35 Fun Things to Do in Bali: Get Upto 30% Off
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Bali Fun Things to Do

Waterbom Bali, Stay in Mara River Safari Lodge, Cycle through the Balinese Countryside, Sea Walks, Stay in Sharma Springs Bamboo House, Canyon Tubing, Swim in an Infinity Pool and many more.

Are you looking for some adventure, some thrill? Are you deciding to head over to Bali for your next vacation? If you’re wondering about all the activities you can partake on your Balinese vacation, this article can help you. Bali, though tiny, is full of amazing things to keep you happy. In fact, you’ll probably want to extend your vacation in order to keep on doing the things that make visiting Bali an experience that is worth the while. Book our Bali honeymoon packages to spend quality time with your soulmate witnessing the beauty of the place. You can also do many interesting couple things in Bali which will add on adventure in your trip.

There is something here for every kind of person. If you’re a thrill seeker, Bali tour package has a variety of options on the platter. If you’re the peaceful, relaxed-on-the-beach kind of person, you’re in the right place. If exploring nature gives you happiness, Bali will give you the gift of lush natural landscapes . Just priceless! Bali is also one of the best places to experience aquatic life. There is no dearth of the fun things you can do on this little island. So, what’s keeping you back? Let’s dive right into the sea of adventure that is Bali.
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Fun Things to Do in Bali


Experience the Thrill of Mt.Batur Sunrise Trek

Mount Batur is an active volcano in Bali and considered to be one of the most sacred Hindu sites. Trekking up this volcano to see the sunrise is an activity that has a place on every traveller’s list so you should add it to yours. Of course the trek can be undertaken alone, but be warned that you might have to encounter aggressive guides along the way.

The trek starts in the dead of the night around 2am-3am, thus giving trekkers ample time to climb up the volcano slowly. All fitness levels can be accommodated so don’t worry if you aren’t a mountain climber. The sunrise takes place around 6.30 am in the summer months and is a spectacle that’s worth all night’s work. And if you cannot catch the sunrise due to cloud-cover issues, the trek under the night sky still makes it worth it. You can add a trip to the hot springs to your trek to make it more fun.

Free (or starts 60 USD for a guided tour, food and transportation included)

Mount Batur, Kintamani district

2am/3am to 7am

Best Time to go:
In-season in Bali starts in June. So if you can, plan a trip in April-May for a significantly lesser crowd, else, you might have to share your sunset with a hundred others.

Insider Tip:
It gets cold on the peak, so dress appropriately

Click Here to Book Now: Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

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Take a Ferry to Gili Islands

One of the most beautiful destinations in the word, the Gili islands are three smalls islands with a very rich marine life archipelago. They are a short boat ride away from Bali, so make sure to drop by for a visit. If you are planning a longer trip, you can also stay here for a couple of days. The entire ambience of the islands is laid back and peaceful.

There are no vehicles here so you will need to use cycles and other traditional means of getting along. The island offers plenty of snorkelling and swimming opportunities; since the islands are bursting with marine life, you will get to see lots of fish and corals underwater and might even make friends with some turtles. Getting to the islands is not a problem as there are many ferry boats as well as fast boats available. Just make sure to choose your port wisely as the seas can be especially rough around some ports in the rainy season.


Gili Islands

Best time to Go:

Click Here to Book Now: Gili Islands Day Trip

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Experience the Splash of Waterblow at Hidden Rock Cliff, Nusa Dua

Often, the fun things to do in Bali are really cheap. In this case, it’s free. A natural attraction, water-blowing in Bali is as simply as standing near the rails as the waves crash below sending up a foamy spray of water. There is a hidden, narrow ledge between the sea and the land where waves crash and create this phenomenon.

A natural attraction and a really minimalistic one, water-blowing is nonetheless one of the things tourists in Bali really look forward to. And, why not? Suitable for all ages, located in mainstream Nusa Dua, and guaranteed to produce laughter. Go for it next time you’re in Bali.


Near Grand Hyatt Hotel, Nusa Dua

Best time to Go:
Year-round, the high tide days will give you better water-blowing opportunities.

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Bali Tour Packages Explore All (62)
Explore All (62)

Stay at Mara River Safari Lodge

The Mara River Safari Lodge is a part of the Bali Safari And Marine Park which is one the most famous tourist attractions to visit in Bali. It is an extensive project in wildlife conservation and there are many endangered species that make their home in this park. The Mara River Safari Lodge is a way for the public to interact with the wildlife in a safe manner. 

There is a host of things you can do at the Park, from taking a day or a night safari (or both of course), or an Elephant Back safari to watching the Bali Agung Show and  chilling out in the waterpark. Simply staying in the lodge also allows you to experience the wildlife world as the animals can come quite close to the accommodation. Their restaurant is also located in the midst of the wildlife so you can enjoy lunch while the animals stroll around. Experiencing Africa in Indonesia? Why not?

