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Ubud Celuk Village, renowned for its exquisite silver craftsmanship, is a hidden gem in Bali. Wander through narrow streets lined with workshops and galleries showcasing intricate jewelry designs. Witness skilled artisans at work, crafting stunning pieces using traditional techniques passed down through generations. Located near Ubud, it's easily accessible and offers a unique cultural experience for visitors.

With the flourishing of different culture and people coming forward to learn about the culture of different region Bali has been on the top of the list of every traveler. It is said that the most intrigue and the amazing features can be found in Bali if you have the fetish to uncover the place. One such place in Bali which has been attracting a lot of travelers around the world is the Ubud Celuk Village, a significant inclusion in our Bali package

Visit this amazing place in Bali where you get a chance to buy from the cheapest of gold while you visit this village. Celuk Village is well known for the unbelievable gold and silver work which is accessible around this range at low costs. In the Sukawati territory you will find that the skilled workers are of an elevated requirement and you can trade over these products or even purchase in discount limit.

Highlights: While in the village one can find small shops, a great deal to see around Celuk Village and the way of life of the place is captivating and unwinding to see where the pace of life is moderate. You will also find some intriguing characters and a lot of place to attempt the neighborhood dishes and global dining. There are some different attractions and in the region and in addition various offices and inns which are typically beat end or mid range boutique little places concealed away in the town.

Location: The Celuk Village is located approximately 4km southwest of the Sukawati District

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