55 Best Places to Visit in Bali 2024, Tourist Places & Attractions
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Best Of Bali
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Day Tours In Bali
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Bestsellers In Bali

Bali Tourist Places

Mount Batur, Tanah Lot Temple, Taman Ayun Temple, Bali Swing, Ubud Monkey Forest, Goa Gajah Gianyar, Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, Sekumpul Waterfall, WaterBom Waterpark, Garuda Wishnu, Nusa Lembongan, Bali Bird Park, and many more.

The endless exotic places to visit in Bali make it one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Not only does Bali boast some of the most amazing beach destinations including Kuta Beach, Benoa Beach, Sanur Beach, and Lovina Beach, It also is a paradise for adventure and water sports lovers. The amazing shore temples of Bali, including  Tanah Lot, Pura Luhur Uluwatu, and various others also make it a uniquely spiritual and soul-fulfilling destination. For those seeking a hassle-free experience, Bali packages offer curated itineraries to explore the best of this enchanting island paradise.

Some of the most naturally beautiful Bali tourist places that cannot be missed out on your visit include Mount Batur, Tukad Cepung Waterfall, Suna Benida, and Sekumpul Waterfall. Also, if you love getting up close with nature and wildlife, some places that you can plan to visit include Ubud Monkey Forest, Bali Safari and Marine Park, and Bali Zoo .

The famous Bali places that you can add to your itinerary include Kuta Night Market, Gianyar Night Market, Poppies Lane, and Ubud Night Market. Apart from all the tourist attractions of this amazing place, its rich culture, delicious food, and soothing environment is surely going to make you fall in love.
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Must Visit Places in Bali


Mount Batur

Embark a trip from Serongga to the mystical beauty of nature Mount Batur. From the soft soothing noise of the birds to the visual delight to the eyes with natural wonders, here you can witness each thing.

While you hike up the trail you can push the limits as in the end the ascend gets rocky and is not for the faint-hearted. Also, this is one of the most adrenaline-pumping adventure sports in Bali that one must definitely add in their travel plan.

Location: Month Batur, Indonesia.

Starting from INR 2,300/ IDR 470000 per person.

3:30 am to 9:30 am

Click Here To Book Now: Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

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Tanah Lot Temple

Your Bali tour would not be complete without a visit to the Tanah Lot temple. With a majestic setting of the unique shoreline and the sunset backdrops, this temple attracts a lot of tourist across the globe. Parched at the top at an outcrop with the waves crashing on the shore this temple is located in the Beraban village of the Tabanan regency. Be it for witnessing the stunning sunset or just the admiring the temple with its astonishing architecture, Tanah Lot is the perfect place for you.

 Another interesting feature of the temple is that one can also visit the cultural park and enjoy traditional dance performances. As this temple was built as a part of the Balinese mythology it is believed that this temple is guarded by venomous snakes from evil spirits.

Location: Jl. Tanah Lot, Beraban, Kec. Kediri, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali

The approximate price starts from INR 292/IDR 60000 for adults and INR 146/IDR 30000 for children

7 am to 7 pm

Click Here To Book Now: Tanah Lot Temple Sunset Tour

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Pura Luhur Uluwatu

Dramatically perched atop a steep cliff, the Pura Luhur Uluwatu one of six key temples believed to be Bali's spiritual pillars. Famously visited and known for its magnificent location and a stunning view of the sea this temple has a breathtaking sunset background that is almost magical.

You can marvel at the daily Kecak dance performances and the stunning Balinese architecture that make up this sea temple. This temple is situated 250 feet above the waves of the Indian Ocean making it an ideal spot for catching stunning sunset views.

This temple is the worship place of a Balinese-Hindu deity and only a true Hindu follower can enter the second smaller temple inside.

Location: Pecatu, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali

 INR 145/IDR 30000 for adult and INR 98/IDR 20000

7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Click Here To Book Now: 
Uluwatu Sunset Tour With Kecak Dance

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Best Honeymoon Tours In Bali Explore All (13)
Explore All (13)

Tegallalang Rice Terraces, Ubud

You might have already heard about the Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Ubud. So while you are visiting Bali this is another place which is a must-visit for you. With the meandering rice paddies and the terrific scenes, people fall in love with this place.

Tegallalang frames the three most stunning terraced scenes in Ubud's shared district, with the others being in the towns of Pejeng and Campuhan. Painters and nature lovers likewise appreciate going to this spot, and there are various craftsmanship stands and bistros close to the edge offering their product.

The rice terrace is composed extremely excellent with wonderful emptying rice field and unequivocally situated on the sloping bank. In this place, you will see the Balinese agriculturist do their rice field in sideways range finish with its framework water system. You will appreciate the wonderful scene of the valley with rice and coconut trees decoration it.

Location: Jl. Raya Tegallalang, Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 

Sunrice Point entry is  IDR 50,000/ INR 250 per person

Tegalalang rice terrace and the rice field is open 24 hours. However, for the restaurant or cafe, have an opening time, regularly from 09:00 – 18:00

Click Here To Book Now: Tegalalang Rice Terrace Tour

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Bali Swing

Whether you want dozens of aesthetic pictures for your Instagram profile or you want to taste the authentic thrill of adventure, Bali Swing is one of the highest visited attractions in Bali. Offering a plethora of swinging experiences, this place is most famous for introducing the most iconic swing in Asia which is suspended over an abyss with a vast expanse of tropical vegetation in the backdrop.

So when you sit on one of these and swings back and forth, the movement not only creates a nail-biting experience, but also a perfect frame worth capturing. Bali Swing features a number of beautiful rope and wood swings with beautiful backgrounds, drawing in newlyweds and travel bloggers from all over the world.

Jalan Dewi Saraswati No.7, Kabupaten Badung, Bali

8 am to 5 pm

Click Here To Book Now: Bali Swing Ubud

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Ubud Monkey Forest

Excuse yourself from all sorts of chaos and take a short refuge at Ubud Monkey Forest which is one of the most refreshing places to visit in Bali. Inhabited by more than 700 Balinese long-tailed monkeys, it is a sacred forest teeming with lush greenery.

