Snorkeling in Bali

Bali Snorkeling Packages

Duration Price
Blue Lagoon Snorkeling in Bali5 hours - 10 hours
INR 2,368
Snorkeling in South Kuta2 hours
INR 8,641
Snorkeling at Nusa Dua1 hour
INR 1,124
Snorkeling in Amed10 hours
INR 1,950
Snorkeling in Nusa Penida5 hours
INR 3,500
Snorkeling at Tulamben in Bali9 hours
INR 2,799
Thrilling Snorkeling Activity in Sanur Beach8 hours
INR 3,899

If life underwater has always piqued your interest, then snorkelling in Bali should be one of the topmost activities on your bucket list. While snorkelling, you can also experience the underwater cacophony to understand the diverse marine ecosystem better. Wreck Of The USAT Liberty is one of the best snorkelling spots in Bali, where an American warship wreck was torpedoed during WWII while traversing the Lombok Strait. Pos Dua is an interesting dive site in Bali, with numerous intricate maze-like rocks made of channels, swim-throughs, and gorges where if you dive deeper, you can reach a depth of 40 meters.

Manta Point is another popular destination for Bali snorkelling, where you can have a lifetime adventure of snorkelling with the manta rays. Enjoy an up-close interaction with the water beauties at Mangrove Point on your Bali trip that is known for its mangrove population. 

Jemeluk Bay is also an excellent spot for Snorkeling Bali, and you can experience the beautiful coral formations and colorful fish that signify the rainbow cycle over here. So take a plunge in the underwater world and feel the underwater creatures crawl above you as you swim across the blue water to have an unusual experience.

Best Time For Snorkeling in Bali:

The best time for experiencing the best snorkeling in Bali is from April to September. During this time, Bali enjoys the dry and sunny weather with calm waters. These conditions make the period ideal for underwater exploration. You can spot colourful coral reefs, tropical fish, and sea turtles at this time. It also allows you to click plenty of photographs underwater. On the other hand, Bali experiences a wet season from October to March. This rainy season may bring rough seas and reduced visibility due to rain.

Best Places For Snorkeling in Bali:

Here are some of the best places for snorkeling in Bali:

1. Wreck Of The USAT Liberty: If you're looking for one of the best places for snorkelling in Bali, Tulamben should be your ideal destination. Tulamben is the most popular destination for divers in Bali as it is home to the American wreck that torpedoed while traversing the Lombok Strait during WWII.

The USAT Liberty is one of the most accessible wreck dives in the entire world, positioned a mere twenty-five meters from the beach. The wreck's bottom is at around thirty meters, making the deep part accessible to expert freed divers and advanced SCUBA divers. You can see divers everywhere –exiting the water, entering the water, pulling on wetsuits, and checking equipment.

2. The Coral Garden, Tulamben: The Coral Garden is about a hundred meters away from Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben, and it is a haven for macro lovers. It is at a depth of 2-14 m and is wonderfully grown, featuring soft and stone coral alike. You can also find here an underwater temple that blossoms with colourful marine vegetation.

It's a shallow reef almost on the surface, and you can easily see its majestic wonders as soon as you dive into the water. This Bali dive site is the perfect place for macro underwater photography as it houses many macro-organisms. You can see reef fishes, schools of bumphead parrotfish, pygmy seahorse, jackfish, shrimps, and the occasional barracuda, eel, blacktip shark, and stingray.

3. Manta Point: If you want to have the lifetime adventure of Snorkeling Bali with the manta rays, you must head to Manta Point, situated just off the coast of Nusa Penida. It is the only diving site in Bali where you can witness a huge population of manta rays that are gentle giants of the sea. It consists of a small slope with no current and beautiful coral, making it an excellent dive site.

You can also spot sharks, stingrays, reef fishes, and other endemic aquatic animals. The current is slight, but the dive can be difficult because of the swell that is strong due to the gigantic waves of the Indian Ocean.

4. Mangrove Point: Mangrove Point on Nusa Lembongan's shore is an excellent spot for Bali snorkeling as the tides on this shore are softer. It has a huge slope of coral reef, which slopes down to around twenty-eight meters.

As the name suggests, the site is known for the mangrove population, serving as a nursery for hundreds of baby fishes before they venture out into the strong currents. You can also spot here various aquatic species such as stingrays, reef fishes, jackfish, and shrimps.