It varies according to the package you choose. It can range from IDR 513.000/person to 1,440.000/person (discounted rates).

Best Time To Visit:
April-September, December- January

Bali, Indonesia

Getting there:
There are various shuttle pick-up services provided by the park. Just make sure you let them know 24 hours prior to your arrival.

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Cycle through the Balinese Countryside

Most cycling tours around the Bali countryside take place in the Ubud region of Bali. This region is rich in rice paddies and steep ravines, and  picturesque beyond doubt, making it a perfect backdrop for your cycling adventure. Cycling tours are arranged for by various providers and conducted by local guides. This is an upside because you don’t just get to explore the countryside, you also get to experience it in greater depth. 

There is the Mount Batur volcano to see along with the various historical temples and traditional villages. A ride through a bamboo forest is also possible. Routes can be customised or you can hop onto a pre-set route. These routes cover large distances- nearly 25kms of the countryside in a go.  

And, for those of you shrinking from the thought of an exhausting day spent cycling, worry not. All the routes are downhill, which basically means you’re cruising along with minimal effort, making it ideal for all sorts of people. They start and end at specific spots. You are usually driven to and from your accommodation in a vehicle.

Varies according to the provider

Best time to Go:
The dry season from April to August.

Ubud, Bali  

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Enjoy a Session of Sea Walking

Our day to day activities do not allow us to tread the oceans and we don’t even realise what we are missing out on. Bali is located in the Coral Triangle which is home to more than 500 coral communities. The ocean around Bali is extremely bountiful and throbs with life. Sea walking is a way for you to experience this unusual ecosystem. Unlike scuba diving which calls for knowledge of swimming, sea walking can be enjoyed by the majority of tourists. Sea walking is one of the most interesting things to do in Bali.

It is simply a matter of wearing a helmet and treading the ocean floor. Imagine the grandeur of walking through a school of fish, watching the blue ocean revealing its secrets to you! Beautiful! This activity is largely safe and doable though there are a few words of caution- it is absolutely necessary to wisely choose the company with which you go sea-walking as the services they provide, like oxygen helmets and first aid can be the points of difference between a good and a bad experience. But other than that, sea walking in Bali is one of the most fun activities you can partake of. You will really have some memories to cherish. The place is a well-known couple destination which makes it a famous tourist spot to visit during honeymoon.

Varies according to company, INR 2000- 6000 approx.

Best Time to Go:
April to August

Sanur, Tanjung, Benoa, Lembongan

Click Here to Book Now: Sea Walking in Bali

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Ubud & Kintamani Tours Explore All (56)
Explore All (56)

Spend a Day at Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali is the best waterpark in Asia and the third best in the world. So, if you’re heading over to Bali, make sure to drop by here. There are dozens of rides you can hop onto at this place, from tube rides to a bungee catapult which flips you in the air up to 9 metres high. As you can guess, opportunities to get your adrenaline pumping are lined up. But you can always float peacefully upon the lazy river for a break. You can do many other thrilling activities in Kuta which can your vacation more adventurous.  

You get a package deal when you buy the ticket which includes full access to the rides, along with one optional activity- you can opt in for a massage or a spa or even a mani-pedi among others. What better way to end a fun-filled day in Bali?

Total package rates are IDR 880.000 and IDR 750.000 for an adult and a child respectively.



Best Time to Go:
Avoid the rainy season

Click Here to Book Now: Waterbom Bali Tickets

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Enjoy a Luxurious Stay in Sharma Springs Bamboo House

A wonderful work of architecture, the Sharma Springs Bamboo House is truly a place worth experiencing! Situated alongside the Ayung river in the Ubud district of Bali, the Sharma Springs Bamboo House is the latest in a collection of bamboo houses by Green Village. It is 6-storey high and comprises of 5 floors with 4 air-conditioned bedrooms and a host of facilities at your disposal. It is furnished with classy bamboo furniture. 

You also have an attached pool and a private garden at your disposal along with your very own guest house for an additional charge. Talk about luxurious! Living in this bamboo house will prove to be a wonderfully exotic experience because how many people can boast of having done so? Bamboo also absorbs all the harmful greenhouse gases in the environment. So, think of it as doing your body a favor. The view of the valley is a treat for the eyes and the Ubud district with its rice paddies, ravines and its plethora of beautiful distractions is a therapy for the soul.

Approx. INR 53,000/night


Best Time to Go:

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Get the Rush of Adrenaline with Canyon Tubing

Canyon Tubing is one of the most fun things to do in Bali. It gives you an adrenaline rush and makes for a perfect way to combine adventure and sightseeing. Not to mention exploring the secrets of the Balinese rivers as you zoom through the rapids or float through the stiller waters. Bali has many rivers and twice as many tour services which provide Canyon Tubing packages, so you can really go wild with choices. Canyon Tubing involves individual people in their own tubes which only adds to the thrill. 