In addition to more than 186 species of trees and plants, 3 revered Hindu temples are major highlights in the forest area which also host few festivals every year. Indulge in nature walks, breathe in the fresh air, and feed bananas to the monkeys – spending some time at Ubud Monkey Forest will rejuvenate your senses. 

Location: Jalan Monkey Forest, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali

 INR 400 /IDR 80,000

Timing: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Click Here To Book Now: Unforgettable Ubud Sightseeing Tour in Bali

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Explore All (23)

Goa Gajah Gianyar

One of the tourist places in Bali with great religious, historical, and archaeological importance, Goa Gajah, more popularly known by tourists as Elephant Cave is a Hindu temple. The construction of the cave temple is believed to date back to the 9th century, and it is said that it was built as a sanctuary or a spot for meditation.

The entrance of the cave shows a number of motifs carved on the rock, the most prominent of which is a giant face in the middle, just above the opening. The courtyard of the temple is dotted with various ancient relics pertaining to Hinduism and Buddhism. Besides, rock-wall carvings, fountains, and bathing pools are some other aspects of the temple worth noticing.

Location: Jalan Raya Goa Gajah, Pejeng Kawan, Tampaksiring, Gianyar, Bali

Price: INR 250/IDR 50,000

8 am to 4 pm

Click Here To Book Now: Goa Gajah Tour With Tirta Empul Temple

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Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

Image Credit : flatmonthly.com

Located on the shore of Lake Bratan, Pura Ulun Danu Bratan is a gorgeous Hindu temple visited by hundreds of tourists every day. Built-in the 17th Century, the temple complex houses 4 groups of shrines, 4 gates, and megalithic artefacts. The scenic location and the typical Balinese structure of the temple make it one of the best places to see in Bali.

Since the temple complex is surrounded by water from all sides, it appears to be floating on the lake. The picturesque background of Bedugul mountain range, enveloped in mist, adds to the charm of the scenery that the temple creates.

Location: Bratan Lake, Tabanan, Bali

Price: INR 250/IDR 50,000

8 am to 6 pm

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Nusa Penida

If you are looking for unspoilt nature in Bali, Nusa Penida may just be the perfect destination. An exquisitely beautiful island separated from Bali by Badung Strait, Nusa Penida is one of the best places to visit in Bali whether you are a photographer, explorer, or someone looking for a peaceful beach getaway. Housing numerous Hindu temples and featuring a score of lagoons and limestone formations, this island teems with the tranquillity of nature.

Besides, the high cliffs blanketed by green foliage and surrounded by turquoise waters are visually appealing. Away from the bustle of tourists, the island does not have many options in terms of accommodations and eateries which is why it is ideal for an uninterrupted rendezvous with nature.

Location: Nusa Penida, Nusa Islands, Klungkung

Price: No entry fee Required

Timing: Always Open

Click Here To Book Now: Nusa Penida Island Tour

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Adventure Explore All (136)
Explore All (136)

Sekumpul Waterfall

The beautiful trail that goes down hundreds of stairs, a dirt road and rice fields leads to a surreal waterfall in the village Sekumpul. Sekumpul waterfall is a cluster of seven falls in total. Surrounded by lush greenery and plunging from cliffs of great height is a sight that should not be missed. 

Among the many Bali tourist places, Sekumpul waterfall is loved by all. After trekking down to the fall, head to the pool and take a dip. The breathtaking sight will tempt you in taking that jump in the water pool.

Location: Sekumpul, Lemukih, Sawan, Kabupaten Buleleng, Bali

Price: No entry fee

24 hours

Click Here To Book Now: Sekumpul Waterfall Tour

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Bali Safari and Marine Park Gianyar

Your Bali adventure would not be complete without visiting this park. In case you're looking for a whimsical family encounter, you'd love the Bali Safari and Marine Park, where you can eat, rest and play with the creatures. Wake up to a morning where you can actually hear the lions roar and be welcomed by the sound of winged animals speaking on the top of your hovel.

Unlike its name, it is not a genuine Safari, but rather an open Zoo with imported creatures from various Continental. Appreciate that immaculate dinner with the lions at Tsavo Lion Restaurant, where you are welcome to watch these glorious animals hone their catwalk ideal next to you.

Location: Jl. Bypass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra Km. 19,8, Serongga, Kec. Gianyar, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80551, Indonesia

Price: INR 2,729/ IDR 55000

Timings: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Click Here To Book Now: Bali Safari and Marine Park Tickets

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WaterBom Waterpark

To spend a thoroughly enjoyable day with your family, there are only a few attractions in Bali as good as Waterbom Waterpark. Featuring a huge collection of rides and attractions suitable for all age groups, this waterpark has a lively atmosphere which is bound to make your day and add some fun highlights to your trip.

Twist down the long slides, scream at the top of your lungs as the adrenaline level starts surging, and plunge into vast pools. From thrilling rides and slides like Python and Boomerang to easier attractions like Lazy River, there is a whole range of experiences here. Besides, the vast park also encompasses tropical gardens and a myriad of dining options to offer the visitors a complete package of happiness.

Location: Jalan Kartika Plaza, Tuban, South Kuta 001

Timing: 9 am to 6 pm

Price: INR 2500/IDR 490,000

Click Here To Book Now: Waterbom Bali Tickets

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Entry Tickets Explore All (19)
Explore All (19)

Garuda Wishnu

Devote one of your days in Bali to spirituality, nature, culture, and peace – add Garuda Wisnu to your itinerary right away. It is a vast cultural park with a diversity of man-made attractions for visitors making it one of the top sightseeing places in Bali. The park is widely popular for housing a collection of sculptures and hosting a number of grand cultural events and cultural performances.

