25 Water Sports in Bali: Upto 30% Off Bali Water Sports Packages
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Water Sports
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Last Updated: 09 Sep 2020
Latest Information on Travelling to BALI?
  • A negative PCR test and health certificates are mandatory for all travellers.
  • Shopping for essentials and necessities is allowed.
  • The guidelines for social distancing are to be followed strictly by citizens and visitors.
  • Passengers are suggested to install the official PeduliLindungi app from the Indonesian government on their phones.
  • Foreign travellers who have visited Iran, Italy, Vatican, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland and United Kingdom in the last 14 days might be restricted by entering Bali.
  • For returning overseas citizens, additional COVID-19 screening will be performed.
  • In case of COVID-19 symptoms, a14-day government quarantine will be applicable for returning citizens. If no symptoms are detected a 14-day self-quarantine is recommended.

International flights to Bali are currently restricted.

Local Transport

Public transport options such are open for local movement.

Bali is gradually opening for local tourism. International visitors might be allowed from the month of September. Thrillophilia recommends you to follow all precautionary measures and guidelines issued by the government of Bali and practice personal hygiene to stay safe while travelling.

Bali announced a three-phase reopening plan Updated: 04 Sep 2020

The government of Bali has recently announced a gradual three-phase reopening plan. This suggest that international borders could open as early as 11th of September, thus, resuming travel. Read More

Domestic tourism in Bali has been allowed Updated: 04 Sep 2020

Domestic tourism has started in Bali, allowing travellers from other islands in Indonesia to visit the place. All domestic flight requirements are still active for visitors.

Bali Water Sports

Sea Walking, Underwater Tandem Scooter Ride, Flying Fish, Donut Ride, Jet Skiing, Parasailing, Banana Boat Ride, Water Tubing, Glass-bottomed Boat Ride, XO Xtreme, Scuba Diving, Swimming with the Sharks, Rafting, and many more.

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations known for its paradisiacal beaches, holy temples, emerald green forests, and scrumptious seafood. Apart from this, water sports in Bali are highly popular among globetrotters across the globe. The water sports here can be divided into two categories which include water sports on the surface like boating, paragliding, skiing, and the ones which take you deep underwater like scuba diving, snorkeling, etc.

Bali water sports are full of fun and frolic, along with the thrill-filled and picturesque destinations. Whether you are a first-timer or a water sports junkie, this amazing island has something for everyone. The bright environs, great seashores, and beautiful lagoons make Bali one of the most visited places for water lovers. Apart from traditional sports like scuba diving and snorkeling, this place offers some exciting and new sports like fly fishing, Bali Rolling Donuts, Subwing, and many more. So, if you are planning your visit to Bali, gear up, as we have listed some of the best water sports to try out for an adventurous outing.

Here are some of the best water sports activities in Bali:

Water Sports Explore All (36)
Explore All (36)

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

As much as the land beauty entices the tourists from the world, the mysterious underwater beauty of Bali is equally stunning. There is a different world under the ocean! If you want to explore the coral reefs and marine life, the island is rich in underwater treasure. Scuba Diving is the most popular water sports in Bali.

If you haven’t experienced this most amazing water adventure yet, head straight to Bali which boasts of numerous dive centres And experiences the thrill.

Adventure Level - Moderate

Approx Price - INR 1545 per person

Places to Try- Sanur, Menjangan Island, Amed, Tulamben, and Tanjung Benoa

Swimming Required: You are not required to be a swimmer. 

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Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is a thrilling water sport that lets you cruise the oceans at a high speed atop a motorized boat.

It lets you see the beauty of the ocean up and close while feeling in control of this high-powered motor and cutting through the ocean waves feeling the waters rush around you.

Adventure Level: It is an easy level water sport that can be enjoyed by beginners and experts alike.

Where to try: The most popular location for jet skiing is Tanjung Benoa Beach, Nusa Dua.

Approx Cost: The cost for a 15-minute jet-skiing round is around USD 25, INR 1700.

Swimming Required:
You are not required to be a swimmer. You will be provided safety equipment and accompanied by a professional instructor.

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Feel the thrill of the rushing rapids beneath your boat as you traverse the waters at high speeds.

Rafting is one of the most popular water sports in Bali that not only gives you all the adrenaline-pumping action but also take you close to the natural beauty and the wilderness of the lush tropical forests, as you traverse through the waters.