The rivers take you through lush green jungles and steep ravines inhabited by all sorts of flora and fauna, so you’re in sync with pure nature. Many Canyon Tubing packages also offer other sight-seeing options. For example, you could Canyon tube and then make your way to the Kintamani Lake for a scenic view of Mount Batur along with a visit to spice gardens. Or you could alternatively head to a spa after your adventurous day. There are options galore and minimal age restrictions.

Starts approx. at Rs. 3200. Changes according to the company and package.

Ayung river, Siap river, Penet river, Pakerisan river

Best Time to Go:
Dry Season between April to November

Starts at 9am. Spend 2.5 to 3 hours on the river

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Swim in an Infinity Pool

Swimming in an infinity pool is one of the most luxurious things you can do in Bali. An infinity pool is meant to be a source of pampering your senses. It is so constructed as to give you the feeling of infinite open space as if it will merge into the ocean or the sky. 

Bali is famous for its infinity pools, thus making swimming something you must try. Many high-end hotels and holiday homes include an infinity pool so if you’re staying in one, just head over there one morning. But if that isn’t the case, you can always make a trip to one of these infinity pools on a day-pass which will allow you to experience the swimming as well as open up to several dining options.

Varies widely according to the hotel or holiday home

All around Bali

Best time to go:
April to November

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Try Hands on Kitesurfing

Image Credit : no-location.com
A fun thing to do in Bali is kitesurfing. Kitesurfing is characterised as an extreme watersport and it isn’t quite as easy as hopping on a surfboard and shooting away through the waves. If you have never done this before, you will need to take a beginner’s entry course which is usually 2 hours long.

Intermediate and advanced courses are around an hour’s length. But though this seems complicated, it really isn’t as you’ll be on the waves most of the time. And once you’re done, you’ll actually have learnt a new sport to boot! It’s a win-win situation.There are numerous surf schools along the Bali beaches which can teach you kitesurfing. Book aside a couple of mornings on your Bali trip to pick up kitesurfing. Time to make r memories that last!.

Beginner courses start at approx. Rs. 4500

                 -Bali East coast: Sanur (Mertasari Beach)- Best for beginners; Tanjung Benoa and Nusa Dua
                 -Bali West Coast: Seminyak; Canggu 

Best time to Go:
June to August for the best winds

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Watch the Kecak Fire Dance

A cheap and yet fun thing to do in Bali is watch the Kecak “monkey” dance being performed. This performance takes you back to the cultural and traditional roots of the Hindu and Balinese culture as men and women dance around the fire performing the Ramayana story. No instrumental music accompanies this performance- only a chorus of bare-chested men who use claps and beats for a musical touch. 

The Kecak dance is one of the several traditional dance performances that take place in Bali. It has its roots in, and is often followed by the Sanghyang or the “trance” dance. These performances often take place in the villages which give you a good chance to experience the village life and interact with the locals after the dance. The performance can be as long as 2.5 to 3 hours long, and service for pick-up and drop-off are provided by some companies.

Approx. IDR 75.000 per person


Approx. 7pm to 9pm

Best time to Go:
April to November

Book Now to Enjoy the Scenic Sunset: Uluwatu Sunset Tour With Kecak Dance

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Sightseeing Tours Explore All (55)
Explore All (55)

Visit the Pod Chocolate Cafe

The Pod Chocolate Café is actually a part of the Pod Chocolate Factory. If you’re visiting Bali with the kids or are a chocolate lover, this factory is a must-visit. The café is located inside the factory, so you can opt for a factory tour and then top it off with lunch and desserts here. That is if you have the energy to eat more after all the tastings that you will be treated to during the tour.

Pod chocolates are among the best in Bali and top-restaurants also use them so you’re in good chocolaty hands. There is also the option of making your own chocolate elephants to take back with you as well as the option of purchasing some delicious chocolates. You can combine this tour of the Pod Chocolate Factory with a tour of the elephants next door or any of the other Ubud activities you like. You’re sure to have a blast.

IDR 300,000-400,000 with transport


Best time to Go:

2-hour tour, starts at 10am

Insider Tip:
Their home-made chocolate ice-cream is to die for.

Click Here to Book Now: 
Pod Chocolate Factory at Bali Elephant Camp in Bali

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Enjoy an Unusual Coffee: Kopi Luwak

An adventurous variety of coffee, Kopi Luwak is an Indonesian speciality.  This is a variety of coffee that is made out of semi-digested coffee cherries that have passed through the intestines of Asian civets. Before you cringe with disgust and move away, you should know that the process actually enhances the coffee flavour, making it very tasty; to the extent that Kopi Luwak is one of the most expensive coffees in the world- $700/kg in USA.

So, why not try a cup of coffee when you’re in Bali? You can sample a cup on the street, and if you like it you can buy a bag or two to bring home.