Besides, it is also a good place to become a part of culinary adventures and fun activities. However, the most iconic feature of the park is a 120-metre-tall statue of Lord Vishnu riding the mythical bird Garuda. The intricately carved rock statue exhibits brilliant artistry and stands as a representative of the region’s values and popular beliefs.

Location: Jalan Raya Uluwatu, Kabupaten Badung, Bali

Timing: 8 am to 9 pm

Price: INR 650 /IDR 125,000

Click Here To Book Now: Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park Tickets

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Tirta Empul Temple

This revered temple is located in the village of Manukaya in Central Bali. Tirta Empul Temple is a legendary place shrouded with a tale of good over evil and is one of the National Heritage sites. The meaning of the name is “holy water spring,” and there is an actual mountain spring in the premises. There are pools, fish ponds and purification baths in the area.

Saunter around the old paths dotted with statues and lush gardens. The temple is segmented in front, secondary and inner courtyard and visiting the entire area will take quite some time. The relics and the statues are very amazing where you can click yourself alongside.

 Jl. Tirta, Manukaya, Tampaksiring, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 

Timings: 7 AM to 5 PM on all days of the week.

Approximate Price: INR 145/IDR 30,000 per person

Click Here To Book Now: Tirta Empul Temple Tour

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Besakih Temple

Set on the slopes of Mount Agung, Besakih Temple is one of the greatest tourist places in Bali. Built more than 1,000 years ago, this temple is also known as Mother Temple. Over 86 temples are cradled within this vast and artistic temple complex. From brilliant carvings to magnificent statues, everything inside the complex is fascinating.

The reverence of the temple is unthinkable since it is believed to be the largest and most significant Hindu temple in Bali. The elevated location of the temple enables visitors to relish the magnificent panoramic vistas of the verdant hills, streams, and rice paddies around.

Location: Besakih Village, Karangasem, Bali

Timing: 8 am to 5 pm

Price: INR 300/IDR 60,000

Click Here To Book Now: Besakih Temple Tour

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Sightseeing Tours Explore All (59)
Explore All (59)

Kuta Beach

A long row of colourful chairs and umbrellas, classy resorts, and thrilling waves are the highlighting features of Kuta Beach.

This Bali beach has beautifully transformed from a fishing village into a tourist delight with an ample number of eateries, bars, and resorts in its reserve. Kuta is also a popular name among adventure enthusiasts as it offers an opportunity to try water sports like surfing.

Pay a visit to Waterbomb, Indulge in beach sports like surfing and beach soccer, Go on a shopping spree in Upscale.

Location: Kelurahan, Bali

Best time to visit: The best time to visit here is between July and August as, during this time, you can relish different festive celebrations on the beach.

How to reach: One can reach its downtown either by their own vehicle or by hiring a cab. However, after reaching downtown, you have to cover the remaining distance on foot.

Click Here To Book Now: 
Scuba Diving in Kuta Bali

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Nusa Lembongan

Another island located close to Bali, Nusa Lembongan is an exotic location with unthinkable scenery laid out before you to witness. A part of Nusa Islands, this small island garners big popularity from nature lovers all over the world. The island is famous for its rock formations, rich aquatic life, limestone labyrinth, and virgin beaches.

Whether you want to bask on pristine beaches under the warm sun, dive into the crystal clear waters, or capture the top-notch artistry of nature in numerous frames, Nusa Lembongan is a treasure box of vivid experiences. So if you are planning to take a day cruise on your trip, Nusa Lembongan is among the best tourist places in Bali.

Location: Southeast of Bali, Nusa Penida District

Price: No fee

Timings: Open 24 hours

Click Here To Book Now: Nusa Lembongan Tour With Nusa Ceningan

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Bali Bird Park

If you’re looking for something different from the zoo’s where magnificent creatures are locked up, you have to pay a visit to the Bali Bird Park and Reptile Park. This eco-space is a unique and educational attraction for tourists of all ages where you can interact and play with a variety of stunning species of birds.

The Bali Bird Park also boasts a state of the art restaurant and café offering delectable cuisine and amazing tropical beverages.

This one of a kind bird park plays a major role in conserving and protecting Indonesia’s endangered bird species proving a home and natural habitat to over 5000 birds of 200 species.

Location: Jl. Serma Cok Ngurah Gambir, Singapadu, Batubulan, Kec. Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Price for an adult is INR 428/IDR 87,866

Click Here To Book Now: 
Bali Bird Park Admission Ticket
                                            Bali Packages For Couple


Bali Zoo

Home to a diverse range of wildlife species including mammals and birds, Bali Zoo is one of the top places to visit in Bali, especially when you are on a family vacation. The zoo is set amidst 8 hectares of dense tropical forest, offering an authentic atmosphere for the inhabitants to thrive in.

From African lions and white tigers to orangutans and elephants, you can encounter numerous animals from all across the world. Furthermore, the zoo also features some unique wildlife experiences like Breakfast with Orangutans, Night At The Zoo, Elephant Mud Fun which let visitors indulge in intimate and interactive sessions with these creatures.

Location: Jalan Raya Singapadu, Ginayar, Bali

Timing: 9 am to 6 pm

Price: INR 1800/IDR 355,500

Click Here To Book Now: Breakfast With Orangutans at Bali Zoo

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Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Waterfalls may look surreal, and you will realize this once you visit Tukad Cepung Waterfall on your Bali visit. The waterfall is surrounded by high gorges from all sides, so the experience of being here feels like witnessing an indoor plunge.

At certain times of the day the sunlight filters through the rocks, illuminating the waterfall and the pool below, making the place look all the more appealing. If you are interested in photography, this place will sweep you off your feet with its unique features. To avoid crowds and enjoy exclusivity, it is advisable to visit this marvel of nature before 10 am.

Location: Jalan Tembuku, Kabupaten Bangli, Bali

Timing: 6 am to 5 pm

Price: INR 75 /IDR 15,000

Click Here To Book Now: Tukad Cepung Waterfall Tour

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Tegenungan Waterfall

The island of Bali is home to scores of waterfalls, and the most popular of the lot is Tegenungan Waterfall. If you are on a quest to discover sites offering opportunities to capture Instagram Worthy shots, this is one of the best places to visit in Bali. Be sure to come to this magnificent waterfall lying deep in the middle of verdant landscapes.

