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What You Should Know More About Kintamani

  • About the destination

    Kintamani is a land surrounded by beautiful captivating lively green nature lying in the lap of Indonesia. It is situated at the western edge of Bali. It has gained its fame throughout the world for its most adventurous dramatic view of volcano Mount Batur and charming serene beauty of the Batur Lake.

    There are six ancient villages around the cauldron of Batur Lake. These villages are famous as Bali aga village, for their culture, houses and lifestyle of the villagers. Most of the villagers are employees of industrial tourism companies. If one shows respect to the villagers they become very friendly.

    Kintamani encompasses a massive land of Mount Batur Caldera, Penelokan, Toya Bungkah, Batur, Kedisan, Abung, Songan and Kintamani villages that sits like a ring around the huge Batur Caldera. As it is, more or less, 1500 m above the sea level, the temperature remains around 15° and even losses down more at night. This cloudy n drizzly pleasurable weather helps to rejuvenate one and gives a romantic impact. Alike the lake and volcano, another tourist attraction of Kintamani is Pura Ulun Danu Batur, a nine directional temple.

    Wondering about your stay in Kintamani? There are a lot of hotels in Kintamani that will offer you cosy and comfortable stays such as Kedisan Resort and Resto Apung, Lake View Ecolodge, Hotel Segara, Toya Devasya Natural Hot Spring and Resort, and many others. If you are a complete foodie, you can dine at any of the restaurants out there like Pulu Mujung Warung, The Amora Bali, Etc.

    If you love partying at night, Bali will surely entertain you with a great nightlife. Unfortunately, there is no known nightclub in Kintamani Village. The nightclubs and bars that are really famous in Bali are Kunti Shraya, Kecak Fire and Trance Dance, Rock Bar at Ayana Resort and Spa, etc.

    For shopaholics, avoid the yelling vendors trying to sell you all rubbish. Buy fresh fruits instead. A special local orange called Jeruk Kintamani is a must have there. The fruit with citrus flavours is delicious.

  • Travel advice

    • After the arrival at Bali airport, tourists are provided with a special permission card that costs a certain price. It must be kept carefully by each tourist to avoid any sort of legal problems.

    • No act of disrespect regarding caste, colour, religion or sex would be tolerated.

    • Women have to be dressed in knees covered outfit while entering any temple or alter or shrine.

    • Carry first-aid kit throughout the tour. You may need it while adventurous rides or trekking.

    • Move in groups during safaris. Stay in contact with the guides constantly to avoid being lost. Follow the guide's instructions properly to avoid any type of accident.

    • Do not hurt any animal because it can lead you to legal punishment.

    • Be aware of pickpockets. Don’t flash much cash in public.

    • Do not enter into the altar in drunken conditions.

    • Show respect to the local people.

    • In any case you face any problem contact your tourist company or you can take help of the local advisors. Once you follow these you can have a memorable experience in Kintamani.

  • Drinking law

    Though you can enjoy liquor in bar but it is strictly forbidden outside the bar. You would not be allowed to attend any local tour or safari in drunken condition or carrying drinks. Only fruit juice would be allowed. Also, you won’t find bars in the Kintamani village. You will get few in Bali.

  • Our recommendations-Things you can't afford to miss?

    There are numerous sightseeing spots, adventurous spots and activities to perform throughout the tour. They are listed below:

    Kintamani Volcano Tour: 

    You will have to allot a whole day to explore and visit the active volcano in Kintamani as it is really beautiful and picturesque. Mount Batur is an active volcano, last erupted in 2000. The entire location is enchanting and mesmerizing.

    Lake Batur

    This is a beautiful and serene lake near mount Bantur. You must visit the entire location early in the morning. You will see the entire place covered by white clouds which looks divine.  

    Pura Ulun Danau Batur

    It is one of the most important temples in Indonesia. You will get to enter this temple only after donating Rs. 10000. The original temple was destroyed by volcanic eruptions and the present temple was reconstructed. The deity inside the temple is the goddess of lakes Dewi Danu. The entire place consists of nine temples, the main temple being Pura Penetaran Agung Batur which has five courtyards and is eleven storied high. You must visit the temples. Without visiting these temples, your Bali tour would remain incomplete.

    Elephant cave temple

    This temple is also known as Goa Gaja Temple. It is a temple in the form of a cave where an elephant god is worshipped. The temple is very old with old stone sculptures and beautiful works of art on the walls of the cave. This temple is often visited by a lot of tourists.


    You can visit the village of Trunyan on the eastern shore of Lake Batur. It is said that the people of this place are not much friendly. They have a peculiar burial process of the dead bodies. You can have a short trip and come back.

    Bamboo forest tour

    There are beautiful bamboo plantations in Kintamani. You will love to visit the place on your hired bicycle.

    Kintamani coffee plantation tour

    If you love having coffee, you must visit the coffee estates in Kintamani. You will love to taste the coffee there which is divinely aromatic.

  • What you will like there?

    Natural beauty

    Kintamani is blessed by Mother Nature. Active volcano, picturesque lake, age old temples and caves, Kintamani has it all. Appreciate the other side of nature as well through the beautiful active volcano mountain.

    Barong and Keris Dance

    It is a well- known dance of Indonesia through which stories and tales of ancient times are narrated. The stories are generally mythological ones like the fight between Barong, the positive character and Rangda, the evil spirit. You will love watching the dance moves performed by the locals of Kintamani.


    The natives of Kintamani village are really simple and friendly. They live a slow and laid-back lifestyle with not much rush. If required, you can ask for their help anytime.

    Gold and silver art

    If you love gold and silver ornaments, you must visit the village Celuk to see mesmerizing work of art on such delicate metals like gold and silver. You can buy these ornaments at a very low price. No sooner than entering the village celuk, you will notice the craftsmen exhibiting their work. You can even bargain and crack good deals.

    Traditional Balinese paintings

    The Batuan Village is known for Balinese paintings. The paintings are very colourful depicting mythological characters and their stories. You can buy a beautiful painting for your living room. They will definitely look graceful. The villagers also make wood panel carvings which are really beautiful.

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