Approx. USD 5 or INR 400 a cup. USD 100/kg

All over Indonesia

Here is one more thing you can do is shopping in Bali, which attracts a lot of tourists with their architecture.

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Ride a Submarine

If scuba diving and sea walks make you feel uncomfortable, you can always experience the underwater world through the glass panes of a submarine. The sea around Bali forms  a wonderful ecosystem that you should try to experience. Submarines allow tourists to go deep into the ocean and see all sorts of life-forms up close.

It is an adventure of a lifetime. Odyssey Submarine is the only operator that offers submarine tours so you could book ahead of time if you’re visiting in the peak season.  The tour lasts for almost an hour with fish feeding sessions included.

USD 95/adult; USD 65/ child

Amuk Bay


Best time to go:

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Entry Tickets Explore All (19)
Explore All (19)

Go for a Campuhan Ridge Walk

The Campuhan Ridge Walk is a fun and free activity to do in Bali. The Campuhan Ridge Walk has a route marked out for hikers which spans nearly 9 kilometers. A good way to burn off all those Pod Chocolate calories, don’t you think? The hike route takes you through the pure, lush green setting of Ubud.

You will best enjoy the trek and view of the Mount Ayung peak and paddy-filled slopes and villages in the early mornings or late afternoons when the weather is cooler. The trek takes you around the majestic Pura Gunung Lebah temple complex so you can also stop and explore it too. Once the 9 kilometres are through, you can return back or continue on other treks. Cafes and spas line the Ubud roads so you have plenty of options to rest your body along the way.



Best time to Go:
Year round

Early mornings or late afternoons

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Spend a Day Partying in Kuta

A popular tourist stopping point, Kuta is a rather an extravagant and exciting place to be at after the sun goes down. It’s nightlife can compete with the best of them. Bars and pubs have sprung up like wild mushrooms in Kuta’s party district so you’ll have no trouble finding one to satisfy your party cravings. Some of the best party zones in Kuta include Sky Garden, Bounty Discotheque, Alleycats, Hard Rock café among many others. 

Hard Rock is famous for its live music performances while Alleycats gives you a cheap drinking option. Bounty’s entry is free for tourists while Sky Garden has an amazing buffet. There are way more options to choose from depending upon your tastes.  It is apt to say that partying in Kuta means partying hard. But as exciting partying in Kuta sounds, it can get dangerous if you don’t watch out for trouble. But take care and you’ll end up having a really good time enjoying the nightlife.

Varies by venue


Best Time to Go:

Insider Tip:
Try as much as possible to choose bottled drinks as they reduce the risk of someone tampering with the drinks.

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Relish Your Favourite Drink at ??Puri Santrian Bar

One of the most beautiful hotels in Bali, Puri Santrian is famous for its breathtaking location, its excellent hotel area and restaurant, and its services. This is an all-round prizewinner. So, if you’re looking to celebrate something special or even if you’re just looking to give yourself a well-deserved treat, Puri Santrian will not disappoint. 

Its ambience will add just the right magical touch to a memorable evening with the gentle sound of waves lulling you into peace. You can either choose to board in the hotel or simply visit the restaurant area. If you do choose to stay, join one of their cooking classes or their yoga classes which are free of cost to boarders.

INR 350.000 for two people (approx.); INR 45.000 for a pint of beer (approx.)


Best time to go:

Insider tips:
Their pizzas and nasi goreng come well recommended.

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Explore the Abandoned Plane

If you’re looking to do something a little off the beaten track, this abandoned plane might be just the thing to visit. The huge Boeing aeroplane just sits there day after day in the limestone valley near South Kuta, an attraction for people looking for something curious and creepy in the romantic Bali paradise.  

The plane is not the relic of a crash; according to rumours it was meant to be a restaurant but had to be abandoned because permits were not granted. It has now turned into a free tourist attraction conveniently located in Kuta. One doesn’t get to see an abandoned plane everywhere after all. Who says something which gives you (good)creepy feels can’t be a fun thing to do in Bali? 


Pandawa Beach, South Kuta

Best time to Go:

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Have fun at the Secret Canyon of Sukawati

Secret Canyon of Sukawati is a particularly picturesque and an awe-inspiring space. It is a sacred site for Hindus in Bali and in truth not so secret anymore. But in a country known for its beaches and valleys, the canyon does come as a surprise which is why it is still relatively “secret”. Many people are still unaware of its existence and as a result, tourist crowds are lesser in comparison to the beaches and other popular hangouts. If you love nature, this is one place you must definitely visit. 

Its beauty is not of the calm paddy-fields of Ubud, the canyon has a wild, colourful, ever changing vibe to it. You will find rivers and multi-coloured rocks. All you might want will be tto sit down and gaze at flowing waters. As there is no entry fee as of this moment, you can quite easily spend time doing so.

You will have to choose  a guide who can take you safely through the canyon as it can get quite slippery in places. This is a free service but they expect tips averaging 150.000 IDR. You can also choose to stop at the Sukawati art market afterwards.


