Best Bali Tour Packages for Family

Bali Family Tours Packages

Duration Price
Family Getaway to Bali | FREE Balinese Spa Experience7 days & 6 nights
INR 36,199
Mesmerizing Bali Tour Package with Sunset Dinner Cruise8 days & 7 nights
INR 45,800
Bali Getaway with Balinese Spa Experience5 days & 4 nights
INR 28,700
Gems of Bali & Singapore | Free Balinese Massage12 days & 11 nights
INR 1,25,000
Bali Adventure with White Water Rafting5 days & 4 nights
INR 38,700
Holiday in Bali | FREE Kintamani Village Visit6 days & 5 nights
INR 27,299
Bali Land Tour Package10 days & 9 nights
INR 58,700
Fully Loaded Indonesia Family Tour Package with FREE Bali safari8 days & 7 nights
INR 33,000
Bali Indonesia Tour Package With Airfare8 days & 7 nights
INR 54,999
Singapore Bali Tour Package With Cruise7 days & 6 nights
INR 31,079
Bali Thrills | 4 Day Adventure Escape4 days & 3 nights
INR 24,250

Bali family vacation packages - Browse through a wide range of Bali family packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Bali family tour packages with exciting deals & offers.

Embark on a wholesome family journey with Thrillophilia's Bali family vacation packages, designed to knit the perfect tapestry of adventure, relaxation, and cultural exploration. Our Bali tour packages invite families to immerse themselves in the island's unending beauty, ensuring an unforgettable blend of fun and togetherness. As a trusted travel choice, Thrillophilia crafts experiences customized to cater to every family member's desires, promising seamless adventures in the tropical paradise.

Our Bali family packages offer a symphony of diverse activities, from exploring ancient temples to frolicking on pristine beaches, ensuring each family member finds their slice of choice. With our expertly curated itineraries, families can bask in the warmth of Balinese hospitality, creating timeless memories amidst the beauty of panoramic landscapes.

Whether it's the thrill of water sports, the serenity of cultural encounters, or simply relaxing under the sun, Thrillophilia transforms Bali into the perfect family get-together. Moreover, our 24/7 customer support and expert guidance add that extra layer of safety and security for your dream family vacation.

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Popular Destinations to Visit On Family Trip to Bali:

1. Ubud: Nestled in the heart of Bali, Ubud captivates families with its cultural charm. You can explore vibrant markets, lush rice terraces, and spiritual sites, all seamlessly curated in your Bali family package. You can also choose to book an exclusive Ubud tour package, offering an immersive journey- blending art and tradition. This cultural centre is a cherished family destination, weaving moments as vibrant as its landscapes.

2. Kuta: Kuta, is a jewel in Bali's crown and welcomes families with its vibrant energy and sun-kissed beaches. Perfect for a family retreat, Kuta offers a blend of water adventures, bustling markets, and stunning sunsets. Explore the place with Bali Family Holiday Packages or you can also opt exclusively for our Kuta tour packages as they weave together joyous moments and cherished memories for you and your loved ones.

3. Penida Island: Explore the enchanting Nusa Penida Island, a hidden gem among popular Bali destinations, known for its turquoise waters and mesmerizing cliff views. With its breathtaking landscapes, family-friendly attractions, and snorkelling options, Penida promises an unforgettable family experience. Consider including it in your Nusa Penida tour packages for a touch of adventure in relaxation, creating memories amidst nature's wonders.

4. Denpasar: Denpasar is the capital of Bali and is unique due to its quaint charm. You can explore the Bali Museum, discover local crafts in the Pasar Badung market, and witness the colourful Kumbasari Art Market making it perfect for an evening with family. For a seamless family adventure, consider Thrillophilia’s all-inclusive Bali Family holiday packages, ensuring a delightful mixture of culture and relaxation in Denpasar's laid-back environment.

Visa Requirements for Bali Family Tour:

Indian citizens visiting Bali can enjoy a visa-free stay of up to 30 days for short visits, but it's crucial to avoid business or paid work during this period. For longer stays, one can use the Indonesia eVisa portal for necessary checks and applications. An alternative is applying for an E-Visa, allowing extended touring beyond 30 days. Stay informed about evolving rules before heading to this coastal paradise. E-visa approval takes about two weeks, with costs ranging from INR 2,000 to INR 3,000, ensuring a seamless and responsible travel experience.

Best Time To Visit Bali For Family Trip:

Bali’s exotic beauty welcomes families with open arms throughout the year and choosing the best time for a family trip to Bali depends on your preferences.