Take a dip into the pool below and if luck is on your side, you may even get to pose with a rainbow formed on the cascade. The site also has a few restaurants nearby where you can grab delicious snacks and refreshing drinks.

Location: Jalan Sutami, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali

Timing: 6:30 am to 6:30 pm

Price: INR 75/ IDR 15,000

Click Here To Book Now: Tegenungan Waterfall Tour

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Ubud & Kintamani Tours Explore All (56)
Explore All (56)

Jatiluwih Green Land

Among the most iconic places to see in Bali are its rice fields that look like stunning green sheets of velvet from afar. And there is no better place to witness this spectacle than Jatiluwih Green Land – one of the most visited sightseeing places in Bali. Tag your companions along and trek through these lush green fields, absorbing the picturesqueness and gaining knowledge about this type of farming.

You will also come across numerous opportunities to capture impressive frames with your loved ones posing in the sweeping green fields or field workers going about their routines. All in all, spending a few hours at Jatiluwih Green Land is an educational and recreational experience you must not miss out on.

Location: Tabanan, Bali

Timing: 6 am to 7 pm

Price: INR 200/IDR 40,000

Click Here To Book Now: Jatiluwih Rice Terraces Tour

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Places to Visit in Bali at Night


Sunset Dinner Cruise

An ultimately romantic affair meant to be experienced by all couples visiting Bali, Sunset Dinner Cruise is an essential part of any Bali itinerary. This delightful activity blesses one’s eyes with surreal sunset scenes in addition to satisfying one’s appetite with palatable global as well as local delicacies.

The lovely setting and the pleasant the atmosphere will give you the best memories of your trip while the delicious International buffet dinner will treat your taste buds with the best of taste. Whether you are travelling with your life partner or your family, click lots of pictures, enjoy onboard entertainment and smile a little more – this is a great opportunity to cherish togetherness.

Location: Departs from Nusa Dua, Jimbaran and Kuta

Timing: From 4:30 pm

Price: INR 3500/ IDR 700,000 per person

Click Here To Book Now: Sunset Dinner Cruise in Bali

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Finns beach club

A cool hangout place where you can chill with your group without interruption, Finns Beach Club is listed as one of the best places to visit in Bali. The beach club owes its popularity to its beachside location which lets one relish the sweeping vistas of the blue sea. Spend your day lounging and trying a variety of delicious items from the menu.

 As the evening approaches, take a dip into the infinity pool and await the mesmerizing sunset view this spot is best known for. Watch the orange sky turn a deep blue as you soak in the glory of Bali and its magnificent scenery with a cold beer to savour. A day at Finns Beach Club will surely add a sense of rejuvenation to your vacation.

Location: Jalan Pantai Berawa, Canggu, Bali

Timing: 9 am to 11 pm

 INR 2220/IDR 450,000

Click Here To Book Now: Finns Beach Club Bali Day Pass

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Club med Bali

Featuring spectacular location, lovely dining experiences and accommodations laced with world-class amenities – Club Med Bali is a popular resort you should definitely consider to make your time in Bali a treasured vacation. Even if you are not staying here, it is, nonetheless, an excellent day outing spot with outdoor pools, private beach area, and traditional spa treatments.

You can just relax or participate in a range of outdoor adventures while you are here. Besides, the resort also receives acclaim for its delightful dining experiences. Enjoy your dinner on the beach or be seated inside an elegant air-conditioned dining hall. The place is full of treats for everyone.

Location: Jalan Raya Nusa Dua Selatan, Kabupaten Badung, Bali

Timing: Day Pass from 10 am to 6 pm

Price: INR 4540 /IDR 920,400 (Day Pass)

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Kuta Night Market

Kuta Night Market is a dynamic enclave located on Jalan Blambangan in Kuta and is best known for the diversity of food options available here. Since this is one of the most popular markets in Bali, you can expect to encounter a mixed crowd where people of all nationalities can be seen having a good time.

Thus, a visit to this market is a great chance to try the local delicacies of Bali at cheap prices. Though it is a small market,  its open-air setting adds to the pleasantness of the place, allowing visitors to enjoy a fun evening. Located at a short distance is Kuta Art Market where you can find a wealth of clothes, souvenirs, and much more.

Location: Jalan Blambangan, Kuta, Bali

Timing: Daily from 5 pm to 10 pm

Price: No entry fee

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Bali Family Holiday Packages


Sundays Beach Club

Boasting an idyllic beachfront location, Sundays Beach Club can be visited for lounging, dining, and capturing the essence of Bali in your heart and your camera. A popular lounge, Sundays Beach club features all-day dining, scattered rock pools, and a wide selection of interesting experiences.

Fill your day with the excitement of water sports like snorkelling, swimming, and kayaking. Catch grand vistas of the sunset as you capture the beauty of the sea. Devour a tasty, wholesome dinner with global and local flavours along with a variety of drinks. Enjoy a bonfire experience with your family and friends. Being at Sundays Beach Club is your best bet to enjoy a day out in Bali.

Location: Bukit Peninsula, Bali

Timing: 9 am to 10 pm

Price: INR 1500/IDR 300,000

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                    Bali Group Trips


Rock Bar Bali

To watch the fiery sunset by the sea with a glass of wine or signature cocktails, Rock Bar in Jimbaran is your best bet. The seating is arranged partly on a connected limestone cliff which is the selling feature of this venue. The crowd is elite and often just come to experience the magnificent sunset from an elevated cliff.

To set up the mood, there is a fine line-up of world-renowned DJ’s who can make you rock’n’roll while you a getting a high of the view and your drink.

 AYANA Resort and Spa, Jl. Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran, Bali 80364

Timings: From 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM on all days of the week.