Adventure Level: The adventure level depends on the activity grade that you choose. The grades range from 1-6 depending on the speed of the waves, rock drops, and sharpness of manoeuvres required.

Where to try: The best places to try rafting at Ayung River (located in Ubud) and Telaga Waja River (located in Karangasem area, 2 hours drive from Kuta).

Approx Cost: The cost of rafting in Bali starts at around INR 2409, USD 35 for around 2 hours.

Swimming Required: Non-swimmers can do rafting. You will be provided with life jackets and accompanied by professionals.

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Adventure Explore All (78)
Explore All (78)



Flying at a higher altitude with a speed boat pulls you around, a fantastic experience and a view that anybody would trade anything for! Parasailing is one of the most enjoyable water activities in Bali, which let you have a bird’s eye view of the ocean.

You will take off somewhere away from the coastline and soar about 80 meters behind a speedboat. The good thing about this fun activity is that it doesn’t require any skill, not even swimming and can be enjoyed by anyone

Adventure Level -

Approx Price - INR 523 per person

Places to Try- Tanjung Benoa

Swimming Required- 
Non-swimmers can do it. You will be provided with life jackets and accompanied by professionals. 

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Underwater Tandem Scooter Ride

Underwater Tandem Scooter Ride

You might not have heard of this one since it is an emerging new trend in Bali’s underwater activities to indulge in. As the name suggests, you will get a chance to ride a tandem scooter beneath the sea.

Underwater Scooter is a great activity to enjoy in a group where you and your friends, all on their own one-on-one submarine will be floating over the sea beds, This is a great alternative  to scuba-diving The best part is that the tandem scooter doesn’t come with any troublesome gear attached,  so it can be operated easily.

All you need to do is sit on the scooter which comes with a head bubble suit to provide you clear views and ride through the colourful marine life. The tandem scooter travels at a speed of up to 2 km per hour and it can go 20 meters down in the water to give you a clear view of underwater wonders.

Adventure Level - Easy

Approx Price -
From USD 95 per person for Bali Underwater Scooter & Ceningan Day Tour

Places to Try-
Banjar Pujung Kelod

Swimming Required -
 You are not required to be a swimmer. 

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Superb 27 Ratings
27 Ratings Ratings
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₹1,800 ₹1,550

Experience the off beaten path in Bali and go white water rafting down the Telaga Waja River. Despite being in a quiet and secluded area, white water rafting is a wild water sport that's perfectly suited for nature lovers and adrenaline junkies alike. You'll be assisted by a professional team, so there's nothing to worry about at all. Throughout the 14 KM course, you'll get to see beautiful panoramas of mountains, waterfalls, rice fields, and stone cliffs.

Around Rendang Village, you'll be greeted by fresh mountain air and (if you're lucky) wild exotic birds. A delicious chef-prepared Indonesian buffet lunch will be waiting for you at the finish point. Travel hassle-free through a sanitized car from your hotel, and soak in the scenic views of Bali's roadways.

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Donut Ride

Donut Ride

Moving across the water on a doughnut-shaped inflatable boat towed by another speedy boat is one of the most amusing rides you can experience! The best thing about this activity is that you don’t need to learn any kind of art or skill to enjoy this insane ride, plus it can be had in pairs or in groups depending on the size and capacity of the boat.

Doughnut Ride is the best way to share a piece of thrill on the waves with your buddies or loved ones at Tanjung Benoa Beach. The ride starts with the gentle touch on the bumpy waves on the inflatable craft then paced up for greater excitement. The peak thrill of this entire ride lies in those sharp turns which are deliberately added to see whether you manage to hang on without being flipped overboard.

Adventure Level - Easy

Approx Price - INR 522 per person 

Places to Try- Tanjung Benoa Beach

Swimming Required: You are not required to be a swimmer. 

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Banana Boat Ride

Banana Boat Ride

Banana Boat Ride is one of the funniest and popular water sports in Bali. The ride is the best way to have some fun and thrill with your buddies or family members, depending on the size and capacity of the inflatable tube. It is a low impact and good-paced wave ride on a craft with several deliberated turns to add a bit of excitement.  

You can enjoy Banana Boat Ride at one of the  Best beaches in Bali Hang on, it’s a sharp turn ahead! Let’s see how you manage to stay on the boat without being flipped overboard.

