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Those looking for a change, transformation, and spiritual awakening, apart from travelling to one of the world’s most affordable and beautiful town, travel to Ubud in Indonesia. It is a home to great culture, food, restaurants, sightseeing, spirituality, and travel. The Hollywood movie, Eat, Pray, Love was shot in Ubud. Ubud is mostly a retreat for yoga, meditation, and many wellness and adventure activities. It is an adventurer’s delight. The green pastures flanked by water bodies and clear sky are enough to set your body clock to the right timing. You can fine tune your bodily vibes and energies when you visit Ubud.

You can as well take a short course in ayurvedic medicine and yoga, live in cottages and resorts, go shopping, and have a great time well spent in this part of Indonesia. The festivals of Ubud are the most vibrant and colorful. Commuting within Ubud is easy by hiring a bike and driving around the town all by yourself. Ride paddy fields, historical places, and dense forests make Ubud one of the most
popular tourist’s places to visit in Indonesia. You can attend the beach parties and enjoy the Balinese dance in this town of Ubud in central Bali.

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Newly Added Ubud Experience

Ubud Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Ubud

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We explore many places in the tour like Batubalan,Celuk Village and Mas Village.
The cooking class was so good, we started with a market tour and then we started cooking and we learnt 9 dishes altogether. Highly recommend it!
The bike was in good condition, My guide was a gem and the lunch was also good. I feel cycling is the best way to explore a city like Ubud
Wonderful trekking experience to Mount Batur with our well-informed guide. Captured some really beautiful shots.
It was a extremely nice visit to holiest temples of Bali- Lempuyang Temple and Besakih Temple and our guide was friendly and professional. Awsome place...must visit!
13 February 2020
This was our first day in Bali & it became more mesmerising with the Mount Batur Trek !! with a well coordinated itinerary, We enjoyed this trek to much extent. Special thanks to our tour guide Ulawa, she was obedient and helpful enough, she took us to the top with utmost care & i will recommend her name to anyone who plans to have this trek ! Thanks Thrilophila For becoming a medium to connect us with this wonderful location !!
16 November 2019
Recently went to Ubud and experienced this Chedi Club there. It was amazing experiencing something adventurous like this and of course Thrillophilia's team was perfect with there arrangements and other stuffs. I just loved the overall view of this beautiful place and also clicked some pictures.
30 September 2019
Jignesh Atv Ride in Ubud at Bali
It was one of the best adventures of my life...totally loved this activity.
It was such an adrenaline pumping ride. A must try for all the adventure freaks.
amazing sightseeing tour,everything was perfect and punctual

People Also Ask About Ubud

  1. Travel advice

    -  You can get to Ubud from Bali by bus and taxi. You can land at Bali airport. It is difficult to get through customs.

    - You must never touch the head of either children or adults in Ubud, Bali because the head is considered sacred as per their customs.

    - Do not do drugs in Ubud, as you will be offered easily during breakfast in the form of a capsule. Strictly say ‘No’.

    - Remove shoes when entering homes and temples in Ubud, Bali.

    - Always use your right hand for giving money, business card, or eating, as this is a custom of the oriental culture in Ubud and considered unacceptable if you do it with left hand.

    - Prefer to eat more of Balinese food instead of Western food in restaurants as they may not taste as you expectations.

    - Do not miss the cooking classes in Ubud. You will enjoy working with spices and their staple food.

    - Do not look in the eye of monkeys in the Monkey forest, they might give you scratches and injuries.

    - When riding around Ubud in a hired bike, always carry a driving license and wear a helmet.

    - If you don’t have an international driver’s license, you can get a Balinese drivers license, and also get a driver’s insurance to stay away from the cops.

    - Drivers on road honk a lot, and you should too, without getting cranky, when driving around.

    - Beware of strong waves when surfing on the beach.

    - Internet and electricity in Ubud is bad, so, do not expect a lot of social media updates happening when you are in this town.

    - Try the tropical fruits available in Ubud, Bali.

  2. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Beaches, outdoor and water sports activities

    Ubud is the central town of Bali on the Indonesian island. You can visit a few beaches for sightseeing, eating and drinking, getting massages, getting a swim, and getting the most of your holidays. Though the Kuta beach is infamous and best to be avoided, you can go to the Lovina beach near Ubud for getting a view of dolphins. You can also take up water sports activities like, snorkeling, and sightseeing.