 Around  INR 4000 /IDR 820000 for two people

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                      Bali Tour Package For Couple From Kolkata


Gianyar Night Market

Vibrant, energetic and rewarding – Gianyar Night The market is one of the best tourist places in Bali with a range of experiences to offer. As the day starts to fade away, this street comes alive with the hustle and bustle of shoppers, gastronomes and sellers.

From scrumptious snacks and savoury desserts to inexpensive clothes and traditional jewellery, everything is available here. Put your bargaining skills to good use and buy all that fascinates you. Pamper the food lover in you by trying out a wide selection of local street food items. Immerse yourself in the festive vibes, and you will leave the market elated.

Location: Jalan Ngurah Rai, Gianyar, Bali

Timing: Daily from 3 pm to Midnight

Price: No entry fee required

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                     Bali Couple Package From Pune

Beaches to Visit in Bali


Tanjung Benoa Beach

A picturesque holiday destination for beach lovers visiting Bali, Tanjung Benoa Beach is perfect for a peaceful staycation experience. From various types of fun beach activities to comfortable accommodations with world-class facilities, Tanjung Benoa has everything you may need on a well-rounded beach holiday.

The beach brings forth nature's perfect artistry through a long stretch white sands creating an appealing contrast with indigo blue waters of the sea. Try your hand on jet-skiing, dive deep to explore vibrant aquatic life, and participate in glass bottom boat ride – there's a whole lot of amusements here.

Location: Southeast of Bali, Indonesia

Activities: Famous for Water Sports like Jet Skii, paragliding, snorkelling, scuba diving and lots more

Best Time: Early morning and afternoon are the best time to visit Tanjung Benoa Beach to enjoy its watersports.

How to Reach: The best way to reach here is to get a taxi and reach to this beach after 25 minutes of drive

Click Here To Book Now: Tanjung Benoa Water Sports Bali

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Sanur Beach

Image Credit : Michael Verhoef

Take a break from Bali’s hectic popularly crowded beaches and head to Sanur, known for it’s quaint and laid back atmosphere with offshore reefing proving calm and serene waters and a perfect family getaway. Sanur is frequented by tourists for being just the right place. It’s miles away from its extremely hectic counterpart (Kuta) and boasts a variety of small restaurants and bars not owned by huge resorts.

It’s relaxed waters and limp waves prove to be very convenient for families. This beach is especially popular on Sunday’s where street vendors and locals and tourists alike throng the beach casting a wonderful festive atmosphere. So sit back, relax and engulf the serene sunset at Sanur beach.Sanur is the house to many famous Markets in Bali

Activities: Visit the Le Mayeur Museum, Sea Walking, Gaze at the Bali sharks and visit the turtle conservation center.

Location: Located at a distance of almost 11 km from Denpasar city.

Best time to visit: With exceptional beauty in months of July and August, these are the best months to visit this beach.

How to reach: Sanur is a 30-minute taxi ride from the Ngurah Rai International Airport, and a pre-paid coupon costs INR 730/IDR 150,000.

Click Here To Book Now: Thrilling Snorkeling Activity in Sanur Beach

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Lovina Beach

Formed by multiple small beaches, Lovina Beach covers many local hamlets within it. This pristine beach lures its visitors with its turquoise-blue waves, rocking nightlife, and black sands.

 One thing that sets it apart from the rest of the beaches in Bali is its dolphin watching tour. If you get some spare time, you can also visit its art shops, seafood restaurants, and cafes.

Activities: Enjoy the dolphin watching tour, Relish the taste of traditional seafood at one of its restaurants, See the sun going down the horizon by the beachside.

Location: Lovina Beach, Buleleng Regency, Bali

Best time to visit: This beach can be best visited during sunrise and sunsets.

How to reach: You can travel to Lovina Beach by car or bus.

Click Here To Book Now: Lovina Dolphin Watching and Snorkeling Tour

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Pasir Puth Beach

If you’re in for an adventurous road trip then that is what you’ll get trying to locate this secluded beach. Once you do though, it’s a dream come true, Pair Puthit means white sands and that is exactly what you will come across, striking white sands with crystal blue waters making it a tropical paradise.

You’ll also then notice something lovely unlike almost every other beach in Bali, this one is so secluded there’s not a single villa or hotel in sight. Making it the perfect place for a hideout.

Activities: You can swim in turquoise waters, rent a beaten-up longue chair and enjoy some local eats on the sparsely populated shoreline.

Location: Located at a distance of almost 5 km from Pejarakan.

Best time to visit: With otherworldly beauty in months of July and August, these are the best months to visit this beach.

How to reach: It is around 
4.5km drive to the east of the main hub of Candidasa.

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                              Bali Tour Package For Couple From Chennai


Blue Point Beach

Suluban Beach, more commonly known as Blue Point Beach among outsiders, is a heavenly sea escape in Bali. The scenery of this place looks exquisite with various shades of blue in the sea, coastal cliffs shrouded by green vegetation and unique limestone formations. The soft, white sands of the beach are just a bonus, promising some moments of pure relaxation.

When you plan to visit this place, make a mental note to bring your camera along as one can enjoy spellbinding sunset views from here. And should you decide on spending some more time here, there is a hotel named Bluepoint Villas overlooking the beach.

Location: Uluwatu, Bali

 8 AM to 6 PM on all days of the week.

 Free of cost.

How to Reach:  
The easiest way to reach Suluban Beach is from Kuta. Suluban Beach is an extended part of Uluwatu Beach and the beaches are connected through Suluban Beach cave in Bali

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                      Bali Packages For Couple From Bangalore

Shopping Places in Bali


Ubud Art Market

Image Credit : balistarisland.com

This market is in the heart of Ubud and is best strolled for shopping souvenir and craftworks like quilt-stitched batik camisoles which is a famous Balinese item along with quadruple-coloured bohemian satin skirts, and brass Buddha statuettes, Moroccan-style oil lamps etc. One of the many Bali tourist places which are included in almost every itinerary that offers shopping.