Adventure Level - Easy

Approx Price - INR 475 per person

Places to Try - Tanjung Benoa

Swimming Required - You are not required to be a swimmer. You will be provided with safety equipment.

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Sea Walking

Sea Walking

Sea Walking is another great option for those who want to explore Bali’s underwater beauty of the coral reef and colourful marine life but don’t have a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certificate. The best thing about this sport is that it doesn’t require swimming, instead, you just have to walk on the seabed, Isn’t it sound cool?  

Sea Walking is a new trend in water sports, offering a unique underwater tour which lets you experience the mysterious world beneath the waves. Using a specially designed helmet, anyone aged between 9 and 70 can give it a try and explore the marine beauty.   

Adventure Level - Easy

Approx Price - INR (USD 55) per person

Places to Try- Sanur 

Swimming Required: 
You are not required to know Swimming

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XO Xtreme

XO Xtreme

One of the latest water activities in Bali, Xo Xtreme is fun, entertaining, and thrilling at the same time. Imagine holding tight onto a colorful oval-shaped boat while you speed across the ocean waters, attached to a speedboat. Xo Xtreme is a great way to traverse the lengths of the ocean. It is done with 3 people aboard to maintain the balance of the boat.

Once your ride is over, you can calmly relax and float over the waters to take in the sea breeze and the warm sun.

Adventure Level: This is an easy activity.

Where to try: The best place to try Xo Xtreme is the Kuta Selatan Beach.

Approx Cost: The per-person cost comes to around USD 24, INR 1700.

Swimming Required: You don’t have to be a swimmer to enjoy this sport.


Flying Fish

Flying Fish

This is one of the newest and the most fun water sports to hit the shores of Bali. You and your partner are tied to an inflatable flatboat that is attached to a speedboat.

Once the speedboat catches speed, you are lifted in the air and float almost standing up over the waters riding through fast ocean winds and the surfs.

Adventure Level:
This is an easy level of water sport.

Where to try: The most popular location for flying fish is Tanjung Benoa Beach, Nusa Dua

Approx Cost: For a two 15 minute rounds, you will need to shell out USD 50, INR 3400.

Swimming Required: You don’t need to be a swimmer to enjoy this activity.

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Swimming with the Sharks

Swimming with the Sharks

Swimming with the white reef sharks and blacktip reef sharks is one adventure that you are unlikely to forget anytime soon. Get up close and personal with these majestic predatory fish in their own territory. Not only is this activity thrilling but also educates you about these feared but magnificent creatures.

During the swim, you can also feed the fish. All the time you will be accompanied by a professional and you will be provided with all the safety equipment.

Adventure Level: This is a moderate level activity similar to snorkelling.

Where to try: You can swim with the sharks at Sanur Beach, Tanjung Benoa Beach (Nusa Dua), and Amed (Northeast the coast of Bali).

Approx Cost: The average cost per person for a 30-minute swim is USD 80, INR 5500.

Swimming Required: Yes, compulsorily.

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If you afraid of going deep into the sea, snorkelling is the easiest way to enjoy the underwater wonders. Explore the marine life in Bali’s clear blue water and get enamoured by the underwater beauties including coral reefs, shipwrecks and colourful fishes.  

Unlike the scuba diving, you don’t need to carry an air tank, neither diving experience or any underwater activity certificate to enjoy this amazing water sport. The tropical waters around Bali with an average temperature of 27 degrees create an ideal ambience for snorkelling. It is a must done activity in your tour of Bali.

Adventure Level - Moderate

Approx Price - INR 2559 per person

Places to Try- Sanur, Menjangan Island, Blue Lagoon, Tulamben, Amed, Nusa Lembongan

Swimming Required: Yes, compulsorily.

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Paddling your kayak off the coast of Bali surrounded by striking blue-green waters, rich marine life and beautiful coral reefs are one of the most fun and adventurous things that you can indulge in.

A kayak is a boat that has the shape of a canoe and which uses a double-bladed paddle to move in the water. It is fun doing it on your own or in tandem with somebody. 

Adventure Level: The adventure levels depend on the grade of the rapids that you choose, 1 being the easiest and 3 being the highest.

Where to try: The best spots to indulge in Kayaking are Ayung River (Ubud) and Livadi Beach (north of Crete).

Approx Cost: For a two-person kayaking round, you will have to shell out around USD 90, INR 6195.