Guwang village, Sukawati

Best time to Go:
The dry season between April to November

Insider Tips:
Wear a good pair of walking shoes

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Explore the Suluban Beach

For a small place, Bali does have a lot of lovely secrets. The Suluban beach is one of them. A short ride away from Nusa Dua, this beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Bali, and that is saying a lot since Bali is famed for its pristine sands. You reach the beach after a long walk through stairs and coral caves. Once there, you will find a whole lot more caves just waiting to be explored. It is a small, cosy beach locked in among the huge rocks but its natural beauty will spellbind you. Also visit one of the famous beaches in Bali Uluwatu Beach which is nearby the Suluban Beach. 

The coral reef cave that forms its entrance is also fascinating and the moss-covered caves make for a perfect picnic spot. Head over to Suluban on a low tide day, spend few hours exploring the caves, get your toes wet in the giant waves, and then claim a cave for an unusual picnic.



Best time to Go:
Low tide days

Insider Tip:
The stairs can be slippery. So, wear good footwear.

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Watch the Sunset from Yeh Leh Boulder Beach

The Yeh Leh Beach is a relatively unknown place in Bali. There are no white sands to be found here. The Yeh Leh beach is a boulder beach, that is to say, it  barely has any sand and is mostly made up of boulders. There are mossy green boulders and there are glossy, smooth boulders extending far out into the ocean. 

There are two “parts” to the beach, the western one is the boulder filled part and the eastern part has black sand. It is a unique place to say the least. It is during a low tide that the beauty of this place shines forth. The low tide completely reveals the long stretch of boulders and the marine life that clings to them. The sunsets here are particularly beautiful, so, try to visit the beach in the late afternoon.


Jembrana, off the Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway

Best time to Go:
4 pm to 6 pm, low tide, April to November

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Explore the Trunyan Island

Whoever thought that visiting a cemetery where the people just bury their dead under the banyan tree would be considered a fun thing to do in Bali? Funnily enough, a visit to the Trunyan island and cemetery is a good experience and not at all discomfiting. The “Aga bali” people who live on this island are one of the oldest Balinese tribes and this burial system is age old and unique to them. 

The cemetery is not a repulsive place and no foul odour troubles the visitor as it is masked by the scent of the banyan tree. You’ll see several skeletons on the ground. A visit to this cemetery will certainly be a cultural experience to remember. And you’ll certainly have some tales you recall back home.



Best time to go:

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Go for Surfing

You can’t visit Bali and not go surfing- that would be likeakin to going to a restaurant and not eating. Bali boasts lovely beaches that are suited to all types of surfers. If you’ve never surfed in your life, no problem. Bali is a haven for surfers whether they are professionals or beginners on their first surfboarding adventure. 

The main beaches in Kuta, Nusa Dua, Tuban and other big cities offer many surf school options to choose from. These schools provide the surfer with all the necessary equipment and if you need instructors, they will provide one to you. The Kuta and Tuban beaches are especially good for beginner-intermediate surfers. Surfing is an engaging sport and you’re sure to feel a surfer’s high the day you finally catch your first wave. Get, set, go surfing!

IDR 200.000 approx.

All Bali beaches

Best Time to Go:

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Watch the Sunset at Uluwatu Sea Temple

The Uluwatu Sea Temple is considered to be one of the six spiritual pillars of the Balinese Culture. The temple was constructed about a thousand years ago and is surrounded by a small forest full of monkeys. It is perched upon a cliff almost 70 meters above sea level. Its excellent location makes it a great sunset point. A kecak dance is performed here from 6pm to 7pm with the gorgeous sunset as the backdrop. Visitors must wear a sarong and sash hired outside the temple. This temple is close to the Yeh Leh beach so you can combine the two visits together.

Nominal entry fee

Pura Uluwatu

24 hours a day

Best time to go:
Late afternoons, year-round

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Visit Gala Gala Underground House

Begun in 1961 and finished in 1976, the Gala-Ggala house is a rendition of the Mahabharata house built by the Pandava brothers in their years of exile, built by Made Byasa apparently using just a crowbar and his own two hands. 

The place is worth visiting if only for this reason. The house boasts a series of many underground cave-rooms which are just a couple meters high, with seven exits for the purpose of ventilation. There is a kitchen, and living rooms like in any other house but it is difficult to make out the differences. Overall, the house feels like a labyrinth.

Approx. IDR 500k

Nusa Lembongan

Best time to Go:
April to November

Insider Tip:
if you’re claustrophobic, it’s best to stay outside

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Experience the Thrill of Flyboarding at Nusa Dua

Flyboarding is a relatively new water-sport and one of the fun things you can do in Bali. It is not a very time-consuming activity and can fit into your schedule easily. Flyboarding really does allow you to fly high and mighty as the jets created by the water propel you high in the sky. What better way to give yourself an adrenaline rush? Prior swimming experience will be a plus though there are instructors who provide instructions regarding how to operate the machines.