The laid-back walks in these markets bring you across an assorted collection of colourful artistry pieces of craftsmanship and you can bargain your way while shopping. This market is indeed a treat to the sore eyes.

Location: Jalan Raya Ubud No.35, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

Opening hours:
6 AM to 6 PM on all days of the week.

Click Here To Book Now: Ubud Art Village Tour

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Sukawati Art Market

From sculpted wooden showpieces to contemporary art based paintings; Sukhavati Art Market is a hub of masterpieces. You will find home-made Balinese products and other handicrafts in this market. Locally famous as 'Pasar Seni Sukawati', Sukawati Art Market is a two-storey building which was established somewhere in the ’80s.

The building is highly flocked with holiday shoppers. From women accessories such as handbags to clothes and traditional kites; this market is always full of art.

Jalan Raya Sukawati, Sukawati, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80582, Indonesia

Opening hours:
6 AM to 6 PM on all days of the week.

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                    Ahmedabad To Bali Couple Package


Jalan Pantai, Kuta

This one-way street follows from the best nightlife clubs to shopping centres and hotels in Kuta. From big hotel chains to small souvenir shop and spa centres, Jalan Pantai Kuta has three key areas serving a multitude of functions. The divisions are Bemo Corner, Midsection and Beach Road. Bemo Corner is where you will find small kiosks selling Balinese artworks to accessories and kids stores.

There are a few restaurants which provide a good dining experience as well. The midsection has the most vivid appearance with Surf shops, Motorbike rental shops, Tattoo shops, tailors and spas etc. Beach Road is lined with global restaurant chains like KFC and Rip curl along individual cafes and restaurants.

Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia

Opening Hours:
Different stores have different opening hours.

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Sanur Night Market

Image Credit : nowbali.co.id

Locally known as Pasar Malam Sindu and this night market can provide you with fresh morning groceries to other items from your daily necessities list. You will find many meals on wheels experience and taste the best local food in the most authentic setting.

This market is quite close to the Sanur’s Jalan Danau Tamblingan road. From smoking grills serving chicken and lamb to frying woks serving a wide variety of noodles and spaghetti.

Location: Jalan Danau Toba, Sindu, Sanur

Opening hours:
From 6 PM to 1 AM on all days of the week.

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Poppies Lane

Image Credit : noordinarynomad.com

Poppies Lane is a marketplace spanning over two narrow streets, dotted with several cafes, bars, and shops. One of the best places to visit in Bali for shopping and idling, this market is more popular among tourists than the locals with an extensive range of products, especially surfboards.

The market has various famous surf shops where you could discover a treasure of readymade as well as custom-designed boards. Furthermore, Poppies Lane also has a bunch of art shops selling local artwork on a good bargain.

Location: Jalan Pantai Kuta Beach Road, Bali

Opening Hours:
Different stores, restaurants, and resorts have different opening hours.

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Places to Eat in Bali


Chedi Club

Chedi Club is counted among the best places to visit in Bali as one can relish a peculiar combination of food and adventure here. Imagine flying above the breathtakingly scenic rice paddies and soaking up the overview of sightseeing places in Bali. This is the kind of delight Chedi Club provides, adding a new dimension to people's holiday experiences in Bali.

The packages offered by this luxury resort combine hot air balloon flights with breakfast, lunch or dinner treats, letting you enjoy a well-rounded fun. The flights are available at dawn, later afternoon and dusk, so you can choose the shade of Bali you would like to witness the most.

Jalan Raya Goa Gajah, Kemenuh, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali

Dawn to Dusk

Click Here To Book Now: Hot Air Balloon Ride at Chedi Club

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Swept Away at the Samaya

Image Credit : thesamayabali.com

Enjoy the company of nature, the serenity of a calm river stream, and the brilliance of culinary artistry — Swept Away at the Samaya Bali is one of the best attractions in Bali to spend a wonderful evening with your dear ones. Here, you get to indulge in a fine dining experience on an elevated deck that overlooks the picturesque river flowing across Ubud.

Most importantly, you are going to be spoilt for choice looking at the wide range of delicacies from various cuisines available. The menu ranges from the local favourites to the global favourites, thus pleasing all the guests in the most graceful manner. Additionally, there is also a lounge where one can satisfy their appetite for cocktails.

Location: Jalan Raya Sayan, Sayan, Kecamatan Ubud, Bali

Timing: 11 am to 10 pm

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Bali Packages From Jaipur


Seasalt Seminyak

Image Credit : seasaltseminyak.com

Buy yourself an unrivalled coastal dining experience in Bali at Seasalt Seminyak, a popular seafood restaurant with unpretentious setup. The beachfront location and alfresco setting make it one of the best places to visit in Bali for an exceptionally romantic dinner date.

Watch the sun being gulped down the wide horizon while you sip on your savoury cocktails and nibble on tasty regional snacks. The vibes of this place, when mingled with your emotions, will end up creating one of the prettiest evenings of your Bali holiday.

Jalan Taman Ganesha No. 9, Petitenget, Bali

12 Noon to 11 pm

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Musubi Modern Japanese Kitchen

If your taste buds are craving something else than Balinese dishes after spending a few days in Bali, pamper them with the best of Japanese food. Revel in the authentic flavours of Japan by reserving one of your evenings in Bali for Musubi Modern Japanese Kitchen.

The casual atmosphere of the restaurant will lift your spirits while you are on a journey to discover the richness of the Japanse cuisine. In addition to an unusual assortment of main course items, the menu also features a selection of cocktails and wines.

Location: Jalan Pantai Berawa, Kabupaten Badung, Bali

Timing: 8 am to 9:30 pm

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Offering a wide array of mouth-watering French, Mediterranean and fusion dishes to create a sensory gastronomic delight for you and your date, Metis Bali is a fine dining restaurant with the beachfront setting.