Swimming Required: You don’t have to be a swimmer to enjoy kayaking.

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Water Tubing

Water Tubing

Water Tubing is another great water activity for an amazing experience which will lead you through Bali’s rich flora and fauna. It looks similar to the water rafting, but it’s easier and more joyful ride which doesn’t demand any skill.

Unlike rafting which is a group activity, water tubing is a solo ride on an inflatable water tube that doesn’t even require a raft to navigate through. All you have to do is hold tight inside the tube against the challenging rapids. Enjoy the moment of tranquillity and surrounding beauty as you go with the rushing water.

Bali is the ideal spot to enjoy the utmost thrill of water tubing, as the island is home to many streams, canyons and rivers. You can choose any location, according to the level of adventure you wish to experience.  

Adventure Level - Easy

Approx Price - USD 89 for adult and USD 59 for child

Places to Try- Denpasar

Swimming Required - You are not required to be a swimmer.

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Water Skiing

Water Skiing

Water Skiing is definitely one of the most adventurous water activities in Bali to indulge in. Glide on the water surface on two skis or one ski pad as you are pulled by a motorboat, this thrilling experience is surely an adventure of a lifetime. Nothing to worry if you have never tried it before, Bali has a number of outlets with their own professional tutors who cater to every level.

This advanced water sport demands both physical strength and good balance. It can be performed on any type of water, but calmer waters are the most prefered for recreational skiing. 
It is a fun pastime that allows people of any age group to take part in a thrilling activity. 

Adventure Level - Difficult

Approx Price - INR 1186 per person

Places to Try- Uluwatu, Tanjung Benoa Beach, Kota

Swimming Required: It is recommended to know Swimming



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This is a unique and exciting new watersport in Bali that lets you effortlessly glide through the waters, holding two wing-like boards attached to your speedboat at a slow pace.

 This lets you explore the colourful marine life including varieties of fish and turtles and the vast coral reefs while cruising through the cool & dark depths of water.

Adventure Level: This is a moderate level activity.

Where to try: The best location to try Subwing is as Gili Islands.

Approx Cost: A 25-minute swim will cost you around USD 30, INR 2180.

Swimming Required: Yes, compulsorily.

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Whenever we talk about water sports, the first picture that comes to our mind is riding the waves Surfing in Bali tops the list of best water adventure to indulge in. It is one of the most thrilling things to do in Bali that’ll make your blood gushing. And Bali is undeniably the most popular destination for wave riders around the globe.     

Whether you are a professional surfer or intermediate, Bali has a number of surfing spots to match with every level. If you have never surfed before and want a piece of action, Bali has innumerable surfing schools which cater to every level of experience. There are a lot of adventure tourist places in Bali where you can enjoy extreme water sports.

Adventure Level - Difficult

Approx Price - Softboard is available for rent at INR 476 per day

Places to Try - Kuta, Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Impossibles, Balangan, Medewi, Nusa Dua

Swimming Required: Yes, compulsorily.

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Stand Up Paddle (SUP)

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Stand Up Paddle (SUP)

Stand up paddle or paddleboarding is a fun way to traverse the waves and be amidst the raw beauty of never-ending water landscapes.

Surfing the waves between 4 feet-6 feet in height atop a self-controlled large longboard is a thrilling the experience that’s sure to stay with you for a long time.

Adventure Level: This is amongst the easier
water sports in Bali.

Where to try: The best places to try stand up paddle is Kuta Beach, Sanur beach & Tanjung Benoa beach at Nusa Dua.

Approx Cost: The price starts at USD 45, INR 3100 for a 20-minute round.

Swimming Required: You should know swimming for this activity.

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Water Jetpacks & Flyboarding

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Water Jetpacks & Flyboarding

Water Jetpacks is a new addition to an array of water sports in Bali. It is offered in different versions and popularly known as ‘flyboards’. When you see someone flyboarding, you might start wondering is it Iron Man or Aqua Man? As the specially designed kit of jetpacks, including a backpack and a pair of special boot, enable you to ride or fly 10 to 15 meters above the water surface.

With high water pressure, you will be lifted up in the stationary position, with water ejecting from the nozzles—yes, very much like an Iron Man suit! The basic flyboarding is while standing upright, while skilled riders can dive into the water and breach out, or can perform insane maneuvers.