    You can enjoy the sunrise and sunset at the Sansur beach in Denpasar. You can stay at the luxury resorts of the Jimbaran Beach and enjoy its tranquil and serene view that is located amidst tropical forests. The Nusa Dua is an idyllic place for all types of tourists. At this beach you will find temples, restaurants, museums, golf courses, and many more areas of activities like camel safaris. There are many things to do in Ubud apart from spending time on beaches.

    Enjoy live music, barbeques, and surfing at the Echo beach in Canggu in Bali. You can also enjoy your platter of calamari, clams, scallops, and other sea food at this beach. This is a beach where you can enjoy from a list of cocktails and drinks. Ubud, Bali is a cluster of many beaches. While a few beaches are ideal for a swim, you must be careful of the jellyfish sting.

    Massages and spas

    Wellness, yoga, and meditation are the things to do went in Ubud, Bali. There are many massage parlors and spas in Ubud that are mid range to luxury. You can relax your muscles after day trips and spend some time at these spas and get the best of massages.

    Temples, museums, historical places

    You can visit the Blanco Museum to get a look at the surreal art, participate in many temple ceremonies, take bike rides, hike in the monkey forest, botanical gardens, Ubud palace, and many more art galleries and museums that host the paintings and sculptures made by artists from across the world.

  3. What you will like there?

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    Ubud - The Spirit Of Bali by Hermawan Kartajaya

  5. What are the famous places to visit in Ubud?

    Undoubtedly, the treasure trove of Bali, Ubud houses plentiful famous places namely the Monkey forest, Goa Gajah elephant caves, Puri Saren royal palace, Campuhan ridge walk, Art market, and several other places. Apart from this here one can also explore the alluring terrace landscapes at the Tegalalang rice fields or can indulge in the serenity of Pura Taman Saraswati temple. If you are an adventure buff and seeking for some offbeat adventure then you can visit the Tegenungan Waterfall while you trek the trail leading to it. Here you will never fall short of places as it has a lot to offer. Your holidays in Ubud will definitely be an adventurous one

  6. Is Ubud Bali worth visiting?

    Absolutely! With the beautiful contrast of flora and fauna, traditional markets, centuries-old temples, and royal palaces, Ubud City is worth the last penny you spend on your trip.

    Located in the centre of Bali, this beautiful destination will make you fall for its rich cultural landmarks, authentic handicrafts, and photogenic surrounds.
  7. How to reach Ubud from Bali Airport?

    It takes approx 1-2 hour to reach Ubud from Ngurah Rai International Airport. There are taxis available outside the airport that will charge you approx $27 or more. You'll be passing through Denpasar.
  8. What is the best time to visit Ubud?

    Though Ubud experiences a tropical climate all throughout the year, July and August call for the best months to visit the mesmerizing vicinity. With mere two distinctive season -  Rainy and Dry, Ubud City bustles with tourists all-year-round, just turning busy to busier in the high season.

    Make sure you make prior bookings for the accommodations as the place becomes quite crowded due to the high season. If you’re planning to visit in the low season and relish the discounts, you might have to bargain on the downpour all throughout your trip.
  9. What are the public transportation to reach Ubud?

    There are local transport into the form of SUVs or minivans that can be hired with a driver for specific trips. Though, you can reach Ubud through taxi from the main Bali city, but you'll hardly find taxis plying in Ubud. Look for the circular yellow "E" logo on the windshield certifying them as Ubud Transport Association members. There are public buses from Gilimanuk, that passes through Singaraja and Denpasar. There is no direct bus to Ubud.
  10. What can you do in Ubud for free?

    Who wouldn’t want to save those extra bucks while enjoying the eye-feasting view of the scintillating land! We bring you a curated list of things to do in Ubud for free:

    Campuhan Ridge Walk: Popularly known as the Love Hill, Campuhan Ridge Walk renders a fresh air walk amidst the tropical leaves - a sight too serene to witness!

    Storks Colony in Petulu Village: Thousands of storks flying across the setting sun is a jaw-dropping sight the Petulu village envelopes, holding beauty beyond imagination. But why imagine when you can actually witness?

    Ubud Art Market: Test your bargaining skills and grab the best deals on the unique art items to take back something from your trip. You can also stroll if you’re not in the shopping dive and get closer to the authentic Balinese life.

    Ubud Royal Palace: Entice royalty at its peak and spend a few hours of your Ubud trip to embark on this architectural and historical elation.