The venue has a variety of dining experiences to offer as it encompasses an airy restaurant, lounge, bar, and private seating space. Head to the verandah lounge to gulp in some appetizing cocktails or spend some time at the bar savouring vivid flavours from an exclusive curation of wines. Whether your priority is the view, ambience, or food, Metis Bali scores full on all counts.

Jl. Petitenget No.6, Kerobokan Kelod, Kabupaten Badung, Bali

11 am to 2 am

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Other Places to Visit in Bali


Elephant Safari Park North Ubud

If you are a wildlife enthusiast seeking some authentic jungle experiences in Bali, you will not find a better place than Elephant Safari Park. A visit to this elephant rehabilitation park will offer you plenty of moments to remember as you spend some quality time in the company of these magnificent creatures. Climb on their backs and explore the jungle, watch them flaunt their paintings skills, and get to know some interesting facts about them through their instructors.

The activities like feeding an elephant and bathing them also make the experience here an immersive one. Besides, the park encompasses a botanical garden, a restaurant and even an overnight accommodation to make things all the more exciting for you.

Location: Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali

Timing: 7 am to 3 pm

Entry fee: IDR 887,000

Click Here To Book Now: Elephant Safari Park Lodge

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Tirta Gangga

Witness something unique in Bali by visiting Tirta Gangga Royal Water Garden. Easily one of the best places to see in Bali, Tirta Gangga is a royal palace built in the middle of sprawling water gardens. Belonging to the royal Karangasem family, the palace was built in 1948.

The unique concept of the palace brings it to the list of the most impressive architectural masterpieces the island boasts. Whether you are a culture vulture, an architecture buff, or someone on a quest to unearth the treasures of Bali, this place is a must-visit attraction. The water garden is adorned by numerous statues and a towering fountain bearing beautiful carvings and exhibiting brilliant craftsmanship.

  Abang, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali

Timing: 8 am to 6 pm

Entry fee: IDR 10,000

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Gunung Kawi (Temple)

One of the most popular among the rock-cut temples and places to see in Bali, Gunung Kawi Temple is also believed to be the tomb site of the Warmadewa Dynasty. A place with huge reverence and historical significance, Gunung Kawi is replete with attractions such as small stone caves, rock shrines, and a collection of sculptures.

 Located at the bottom of a river valley, the large temple complex is surrounded by tropical trees. The unique architectural style of the temple attracts tourists in great numbers throughout the year, making it one of the top tourist attractions in Bali.

Location: Banjar Penaka, Tampaksiring, Gianyar, Bali

Timing: 8 am to 6 pm

Entry fee: IDR 20,000

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Lake Beratan

One of those tourist places in Bali where spirituality and picturesqueness come together to create an unforgettable treat for spectators, Lake Beratan is the second the largest lake in Bali. Apart from its iconic scenery, the lake is best known for housing a significant religious attraction called Ulun Danu Beratan Temple.

The 17th Century temple is located in the middle of the lake and looks absolutely stunning. Indulge in a relaxing boat ride and click plenty of photographs to keep the memory of the moments spent here fresh. If you are looking forward to escaping the urban disruption, a visit to this lake with mighty mountains in the backdrop is the best way to soothe your mind and soul.

Location: Bedugul, Bali

8 am to 6 pm (temple)

Entry fee:
IDR 50,000

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Ujung Water Palace

This incredible water palace was once a royal house and was constructed by the king of Karangasem. The campus is set across an area of 10 hectares of land and is surrounded by a number of water pools. Mount Agung in the backdrop and floating fumes of fog playing hide and seek with the peak is an amazing sight.

The palace is often compared to Tirta Gangga for its beauty and attracts tourists from around the globe.

Taman Ujung, Tumbuh, Kec. Karangasem, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali 80811, Indonesia

Timings: From 7 AM to 7 PM on all days of the week.

Entry Fee:
Around INR 175/IDR 35572 per person.

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Ubud Palace

Ubud Palace is a major landmark and a significant historical monument that was constructed between the year 1800 to 1823. The palace is your chance to admire the intricacies of Balinese architecture and is adorned with lush gardens with pretty exotic plants and flowers.

This historical building complex is officially known as Puri Saren Agung. This palace was once home to the royal family and is now serves as the best platform for cultural dance evenings. It is one of the places to visit in Bali for the history buffs and archaeologists.

Jl. Raya Ubud No.8, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 

Timings: 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM on all days of the week.

Free of cost.

Click Here To Book Now: Ubud Kintamani Tour Bali

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Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge is where adventure meets nature, and creates a refreshing experience for local thrill-seekers as well as tourists willing to try some action in Bali. A popular nature trail in Ubud, Campuhan Ridge walk lets you breathe in the fresh air, soothe your eyes with lush green surroundings, and get away from sites packed with tourists.

The total length of the track is 9 km which is barely steep and can be undertaken with people with no prior experience in trekking. The well-market trail is quite scenic as it passes through rice fields, traditional villages, and Pura Gunung Lebah Temple, filling your journey with different shades of Bali.

Location: Jalan Raya Campuhan, Sayan, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali

Timing: Open 24 Hours

Entry Fee: Free

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Lake Batur

A vast lake cradled between Mount Abang and Mount Batur in Kintamani, Lake Batur is one of the most spectacular sightseeing places in Bali. While the captivating scenery attracts throngs of tourists to come to witness the beauty of this lake, it is believed to be holy by locals, drawing in many devotees during all seasons.

You can make your visit to Lake Batur treasurable memories in multiple ways.  You can enjoy a delicious lunch at one of the floating restaurants over the lake, take dips into hot water pools nearby, and make good use of your photography skills to capture the essence of this bewitching sight. The atmosphere and sight of Lake Bature will become the highlight of your Bali tour.

Location: Kintamani, Bali

Timing: Always Open

Price: IDR 30.00 

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Things to Do Near Mount Batur
                                      Bali Tour Packages From Mumbai


Puri Lukisan Museum

Image Credit : fabulousubud.com

Get familiar with various forms of traditional as well as contemporary Balinese art and craft by visiting Puri Lukisan Museum which is regarded as one of the top tourists places in Bali. The collection on display is quite impressive and features Batuan style colourful artworks, Sanur style detailed paintings and Ubud style paintings which exhibit a different level of intricacy.