1. Peak Season: The peak season, from June to August, promises bright sunny days and is ideal for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts wanting to try their hands on snorkelling and surfing. Booking a Bali family tour package during this time ensures a vibrant atmosphere and lively experiences.

2. Shoulder Season:  The shoulder seasons, from April to June and September to November, offer a delightful mix of fewer crowds and favourable weather—perfect for families seeking a more laid-back, quality exploration.

3. Waning Season: The months from December to March, have their own charm, with occasional rainfall painting Bali in lush greens. This time is excellent for budget-conscious families, seeking to spend some peaceful time amidst Bali’s charming shores. No matter when you choose to visit, Bali caters to family adventures, providing diverse experiences and memories to cherish. 

So, whether it's the peak, shoulder, or the other seasons, Family trips to Bali promise an unforgettable journey, filled with warmth, culture, and the joys of togetherness.

How to Reach Bali:

By Air: For travelers from India, reaching Bali is most convenient by air. Several airlines operate direct flights from major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and other major Indian cities to Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar, a primary gateway, with international and domestic terminals catering to various flights. 

Direct Flights

  • To: Denpasar
  • From: New Delhi
  • Major Airlines - Vistara

Places to Visit on Family Trip to Bali:

Here are some of the best places to visit in Bali with family:

1. Lovina BeachUpon availing of the Bali family holiday packages, make a visit to Lovina Beach, which is a hidden gem in the region. The beach is famed for its serene black sand stretches and placid waters, and is a great place to relax and unwind, whilst basking under the soothing sun. You can also take early morning boat trips here, and get a chance to watch playful dolphins in their natural habitat.

2. Goa Gajah: As you embark on a family trip to Bali, make sure to include a visit to Goa Gajah, also known as the Elephant Cave. Imagine exploring the intricate stone carvings, lush gardens, and serene bathing pools. Let the kids marvel at the giant mouth entrance, which adds an element of excitement to the experience.

3. Tegalalang Rice Terraces: Include the Tegalalang Rice Terraces in your Bali family packages for a one-of-a-kind experience. You can take a leisurely stroll through the terraces, with the children marvelling at the vibrant shades of green and the gentle rustling of the rice stalks..

4. Ubud Monkey ForestAs part of your Bali family vacation packages, enjoy a visit to the Ubud Monkey Forest, a must-visit destination for families in Bali. This age-old enchanting sanctuary is home to many mischievous monkeys who will greet you with their playful antics. 

5. Tanah Lot Temple: Tanah Lot Temple, located on Bali's southwestern coast, is a Hindu sea temple perched on a rock formation. Renowned for its breathtaking sunset views, the temple is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. The iconic site is a symbol of Balinese spirituality and a popular destination for tourists seeking cultural and natural beauty.

Things to Do During Family Trip to Bali:

Here are some of the best things to do in Bali with family:

1. Enjoy Bali Swing: For an adventurous experience during your holiday, include a ride on the Bali Swing in your Bali family trip package. Soar through the sky and create unforgettable memories with your family as you ride this Swing. Feel the exhilaration as you swing high above the lush landscapes of Bali, surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. Capture stunning photos of your family against the backdrop of cascading waterfalls and vibrant greenery.

2. Trek to Mount Batur: When availing the Bali Tour Packages for Family, embark on an exhilarating trek to the summit of Mount Batur, an active volcano and popular trekking destination in the region. As you journey through the darkness, guided only by the glow of your flashlights, the anticipation builds. Witness the breathtaking sunrise over the volcanic landscapes, casting vibrant hues across the sky.

3. Explore Bali Safari and Marine Park: Your Bali family Vacation packages should also include a visit to the Bali Safari and Marine Park, which ranks as one of the best attractions to explore with your loved ones. Here you can step into a world of wonders as you encounter majestic wildlife up close, from Komodo Dragons and orangutans to meerkats and the Bali Starling. Witness captivating animal shows and hop on a safari ride to observe lions, zebras, and giraffes roaming freely.

4. Marvel at Tanah Lot Temple: Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Tanah Lot Temple, a must-visit attraction to include in your Bali family holiday packages. As you approach the temple, the sight of the ancient Hindu shrine perched on a rocky outcrop amidst the crashing waves is awe-inspiring. Make sure to witness the breathtaking sunset views at the temple, creating a magical backdrop for a family photo.