Approx. IDR 600.000

Tanjung Benoa/ Nusa Dua

Best time to Go:
June to September

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Explore the Pemuteran Hidden Underwater Temple

A unique temple situated in the underwater area of Pemuteran, Bali. There are two stops to this underwater temple- you begin to encounter several statues of deities at 15m and the temple at 30m. You will need to know some basic diving and an open water certificate to go down to the 15m mark but neither is difficult to acquire. Advanced divers can go 30m low. 

This temple is a conservation project among the many marine reconstruction projects going around Indonesia. Not only a temple, there are also underwater temple gardens like the Buddha garden on the reef flats which is bursting with corals. It is a beautiful dive and you get to experience the marine life around the statues. It just makes for a very different temple experience.

Varies according to provider


Best time to Go:
June to September

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Visit a Pearl Farm

The Atlas Pearl Farm is a must-see place especially if you’re travelling with the kids. Synthetic pearls are farmed here and a wide-variety of operations surrounding it are carried on in the Atlas Farm. There are regular tours that visitors can take though unfortunately, diving into the sea to see the farming is not an option. But the tours are very informative and insightful, thereby making it an attractive place for the kids. If you wish, you can also buy pearls here. It is a great way to spend an hour. You can club it with the visit to the Pemuteran Temple


Pemuteran Bay

Best time to go:

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Take an Early Morning Boat Ride for Dolphin Watching

Every morning, coasting in with the sunrise in Lovina, come the dolphins. Pods of dolphins dancing all around boats, friendly and joyful. When in Bali, you should try your best to take this chance of making friends with the dolphins. The incredibly gentle creatures flock all over the Lovina Bay making for a very good experience as you experience the mammals in their natural habitat. 

You can get to Lovina and hire a local boat but there are also companies which offer special packages for dolphin sighting. You can choose packages which allow you to swim with the dolphins too. Though this is now a very commercialized activity, it can still offer excellent opportunities and makes for good photographic memories.

Varies depending upon the service you choose


Best time to go:
April to November

Insider tip:
If you choose the local fishing boats, bargain hard to get the prices down to reasonable.

Click Here to Book Now:
Lovina Dolphin Watching and Snorkeling Tour

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Climb the Mount Agung

This one is truly for the adventurous souls who cannot enjoy a trip without some spice. Climbing Mount Batur is tough, but it is nowhere as tough as hiking up the sister mountain, Mount Ayung. Standing at 9,944 feet, Mount Ayung is one of the highest points in Bali as well as the most sacred. And reaching its top requires every bit of human effort that you can put in. This goes even for the relatively fit people. Mount Ayung has no direct road to the top. 

You have to climb a dirt road, a boulder stretch and then an extremely steep slope to reach the summit. Oh, and did we mention you have to do all this in the middle of the night? 12 am to 5 am if you want to be in time to catch the magnificent sunrise. Yes, the climb is definitely tough. But it is worth every bit of the effort. Just think of the feeling of conquering the mountain at the end when you’re gasping for breath. You will be energized again instantly.

Varies according to the guide


Best time to Go:
June to September

11:30 pm to 6 am

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Spend a Day Enjoying Mepantigan Balinese Mud Games

Tourists rolling around in the mud near a rice field is not a usual sight but it is fast becoming common in Bali. This is because the Mepantigan martial art is taking on a new significance as a tourist attraction in Bali. Mepantigan has been around for a long time and involves elements of martial arts along with emphases on emotional and spiritual relief. 

Tourists can participate in organized Mepantigan games which have around 30-50 people in one group along with an instructor and a paramedic team. Though slightly hands-on and rough, the game is nonetheless safe as it is a mud sport. Make sure you play with people from your group for best safety. This is an unusual fun thing to do in Bali but it will leave you with some seriously good memories.

INR 5000 on an average


Best time to Go:

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Experience a Rejuvenating Balinese Spa

Quite frankly, it’s very difficult to give the Balinese spa a miss if you’re anywhere in Indonesia and especially if you are in Bali. The culture just abounds with spa treatments. There are spa treatments of all kinds on offer but the best ones to go for are the traditionally inspired spa treatments.

If the word spa sounds too expensive to you, don’t worry. In Bali, spas are everywhere. That is to say, you can indulge yourself at a luxury hotel or alternatively, you can just indulge yourself with a spa or two at the local spa shops. 

Masseuses also walk the beaches in the afternoons looking for clients so you can actually get a massage right there on the beach as you relax to the sound of  the waves. The Balinese massage has a famous option called the Shirodhara, a holistic Ayurvedic therapy. Other options are the Papaya Enzyme Wraps and the Mandi Lulur. Indonesian women swear by this last spa treatment and it is a regular in Indonesian houses.