Adventure Level -

Approx Price -
From USD 75 per person for a 20-minute ride

Places to Try-
Tanjung Benoa Beach, Nusa Dua

Swimming Required - You are not required to be a swimmer to do this activity

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Kitesurfing is a fusion of various water activities such as surfing, windsurfing, paragliding and wakeboarding. It is one of the most extreme water sports to experience in Bali. It might not be as popular as regular surfing in Bali, but it will surely take your wave riding excitement to the next level. The sport requires great physical strength and good balance.

Being the island’s top surfing destination, Sanur is a hub of kitesurfers in Bali. The destination is ideal for both beginners as well as skilled surfers. If you have never tried Kitesurfing before, this is a time to go ahead and experience it! With proper training, you can effortlessly glide on the water.   

The flat water of the Sanur Beach creates an ideal condition for noobs to learn, while the big waves away from the lagoon are for professional surfers to enjoy an advanced level.

Adventure Level - Difficult

Approx Price - From USD 84 for lessons and riding of one and a half hour.

Places to Try- Sanur

Swimming Required - Yes, Compulsory

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Glass-bottomed Boat Ride

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Glass-bottomed Boat Ride

You want to see the beautifully rich underwater marine life and coral reefs but cannot swim?

Hop aboard a glass-bottomed boat and cruise through the dazzling crystal clear waters and get as close as you can to the fish swimming beneath your feet. It is the best way for elders who want to experience the marine life. This is the most easy water activities and is a very popular thing to do in Bali with Family

Adventure Level:
This is an easy boat ride.

Where to try:
The best locations for a glass-bottomed ride is Sanur Beach and Tanjung Benoa Beach, Nusa Dua.

Approx Cost:
A 30-minute glass-bottomed boat ride will cost around USD 15, INR 1030.

Swimming Required:
You don’t have to be a swimmer to enjoy a boat ride.

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Windsurfing is a form of sailing and an advanced level of surfing with greater challenges and added thrills. Unlike surfing which uses the force of waves to move forward, windsurfing uses the wind to get moving. If you love playing with the waves, indulge in this adventurous water activity for immense joy and excitement.

If you’ve never tried windsurfing before, the tropical water of South Bali is an ideal location to make you experience windsurfing. You can find a number of rental outlets which offer guided classes for windsurfing.  

Adventure Level - Difficult

Approx Price - INR 135 per person

Place to Try- Kuta, Legian, Sanur, Canggu, Nusa Dua

Swimming Required -  Yes compulsary.

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This is one of those extreme water sports in Bali that leaves you with an unforgettable rush. Freediving involves a dive underwater without the assistance of any breathing equipment.

It gives you a chance to go to the depths of the ocean to see the beautiful and rich marine life including varieties of fish and coral reefs.

Adventure Level: It is an extreme sport, which requires prior experience of diving

Where to try: Some of the most popular spots to try freediving are Tulamben & Amed (Northeast coast of Bali) and Nusa Penida Island (Southeast of Bali)

Approx Cost: A 15-minute round costs around USD 50, INR 3400.

Swimming Required: Yes, compulsorily.

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Cliff Jump

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Cliff Jump

Daredevils, this one is for you! A fancy jumping from a high cliff edge into the sea below, Is this what makes your heart pounding? Then be ready to experience one!

Bali boasts of numerous spots which are ideal for a safe cliff jumping. Feel the adrenaline rush at Mahana Point in Lembongan, which is a popular cliff-jumping spot in Bali. Enjoy the free fall into the clear blue waters of the ocean from the f height of 14 meters.   We recommend not to give even a second thought to try out this adventure activity!

Adventure Level - Difficult

Place to Try- Mahan Point, Tanah Lot, Jimbaran Bay, Blue Lagoon, Nusa Lembongan 

Approx Cost - USD 4 for high jump USD 2 for a small jump

Swimming Required - Yes, Compulsorily.

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Cave Diving

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Cave Diving

If you find scuba diving quite easier, cave diving is the one you should definitely go for. A unique underwater activity that lets you explore the beauty of the underwater cave. It is a form of diving with greater risk and challenges.

The sport requires special training and additional breathing equipment and you can only take part in this activity once you’ve done scuba diving from the certified place. Bali has several spots that provide cave diving along with the courses, and Shark Cave and Gili Biaha are the popular ones.