5. Experience Wildlife at Bali Zoo: When taking a family trip to Bali, embark on an unforgettable adventure at Bali Zoo, located in Central Ubud. It is here where you can enjoy animal encounters, feed and bathe elephants, have breakfast with orangutans, or even go on unique night safaris, which makes it a must to include in your Bali family vacation packages. 

Beaches to Visit on Bali Trip:

1. Tanjung Benoa: This beach is listed as one of the best beaches in Bali and is ideal for children and families. It is known for its wide variety of water sports including parasailing, snorkelling, banana boat ride, sea walking, flyboarding, and jet skiing.

2. Jimbaran Beach: Another very famous beach which is perfect for families is the Jimbaran Bay beach. It has a long stretch of white sand with calm waves, making it safer for children to swim and play. Additionally, this beach is known for its sunset and seafood restaurants as well. 

3. Nusa Dua Beach: This beach is a one stop destination for all the fun things in Bali, and should be on the top of your list. It has top-class hotels, shopping markets, an 18-hole golf course, golden-sand beaches, and offers a wide variety of water sports. 

4. Kuta Beach: From what used to be a fishing site, this beach has turned into a popular tourist destination. You will find chairs and places to rest after swimming, and playing in the waters. Kuta is famous for surfing, and whether you are a professional or a beginner, everyone is welcome to try this fun activity.

Popular Restaurants in Bali:

1. Taj Palace: Located In the heart of Denpasar, Taj Palace appeals to families with its regal charm and curated range of delectable offerings. The menu, reminiscent of a royal banquet, features a treasure of flavors that caters to diverse Indian tastes. While booking your Bali family vacation package, including a visit to this place for an upscale dining experience is a perfect choice.

2. Ganesha Ek Sanskriti: As its name suggests, Ganesha Ek Sanskriti in Seminyak tries blending tradition with rich culinary artistry. A family trip to Bali is incomplete without a visit to this iconic restaurant serving some flavorful curries and desi delicacies. You can indulge in a cultural and gastronomic experience, with a menu that showcases the diversity of Indian cuisine. The charming decor and attentive service enhance the overall dining journey.

3. Queen's Tandoor: Nestled in Seminyak, Queen's Tandoor is a questionable regal haven for families craving authentic Indian flavours in the tropics. The vibrant ambience and diverse menu cater to varying palates, ensuring a fulfilling dining experience for all. From aromatic biryanis to sizzling kebabs, it's a flavorful journey fit for royalty.

4. La Lucciola: Picture a serene beachfront setting combined with untainted Italian flavors —La Lucciola epitomises this experience. Families can indulge in handcrafted pasta and wood-fired pizzas while enjoying the calming sound of the waves. It's a perfect blend of sophistication and serenity, making the overall family vacation in Bali a top-notch experience.

5. Sarong Bali: For families seeking an exquisite fusion of Asian flavors, Sarong Bali is a sea-food’s paradise. This restaurant seamlessly blends Chinese, Thai, and Indonesian influences, offering a diverse menu that caters to various tastes. Including Sarong in your Bali family holiday packages ensures a gastronomic adventure for every family member.

6. Ku De Ta: Ku De Ta stands as an epitome of contemporary elegance, serving global cuisine with a touch of Bali's own culinary magic. Families can relish a diverse menu featuring continental delights while enjoying stunning sunset views. Inclusion of Ku De Ta in Bali family packages by Thrillophilia ensures families experience the pinnacle of culinary excellence in a breathtaking setting. 

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Bali Family Tours FAQs

How much does a Bali Family tour cost?

A standard 7-day, 6-night Bali family vacation Package from Thrillophilia starts at INR 37,000 and can touch up to  INR 80-90,000 depending upon the duration of stay, accommodation chosen and services included. We provide an extensive array of choices, ranging from budget-friendly Bali family trip packages to luxurious ones, all carefully selected and thoughtfully crafted by our team of professionals. 

How many days are enough to explore Bali with family?

To truly explore Bali and immerse yourself in its rich culture, stunning landscapes, and vibrant attractions, it is recommended to spend at least 7 to 10 days on the island. A Bali family vacation package with this duration allows you to visit iconic landmarks such as temples, rice terraces, and waterfalls, indulge in diverse cuisine, engage in adventure activities, and relax on beautiful beaches. 

Which is the best month to visit Bali with family?