    Taman Saraswati Temple: Located in the centre of Ubud Water Palace, the architecture of this Temple will leave you spellbound and tongue-tied. Make sure you keep in mind the rules to enter this Hindu temple.

    Threads of Life Ubud: Acknowledge the fine textiles from Bali exclusively put up on display to let the tourists get acquainted with the traditional woven fabric of Bali.

    Alam Sari Agrotourism: If you’re a coffee person then you cannot miss out on this destination quenching your caffeine urge with free coffee. Witness the coffee trees, beans, and processing in a traditional way and make the best out of Ubud Tourism on this trip.

    Tegalalang Rice Fields: Your Ubud trip doesn’t count successful if you’ve missed strolling amidst the lush green rice fields of Tegalalang. Keep your camera handy and capture the terraced rice fields.

  11. What is a bemo?

    Bemo is the generic name for open-air minibuses, also called "angkot". Bemo are small enough to negotiate the narrow roads that connect Balinese villages, and are cheap enough to accommodate locals on a regular basis.
  12. How to Reach Ubud from India?

    Take a flight to Denpasar Airport in Bali as there are no direct flights to Ubud. Since there are frequent flights available from the major cities of India including New Delhi, Chennai, Jaipur, and Bangalore to Bali, there will not be any difficulty in getting to Bali. Make sure you proceed with the bookings two months prior to your visit. Air India, Jet Konnect, Hong Kong Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Dragon Air, and Jet Airways are few airlines that provide the required services.

    From the airport, you can either hire a taxi from Bali or make prior arrangements with the hotels you’ve booked accommodations. Do not panic if the road signs indicate Gianyar only as Ubud lies in the same regency. You can also ask the locals while you’re on your way.
  13. What is the Visa Policy for Indians?

    The Visa policy for Indians states that the Visa will be given for a time period of 30 days which can maximum extend to 60 days. Indians can acquire Visas in two ways - through the Indonesia consulate or Indian embassy or get it stamped on the Indonesian arrival port itself, respectively.

    Make sure your passport is valid for a minimum of six months from the expiry date mentioned. Also to include that you need to need to have not more than three months old, passport size pictures set against a white background for your form along with a confirmed ticket. The cost involved is around INR 750 to INR 1,700 depending on the length of your visa requirement.
  14. Can I rent a motorbike or a bicycle in Ubud?

    Yes, you can rent motorbike and cycles to travel around Ubud. Though the rent price in Ubud compared to other parts of Bali can be quite less. Check out with the guest house and resorts where you can get motorbikes on rent at cheap rate. However, try' to get the registration papers for the bike from the hirer, when you hit a police check point. Check out different bike rental services in Ubud and compare their prices.
  15. What currency is used in Ubud?

    The currency used in Ubud is Indoensian Rupiah.
  16. Is it safe to travel to Ubud?

    Ubud is a very safe town. Its size alone is a good reason why there is little crime and practically no complaint from the tourists. However, it is important to avoid alone night walks and getting into contact with illegal people. The best thing is to have all the emergency numbers with you to get into contact with officials during any situation.

    The trouble can be with the police if you drive a scooter without a helmet or international drivers license. You may end paying fine under this scenario.
  17. How expensive is Ubud?

    Ubud is not much expensive, compared to its size of place. There is a wide accommodation options available in Ubud which can be around $100 per month for a single room up to $4000 for a large luxurious property. Also there are affordable restaurants for dinner and lunch. It would cost you around $1.20 to $2.00 per meal. Also, if you're choosing bike rental, then your transportation will come down.
  18. What is the ideal duration for a holiday in Ubud?

    Minimum 4 days is enough to explore Ubud. In these 4 days, you can visit- Monkey Forest, night Temple Dances, Ubud Palace, white-water rafting, Campuhan Walk, art museums, etc. You can enjoy the best time in Ubud after taking up a tour package for Bali. If you're going for a week or two to explore Bali, then you can visit Ubud to spend some days.
  19. How is the general climate in Ubud?

    The weather in Ubud is some of the best in the world. Sure it can get a bit hot at mid-day but there is often a nice breeze and being a bit above sea level keeps the temperature somewhat in check. During the winter the temperature can drop below 20 degrees at night and will usually remain below 30 degrees in the daytime.

    Dry and Wet are two seasons in Ubud. The dry season is generally from July to October and wet season one can expect a bit of rain nearly every day.
  20. What kind of clothing is suitable for Ubud?

