Bajra Sandhi Monument Overview

Bajra Sandhi Monument is a noteworthy point of interest in Denpasar, set ideal in the focal point of the Renon Square (alluded to just as, 'Puputan Renon'). The site is neighboring the Bali Governor's office and is difficult to miss with its stupendous structure that takes after a Balinese Hindu minister's supplicating chime, or 'bajra'. Inside the base is an exhibition hall that showcases differently recorded dioramas of the general population's past battle for Independence.

Bajra Sandhi Monument is a 45-meter-high monument located in Renon Square, Denpasar. It was built to honour the struggles and sacrifices of the Balinese people for independence from the Dutch Colonial.

Also known as Monument Perjuangan Rakyat Bali or the Monument of Balinese People’s Struggle, the historical monument has been designed in the shape of a Bajra (clapper) or sacred bell (sandhi). These are used for chanting sacred mantras in religious ceremonies in Bali. The majestic monument stands on the 4900-square-metre plot on a 14.4-hectare land. It is an architectural magnificence which showcases the blend of traditional and modern Balinese architecture, making it a historically significant place to witness with our Bali trip packages from India.

The Bajra Sandhi Monument has 17 gates for people to enter. There are 8 pillars, each of which symbolises a significant aspect of Bali’s struggle for independence and ultimate win. The whole monument is divided into three sections: the Utama Mandala, the Nista Mandala, and the Madya Mandala. The Madya Mandala is adorned with 33 dioramas narrating stories of Bali's struggles under Dutch colonialism, its royal lineage, Hindu heritage, and more.

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• Explore the majestic Bajra Sandhi Monument located in Renon Square, which is known for its stunning traditional and modern Balinese architecture.
• Stroll into the three sections of the monument which are the Utama Mandala, the Nista Mandala, and the Madya Mandala.
• Enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding areas from the second and the top floor of the building.
• Unwind in the Nista Mandala, the outer courtyard, and stroll around the gardens and lush lawns.
• Visit the 3D museum, I Am Bali 3D Museum and have fun snapping photographs there.

How To Reach

1. By Car: Bajra Sandhi Monument is located 38.9km away from the heart of Bali. You can hire a taxi or a car which you can self drive and reach the attraction in 1 hour 5m from the city centre by travelling via Jl. Raya Marga-Apuan. You can also either opt for a metered taxi such as Blue Bird or opt to book a Car or Scooter taxi through apps such as Grab and Gojek. This is another convenient and often more economical way of travelling.

2. By Motorcycle: Motorcycle is the most convenient way of transportation in Bali. It is also an adventurous way of exploring places. You can rent a motorcycle from any part of the city and travel by road to reach the monument.

Best Time To Visit

Bajra Sandhi Monument is located in the popular holiday destination, Bali, a year-round travel destination. Hence, the monument can be visited throughout the year.

1. Best day in the week: The best day in the week is any weekday when there is usually a lesser crowd, and you will be able to explore the place at your own pace.

2. The best time of the day: The best time of the day for visiting Bajra Sandhi Monument is in the morning or late afternoon. If you visit in the early morning, you can enjoy exploring the place at your own pace without the hustle and bustle of the crowd. To enjoy the magical view of the monument with the sunset in the backdrop, opt to visit in the afternoon.

Other Essential Information

  • You must double-check visiting hours and any notice of closure before planning your visit to ensure that the place is open on the day of your visit.
  • It might take you an hour or more to explore the whole place, so, ensure that you go with sufficient time in hand.
  • Keep a bottle of water to stay hydrated as you will be out in the sun while exploring the monument.
  • Use sunscreen protection and head cover while exploring the monument.
  • Wear comfortable and modest clothing which is in tune with the warm climate of Bali as well as the cultural norms of the place.
  • Learn about the local customs which are followed at the attraction to ensure mutual respect.
  • While entering the 3D museum, you will need to wear socks which you can also purchase at the museum.
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Point of Interest for Bajra Sandhi Monument
Explore Utama Mandala

Explore Utama Mandala

Utama Mandala is the main building located in the centre of the monument. You will be able to explore all three floors of Utama Mandala. The ground floor which is known as Nistaning Utama Mandala includes the exhibition halls and administrative rooms. There is also a library on the ground floor as well as a lake, Puser Tasik, located in the centre. Ascend to the second floor where you will find a meditative space. You will be able to enjoy the panoramic view of Denpasar from the second floor. The third level is the final floor, the towering peak, from where you will get a spectacular view of the green Renon Square as well as Denpasar’s cityscape.

Stroll into the Nista Mandala

Stroll into the Nista Mandala

Nista Mandala is the outer courtyard surrounding the Madya Mandala. The courtyard spans over 14.4 hectares of land on which the monument occupies a 4900-square-metre plot. The courtyard consists of lush lawns, gardens and the palms of Renon Square. If you stroll in the courtyard in the morning, you will find joggers and cyclists roaming around the square.

Have fun at I Am Bali 3D Museum

Have fun at I Am Bali 3D Museum

Located within the premises of Bajra Sandhi Monument in the basement is one of the largest three-dimensional painting museums in Bali, known as “I Am Bali 3D Museum”. Visit the three-dimensional museum to have some fun taking 3-dimensional photos. Kids will be especially delighted to visit the 5 optical illusion rooms where they can take fun pictures. They can explore rooms which are the - Flying class with chairs and blackboard upside down, Magical board, Spider gym, Haunted house and Hobbit House.

Walk around Madya Mandala

Walk around Madya Mandala

Madya Mandala is the inner courtyard surrounding the Utama Mandala. It is on the first floor and has 33 dioramas which focus on the struggles of the Balinese people. You will be able to learn about the Balinese kingdom, the introduction of Hinduism, as well as the history of the Balinese. The dioramas will also tell you about the Majapahit era, Dutch colonialism, and the struggle of the Balinese people for independence.

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