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About Munduk Langki

Munduk Langki is situated in the Northern Coast hemisphere of Bali. This location makes up for the perfect holiday destination especially given how exotic the place truly is and the numerous, varied experiences that visitors can avail. This village encompasses for an over-all unassuming and is filled with beautiful buildings that hold great secrets.

Munduk Langki’s climate varies but more times than often, one can find a cooler climate prevailing in this village. Due to the given flora and fauna that can be discovered in this location, activities such as trekking through forested hills and hidden villages is among the most favourable things to do in Munduk Langki. As you embark on these adventures, consider enhancing your experience with Bali tour packages, which can seamlessly weave in visits to this picturesque village. While relishing the cooler climate, take the time to appreciate the Dutch-built assortment of houses and colonial-style buildings scattered throughout Munduk Langki, adding a historical charm to your exploration.

Tourism wise there is a lot to this place than meets the eye. There is no worrying when it comes to staying in this location. There are a number of home-stays, hotels, restaurants or resorts that you can choose from and are located quite close to the heart of this beautiful town. Moreover, when it comes to basic amenities such as food – such things are well taken care of by the locals. There are so many activities one can indulge in while at this place.

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Munduk Langki FAQ's

Travel advice:

  • Avoid the crowd: Due to the given popularity of this destination, the place can sometimes be quite crowded. After all, Bali isn’t exactly an untouched, unseen, unexplored paradise on Earth. Check for the peak period and avoid staying in clichéd regions of the city. Instead opt for central mountains or the western coasts that are more chilled out.

  • Be wise while choosing your hotel/resort: The streets of Munduk Langki may not necessarily be full all the time but are usually filled with chaotic traffic. Like mentioned previously, the place can get quite crowded too. Thus, it becomes essential for one to choose the right type of hotel or resort that you will be staying in. Find your perfect spot in the perfect destination for the right kind of experience in this beautiful city.

  • Dress according to the occasion: Be well aware of the fact that even the high-end bars, restaurants and resorts in Bali have a dress code without which entry isn’t permitted. It is better to prevent unwanted embarrassment by ensuring that your outfits are well to do and especially according to what is required in the particular location.

  • Do not disrespect the religious or traditional values: While this may not come across as a surprise to you that Bali is known to the world as the hub for great spirituality, it is important to respect the religious rules that roost in the place as well. Enjoy Munduk Langki for the true essence that it represents without insulting or offending the sentiments of its lovely people.

  • Enjoy the local market for the its true essence: Shopping certainly is one those to-do things in Munduk Langki city or any other city for that matter. This is especially true given how colourful, vibrant and resourceful the markets of the destination are. However, be prepared for a mixed bag of price tags as it truly just depends on your bargaining skills when it comes to appropriate pricing on any product.

  • Drinking laws: Bali as a whole doesn’t consist of an established minimum drinking age as such. However, they do expect the crazy night-life lovers to be in control. Alcohol is easily obtainable from super markets and convenience stores, so no worries there.

Things to do in Munduk Langki

  • Check out the Munduk Water fall: The Munduk Waterfall or what the locals like to fondly refer, the Jalan Raya Munduk is a famous waterfall located in the centre of Bali island country and is magnificent in terms of its height and cooling air. Activities such as trekking, hill-climbing and so on can be indulged in while you’re at this place. Make sure you carry a map.

  • A visit to the rice paddies: Do check out Munduk’s rice terraces while you’re at Munduk. This location promises to stun you with varied views of lush-green and clear landscapes and beautiful skies. Traditional tools are used in the region for the purpose of planting as well as harvesting.

  • Appreciate the stone sarcophagus in Kayupith village: Located in the Kayuputih village of Bali, this beautiful stone sarcophagus is located approximately a few kilometres away from Munduk Langki. It is a 19th century relic of stone that can found in six pieces.

  • Rest by the oldest Banyan tree: The Banyan tree in Gesing, located approximately 10km away from Munduk is over 500 years old. Rest by the Banyan tree after a long day of exploring or indulging in physically excruciating activities while you’re at it.

What to do in Munduk Langki:

  • Go on a trekking adventure: What would be awesome? A self-guided trek through the beautiful locations around Munduk. A good map is all you need. There are many guides who offer their services too. You can get this arranged by your hotel staff or guest house.

  • Cycling through the village: Another exciting activity that you can do in Munduk Langki is go on a cycling spree through this region. You will surely enjoy this location for what it is. Moreover, since you will find a lot of greenery, you won’t be disappointed either. You will surely enjoy this activity while you’re at it.

  • Cooking classes in Bali: Well, eating Balinese food certainly is another type of pleasure. However, imagine cooking Balinese food. It is a whole different feeling all together. Observe and learn how the Balinese cuisines are prepared.

  • Check out the Banjar hot springs: The Banjar hot springs are located approximately 30 minutes drive away from Munduk Langki. There are three different pools located whose water is approximate 38 degrees sulphur water and can be used for bathing.

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