    Clothing in Ubud isn't restricted to specific type. However, one has to abide and respect the culture and location, especially if visiting religious place.
  21. What language do they speak in Ubud?

    Language spoken in Ubud is same as Bali. Balinese and Indonesian are the most widely spoken languages. English and Chinese are the next most common languages.
  22. What are the different activities one can do in Ubud?

    Ubud offers multiple options to do. From shopping to park visit, one can have a list of things to do in Ubud. Having a list of options is the great way to enjoy your tour around Ubud. Some of the best activities you can do Ubud are:

    • Swing a ride over the Ayung River to enjoy panoramic views
    • Enjoy a movie night at the Raw Food Restaurant- Paradiso Ubud
    • Enjoy the Adventure Rafting at Ubud Adventure Centre
    • Dive into the Tegenungan waterfall
    • Dine at the Sari Organik and Cafe Pomegranate overviewing the paddy field
    • Take an eco-tour at The Green Village
  23. What adventure activities one can do in Ubud?

    Ubud is well known as a place to relax, unwind, get pampered, do yoga and meditate. But above all, one can even enjoy the adventure and offbeat activities in Ubud. Discover the adventure side of the beautiful place hidden:

    River Rafting at Ayung River: The infamous river Ayung River provides the best white-water rafting experience in Bali. The rafting trip starts from the north of Ubud and ends near the west.

    Wild Volcano Climbing Day: Get relaxed and pampered at Volcano Batur and Volcano Agung.Volcano Batur is 1717m above sea level while Volcano Agung goes up to 3142m, and are great adventurous place in Ubud.

    Canyon Tubing: Get into the aqua-based adrenaline rush, head up into the hills and hidden canyons of Kerta Village Payangan. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the canyon while drifting on this semi-wild clear stream for forty kilometers in a single inflatable tube.

    Cycling in Ubud: This will give you the opportunity to savour the Balinese countryside and to cruise through untouched rice paddies.

    Flying Fox: Advance yourself with this challenging yet extremely amusing activity, flying down the canyon passing splendid views of the Siap River and Payangan forest.
  24. Is it worth visiting Ubud for honeymoon?

    Yes, Ubud offers some great places for honeymoon couples. From beaches to century old ruins, there are many options to explore. Moreover, resorts and guest houses comprising of luxury amenities are worth enjoying. Check out the honeymoon packages for Ubud comprising of accommodation, travel, and amenities. Some of the places and things for honeymoon couples are:
    • Visit Pura Taman Saraswati
    • Take a walk in Monkey Forest
    • Museum Puri Lukisan
    • Watch Herons at Petulu Return Home
    • Visit Agung Rai Museum
    • Stay in private villa in Ubud
  25. What are the popular places to visit in Ubud?

    Ubud is small, but beautiful place to explore. Famously known as Bali’s ultimate cultural hub, Ubud is an amazing mesh of old and new with something to offer to everyone. You'll be spoiled by choices offered in Ubud to visit. The town and its outskirts within the Gianyar Regency is your holiday destination if you are also into the Balinese culture, arts, and crafts. Some of the worth visiting places in Ubud are:
    • Goa Gajah 'Elephant Cave'
    • Ubud Monkey Forest
    • Tegallalang Rice Terraces
    • Puri Saren Royal Palace
    • Blanco Renaissance Museum
    • Agung Rai Museum of Art
    • Campuhan Ridge Walk
  26. What is Goa Gajah? What is so famous about it?

    Goa Gajah is also called as Elephant Cave is located on the island of Bali near Ubud, in Indonesia. It serves as a sanctuary and has earned World Heritage Status in 1995. Here one can explore various menacing creatures and demons carved right into the rock at the cave entrance.
  27. What is Puri Saren Agung?

    Puri Saren Agung is a tourist place and is located right in the Ubud Palace, in the heart of Ubud, across Ubud Market. It has the easy access to most of the interesting places in Bali and only one-hour drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport. It is the place where Ubud's long tradition of home stays all began, more than 80 years ago, when Bali first started to attract bohemian artists from around the world.

    Presently, the Ubud royal family's historic palace, seven rooms are tucked behind the courtyard where the dance performances are held for tourists.
  28. Can I visit Ubud Monkey forest? What is special about it?