Besides, the museum also houses 62 sets of sculptures along with various other forms of artworks involving wood carvings popular in the region. If you are an art or culture buff travelling to Bali, add this museum to your itinerary because a tour of this place will give you a valuable understanding of the Balinese art styles.

Location: Jalan Raya Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali

Timing: 9 am to 6 pm

Entry fee: IDR 75,000

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                     Bali Packages From Delhi


Dream Museum Zone

Featuring a wonderful assortment of 3D illusions, Dream Museum Zone is one of the most fun attractions in Bali. There is a wide range of quirky artworks in the gallery that makes for perfect backdrops to click funny and intriguing pictures, making it one of the most fun things to do in Bali. Dream Museum Zone boasts a collection of 120 paintings divided into 14 categories.

Whether you want to share a frame with a shark, pose below a majestic waterfall, or be transported to Egypt – with these realistic, life-size murals in the backdrop, you can trick anybody through your photographs.

Location: Jalan Nakula No. 33X, Legian, Bali

Timing: 9 am to 10 pm

Entry fee: IDR 150,000

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Visit Blanco Renaissance Museum

If you are a lover of art and luxury, visiting Blanco Renaissance Museum is a must-visit place in Ubud. The museum is perched atop a hill and overlooks the lush green valley of Campuhan. It houses the various artworks of renowned Philippine artist Don Antonio Blanco, who came to Bali in 1952 for settling in Ubud.

His home and studio have been transformed into the museum where you can see his paintings, collages and illustrated poetries encased in luxurious and artistic frames. You can also find a gift shop and a temple inside the premises of the museum. The lush green garden and cosy cafe serving a range of delicious cuisines make this place ideal to spend a whole day. 

Jl. Raya Campuhan, Sayan, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali

: Entry to the museum costs INR 245/IDR 50000 per person and is free for children 

Timings: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Click Here To Book Now: Don Antonio Blanco Museum Tickets

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People Also Ask About Bali

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Bali for a honeymoon?

    1. Nusa Lembongan: This is a small island situated close to Bali that features highly picturesque scenery. The island has untouched beaches, limestone cliffs, a really rich underwater life, and beautiful rock formations. Couples interested in taking up water activities together can also visit this island.

    2. Tukad Cepung Waterfall: One of the most tranquilizing places to visit in Bali, all the other waterfalls that you have experienced in your life would be belittled once you get to admire this majestic fall. This romantic and peaceful waterfall forms a plunge pool surrounded by rocks for the visitors to take a dive into.

    3. Nusa Penida: If you are looking for unspoiled nature and a peaceful getaway for your honeymoon, this is surely one of the best Bali tourist places. This beautiful island features amazing cliffs surrounded by lush greenery and crystal-clear water, making it a perfect romantic place for honeymooners.

    4. Sekumpul Waterfall: If you are more of an outdoor couple and would love to take up a beautiful trail that includes climbing up hundreds of stairs to admire the beauty of this waterfall and spend some peaceful time with your partner, this is one of the must place to see in Bali

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  2. What are the best adventure sports in Bali?

    1. Scuba Diving: Scuba Diving is one of the must-try adventure sports for each and every visitor to the beautiful island of Bali. The rich underwater flora and fauna around Bali allow divers to indulge in a completely distinct and satisfying scuba diving experience under the guidance of highly experienced divers.

    2. Flyboarding at Benoa Beach: Benoa Beach comes in one of the famous Bali places. However, very few people are aware of the amazing adventure sports of flyboarding that are offered at this place. This activity allows you to glide over the waters and indulge in some heart thumping fun.

    3. Kite Surfing: Kite surfing is one of the most popular adventure sports that one can try in Bali. Imagine the cool ocean breeze rushing over your head whilst you surf over the tranquil waters of Bali, being pulled by a huge kite flying in the sky.

    4. Cliff Jumping at Aling Aling Waterfall: If you love diving into the water, this place is a haven for you. However, with an added adventure of jumping into a plunge pool from a daring cliff. Moreover, this place is quite untouched and offers a peaceful and calm environment.

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  3. Which are the best beaches in Bali?

    1. Sanur Beach: If you wish to visit a beach that is less frequented by tourists and has a laid-back and calm environment, flanked by a number of amazing restaurants and bars, Sanur Beach is the perfect destination for you.

    2. Kuta Beach: Kuta Beach is one of the most popular Bali tourist attractions with its endless blue waters, legendary bars, restaurants, colorful umbrellas, and beautiful waves, this beach has it all that a tourist desires. Kuta Beach is also particularly famous amongst surfers from across the world.

    3. Lovina Beach: The beautiful black sands, the amazing nightlife, and the turquoise blue waters of this beautiful beach are what attract people from all over the world. This beach is actually a collection of various small patches of shoreline allowing people to find their very own private spots and bask in the sun amidst beautiful surroundings.

    4. Tanjung Benoa Beach: One of the most amazing places to see in Bali if you are a beach lover, this is a beautiful stretch of endless activities, beautiful sand, crystal clear waters, and amazing food. The beach is surrounded by lush greenery and offers tranquil views of the endless sea.

    Click Here to Book Now: Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking with Ayung River Rafting in Bali

  4. What is the best month to go to Bali?

    April to October are the best months that one can plan a trip to the beautiful island of Bali. These are the months that receive the minimum amount of rainfall and allow the visitors to indulge in all the various activities and visit all the outdoor attractions that Bali has to offer. The weather during this time is also quite pleasant.

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  5. How many days are enough for Bali?

    To completely explore each and every major attraction of Bali and to soak in its amazing culture, try out its authentic food, and indulge in all the different adventure activities offered by the destination, it is recommended to have at least 6-10 days in hand.

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