5. Pos Dua: Pos Dua is one of the most popular places for snorkeling in Bali, and you can spot here fantastic diversity of coral reefs and fish. It is particularly famous for its transparency, and you can penetrate as deeply as forty meters down to have the best experience of your life.

It features the most dramatic walls, and you can see ghost pipefish, reef fishes, stingrays, and shrimps. This site also offers PADI Open Water Diver students an excellent opportunity to have a diving experience at Menjangan Island.

6. The Coral Garden, Menjangan Island: The coral garden is the perfect mixture of man-made structures and original rocky reef, placed on the site by famous dive resorts to repopulate the reef and help promote coral growth after decades of fishing. Divers of all levels are mesmerized by the diversity of corals that lays at five meters deep before the wall starts.

Some of the marine species you can spot while snorkeling Bali include crocodile fish, trumpet fishes, cleaning fish, eagle rays, scorpionfish, reef sharks, spadefish, and Nudibranchs. Here, the sea bed is mesmerizing: thick shoals of sergeant majors and green chromis swim around the coral beds, while butterflyfish, spine foot, and parrotfish come and go on the reef drop-off.

7. Lipah Bay, Amed: The Lipah Bay dive site has some of the most amazing corals and sea creatures that you can not take your eyes off. It has some of the best dive sites in Bali, lots of nudibranchs, and the occasional shark sighting. It is a black bay of sand, and you can see a beautiful reef here with soft and rough corals.

Many species of butterflyfish can be seen here, and you might even come across juvenile harlequin sweetlips, whose swimming will give you the impression that they perfectly "dance" upside down. The underwater visibility completely depends on current, tides, and weather.

8. Jemeluk Bay, Amed: Get ready for marine action by visiting Jemeluk Bay, one of the best places for snorkeling in Bali. It is a beautiful spot on the Amed beach with crystal clear blue waters and an abundant variety of marine life.

Pygmy seahorses and ghost pipefish are the most famous sea creatures at this dive site. You can get to experience the beautiful coral formations and colorful fish that signify the rainbow cycle. At the bay, you can also see six-bar wrasse, batfish shoals, green Chromis, and a wide variety of marine life.

9. Biorock Reefs, Pemuteran: Situated off the coast of a fishing village on the northeast coast of Bali is the scenic Pemuteran Bay, famous for sheltering the world's largest Biorock artificial reef project.

A biorock is a cement-like substance-using which marine enthusiasts can create structures that can be the habitat for clams, oysters, corals, and other marine creatures. Water depths here mostly range between three to seven meters, and the structures are lined, creating an area for Snorkeling Bali.

10. Shark Island, Serangan: Shark Island is a sanctuary for baby sharks, and tons of tourists come here to interact with these predators every year. It is one of the best places for snorkeling in Bali as it allows you to have a closer look at the sharks under the guidance of instructors.

The various types of sharks you can find here are Whitetip, Grey reef sharks, Blacktip, ornate wobbegongs, and epaulette sharks. Once you see these beautiful creatures up close, you'll never be scared of a shark again!

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Bali Snorkeling FAQs

Does Bali is good for snorkelling?

Yes, Bali is excellent for snorkelling activities. It is famous for its diverse marine life and environment. You will find colourful coral reefs, tropical fish, and even sea turtles. The clear waters and warm temperatures of Bali also create ideal conditions for snorkelling adventures. Whether you are a first-timer or experienced, there are the best snorkeling spots in Bali. All you need to do is take your snorkel gear and sunscreen for a memorable underwater experience in the beautiful waters of Bali.

Can you do snorkeling with turtles in Bali?

Yes, there is a high chance of encountering turtles while snorkelling in Bali. You will find the best snorkeling in Bali, and Padang Bai if you wish to enjoy turtle sightings. Through this activity, you can see Manta Ray Turtles or Sea Turtles that visit the shoreline for nesting. Besides these turtles, you can also spot other marine creatures, like octopuses, and sea snakes.

How much does it cost for snorkeling in Bali?