    Yes, you can visit the most famous Ubud Monkey Forest. This tourist place holds special place by Padangtegal village people and view the Monkey Forest as an important spiritual, economic, educational, and conservation center for the village. There are around 700 monkeys, you also can see 186 species of trees in 12.5 hectares of forest. The forest is open from 8.30am-6pm
  29. How are the accomodation facilities in Ubud?

    One can find budget range guest house and cottages to high-end resorts in Ubud. These stay options are equipped with spacious area and luxury amenities. The cost of the stay would depend according to the peak season. Some of the options are:
    • Family Guest House- $60
    • Bali Asli Lodge- $45
    • Alam Indah- $310
    • Jukung Hostel- $10
    • Saren Indah Hotel- $101
    • Ubud Sari Health Resort- $97
    • Ketut's Place- $150
    • Ubud Village Hotel- $285
  30. What are the various budget hotels and homestays in Ubud?

    If you don't prefer staying in a high-end resort but at the budget homestay closely to nature, then here are few budget homestays in Ubud:
    • Bliss Bungalow Ubud- $45
    • Tegal Sari- From $25
    • Sri Bungalows Ubud- $38
    • Agung Raka Resorts-$46
    • Santa Mandala Artist Homestay- $40
    • Ubud Villas- $46
    • Jati Homestay- $21
  31. What are the various luxurious resorts available in Ubud?

    These luxury resorts are combined luxury and comfort at the best level possible. Stunning views of the region add more demand to every particular resort here. Some of the luxury resorts in Ubud are:
    • FuramaXclusive Villas & Spa Ubud- $130.394
    • Kamandalu Resort- $278.92
    • Chapung Se Bali Resort and Spa- $232.43
    • Alaya Resort Ubud- $154.95
    • Ashoka Tree Resort Ubud- $108.47
  32. Are there private villas available in Ubud? What are the various private villas in Ubud?

    Yes, Ubud has some luxurious villas comprising of all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay experience. These villas are located in strategic tourist spots for easy transportation. Some of the private villas are:
    • Furama Villas & Spa Ubud- $402.88
    • Pertiwi Bisma 2- $41.84
    • Ubud Padi Villas- $ 418.38
    • Onje Resort and Villas- $77.48
    • Motama Villa - $108.47
  33. What kind of nightlife I can experience in Ubud?

    Ubud is an upland destination known for its relaxing ambiance and quiet, traditional atmosphere. Though none of the venues may parallel the bars and nightclubs on Bali’s south, a few cater to night owls with a more easygoing scene and casual gatherings. Puri Saren Royal Palace is a great place to enjoy cultural night performances with its traditional dances, modern nightlife. Some other hotspots in Ubud are-
    • Ubud Royal Palace
    • Laughing Buddha Bar
    • XL Shisha Lounge
    • Lake Leke Garden Restaurant
    • CP Lounge
    Experience Bali with a bunch of best nightlife experiences. Go shopping, gamble at casinos, or simply hit the best nightclubs in Bali. The choice is yours!
  34. What are the various museum and galleries located in Ubud?

    There are a lot of things to see in Ubud but if you want to explore the history of Bali and Ubud, then check out some art galleries in Ubud. Each is home to vast collections of some of the rarest and most prized artworks by late Balinese and Indonesian artists. Most of these art galleries are self-labelled as ‘museums’, due to their conservatory nature. Each of these museums boasts impressive Balinese architecture and gardens, some filled with installation art.
    Some of the interesting art galleries are:
    • Blanco Renaissance Museum
    • Neka Art Museum
    • Arma (Agung Rai Museum of Art)
    • Museum Puri Lukisan
    • Museum Rudana
  35. What is special about Blanco Renaissance Museum?

    This museum is located on a hilltop right near the iconic bridge of Campuhan, just a minute’s drive west of Ubud central. It is the house and studio of the late flamboyant Philippine-born maestro, Don Antonio Blanco and houses his paintings, collages and illustrated poetry. The art museum also has impressive architecture, well-manicured gardens and lush settings outside.
  36. Are there trekking opportunities present in Ubud?

    Yes, there are some amazing trekking options in Ubud. These places offer a panoramic view of Ubud and other flora of the Bali. You need to be prepared for the challenges set during the trek options.
    Some of the best trekking places in Ubud are:
    • Elephant Trekking in Ayung River in Bali
    • Rainforest Walk
    • Penglipuran Village and Bangli Hill Walk
    • Trekking at Mount Batur Caldera
    • Paddy Field Trekking
  37. What is Campuhan Ridge Walk and what is the cost associated with Campuhan Ridge Walk?

