Jimbaran Fish Market, Jimbaran - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

About Jimbaran Fish Market

Jimbaran fish market is the primary marketplace of seafood in Bali. Located in Jimbaran fishing community village, the market has rows and rows of fresh sea harvest. Here you will get all the sea produces right from tuna, salmon, crabs, shrimps, lobsters and sardines among other such things. The market is located in the vicinity of the restaurants in Jimbaran and Kedonganan that specialise in seafood dining and serve all brilliant fish delicacies. The market offers all freshest sea harvests and as a tourist it is an experience to witness a busy day here among the buzz of a lot of activities that begin right from the dawn.

When you stop at the fish market which is a popular stop for tourists on a Bukit peninsula amble, you shall see that the place is lively, frenetic and of course, smelly. Nicely painted colourful boats bob along the shore giving the Jimbaran beach a beautiful look. As the boats unloads their containers, everything, right from small sardines, to lobsters to langoustines are collected by the market stall owners to their respective shops.

The action is fast and it is indeed a sight to watch. You can buy your favourite fish here, get it cleaned and cut or processed as you want. Also, visitors with a knack of cooking should head towards the establishments that offer lessons about how to cook the seafood items. If you are good with bargaining, then rise up as early as 5.30am and head straight to the shore where the boats arrive with their collections around 6am. You shall get the best price of your favourite fish if you buy right from the fishermen. Jimbaran fishing village and tourist resort in Bali, Indonesia, is gaining popularity as tourists are showing interest in knowing the fishing community’s lifestyle better.

How to Reach Jimbaran Fish Market

By Cab:
The distance between the Bali International Airport, also known as the Ngurah Rai Airport, is around 6.2km which can be covered in 15 minutes if you take a cab from the airport. You can reach the fish market via the Ji Bypass road.

By Bus:
The Sarbagita bus service is also available from the airport that takes you to the remotest places in Bali. Via bus, it takes around 25 minutes to get to the Jimbaran fish market from the airport.

What Not to Miss at Jimbaran Fish Market

Places to visit near Jimbaran Fish Market

1. Pura Ulun Siwi Kayangan Jagat:
Located at just 1.8km away from Jimbaran fish market, Pura Ulun Siwi temple is one of the holiest places of worship for the Balinese people. The 17th century temple carries the reflection of the traditional architecture. Here you can witness the Arca Dewata Nawa Sanga, Arca Panca Pandavas and a statue of Lord Asta Wasu. This temple is just 10 minutes walk from the fish market.

2. Pura Muaya:
The distance between the Pura Muaya, a popular religious site in Jimbaran, from the fish market is around 4km that you can cover in 12 minutes via car through the JL Raya Uluwatu road. If you would like to know about the history and cultural heritage of Bali, Pura Muaya is the place to be that tells you the story of the island nation, its religious beliefs, customs and heritage. 

3. Pantai Muaya:
Pantai Muaya is the place for nature lovers. Exotic shoreline, delightful beaches, white sands and astounding dusk scene here make the Muaya beach a heaven on earth for tourists. The place can be reached on foot from the Jimbaran fish market. Pantai Muaya is an ideal place for honeymooners or couples seeking some reclusive refuge.

4. Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park:
Located at Ungasan, Badung, Bali island, this cultural park is one of the most popular tourist attractions. The place is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and his mount, Garuda, the mythical bird.

The park, spread over 60 hectares, houses the 121 mtre statue of the lord. Various reflections of the Hindu mythology can be witnessed here through some brilliant architecture. This is an ideal place for a family outing. The distance between the park and the fish market is around 7.2km which can be covered via car in 20 minutes.

5. Uluwatu Temple:
This is another Balinese Hindu sea temple situated in Uluwatu to which the native attach a lot of belief and faith. The temple is dedicated to Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, a Hindu lord and his manifestation and Rudra. The temple is built on the 70-metre high rocky cliff projected to the sea. The temple is located 16.5km from Jimbaran fish market which can be covered in 35 minutes.

Other Essential Information About Jimbaran Fish Market

- Location:
Jimbaran Bay, Jimbaran, Indonesia. The fish market is situated one street back from Jimbaran beach, between Kuta and South Kuta.

- Timings:
The market remains open every day from 5am to 9pm.

- Price:
Here are the price details of some of the popular buys at the fish market for tourists.

- One medium-sized grouper: $8
- Ten jumbo prawns: $12
- A pair of sardines: $3
- A pair of big squids: $2
- One decent-sized sardine: $8

The price rate might be a little less for the natives. If you buy the seafood produces right from the fishermen’s boats at the dawn, you will get them for even cheaper rates.

Tips for Visiting Jimbaran Fish Market

If you are a fish or seafood fanatic, Jimabaran fish market is your haven.

2. Visit the market by 5.30am or 6am, basically as early as you can because the fishermen reach the shore by that time with all the produces pulled just out of the water.

3.  Try to buy your favourite food from the boats itself as the fishermen sell them even at cheaper rates compared to the market deal.

4. Visit the nearby cooking class establishments if you are interested in learning the knowhow of cooking seafood items.

5. Try to purchase in bulk as they always offer cheaper prices and help you bargain.

6. A lot of restaurants are lined up along the market that happily clean, cut and prepare the fish that you bought here. Visit those eateries to relish the best grills and steaks.

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