If you are a beginner or intermediate in diving, take your passion to the next level at Shark Cave which is one of the most popular cave diving sports in Bali. Gili Biaha, on the other hand, is for professionals only as it requires multiple diving experiences (at least 50) because of the high depth of the cave and low temperature inside.  

Adventure Level - Difficult

Places to Try - Sanur

Approx Price - INR 1545 per person

Swimming Required - Yes Compulsory

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People Also Ask About Bali

  1. Which are the best watersports to do in Bali?

    1. Sea walking-Experience the submerged world by strolling on the ocean bottom encompassed by corals, with a school of fish swimming around you. Tied with a protective cap that allows you to inhale submerged, you plunge to a depth of 20-25 meters to encounter the sea's normal marvels.
    2. Rafting- Rafting in Bali is quite popular. The rapids are wild and the streams have exciting drops that surge the adrenaline. The water bodies are surrounded by lavish green wildernesses which add up to the beauty of the shore.
    3. Underwater Tandem Scooter Ride- Need a scuba experience with a distinction? Then the underwater tandem scooter ride is for you. The bike can venture out up to velocities of 2km/hour and access profundities of 20 meters.
  2. What are the best Bali water sports for couples?

    1. Rolling Donut: In this sport, you will be moving across from one side to another of a water body on a quirky donut-shaped boat. These types of boats generally come with two different seats, which make it the perfect adventurous option for couples.
    2. Snorkeling: Do both you and your beloved love everything about the blue ocean and want to unveil the mysteries from its very core? Then, you can go snorkeling in the cerulean water of Bali and get enthralled by the captivating marine life. 
    3. Fly Fishing: The mechanics of this sport is quite the same as Rolling Donut, however, in this case, the boat will be a lot more spacious and the overall speed of the boat will be a lot more than the former. 
    4. Underwater Scooter Ride: As the name suggests, to enjoy this sport, you will be provided with a single-seated scooter and head bubble suit. Make sure to take your fiancée with you to spend a romantic yet thrilling time amidst the marine life together. 
  3. What are the famous Bali water sports to try with friends?

    1. River Rafting: If you are traveling to Bali with your friends, then you should never miss out on River Rafting. Get a boat from an agency and try to conquer the hardships of boating through a wild river with your bosoms.
    2. Scuba Diving: Participating in the Scuba Diving activity and exploring the aquatic lifestyle is yet another sport that is more fun when done with friends. 
    3. Banana Boat Ride: Yes, that’s right, in this sport; you are going to ride on a quirky banana-shaped boat, which will be pulled through by a speedy cruiser. The vessel can accommodate around five people at once, so it will be better if you do so with your friends. 
    4. Jet Skiing: To make your time more memorable with your friends, you can also conduct a small Jet Skiing race with them. It will help you to both enjoy the sport and experience some highly adventurous and memorable moments with your loved ones.   
  4. Which are the best beaches in Bali for water sports?

    1. Nusa Dua Beach- This beach is known for its clear waters making it an ideal spot for swimming and snorkeling. Apart from this the beach also has glass-bottom boat trips which let you enjoy the rich flora and fauna of the underwater world.
    2. Echo Beach - If you love fighting your way through the rapids and chasing the white water then Echo Beach is a popular spot for water sports in Bali and the most loved activity here is surfing.
    3. Keramas Beach- This beach has always been on the wish list of professional surfers as the beach allows surfing even during the night. The annual World Surf League competition held by the beach also attracts people all over the world.
    4. Amed Beach - This beach in Bali is the most loved beach as it is surrounded by black sands and soaring volcanoes. The center of attraction here is the vibrant reef or the coral garden which can be explored through diving or snorkeling. The beach is said to have rich aquatic flora and fauna.
  5. What is the best time to visit Bali for watersports?

    Bali is flooded with tourists year-round, yet the best time to visit Bali for Water Sports is during the month of April to October as the weather is pleasant and favorable.
  6. What is the approx cost of parasailing in Bali?

    Water sports in Bali have attracted people all over the world and the most picturesque activity here is Parasailing which costs you around ?1788 to ? 3599 depending upon the location and duration you opt for.
  7. What is the approx cost of scuba diving in Bali?

    Bali water sports have been on the bucket list of many enthusiasts and the most popular among these is Scuba diving which costs around ? 1299 to ?8199 depending upon the location and duration you choose for.