    Campuhan Ridge Walk is easy trek walk providing great retreat from the more hectic southern parts of the island, but this trail presents an even more pristine outback to escape from the contemporary boutique and guesthouse. The small bridge over the revered Campuhan River leads to the majestic Pura Gunung Lebah temple complex. The best time to enjoy the Campuhan Ridge Walk is early morning and late afternoon, when the temperature is cool and when the skies show their best hues during sunrise and sunset.
  38. What festivals do the local people celebrate in Ubud?

    One can witness the magic of cultural events held in Ubud. These festival provide a clear picture of the culture of Bali.
    Here are some interesting festivals celebrated in Ubud:
    • Ubud Food Festival: Showcasing Indonesia’s diverse cuisines and extraordinary local produce, Ubud Food Festival celebrates the archipelago’s rich culinary heritage and the entire spectrum of its food industry. Alongside Indonesian chefs, restaurateurs, producers, and food professionals, celebrated culinary icons from around the world dish up a program rich in fresh tastes and fresh ideas.
    • Saraswati: Balinese Hindus celebrate Saraswati, a day devoted to the Goddess of Knowledge, Art, and Literature - Dewi Saraswati. It is celebrated on January 21.
    • Banyu Pinaruh: Banyu Pinaruh is the immediate day after Saraswati, which falls on a Paing Sinta Sunday on the Balinese pawukon calendar.
    • Soma Ribek: It falls Pon Sinta Monday on the pawukon calendar and roughly means ‘rich Monday’.
    • Tumpek Uduh: A holy day dedicated to the blessings of plants, especially those that produce fruits and flowers. It is celebrated on 11th March
    • Ubud Village Jazz Festival: August 11th-12th With bands from all over the world from Germany to USA, to local artists. this Festival is a treat for every Jazz lover.
  39. Where are the famous cooking classes one can take in Ubud?

    If you want to cook and taste some best Bali food, then take up a cooking class in Ubud during your visit. There are some great classes offering tourists and cooking lessons.
    Some of these are:
    • Paon Bali Cooking Class
    • Lobong Culinary Experience
    • Ketut's Bali Cooking
    • Jambangan Bali Cooking Class
    • Canting Bali Cooking Class
    • Jeding Bali Cooking
    • Bali Manggang cooking class
    • Be Bali Day Cooking Class
    • Raw Food Bali Culinary Classes
    • Cafe Wayan Cooking Class
  40. What are the places famous for Yoga and meditation in Ubud?

    Yoga and peaceful place, both can be the best tour experience. By visiting to some historic or peaceful locations and engaging in meditation is the best thing you can do. Ubud is yogi heaven. Despite its small size (it’s really a collection of villages) there are dozens of classes to choose from every day. The class pass can cost you around $8.60. All the yoga studios provide free mats, props, and water.
    Some of the best options are:
    • The Yoga Barn- Cost ($9.30)
    • Radiantly Alive- Cost ($10)
    • Ubud Yoga House- Cost ($9.80)
    • Taksu Yoga - Cost ($8.60)
    • Intuitive Flow- Cost: ($8.60)
  41. What is there to shop in Ubud and what are the best places for shopping?

    Ubud is a haven for arts and crafts, and you can strike great bargains here. One can stroll in the market and discover a wealth of paintings, carvings, traditional garments and unique knick-knacks. From the main street to the Monkey Forest in Padangtegal, and from Sanggingan to Pengosekan, you’ll discover a great mix of unique items. These markets are open daily, and features numerous shops displaying everything from beautiful silk scarves, lightweight shirts, handmade woven bags, baskets or hats.
    Some of the shopping options are:
    • Ubud Art Market
    • Sukawati Art Market
    • Guwang Art Market
    • Celuk Gold and Silversmiths
    • Tegallalang Handicrafts Centre
  42. What is Luwak coffee?

    Luwak or Kopi Luwak is the world’s most expensive coffee. The reason behind of it’s high price is the uncommon method of producing such a coffee. Produced from the coffee beans which have been digested by a certain Indonesian cat-like animal called then palm civet, it made to be also named as cat poop coffee. The feces of this cat will be collected, finished and sold as kopi luwak.
  43. Which restaurants serve the best food in Ubud?