Varies widely depending upon where you get the spa done

All major cities

Best time to Get It:

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Join Cooking Classes

Food is such an integral part of everyday life that we don’t really give it due consideration. It’s just there. You can travel far and wide, see all the tourist attractions there are to see in a country but you will never truly discover it till you get your hands dirty. That is to say, discover the culture by getting into their kitchens. This is the best way to understand what it is that makes the people tick. So, join a cooking class while you’re in Bali and you’ll find you thanking yourself later. 

The Balinese cuisine is a virtually unknown cuisine so you’ll have the fun of learning something very different. You can also surprise people back home with the variety of your knowledge. You will learn to use various types of ingredients, many of them being seafood. You will also learn to do things with the humble rice that you never thought were possible. 

If you can befriend a local lady and get her to open up her secrets for you, you can actually skip the cooking school process too! The possibilities are many and the ease of this activity is really crazy. So, don your aprons and get out your spatulas- Bali food is calling.

Varies by school

All over Bali

Insider Tip:
Befriend a local, it will prove much more effective and you’ll have much more fun

Click Here to Book Now: Cooking Classes in Ubud

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Spend a Day Learning Yoga

Learning yoga in Bali is one of the fun things you can do here. Not only will this translate into a great, productive vacation, it will also be a gift to your lifelong health. Bali is peculiarly well-fitted to be a place for yoga. It offers a peaceful, meditative feel to those who come on a vacation here. The scenery is such that it will leave you feeling elevated. People have realised this aspect of Bali and as a result many yoga studios have come up in this place. 

Whether it is hatha you’re looking for or Iyengar or Ashtanga, Bali has the best yoga studios for you. But if you aren’t looking for a time commitment that a yoga studio requires, you can always choose from a whole host of yoga retreats. Yoga retreats are shorter, typically a week or two in length which makes for a perfect vacation-cum-rejuvenation break.

They are a chance to meet new people who are inspired by the same things as you are. A yoga retreat lets you to spend some hours in the morning doing yoga and then leaves you free to explore the place with new people. It is a good way to create memories.

Varies by type of practice


Best time to Go:

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People Also Ask About Bali

  1. Which are the best things to do in Bali?

    1. Spend some time at Canggu Beach: One of the most fun things to do in Bali is to spend some time on the picturesque Canggu Beach, which flaunts sparkling golden sands. You can have a relaxing time on the beach, swimming and surfing or visiting nearby cafes that offer exotic seafood. 

    2. Visit Bali Bird Park: If you are an avid birdwatcher, one of the best fun things to do in Bali is to enjoy spotting the wide array of fascinating avian species at the Bali Bird Park. You can also pay a visit to the adjacent reptiles park to take a look at the local and foreign species.

    3. Explore the Beji Guwang Hidden Canyon: One of the most sought-after Bali fun things to do is exploring the Beji Guwang Hidden Canyon, which is a popular tourist attraction of Bali made up of large huge rock cutouts. It also has a stream flowing in between which is considered holy by the local people.

    4. Laze around at Thomas Beach: To spend a relaxing time amid all the travels and moves in your Bali trip, you can spend some time lazing around Thomas Beach whose white sand and turquoise waves will impress you for sure. It's a popular destination for surfing and diving and you can also go for the same or relish some good local seafood in the nearby cafes. 

    5. Pay a Visit to Tirta Gangga: To try touring some palaces, you can pay a visit to the royal palace of Tirta Gangga surrounded by beautiful artificial ponds, gardens with pretty flowers, fountains and many more too. You can also feed the cute Koi fish that swim around in all the ponds and click as many pictures as you can in the stunning natural views that this place offers.

    Planning to Visit Bali? Click Here to Book Now: Things to Do in Bali

  2. Which are the best things to do in Bali this weekend?

    1. Relish seafood in Sanur: If you are a foodie by heart, one of the most suggested Bali fun things to do for you is taking a food tour in Sanur. You can find a number of upmarket cafes, where you can relish some exotic seafood delicacies as well as great drinks.

    2. Hike Mount Batur: Hiking Mount Batur can be the most memorable experience of your life ever because you get to hike on a real volcanic mountain. You can start your hiking tour from early morning to get on the top and enjoy the serene sunrise views from the top along with capturing some memorable pictures too.

    3. Enjoy white water rafting on Ayung River: If you are an adrenaline junkie, one of the most recommended fun things to do in Bali for you isto try out white water rafting on the Ayung River. While you make your way through the water, crashing against the waves, you can also soak in the virgin natural beauty of the surrounding areas.

    4. Go for a swim at Waterbom: One of the top fun things to do in Bali with your family and friends is to spend an afternoon at Waterbom. Here, you can enjoy a leisure time, taking a refreshing swim and relishing delicious food in the nearby cafes.