The cost of snorkeling in Bali ranges from IDR 2,11,471 to IDR 16,25,730 (INR 1,124 to INR 8,641 approx.) per person. This activity allows you to enjoy the experience for 1 to 10 hours. This cost also includes bottled water, hotel pickup, a certified instructor, shower facilities, and snorkelling gear. You can visit places like Blue Lagoon, South Kuta, Nusa Dua, Amed, Nusa Penida, Tulamben, or Sanur Beach for best snorkeling spots in Bali.

How deep do you go when snorkeling in Bali?

You can go down 10 to 30 feet when snorkeling in Bali. It will allow you to get a closer look at the beautiful underwater aquatic life and click stunning photographs. Some spots have beautiful coral and a "wall" that drops to about 55 meters deep. If you are comfortable enough, you can dive up to 55 metres. Even the locals dive up to 55 metres to take care of the underwater biodiversity.

What tips should I know before going for snorkelling activity in Bali?

  • Choose a reliable company with well-maintained boats and safety equipment for the best snorkeling in Bali.
  • Make sure that your snorkel masks fit comfortably and do not leak.
  • Use sunscreen to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays of the sun, especially on your neck and back.
  • Wear a rash vest before snorkelling for added protection.
  • Check waterproof gear and camera seals before going for snorkelling activity.
  • Charge your camera and know how to use it underwater.
  • Avoid touching marine life and standing on coral reefs.
  • Do not feed marine animals or leave any trash underwater.
  • Wear lights and comfortable dri-fit material clothing for snorkeling in Bali.

What are the basic precautions to be taken care of for snorkeling in Bali?

  • Foreign nationals must provide passport and visa details at booking and upon arrival.
  • Carry an ID proof at booking and upon arrival in Bali.
  • Prevent fogging by spitting in your mask or using baby shampoo.
  • Use a snorkel with a purge valve to drain water easily.
  • Take motion sickness tablets an hour before snorkeling in Bali.
  • Refrain from getting intoxicated to enjoy the activity completely.

Which are the best places for snorkelling in Nusa Penida?

1. Crystal Bay: If life underwater has always piqued your interest, the corals have fascinated you, and the reefs have been on your bucket list, you must try snorkeling at Crystal Bay. This quiet bay is set between the two islands of Penida and Lembongan, and you can venture here to see multi-colored corals and fish.

The water is also clear and has good visibility making it ideal for snorkeling in Bali. This is also a dream for underwater photographers, and you can click beautiful pictures here while snorkeling.

2. Gamat Bay: Gamat Bay is situated on Nusa Penida's western coast between Banana Beach and Tanjung Kuning, right opposite Nusa Ceningan. It has very clean sand and colorful corals and is highly favoured by divers to see exotic marine life.

Gamat Bay is home to large pelagic fish, stingrays, sunfish, funny turtles, sharks, and the bay's main part has shallow water between the rocks. If you want to snorkel here, bring your own fins and equipment as the currents can be very strong. It is one of the best Bali snorkeling spots as it is generally protected from surges and provides optimal snorkeling conditions.

3. The Wall Point: If you love splashing in clear waters and watching the reef fishes, you shouldn't miss snorkeling at The Wall Point. The calm water, beautiful underwater scenery, and nice weather make it the top destination for snorkeling in Bali.

You can spot a wide variety of fishes under the water of Wall Point. The colorful appearance of the fish and other aquatic species at the Wall Point makes it look like a majestic underwater painting. You can jump into the water from your boat near the wall and drift slowly with the current that runs parallel with the wall.

4. Buddha Temple: This underwater temple serves as an artificial reef where underwater enthusiasts can see stupas and a Buddha statue. Buddha Temple presents underwater exoticism and will make you wonder at the beautiful sights.

The temple is situated next to Nusa Ceningan approx. 6-7 meters deep in water. It is an excellent spot for snorkeling Bali, but the currents here are sometimes strong, so you need to take caution while snorkeling. Many tourists snorkel at Buddha Temple to see the beautiful Buddha statues under the vast sea.

Which are the best snorkelling spots on Amed Beach?

1. Jemeluk Bay: Discover the charismatic beauty of the underwater world and get ready to interact with the aquatic species by enjoying snorkeling in Bali at Jemeluk Bay. It is a beautiful stretch of black sand beach situated in Amed, and it is renowned for its flourishing coral reefs.