    There are some of the best restaurants serving both veg and non-veg foods in Ubud. These restaurants are not only known for foods, but also the ambiance and the location. These include:
    • Melting Wok
    • Sage
    • The Elephant
    • Swept Away
    • CasCades Restaurant
    • Ke-Pi-Tu
  44. Is vegetarian food easily available in Ubud?

    There are some good vegan restaurants in Ubud. One can taste Balinese dishes from Mexican, Indian, and Italian food; beautifully presented raw vegan meals; and even vegetarian tasting menus at fancy fine dining restaurants. Indonesians eat plenty of meat, but their diet also includes tofu, tempeh, vegetables, and rice so it’s easy to adapt dishes for vegetarians. Some of the vegan foods are:
    • Nasi Campur – A staple of the diet here, this is the Balinese thali, a plate of rice, and various small vegetable, tempeh, and tofu dishes, and a dollop of spicy sambal.
    • Gado Gado – Cold vegetables with peanut sauce.
    • Jukut Arab – A Balinese salad of lightly blanched vegetables (typically bean sprouts and green beans) and grated coconut.
    • Tempeh Satay – Tempeh skewers with peanut sauce.
    • Nasi Goreng – Fried rice that can be made with just vegetables.
  45. Does one have easy access to alcohol in Ubud? What is the legal drinking age?

    The drinking age is same as in Bali- 17 and alcohol is available in many restaurants and resorts. Bali or Carrefour are the best location to get alcohol while on the way to Ubud. Then there is Gourmet Garage and Bintang Supermarket.
  46. Is smoking legal in Ubud?

    Smoking is legal in Ubud, but illegal in public places. One should avoid smoking in public area and tourist places. In restaurant, there are separate smoking zone.
  47. What kind of laws are there in Ubud regarding drug usage?

    The drug laws in Ubud are same as in Bali. Possession and trafficking of all the drugs listed in the Appendix are illegal, unless undertaken by people or companies approved by the government.
    • Possession of drugs is punishable by 4 to 12 years' imprisonment, and fines of IDR 800 million to 8 billion (US$89,600 to US$896,000).
    • Trafficking of drugs punishable by 5 to 15 years' imprisonment and fines of IDR one billion to ten billion (US$112,000 to US$1.2 million).
    • Drugs here are divided in different groups and accordingly the laws are created.
  48. What do I do in case of any medical emergency in Ubud? Are there any good hospitals in Ubud?

    Yes, there are some good hospitals in Ubud for medical emergency. However, in case of emergency 112 along with the country code will help in getting medical access. Some of the good hosipitals here are:

    • MF Medical Foundation
    • UBUD Health Care
  49. Are there any money exchangers in Ubud?

    Yes, there are money exchanger facilities, but very few in Ubud. You'll find several money changers at the International Arrivals of the Ngurah Rai International Airport and Denpasar Airport. If you're accommodating in Ubud, then the best thing is to get the money exchanged in Bali. Some of the options are-
    • PT. Dirgahayu Valuta Prima
    • Wahana Money Changer
    • BMC Money Changer
    • PT. Central Kuta
  50. What are some important laws that I should keep in mind while visiting Ubud?

    The laws in Ubud are similar to Bali. One has to know the certain laws authorised by the officials.
    • Drugs are highly illegal in Indonesia. Punishments are severe and include the death penalty.
    • If you're carrying Australian prescription medications (including strong painkillers such as morphine and codeine, sleeping pills), then it is considered illegal
    • Gambling is illegal
    • By law, you must carry identification at all times.
    • Indonesian law does not criminalise homosexuality, but it isn't widely accepted culturally.
    • Always carry at least a copy of your passport for ID purposes and act like you normally would.
    • You need an international drivers licence to ride a motorbike (not necessary if a pillion passenger, but driver must still be licensed)
  51. Any travel tips for first time traveller?

    • Choose a hotel which is isolated from the crowded areas for a peaceful time while you stay here in Bali.
    • There are dress codes at various high-end restaurants, bars and clubs so conform and adhere to it before visiting.
    • Respect their religious customs to avoid any conflicts while you roam around Bali.
    • You will experience different price tags here. At some places, you will find things at dirt cheap rates while at other places, the prices are exorbitantly high.
    • Beware of wild and stray animals in the island. Monkeys can be the biggest thieves here and the wild dogs can make you a rabies patient.
    • Check out the timing of tourist places before visiting
    • Abide the laws laid in this region
    • Have a proper understanding about the currency used in Bali and keep the list of money exchange centers with you