    5. Experience the nightlife culture in Kuta: If you are a nightlife seeker, one of the best Bali fun things to do for you is to explore the nightlife culture in Kuta. To experience the nightlife culture along with your friends, you can head out to Jalan Legian which features numerous pubs, bars and disco houses. You can have an enjoyable party night, dancing along to the tunes and relishing good cocktails.

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  3. Which are the best things to do in Bali with family?

    1. Experience the best of nature at Bali Zoo: Try experiencing most of Bali's rich fauna culture visiting the Bali zoo which features a huge number of animal and bird species of Bali and some foreign species too. You can also opt for the night safari which offers a view of the nocturnal animals that will be quite an exciting view to watch.

    2. Marvel at the stone carvings in Batubulan: During the leisure time of your vacation you can visit Batubulan which is quite famous for the marvellous stone carvings it has. Carved with perfection it is the best place for you to shop for some beautiful carvings as souvenirs or just simply take a look around the place.

    3. Admire the Uluwatu Temple: You will surely fall in love with the views and surroundings of the Uluwatu temple which is located on a high cliff above sea level. You can enjoy the stunning views, admire the architecture or just enjoy the sunset and sunrise views from the top of the cliff. 

    4. Enjoy a Delicious dinner in Jimbaran: When in Bali, you can afford to miss out on the exotic seafood dishes that Bali has got to offer. You can try out a delicious dinner of seafood cuisines that the restaurants located in the Jimbaran beach offer. You can definitely try out the traditional seafood barbeques sitting alongside the sea and enjoying a dinner with a view. 

    5. Take a safari at Bali Marine and Safari Park: Your trip to Bali would be surely incomplete without visiting and taking a safari ride at the Bali Marine and Safari Park. This place will offer the views of 60 species of flora and fauna of the place which talks a lot about the richness of the place. You can enjoy some light dance and music shows happening right over here and also opt for staying overnight.

    Planning to Visit Bali With Family? Click Here to Book Now: Best Bali Tour Packages for Family

  4. How to reach Bali?

    Bali can be reached by water, air, or road, but the best option is to fly to Singapore or Sumatra and then board a ship cruising Bali. If you prefer to fly to Bali, you can fly directly to Denpasar International Airport or Ngurah Rai International Airport.

  5. What is the best time to visit Bali?

    The most ideal time for visiting Bali is during its dry season, which starts in April and lasts until October. During this time of the year, Bali experiences a pleasant climate with less humidity and precipitation, which is ideal for experiencing fun outdoor activities.

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  6. What is Bali famous for?

    Bali is well-known for its volcanic mountains, iconic beaches, picturesque coral reefs, and rich culture and tradition. This place is also famous for its bustling nightlife culture and fun and thrilling watersports.

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  7. What are the other activities to enjoy in Bali that you can book through Thrillophilia?

Newly Added Bali Experience

Bali Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Bali

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13 February 2020
This was our first day in Bali & it became more mesmerising with the Mount Batur Trek !! with a well coordinated itinerary, We enjoyed this trek to much extent. Special thanks to our tour guide Ulawa, she was obedient and helpful enough, she took us to the top with utmost care & i will recommend her name to anyone who plans to have this trek ! Thanks Thrilophila For becoming a medium to connect us with this wonderful location !!
"An awesome experience in Bali and had enjoyed it fully.The major credit goes to our tour guide cum driver Mr Gaing from Bali....He was such a nice and honest person and he was the one who made our trip to the best.... Everything mentioned in the trip itinerary had completed well and was well managed by thrillopholia team special mention to Saransh Kumar.....Thanks to the entire team for making our days special and Bali is such a beautiful place that no one should miss....."
"Awesome tour and awesome service.... Its my first trip.. Really great.. If u visit bali must go there.\n\nThanks for the rearly nice service"
Deb Abbott Bali Family Package
It had been a long time since we were planning for a family vacation, but it wasn’t possible if we were working and children’s schools. But with Thrillophilia’s assistance it was real quick to decide when and where, we decided to go to Bali and it is beautiful, as well as a must visit place for anyone.
We booked a tour to Bali from Chennai, we were relaxed with the help of Thrillophilia, as they did everything on our behalf, it would have been a tough journey without them. Love and support.
"njce experience..awesome place."
I went to Bali with my family and got few things customized in the plan and even after adding things to the plan no other services were compromised Fully satisfied and happy from the team.
Jyotis Ganaka Bali Package from Mumbai
We had a wonderful trip to Bali. The trip was very fascinating and adventurous, also the management was at its zenith.
Ghanashyam Jain Bali Package From Delhi
At first we weren't really sure about travelling through some travelling company specially when it is n completely unknown place to us. But must say the tour was amazing and the people are completely reliable.
I booked a honeymoon trip to Bali being advised by one of my friends. I opted for Thrillophilia being my tour operator, and it is absolutely contented that it was worth it. We being first time visitors it was advantageous for us travelling with experienced people operating the tour. Thank you team.

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