you want to witness the elusive natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights at its fullest beauty, Norway is anytime the best place on Earth for such an experience. The general rule of thumb is the further north, the greater the chance of seeing the light show. Iceland being located below the Arctic Circle; the aura has to be powerful enough to be seen there which is rare from this country.

    So, if you are looking for a colourful display of the Northern Lights, the Norway tour package gives you the best opportunity for that.

  9. What colour are the Northern Lights?

    The colour of Northern Lights is mostly green with a slight purple, red, yellow tinge. It happens due to the presence of various gases like oxygen, nitrogen and others.

  10. How long does the Northern Lights last?

    It cannot be predicted about the span of time through which the Northern Lights. On active nights it may last almost throughout the night while sometimes it lasts for 10 minutes. Usually, it does not exhibit for long hours but only for a few minutes before they glide away. You may consider yourself lucky to witness a good display of about 15-30 minutes at a stretch.

  11. How much does it cost to go to Norway to see the Northern Lights?

    The cost of the Norway Northern Light tour package for 7 days 6 nights per person starts from 20,000 NOK approximately. This will include your sightseeing, activities (dog sledding, Northern Lights chasing etc) and accommodation.