Selecting the best month to visit Bali with family is similar to choosing from a palette of vibrant colors, each offering its unique charm. Whether you opt for the lively peak season, the waning season, or the balanced shoulder seasons, Bali welcomes families with open arms round the year. From cultural explorations to beachfront bliss, each month caters to diverse preferences of every individual. To enhance your family's experience, consider exploring customized Bali family tour packages offered by Thrillophilia that align with your chosen month and family’s preference.

How to explore Bali with Family in 3 Days?

In 3 days, you can explore Bali's highlights with Thrillophilia's carefully curated Bali family tour packages. You can visit Ubud for its cultural richness, enjoy Kuta's vibrant beach life, and take a day trip to Nusa Penida for breathtaking sunset vistas. Though 3 days are not enough to explore the actual beauty of Bali, Thrillophilia’s handpicked inclusions and carefully designed itineraries will give you a taste of Bali like nowhere else.

How do I plan a family trip to Bali?

To plan a family trip to Bali, determine a suitable duration, and allocate a budget covering flights, accommodations, and activities. Choose family-friendly accommodations, explore cultural sites like temples and markets, indulge in water activities, and consider hiring local guides for a more immersive experience. Prioritize bonding moments and relaxation for a memorable trip. Consider booking Thrillophilia’s curated Bali family vacation packages to streamline the process.

What documents one must carry on a Family trip to Bali?

1. Valid Passports: Ensure passports have a minimum of six months' validity.
2. Return Flight Tickets: Provide proof of your return journey.
3. Proof of Accommodation: Carry hotel vouchers or accommodation details.
4. Travel Insurance: Safeguard your family with comprehensive travel insurance coverage.
5. Visa: Check Bali's visa requirements and carry the required documents as advised by your tour operator.
6. Emergency Contacts: Keep a list of important contacts, including embassy details.
7. Health Documents: Carry necessary health-related documents and prescriptions for any medications.

Is it worth visiting Bali with my family?

Absolutely, visiting Bali with family promises a journey filled with enchantment and shared moments. The island's diverse offerings cater to all ages, with cultural richness, adventure, and serene beaches. Bali's warm hospitality, coupled with tailored family-friendly activities, ensures a memorable vacation. From exploring lush landscapes in Ubud to enjoying beach days, surfing in Kuta, Bali provides an ideal setting for family bonding. With the flexibility offered by Thrillophilia’s Bali family packages, encompassing diverse experiences, the island becomes a destination where every member finds joy, making it undeniably worth the visit for an ideal family escape.

What is Bali famous for?

Bali is famous as the ‘Land of Gods’ for the numerous ancient temples dotted across the island. The beautiful island also owes much of its fame to its numerous looming volcanoes, dramatic seascapes and lush terraced paddy fields. Bali is home to some of the world class spas. Adrenaline junkies make no mistake in embarking in thrilling activities during their Bali trip. Last but not the least, amicable locals who are always at your service make Bali one of the world’s top travel destinations.

Does Bali have good nightlife?

Nightlife at Bali caters to a wide range of party animals with diverse tastes and budgets. From chilling out at sunset to dancing the night away at the beach clubs, party animals have a lot in Bali to enjoy. You can spend the evening relaxing at a spa parlour or simply enjoy a scrumptious dinner by the seafront. If you are fond of art and culture, watch a movie at a theatre or a live show performed by the local artists.

How expensive is Bali for Family Trip?

Bali is not at all expensive tourist destination in Indonesia. But food and accommodation are available at reasonable prices. For a seven-day trip to Bali the cost per person can vary from Rs. (30,000-50,000) with basic accommodation, food, activities and transport.

What are the best temples to visit in Bali on a family trip?

1. Tanah Lot: Tanah Lot temple is an ancient Hindu shrine which is set on top of an outcrop. The temple is known for its unique setting offshore and it offers one of the best views of the sunset. It is also a perfect location for photography and has plenty of attractions nearby.

2. Ulun Danu Beratan:
This is one of the most serene temples of Bali which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This beautiful temple is referred to as ‘Heaven on the Lake’ due to its location. It is famous for offering positive vibes and a cool atmosphere which rejuvenates your mind, body and soul.

3. Besakih Temple:
Known as the ‘Mother Temple’, this is the biggest and the holiest temple of Bali. This temple is over 1000 years old and it can take an entire day to explore this whole site. Due to its lofty location, you will get to witness spectacular views that would surely leave you in awe.

4. Goa Gajah:
This temple is the perfect destination for history buffs and spiritual visitors. Commonly known as the ‘Elephant Cave Temple’, it is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. There are intricate stone carvings on the walls of this temple with a demon-like structure welcoming you at the entrance. 