The calm water and low current make this destination ideal for snorkelling and other water-based adventure activities. You can also find an underwater temple named the Underwater Post Office over here. Here, you can see fish species such as Damselfish, Surgeonfish, Blue Spotted Ray, Angelfish, and healthy coral reefs.

2. Lipah Beach: Keep your mouth wide open and your soul full of thrill and excitement as you enjoy snorkeling at Lipah Beach. It is one of the best Bali snorkeling spots where the sand is not too black compared to other surrounding beaches.

It is one of the most peaceful and beautiful beaches between Seraya and Amed with turquoise blue water. Here you can witness colorful and large coral structures and different fish species such as Blue Spotted Rays, Mackerels, and Sponge Barrel. There are no big rapids or waves, making Lipah Beach an ideal destination for snorkeling and other adventure activities.

3. Kembali Beach Bungalows Reef: Chase the marine species and try to unravel the hidden facts about the underwater world as you enjoy Bali snorkeling at Kembali Beach Bungalows Reef. It is one of the best snorkeling sites on Abed Beach that you must visit to unearth the underwater treasure of Bali.

Here you can witness shallow coral reefs and many colorful and small species of fish and other aquatic animals. If you're lucky, then during your snorkeling adventure, you can also spot endemic sea turtles.

4. Bunutan – Selang Beach: This Bali snorkeling spot is not so famous as compared to other snorkeling destinations around Bali. Here you can spot an underwater park containing various species of tropical fish and colorful coral reefs. Discover colorful reefs, turtles, and big fish during your snorkeling adventure over here.

Whether you want to explore an underwater ecosystem or get up close and personal with marine fishes, sharks, and many other fascinating underwater creatures, you should not miss snorkeling at Bunutan – Selang Beach.

5. Japanese Amed shipwreck: If you wish to have a wonderful snorkeling experience while exploring the deep blue sea, the Japanese Amed shipwreck should be your go-to option. It is a Japanese shipwreck that has now become a coral reef foundation structure. But this spot can be reached only by experienced snorkelers because the tides here are quite strong.

The bay in which this shipwreck once sunk has a breathtaking beach made of coarse volcanic sand full of Balinese fishing boats. It is one of the best places for snorkeling in Bali, where you can experience the furry touch of the fishes and the reefs while snorkeling deep inside the beach.

What is the difference between snorkeling and scuba diving?

Snorkeling is swimming near the surface of the water using a breathing tube and a mask. Snorkelers take in underwater views without deep-diving into the water. Scuba diving, on the other hand, is diving using an underwater breathing apparatus. Scuba equipment allows you to breathe comfortably while immersing yourself in the marine universe.

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Bali Snorkeling Reviews

Bhushan Deshpande
Reviewed: 08 Dec 2019
We had an excursion to Nusa Penida planned during our stay in Bali and we booked the snorkeling package from Thrillophilia. Our guide was really helpful and showed us the basic know-how of the sport.
Nandu Kumar
Reviewed: 23 Oct 2019
You get all the gears and equipment on spot, so you don't have to worry about that. Snorkeling is such a fun and safe activity, and our guide was so friendly. The place has beautiful scenery and natural landscapes.
Vengadeshwaran Sivasubramaniyan
Reviewed: 11 Oct 2019
The Thrillophilia team organised this tour very nicely for me and my family. Our driver was very professional and took us to the beach on time. While it was a hot day, we all definitely had a lot of fun swimming underwater, and we even saw reef sharks and stingrays.
Bikram Prasad
Reviewed: 26 Oct 2019
Nusa Dua is the best place to go for snorkelling, and this package by Thrillophilia made my holiday so much more special and memorable. It was a once in a lifetime experience seeing the underwater reefs, fishes and seaweed from up close. My guides and trainers were also very helpful and patient with... Read More
Inder Kaur
Reviewed: 21 Oct 2019
It was so much fun snorkeling around 2 different spots in Amed. We got a pick up and drop facility in addition to the guide and even took a sightseeing tour of the Tirta Gangga Water Palace.
Jehan Hussain
Reviewed: 14 Oct 2019
It was my first time trying snorkeling. The thrill and excitement was out of the chart and being a solo traveler this deal ensured my safety and correct guidance for the activity. The Indonesian meal served under the package was also delicious. Thanks a lot Thrillophilia!

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