What are the best activities for families to do in Bali at night?

1. Night Safari: The popular Night safari at Bali Marine and Safari Park is one of the most fun activities to do with your family in Bali. On this adventure, you will witness the wild animals from inside a cage, while they roam freely around you.

2. Devdan Show: If you are on a family trip to Bali then you should definitely attend the Devdan Show at Bali Nusa Dua Theater. It is a one of a kind experience where you will get to see Indonesia’s rich and diverse culture through a stunning performance.

Also Checkout: Devdan Show Ticket

3. Movie Night at the Beach: Watching a movie on comfortable bean bags at the beach is another very popular activity that you can experience in Bali. This is a fun way to end your day by lying under the stars on a beach and enjoying a movie with your loved ones.

4. Gianyar Night Market: This is a famous and vibrant night market that starts at around 5 PM in the evening. You will find a variety of stalls from where you can purchase the perfect souvenirs at affordable prices. Additionally you will find a number of food stalls serving traditional Balinese and Indonesian snacks.

5. Sunset Dinner Cruise in Bali: A great way to end your day is by admiring the gorgeous sunset of Bali while savouring on authentic Balinese dishes on a cruise. Witness the changing colours of the sky as the sun goes down, and to remember this special moment, make sure to take pictures. 

What are the other best things to enjoy in Bali that you can book through Thrillophilia?

What are the various Bali packages that Thrillophilia offers from various Indian cities?

Bali Family Tours Reviews

Shweta Tiwari
Reviewed: 06 Apr 2023
Thank u for making this trip memorable for us. The whole thrillophilla team was available throughout the trip. The local staff and guide were quite knowledgeable. We created a lot of memories, thanks to the well planned trip. Would love you trouble you again for another trip 😜
Shweta  Tiwari
Shweta  Tiwari
Shweta  Tiwari
Shweta  Tiwari
Shweta  Tiwari
Shweta  Tiwari
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Shivam Gaur
Reviewed: 22 Dec 2022
This was our first trip with Thrillophila. I was looking for a complete honeymoon package an Thrillophilia's Bali tour came up in my search. The staff was responsive and planned the travel well. I wanted the best of hotels for my trip and I was not disappointed. Although the hotel dates and could ha... Read More
shivam gaur
shivam gaur
shivam gaur
shivam gaur
shivam gaur
shivam gaur
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Dr Shashi Dangwal
Reviewed: 05 Oct 2022
We had an awesome holiday in Bali. Thank you for making our trip so pleasant. Already recommending thrillophilia to others.
Dr. Shashi Dangwal
Dr. Shashi Dangwal
Dr. Shashi Dangwal
Dr. Shashi Dangwal
Dr. Shashi Dangwal
Dr. Shashi Dangwal
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Trine Bridge Languages And Media Solutions
Reviewed: 11 Apr 2023
It was Amazing, itinerary's were well planned! My dearest friend from Sales team Mr. Abhinav Saini was very supportive and was in regular contact with us, we had some issues with Operational team but Abhinav handles that part as well. Overall it was very good experience with Thrillophilia. Cheers!
 TrineBridge Languages  and Media Solutions
 TrineBridge Languages  and Media Solutions
 TrineBridge Languages  and Media Solutions
 TrineBridge Languages  and Media Solutions
 TrineBridge Languages  and Media Solutions
 TrineBridge Languages  and Media Solutions
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Shweta Tiwari
Reviewed: 06 Apr 2023
We enjoyed our trip thoroughly. The local staff and guide were also very kind and supportive. The hotels where we stayed were very comfortable with amazing view. The whole thrillophilla team was available to help throughout the trip. The trip was very well organised we got to do some adventure also.... Read More
Shweta  Tiwari
Shweta  Tiwari
Shweta  Tiwari
Shweta  Tiwari
Shweta  Tiwari
Shweta  Tiwari
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Sailesh Ponneth
Reviewed: 03 Jan 2023
Overall, we had a very good experience at Bali..the itinerary was very well crafted, and Yashwant and team were really helpful in accomodating some last minute changes I requested..our driver/guide  Gaing was fantastic - very knowledgeable and excellent in helping us during our time in Bali..overall... Read More
Sailesh Ponneth
Sailesh Ponneth
Sailesh Ponneth
Sailesh Ponneth
Sailesh Ponneth
Sailesh Ponneth
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